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  1. https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/expo/news/g66l-2019/02/d3ee5c4fa1365/morning-commutes-will-never-be-the-same-locals-react-to-death-of-wzzos-kevin-the-bearman-schutts.html Here is the artical. Hope you can view it.
  2. That is awesome. I remember listening to him as a kid and when I moved to NJ 23 yrs. ago, I herd him on there local rock station. I felt so lucky cause It seemed like I had a friend from back home. He always talked Bills and here, your a Giants or Eagles fan. The Bills were his love and after a great game he'd let ya know. And after a shity game, he'd let ya know. He was truly a great man and made me laugh every morning at work. I will miss him.
  3. Over the weekend the lehigh Valley P.A. lost a great man. Kevin ' The Bearman' Schutts past away suddenly this weekend. The Bearman was a Buffalo native and DJ in the 80'S for our great city before coming to Allentown P.A. to work for 95.1 WZZO. He was a huge Bill's fan and ALWAYS mentioned his love for them on his morning radio show, the Bearman and Keith show. A sad day indeed. He will be missed.
  4. Yeah, they have a QB who did not look thrilled he was drafted by them.
  5. I think mobile Qbs are fun to watch. But when you roll out every other play, it get old fast. Just get a guy who is smart and can read the field and know how to step up in the pocket to make a play while still reading the back field. I just fell the game has changed so much, and to be competitive you need someone other than a RB that can throw 40 yrds.
  6. I'll be ok if we sit and take the best available QB at 12, as long as it's not Jackson. I don't think I can take another mobile QB. I just cant.
  7. Anything can happen from now til then. Just ask the Colts. Lol
  8. That just might push Brown's fans over the edge as they seem to never get it right when it comes to draft decisions.
  9. I think he was like that because as great as that TD was, at that point the game was not over.
  10. Playoff push???? The Bills were out of the playoff picture when we lost to the Jets wk. 9, we just didn't know it yet.
  11. They still need to draft a QB this draft. Tyrod wouln't be on the team next year. I do believe Mc D. is not done with the Rex removal.
  12. I do believe this is it for him. Play good, you'll see the next game. Play like you did last game, that will be it. I just can't see them staying with TT If he has another egg laying game. HE NOT even Sean's guy. Please don't let this go on till the end of the season.
  13. We look like we literally picked up right where we left off from Thursday.
  14. How long do we keep going with TT? This is hard to watch.
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