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  1. Great video by Kyle. We have a great chance to do something remarkable for a lot of people waiting for a long time to happen these next few weeks
  2. While their defense is very good, I still expect us to put 25+ points on the board which automatically should be difficult for them to keep up with. Sell out to stop the run and make them throw 30-35 times. Surely we could cause a few TOs and/or a couple stops to keep their defense gassed by being on the field so long.
  3. For some reason I feel better about this game than the colts one. Maybe it’s just getting a playoff win under the belt. Stopping their running attack will be a major challenge but I fully expect our approach to be the bend but don’t break; force field goals. That philosophy worked last year until they bombed us with that long TD to Hurst. Our offense is much improved and should be able to score as long as Ngakoue and Judon don’t wreck our line. Ravens 20 - Bills 30
  4. Lamar and that offense would be a shell of itself in a snowstorm
  5. Anybody else have that cocky belief that Allen can throw the ball and score in any kind of weather like Brady did?
  6. How funny is it just over a month ago we were worried about how we’d play on prime time
  7. No doubt. We saw Miami Tannehill today. Got pressured with man bump n run and couldn’t find the open guy. Titans offense is very shaky when their run game isn’t setting up the play action pass
  8. That stat is misleading based on who they played. It was weak
  9. I wanted to avoid Baltimore or Tennessee but I agree we can contain Lamar which is 90% of their offense. I think our defense will be hungry to play them after last year too
  10. Hard to get to Rivers when he gets rid of the ball so quickly. Also really helped whenever any of them got beat, they instantly held, but never got called for it.
  11. That last TD proves it’s all about us. We need to go 2 minute offense the rest of the game. Heck maybe the rest of the year
  12. I’d say he’s about as questionable as diggs The same diggs dancing around in practice today to MC Hammer
  13. The whole team should bubble with their families like the mlb did for the playoffs. COVID looks like our biggest opponent at the moment
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