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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.



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  1. Bills had their measuring stick Sunday night. I'm more prone to believe we will be TB's measuring stick!
  2. Get an early lead to force Titans to pass more. Tannehill is the most sacked qb this year, in comparison to JA's 5. Kudo's to our O-line.
  3. Thinking it could be before EOS now. Would the Bills be prepared for either of them to be hired by the Raiders in October or November?
  4. The logical distraction is Bills are going to lose Fraizer or Daboll much sooner than expected now.
  5. As good as Rousseau is playing, Spencer is my man! Long term dividends from this draft!
  6. Sweet Invasion! Their mystique may be wearing off. They're in trouble unless the D is drastically improved.
  7. Nick Wright is such a douche bag. Shady is the perfect person to critique this matchup.
  8. Funny as our backup qb played more than normal due to the blowouts.
  9. Just hoping Bills don't get a small lead and then McD tries to milk it home.
  10. seandelevan, in going through the posts did you also notice Chiefs fans are not very knowledgeable politically like we are here on the RANGE?
  11. Chiefs Let's talk about the Buffalo Bills (Week 5) - ChiefsPlanet
  12. Chiefs coming down from that pedestal Sunday night. 2 & 3 baby, last place AFC West!
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