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  1. Remember when Marrone and Whaley didn't get along? They even got in to a screaming match at training camp on the field in front of some of the press. The team then said there is nothing wrong they get along great and the kool-aid drinkers believed the team. They then slammed the press for reporting what they saw and didn't believe them.
  2. We have a chance of winning the off season again if we keep signing stars like Holmes. We might set a record for most off seasons won in a row.
  3. Until Whaley offers him about a million dollars a game at the end of the season when our nobody WR's are all hurt and Sammy's foot is hurt again. Then we will hear how all healed up and rested Harvin is and how he is going to be good. Lol then reality shows up again.
  4. So we are going to use a top 10 pick on a number 2 WR? Add in the fact we struggle to use our number 1 WR effectively. That idea has success written all over it.
  5. People like Mayock are calling this the best DB draft they have ever seen. Chris Brown is a joke puppet but look at the quotes they are saying in the article. http://prod.www.bills.clubs.nfl.com/news/article-1/Need-for-DB-help-may-be-perfect-timing-for-Bills/523ea4a4-bd0d-4e86-83ff-50885463d20f
  6. Another refugee here. I can't believe OBD pull that shit without warning. Typical Bills. Well hello all and thank you to The Beatles for having us. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't have a Bills board to talk to other Bills fans. Glad to see others are already here.
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