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  1. No doubt. We aren’t playing a complete game against inferior teams. There’s a lot of room for improvement but we’re still taking care of business and winning games. There have been teams in the past that have looked ugly at times in the regular season but go on and win the super bowl
  2. About as much time and thought you put into one of your rambling incoherent political posts on here
  3. Or it’s merely a suggestion to enjoy being a top team in the nfl instead of coming on here after a WIN and seeing nothing but negativity
  4. Instead of criticizing every stat, move, play, call made yesterday and this season, let's enjoy the fact that we are 5-1 and have a great shot at making the playoffs. Not only that, we should be a tough out for anybody we face if we get there. There have been so many years and so many teams that would kill to be in the position we're in. Obviously many people on here simply post negativity because that's truly all they care about. If we lose to teams like Washington, Cleveland or Miami, then fair game. Until then, enjoy the ride.
  5. Josh hasn't exactly looked like the guy we thought he should be thus far into the season, however anybody that watches the games has to see the improvements from last year. The only gripes I have for him that were present last year as well would be the deep ball accuracy and stupid ints. Other than that, he looks better than last year's product
  6. Luckily it says limited instead of DNP. We need to dispose of the Dolphins quickly so we can play all our 2's and 3's
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