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  1. Telling..... does not play to Bills offensive strengths. The mindset of this team is not to lose. Opening game opened with like 13 straight passes which was refreshing. His offense is to predictable, open it up!
  2. Give me a break talking about winning the division when we may not even beat the 2 - 6 Browns this week. Money says we won't.
  3. Agreed with the int's, great, but it like they put the training wheels back on after not having any at the beginning of the season Offense is just way to conservative. I don't agree with the lack of #1 wr comment. OC should be able to develop a game plan utilizing Singletary, Yeldon, McKenzie, Brown, Foster, Beasly, and the TE's rather than pounding Gore all the time. Run game was producing better when the passing game was more wide open with the defense not knowing what we were going to do.
  4. I believe 2 & 2 is more likely with Cleveland & Denver being toss ups, Jets W, Dallas L. Wish they would open the offense up more, and featuring Singletary like the did today is a start. Josh has done a great job lately with int's, but has not solved the fumbling problem which is still out of control. The offense seems to work better no huddle opening itup like they did opening day with like 13 straight passes. The offense is to predictable. They have 8 more games to turn it around if they want to be more than one & done in the playoffs.
  5. Seems to be McDermotts philosophy of don't take any chances on both sides of the ball. It's like ok we're up by a score, let's keep running, punting and playing field position. His conservatism runs through the whole team and coaching staff. Will say I was shocked to see White blitz at the end of the game.
  6. Who cares. we just need to figure out how to play for 4 quarters. Nothing else matters!
  7. Just saw a post where AB would consider going back to the Steelers. I know the guy is a head case grasping for straws. Personally I can't stand him or his antics, and know he spurned us previously. With that being said, should we take another chance expecting a miracle from him. Signing him to a leaque minimum, team friendly contract, giving us his rights once he gets through his league suspensions?
  8. You know, let everyone keep finding excuses why our team keeps winning all the way to the AFC Conference game. Let's keep winning all games by 7 or less. The team is developing a mental toughness, believing in themselves, caring less what the media has to say. In Philly they have a slogan, "Nobody likes us and we don't Care". I think Buffalo needs to adopt a Nobody respects us and we don't Care slogan, or Nobody respects US and we love IT!
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