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  1. Probably the same reason the Rams were average this year after nearly winning the Super Bowl last year
  2. Hard to tell a QB exactly what to do when a play breaks down and passing routes become a scramble drill. I love Allen and think he’s going to be our guy but he has to get better at these types of plays
  3. These are obviously the things he needs to work on. Also looks like the WR at the 43 is breaking open for a big gain as well unless there is a safety outside the photo. Either way, I've never understood why we split out dimarco. If we were going no huddle trying to catch the other team off guard from a previous play, I understand, but that's not always the case
  4. Juan Jennings (my avatar) and Marquez Calloway from UT are both big body guys that go up and get lobs. Would be a great compliment for what we want to do
  5. Beane sounded like he wants to sign Shaq long term. Wasn't as adamant about Phillips which isn't surprising
  6. I just meant a disappointing loss in a playoff game but yeah that game blew too. We were so awful for an entire half and then that f’in PI call was so bad
  7. I don’t disagree. At least Harrison looked to be playing well before he got hurt
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