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  1. He's been very solid. Would be shocked if he didn't get a contract extension before FA
  2. As much as I was excited to see that game flexed to Sunday night, it probably makes it more difficult for us because Pitt always plays well at Heinz in prime time. Their defense is no joke too so we will have to play a complete game to win
  3. Yeah we aren’t getting the ball to guys in the middle of the field at all. They will continue sending pressure from everywhere until we exploit it
  4. Yeah and win a SB with another team while putting up historic numbers. Fine with me as long as it’s in the NFC
  5. Sadly, we’ll have to win out to win the division. Unless the wheels completely fall off in New England
  6. If the patriots don’t start losing quickly, it won’t matter in week 16 other than for the wildcard. Need some help and Houston winning Sunday would be exactly how to start it off
  7. We’re heading into December and the division is up for grabs. Who would’ve thought that?!?!
  8. Guys we looked like what the patriots normally do to teams like this on prime time slots. Suffocating defense that creates TOs, potent offense converting a high percentage of 3rd downs, don’t make the crucial mistake to keep teams in the game. Massive win for our franchise
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