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  1. Playing the "schedule game" is usually not super reliable. I think we all knew going into the 2nd half of the season we'd more than likely lose a game we shouldn't (yesterday) and probably will win one we shouldn't. All of these people saying we can't beat a team with a "pulse" or winning record aren't saying the same thing about New England even though they are essentially in the same boat as us. Their schedule does toughen up mightily so they will be able to prove that theory wrong but they have yet to beat anybody better than what we have so far.
  2. If we don’t start playing better, I’m not so sure we get to 10 wins which would be a shame because we’d be in based on tiebreakers against afc opponents
  3. We can easily be a playoff team with the situation we’ve put ourselves in so far. Are the saints done after today?
  4. I’ll defend Allen more often than not because I think he’s going to be alright but he looked like year 1 Allen locking on to 1 WR too often. He has to be better against what looked like a vanilla blitzing man to man scheme
  5. We really needed LA to win today. Starting to look like 10-6 may be the only way we get in. Go Browns this Thursday for sure
  6. He was awful today. Our d line may be the worst position group on the team
  7. This games smells so much like the philly game. (A desperate team with good talent that hasn’t performed yet)
  8. Threads showing positive results on the field aren’t welcomed here. Shame on you
  9. 2017 Also, I wonder which posters on here voted no......hmmmmm?
  10. Like I said in the other thread, what’s bad is that he’s actually played better these last 2 weeks.
  11. I said he's played "better," which he has. His role is apparently to draw double teams and plug gaps to free up other guys to make plays. Pretty sure he's graded out a lot higher the last two weeks than the first few of the year as well
  12. Star isn’t going anywhere. Seems like he’s played better lately anyways drawing double teams I like the Liuget signing
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