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  1. To protest because Clinton lost and Trump is president is childish. From the Hawks, its all about Trump. When I watched games at home, when the Anthem played, we stood, we were quite. Is there problems with the country, sure, but exercising, stretching, eating, drinking, sitting is not a protest. It is pure disrespect to this country, the men and women who served and those who died fighting for this nation. I have no desire to watch those thugs. Kneeling; while I disagree, is at least respectful and can draw attention to an issue.
  2. We have just finished an awful fire season here in Oregon. Had smoke and ash here as well. If our church can do anything to help let me know. Has Disaster relief been there yet? https://www.namb.net/send-relief/disaster-relief
  3. You guys can have your hard drinks. I prefer Blackberry Ice tea in the summer and a good Earl Gray or a good English blend hot tea in the winter.
  4. If you pay attention to NASCAR you would find that there is a lot going on, not just going in circles. Engines, trannies, tires, fuel when to pit and when to stay out. Which pit crew can advance their car by the fastest stop. Where NASCAR has failed is they are no longer stock cars. They have made it boring by all the rules making all the cars the same. Would rather watch a drag race. Soccer, just plain boring. I know the game. Son played it until he decided football was a better sport. Hate to see a soccer game.
  5. Sorry you all are downers about the Bills. I expect at least a 9-7 season, hoping for 10-6 or better. Reasons both the idiots that where called coaches are gone. Bills seem to have a coach who is about the business of football, not a "players" coach. TT while not an elite QB is good enough to win. The previous mentioned coaches destroyed the D, it can only get better. At this point I care nothing about the 2018 draft or the 2019 either. Have we got so used to losing that losing is what you expect?
  6. Not sure about this board yet, better than the others I have found. The BBMB. I knew the posters, here no so. BTW I not only liked the rules of the BBMB I followed them. From 1999 to It close.
  7. Too early to tell. Not who I thought they would pick, nor the direction I thought the Bills should go. But wait and see, might be better than you think.
  8. Hate to break all the negativity on this place but thought this was good Buffalo Bills Draft picks: Tre'Davious White (No. 27 overall) Day 1 grade: A The skinny: Instead of taking Patrick Mahomes as the quarterback of the future, they moved down 17 spots, allowing Kansas City to make the pick. They received a third-round pick this year and a future first-rounder for the move down. Buffalo selected a good corner in White with the 27th pick to take over for Stephon Gilmore, meeting a dire need. Well done.
  9. Seems like a bad idea, tell someone you are going to be fired on a certain date. Talk about "short timers disease". What if anything will you get out of them? If you are planning on firing someone, just do it. Seems dysfunctional.
  10. Why brother to watch if that's your attitude. The Bills got rid of the biggest problem we had last year. Rex is gone. The offense did well, not great, but scored well enough to win games. The defense gave up way too much. If the defense gets fixed, which it will, the Bills will be in ever game. 4-10 laughable.
  11. No man deserves redemption but it is offered to all. Where he will spend eternity, not good.
  12. I feel for the guy. He has lost every chance of redemption. He went from bad to worst for eternity. No joy in this man's death only sorrow.
  13. The Hawks at least are open about what is going on. Maybe why they can attract play-off caliber personal. Nothing hurts more thn rumor mills.
  14. Lets say the Bills lose this round and the county gets the taxes. Who do you think pays those taxes, the Bills? No you do. Any corporation factors in taxes in the price of their product. That cost is passed on to the consumer in this case the price of a ticket, price of parking, price of everything is raised. So in the end, those taxes are not paid by the owners but by you.
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