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  1. Yikes, this is true. In America, us naughty Christians use bad words. In places like South America & Mexico we'll chop your Goddamn head off with a dull knife or a machete. The dynamics are different though.
  2. Which as a lefty coincidentally caused me to vote for the right wing alternative. The more extreme the left gets, the more voters like me they will shed.
  3. And you're either drunk or black, I know this because of your grammar. I'm down 8 beers and I'm typing better than you. Good day faggot.
  4. No, actually I'm not. I think they're great musicians and athletes. I listen to Rock, Chuck Berry is the father of that. I listen to Blues, God Bless BB King, the best to walk the Earth. I listen to Rap, so on and so forth. Just saying, they generally have the lowest IQ of any human race on the planet, I don't think they're worthless or should be killed off, I don't think that at all, but leave the QB position to the white guy and RB to the black man.
  5. We live in a pussified society that castrates men, what is exactly so bad about personal attacks? Harassment? Humiliation or embarrassment? I've said plenty of stupid things and out of love people have called me out on my ideas and in the end it made me a better person and caused me to grow. People are too sensitive these days and we have to worry about hurting peoples feelings, I respect anybody who says how they truly feel no matter how unpopular their belief may be. We need to get back to that as a society. Telling the truth, instead of being some PC society, fuck that.
  6. I think your thoughts are sensible, it's just that this time of the year is boring and people want something to talk about. The political stuff should have it's own forum, once again, I think this time of the year people want to be entertained, so we talk about off topic things and maybe get a little carried away with it. I do like the lax atmosphere here, it would be a shame to lose quality because that aspect makes this website different from every other forum out there. This is the first website I've been to where trolls don't get banned, the entire community pretty much comes together for a public stoning, it's fascinating, never seen a website like that before.
  7. Actually, it does. That's why you don't see too many black QBs in the NFL, they're rare.
  8. What works for me, may not work for you. Once again, you have been here 10 years longer than me, I've been here for 4 months so obviously I think your opinion has more merit.
  9. I'm fond of the little to no moderation here. The main thing is keeping the site safe. No links to viruses or trojans or dangerous links, that's where I draw the line. A few swear words doesn't bother me, you can call me whatever name you like, I think you should have that right. We live in a politically correct society today where everything is censored, it's maddening. It's nice to have a place where you can say what you truly think, we've had a couple douchebags like ChinaBills come here and the entire MB dealt with him quickly. I think BuffaloBill is just a little mad because the message board turned on him, now he wants moderator privileges to exact revenge.
  10. For any other position than QB, I agree with you. If you're a DE? I get it. Not for QBs though. I don't know what the fuck we are we arguing for anyway? This guy is probably nothing.
  11. You know why, right? The CFL field is wider than the NFL field. At least, that's the way my dad said it to me.
  12. Judging from the interview on BB.com, Marcell looks to be in the best shape I've seen him in for awhile. He initially looked overweight coming into camp, Goddamn he looks like a mack truck right now, he clearly worked his ass off to shed some pounds.
  13. Darnold in a Bills uniform would be amazing, especially if Sammy and Zay have breakout years. We could be in damn good territory. We gotta finish towards the bottom, picks 1-3 at least.
  14. I am a socialist, at least to a degree. I also believe in capitalism. I think the two schools of thought need to be balanced. China would be an extreme example of socialism, that to me is an extreme but with that said, public schools, firemen, policemen, the military, roads and the power grid, the postal service are all acts of socialism. Dare I say it, I think health care should be socialized as well. Every single person should have the right to live and eat. Welfare and SNAPS, I am all in favor of. Same with Social Security and SSD, etc. With that said, I think the American dream needs to cherished and we should fan the flames on that fire. We don't want a crap society like in China, what I suggest is a microcosm of that notion. Certain needs and duties need to be socialized but capitalism attracts the smartest and brightest minds across the world, they are so infatuated with the American dream that they leave their home country and immigrate here, that my friend is the American dream, that dream needs to be kept alive because that's what makes America great.
  15. I like Eagles fans the best, personally but I think Browns fans have the best temperament of any fans in the NFL.
  16. I'm with Meathead, I prefer the self policing over political correct police.
  17. Do I want a top prospect at QB ideally next year? Abso-fucking-lutely. BUT, Taylor is as quick as a cat, I'd bench Darnold for a year or two and just ride Taylor and then trade him for multiple picks.
  18. No thank you. Doubt he is decent, rules are different. I want one of the top dawgs next year, whatever it takes.
  19. Can I just give a quick shout out to John Madden? God I miss that guy. He is so old and on death's door. God I miss him.
  20. Hopefully the Jets don't get Darnold. I hope we trade both our 1st round picks next year and maybe even a 1st round pick the following year after, whatever it takes.
  21. I can't stand the heat, it's 77° here where I live in WNY & even that is too much. People call me crazy because I love the snow. When I say I love the snow, I mean no, I really really love the snow. I don't like it when the roads are dangerous but 3-4 inches of snow in the yard makes me tingly inside. Wish winter would get here already.
  22. I read this at work. Thanks, I needed a laugh!
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