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  1. Looks like winning the AFC east is going to rank right up there with winning the NFC east.
  2. I'm more prone to agree with the former. Next week should be a good week to continue to gain confidence for the real tests of Seattle & Arizona.
  3. Fish are going to be in play for quite some time. Good coaching and tons of high round draft picks. Beane is going to have to make smart decisions in holding them off long term.
  4. Game is being played in Jersey, Bills 21 / Gases Ghouls 20.
  5. Oh yea, there offensive line had a hard time opening up gaping holes against our physical defensive line. Amazing how that fast team kicked the Bills buts all over the field. Just imagine if they were physical, that 8 ypc would be more like 15.
  6. I don’t think so - the difference has been those teams are more physical than we are . Pure and simple - were built fast and soft - Chiefs and Titans are physical . Ever think we only run 10 times a game because the line isn't physical enough to open up lanes for the backs? You've confirmed it makes tons of sense, the replacements for Phillips, Lawson, Lorenzo, Milano, etc. are not up to par. The offensive gains have not made up for the defensive losses. Steelers are well balanced on both sides of the ball and may very well be the SB favorite. I prefer the chances of a well balanced team rather than one dimensional. If you have a one dimensional passing team the chances of being bailed out by the defense is limited, as was evidenced vs KC.
  7. The defense was able to stop teams last year as well. Texans and Pats were a playoff teams last year. Times change.
  8. Ever think we only run 10 times a game because the line isn't physical enough to open up lanes for the backs?
  9. Disagree, Reid would have been able to score at will if needed. He was content using the clock running the ball. Mahommes strength is utilizing his passing game and only attempted 26 passes. Trent Edwards could have handed the ball off as well as Mahommes did in this game.
  10. You're kidding yourself if you think the defense played fine. Andy Reid did not even attempt to unleash his weapons as he realized they were in complete control. KC's passing offense wasn't even used. If the game would have ever been in question Mahommes would have marched them right down the field. Additionally what was up with the 2 unsportsman like penalties against our prized D players Poyer & White, no discipline. The way our D is playing Miami deserves to win the division, at least they play with heart compared to Buffalo's lackadaisical D.
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