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  1. He really reminds me of Big Ben his first few years in the league
  2. Add some turmeric to your seasoning list. It’s super healthy and adds a nice flavor to roasts and pretty much any meat dish
  3. Fantastic half offensively. All the Allen/Daboll haters can’t say anything so far. Great job
  4. Man I wish we had fans in the stands for this one. It would really affect the outcome
  5. Not really concerned about their running game. The screens and PA passes are what may give us trouble. Really really need Milano back to shadow Higbee
  6. I agree with everything except Ed Oliver. He's been pretty solid since about November last year. He was a steal
  7. Well at least Greg Olsen has looked worse so far. Actually glad we didn’t sign him now
  8. I have to agree. Still think there’s no doubt he’s make strides already from last year as far as throwing a more accurate ball. Now we need to see if the bonehead plays creep back in with legit pressure from the interior of the line coming at him
  9. He was actually a pretty exciting QB for us during the drought instead of the numerous forgettable backups we trotted out there hoping to break .500 in a season. Plus he beat New England in 11
  10. Some of his fumbles aren't even direct hits on the ball. Those are the ones that have to be eliminated
  11. This was expected based on this year. If we look the same against Miami and LA, then maybe start to worry. Either way, I was still impressed with the way we played in the 1st half
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