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  1. I wasn’t offended or anything like that. Just shocked you posted an essay of a response to it. We are quarantined so nothing much better else to do I guess
  2. Yeah I’m sure it is. I listen to a few Pink Floyd songs on my playlist but it’s just a different type of music to me. Have to be in a certain mood to even want to listen to any of it
  3. Wow. What a response. I’ll respond very easily and say that I am white, live in a community with almost no blacks, and listened to 2Pac even before he passed and thought California Love was the best song ever as a young kid. I just really like his music. Lol
  4. I would rather listen to 2pac’s “off” tracks than most, if not any, Pink Floyd songs
  5. Yes you are correct about those I personally find it hard to beat that one as far as hip-hop/rap goes...plus 2Pac is my fav
  6. I don’t blame them for doing this, I’m just saying it screams of what Cleveland has done and its gotten them nowhere
  7. These moves scream Cleveland Browns. They better nail the draft or they may be in deep trouble in a few years financially speaking
  8. Not enough production over his 4 years to fork out elite DE money. Hope he gets paid though
  9. If Brady leaves, I think we can confidently say we should probably win it. Oh what a glorious day that would be
  10. Hey he scored that WIDE open TD against the Vikings last year!!
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