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  1. Yeah it looks like something McDee has shown has Pegs feeling some kinda way. I get the cap money you mention but can you imagine if everything YOU did was measured by your salary of which everyone talks about. Its a tough balance trying to field a team but the Steelers and Pats and Packers all have one thing in Common..Continued continuity. I dont think Pegs had a clue coming in and now he is trying to figure it out. Im willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as long as he doesnt replace this coach in 2 years.
  2. So true..People always worry about how much the owner spends or how much the player makes and none of it has to do with the success of the product on the field. Well stated!!!
  3. I agree. E Wood although it appears a good guy & teammate is the weak link of that OLine and it was clear when he went down this last time. I dont want Wood cut but Groy is the future and it could come sooner than later.
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