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  1. I was pretty appalled when we signed Reed to a new contract. He was like the Chris Kelsay of the offense, but without the lunchpail.
  2. Amazing to me that a country so supposedly great can't produce a viable third party candidate in this day & age.
  3. Whaley was against anyone who knew what they were doing, because they threatened to expose that he didn't. I'm surprised Whaley hasn't been hired as another team's GM yet, as I'd always heard he was one of the best in the league & would have a new job "in a second" if the Bills let him get away.
  4. I was hoping for him when he was still there @ 27, but in the following days I came to appreciate the many risks involved. Plus, he scored a 9 on his wonderlic. That's a full point less than Ragland. The two of them probably would've been tackling each other on half the plays.
  5. Browns fans have it worse. Their team packed up & left them in the middle of the night, and has won two Super Bowls since they moved to Batimore. I think the new Browns have made one wildcard in that time.
  6. And when I get excited... my little chinabills, she says... oh baby, just you shut your mouth. She says... shhhhhhhh
  7. The day Marrone left, I said "we got rid of the wrong Doug." And I wasn't a big Marrone fan.
  8. Ragland, and I didn't say anything about the EJ pick. Whaley's attempts to force him up the depth chart were far more damaging to the team than the pick itself.
  9. It would've been nice to have him back, but I'm hoping Jonathan Williams will be more like the pre-injury college version. We've had pretty good success in finding cheap RBs.
  10. Agreed, and that's exactly what we should do. Picking up option does very little but to ensure he gets paid $13mm in 2018 no matter what.
  11. It would've been better if Whaley was fired sooner, but it's never too late to fix a mistake. I think there were some serious disagreements in the days & weeks leading up to the draft, which McDermott apparently won. Some possible examples: 1. Tyrod Taylor: Whaley supposedly didn't want him; McDermott apparently did 2. Mike Gillislee: There's a good possibility that the Bills weren't actually trying to trade him for a late 5th rounder 3. Sammy Watkins: Given the ownership Whaley took with EJ, it's fair to reason that he'd be similarly protective of the guy he traded so much to acquire. I'd bet anything that Sammy's option will not be picked up, which is the right call IMO.
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