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  1. If you want a big target, I think Corey Davis should be the guy at 10. He is big but he can also get some pretty good separation. I like Ross more but I'm fine with Davis at 10.
  2. He is going to get retarded money, out of all the free agents on the market, I think Hightower may have the biggest impact.
  3. I was hoping somebody would ask me that. I think he will be a bust, could be wrong, I am not a pro scout. Not impressed by his tape & his neck is fucked. I am against drafting a WR that could have his career ruined at any moment.
  4. Pretty much what I am thinking, I wouldn't mind a safety or corner at 10 but WR is on my short list. John Ross Corey Davis Cooper Kupp DeDe Westbrook Christian McCafferey Chad Hanson Amar Darboh Chance Allen Dontre Wilson Jehu Chesson That's my short list of WRs that I'd love in Buffalo. I think Jehu Chesson could be a diamond in the rough & he is projected as a 5th round pick.
  5. This in my mind is the move of the offseason. We won free agency by signing Taylor to a pedestrian 10 million a year. Mike Glennon is getting 15 million a year and we signed a quality game manager with leadership abilities to 10 million a year? That is a hell of a bargain. Taylor would have gotten so much more on the open market.
  6. Corey Graham is overrated by Bills fans. He was a good corner though but age caught up with him. I don't think he really transitioned into the safety role that well even though I've seen people post stats saying he was the 16th-17th best safety in the league, I don't buy it.
  7. I'm not saying that you can't get someone that will completely change the culture like Peyton Manning or Reggie White (even Mario Williams to a lesser degree), but it's rare. Not to go on a rant here, but teams pay free agents for what they did for another club, not necessarily for what they are going to do in the future & football is a brutal sport. You are lucky to make it 5 years in the NFL, hell, you are lucky to make it 3 years in the NFL. I'm not blasting the Micah Hyde signing, in fact, I love it but it must be said that finding the right coach with the right scheme is probably the best way to do it, not handing out 60 million dollar contracts like the Browns & Jaguars.
  8. Smart thing to do is save that cap space for bargain players a week or two weeks from now. I think rebuilding through free agency is a bad idea that rarely works.
  9. I didn't say anything because I've only been here for a week, my opinion matters nothing. I did experience the old format for awhile & I absolutely love the new one better.
  10. Well, we already signed two safeties in free agency, doubt we sign another but I don't think this affects us if Hooker or Adams is there at 10.
  11. I am for one, relieved that Woods & Gilmore walked. Good riddance. If you look at their contracts, it just goes to show you that trying to build your team through free agency is a poor business model.
  12. Ross is my favorite WR in the draft, Corey Davis second and Mike Williams lastly.
  13. If we could somehow get Hooker at 10, that secondary would be looking nice.
  14. Adams, Hooker or Lattimore are my favorites. Peppers is my darkhorse pick, I think with the right coaches Peppers could potentially be a really good NFL strong safety.
  15. I've been looking all over the internet trying to find this information. The only thing I found was articles from January 12th - 17th in which family members close to him are urging him to hang them up.
  16. I remember cursing out Standingbuffalo for an infraction, I berated him in front of mods and the entire message board. I told him that I will see him soon under a new user name. lol.
  17. Signing Lorenzo Alexander is a Pittsburgh Steelers move. He is going to be 34 years old, probably wont cost much, super productive. Brown on the other hand is going to cost an arm and a leg, that's the distinction that must be made.
  18. I think a solid #2 can be found in the 2nd round, no doubt. Even in rounds 3-5 there is substantial depth at WR this year. Spending a 1st on WR would be a bad idea, I think we need to 'feature' Sammy Watkins as the #1 & let's see if he can handle it before we pay him elite money. If he wants to get paid then he needs to stay healthy and carry our passing attack. Jehu Chesson or Cooper Kupp rounds 2-5 would provide much needed depth but let's face it, we are a run first team. We really don't need a 1A & 1B, especially with Tyrod at QB.
  19. Chad Kelly will go undrafted, IMO. I wouldn't mind him as a free agent. Mahomes or Kizer in the 2nd round would be hard to pass up though.
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