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  1. Swear to God, I just watched Fox news,actually Fox and friends for the first time this week. Personallythe news stations are so depressing I'll get most of my info from the internet, looking for local info. When watching TV it's either sports, crime scene, or older shows from the 60's and 70's. Older shows are great, making up for all the time I was at work.
  2. The same can be said of the majority of the news media you & Hipkat follow and believe.
  3. Thanks, quite an informative knowledeable writing not misrepresenting key points. You'd never make it in the political world.
  4. Maybe we can even start the impeachment proceedings January 2021 after all of our riots in December.
  5. Just choosing the best option for my needs, but think my one vote won't make a difference. In actuality believe posting pro Trump on this site makes more of a difference than my one vote. Let's face it though, the lines are pretty well drawn, I don't believe there is going to be much of a change over without a major disruption, whatever that may be. It certainly won't be impeachment as the dems bankrolled.
  6. Yes I am bought as the dems have not provided any viable options. Assumptions............let's get real, the next president will be either Republican or Democrat.
  7. Just wondering with the upcoming presidential election if you'd sell out your vote to the opposing party for, A) $500. B) Bills season tickets upper level. C) $1,000. D) Bills season tickets lower level E) I value my integrity and my vote can not be sold. Please state your current party and option. For myself, Trump C
  8. HipKat, feel free to match up if it was a Republican or Democrat in office to the timeline. 1980 January 20, 2015.pdf
  9. US Presidential Election 2020 - Odds To Win 2/1/2010:59 PM 2020 US Presidential Election Winner Donald Trump-120 Joe Biden+500 Bernie Sanders+550 Michael Bloomberg+1200 Elizabeth Warren+1800 Pete Buttigieg+2000 Andrew Yang+2500 Hillary Clinton+4000 Amy Klobuchar+6000 Mike Pence+8000 Nikki Haley+10000 Michelle Obama+12500 Tulsi Gabbard+15000 Cory Booker+25000 Deval Patrick+25000 Jeb Bush+25000 John Kasich+25000 Mitt Romney+25000 Tammy Duckworth+25000 Trey Gowdy+25000 William (Bill) Weld+25000 Marco Rubio+30000 Mark Cuban+30000 Ted Cruz+30000 Tim Kaine+30000 Tom Steyer+30000 Howard Schultz+50000 Marianne Williamson+50000 Kanye West+100000
  10. Thank you, your name calling and logical explination have allowed me to realize the falacies of my thought process. I'm forever indebted to you Hipkat. Please inform me of which democrat nominee I should vote for this November. Additionally if you can recommend any good psychiatric wards that would be greatly appeciated.
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