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  1. Pitt's defense is for real and they probably got better this offseason adding ingram. I think we got too cute on offense trying to outwit and gadget them. We definitely didn't help our struggling o line with the pass rush by running off tackle when their rushers went hard up the field. I really believe we thought we'd pass all over them again like we did in the 2nd half last year. Major disappointment
  2. I'm hoping we run the division for the next decade or so like NE did, but lol at the "Bills and Roger and the shield" label
  3. Same can be said for Super Bowl loser. I'd bet a lot of $$ that either us or KC will be playing in January
  4. Get used to it boys. We may have these types of expectations for a while
  5. If this team gets to the super bowl, I really like our chances to finally win it. The AFC is the gauntlet that will be brutal
  6. Because Davis is probably too good to keep off the field. Beasley and Sanders are solid too
  7. Fair point. Micah Hyde can catch punts if that becomes a problem
  8. That and the fact roberts maybe had 100 yards total offense all year while McKenzie became a top gadget wr who can also return punts/KOs. Again, every dollar is exponentially bigger now we’ve signed our own (including franchise qb)
  9. Mckenzie's punt return against Miami probably made Andre more expendable. Every dollar started counting more and more at the end of last season when we knew Milano and Williams' contracts were due. Not to mention Josh's extension was around the corner as well.
  10. I at least understand how going from essentially no fans to on the road at arrowhead with 20K can have an impact on his game. I will say, I'm a little nervous about how he responds this year to having normal capacity stadiums. Especially with how loud the ralph will be
  11. Great idea and game was awesome. Other sports may look to do something similar
  12. The way the qb market is going, we may look back in 3-4 years and say it’s pretty good value. Time to win the ring now
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