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  1. The Erie County maintenance staff can't handle taking care of grass. Also, they are installing the exact same 'turf' as 8 years ago. It's called A-Turf and has a bad name with NFL players. We are the only NFL stadium that uses it.
  2. Thanks for the reality! Every F/A we signed was a 'catch' and we were lucky to get them to Buffalo for $ than they deserved. "where would you rather be - - - "
  3. The Bills have until May 2nd to sign Shaq to his 5th year option or perhaps work out some type of extension for 2 years or more. The option-option would give Lawson a substantial raise and get him into Jerry Hughes numbers. After 4 years with the team is he worth the money and fuss???
  4. After the last 20 years or so the national media and Vegas sees the Bills as a huge joke. Who can blame them?? It's OK - - for now!
  5. Great F/A signings, very good draft and necessary assistant coaching changes. Isn't the time to WIN now??? I can't take much more TALK!
  6. The Bills announced last year that they were replacing the artificial surface at New Era Field for the 2019 season. The turf for the last 8 years has been a locally manufactured product call A-Turf Titan from Williamsville NY. Buffalo is the ONLY NFL venue using that turf and it was rated #29 by SI in regards to player acceptance and safety. Current clients using A-Turf are Niagara Falls HS, UB Stadium and St. Bonaventure. Guess what - - - - - - The same turf with rubber pellets is back!!!!![/b] "A-Turf Plays 2 Roles In Buffalo Bills Extreme Makeover" Posted April 18, 2019 A-Turf will be completing the turf playing surface replacement at New Era Field just in time for the NFL season. In the meantime, Terry & Kim Pegula (team owners) and Bills players are celebrating the opening of a brand-new, world-class, 41,000 s.f. Sports Performance Center. It seamlessly links the club’s athletic training, strength and conditioning, and sports science departments. A-Turf installed a turf area for warm-up, post-workout, and flexibility work. Any comments?
  7. Many of the games are televised on the NFL network. Many former NFL HC's and GM's are involved. DO you really think it is a "developmental" League with guys in their late twenties and 30's playing??? The N.F.L. Players Association said it was preparing for protracted contract negotiations with the league over the collective bargaining agreement, which expires after the 2020 season. Players were told to "start saving money". How easy would it be if the players go on strike in 2021 for the NFL to plug in the AAF for a substitute form of football entertainment??? Long deserving cities like Orlando, Memphis, Birmingham, San Antonio etc. that were held back by the lack of big time bankers, influential politicians and TV markets can get their shot. Think about it - - Love, BLUTO
  8. I come to this nice Board to just talk Bills stuff. Other Bills Boards have moderators that act like football experts and scrutinize the threads to the point of idiocy and consider themselves extremely self important. It becomes their life and that is sad. A certain little group on this board ruins it for me. PLEASE - -send yourself private messages about who said what, what the owner is doing to posters and about personal bets. PLEASE! This does NOT interest a majority of the posters. I don't care who the owner of this site is but please keep it going in a sensible direction. You guys know your football very well. Stop making asses of yourselves! I love the Bills! Thank You.
  9. Both these guys were talented, physical players and emotional leaders for the Bills. I don't believe guys like Shaq, "Star", Harrison or Jordan Phillips can pick up his leadership or HEART on the defensive line!
  10. Shady! When he's not hurt with hamstring problems he shows no burst. Sad but true I think he's done.
  11. I watched Joe Namath play. Darnold displays a strange resemblance to Joe in the way he carries himself on the field. Walking into the huddle, the way he calls plays, his throwing motion and especially his touch passes to the outside. Just my opinion.
  12. The QB coach is named Culley and never coached QB's in his long NFL career. Maybe Anderson will stay around in that position?
  13. I love your posts! But - I don't think anyone will ruin Josh Allen. Too much overall talent and I'm sure he is smart enough to know that fresh & talented troops are right over the hill. Relax - it will be fun!
  14. A big sleeper is Anthony Johnson from the University of Buffalo! He was hurt for 4 weeks but is now back in full stride.
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