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  1. This is your first time saying that??? That’s usually another form/used as much as “amen” or “you're welcome” to me
  2. They could’ve brought in Fitzpatrick and most of the media would praise it as fitz finally has a defense to back him...
  3. Good. Take some of the hype away from us. Not sure we’re fully ready for those type of expectations yet anyways
  4. If it happens week 1, the league will keep all players in the locker room during it from week 2 on. They can’t afford another rendition of 2016 because they’ll lose a ton of money
  5. What must be bad for you and other liberals is having to pull for the opponent...sheesh
  6. Hillary was dominating exit polls this time 4 years ago too. Trump could lose but I think his odds of winning are much higher as the incumbent this time around
  7. He’s not. Honestly think he has a better chance of winning Super Bowl MVP
  8. He looks like a combo of gore and singletary. I’m guessing they want him to be a 5-15 snap a game guy that can help take the load off singletary
  9. Not going to disagree there, especially against Houston, but it was pretty obvious Gore was not a guy we should continue to bank on getting 10+ carries a game moving forward
  10. Singletary is not an every down back. He needs help and Yeldon is not the guy we need splitting snaps
  11. There’s plenty of reasons to do so. Relax and enjoy whenever we get to watch football again
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