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  1. KC, (BALLS)! Let's them out of the way now while the confidence level is at it's highest and keep building for the Championship game and then the Super Bowl.
  2. Sure, Canadians are some of the greatest people around exhibiting great qualities. I've had recent interaction with one who turned out to be a complete idiot and thus my annoyance. I'm sure you've heard of the saying "1 bad apple" which was applied in this situation.
  3. So pleased to hear you value my opinion so much you had to reach out for a second request. Below are the top 5 reasons Daboll won't get hired as head coach. 1) Only claim to fame is working as offensive coordinator Eric Mangini coached Cleveland Browns. 2) Born in Canada 3) Doesn't get dressed for Zoom calls. 4) Prefers KFC's beyond chicken in comparison to Frasier's Southern Fried. 5) Doesn't have a "cool" self appointed nickname.
  4. The date was January 15, 1994. The Bills were coming off a 12-4 season atop the AFC East standings, set to take on the Los Angeles Raiders in the divisional playoff game. The game (outcome aside) has lived in local infamy as the coldest Bills game in Orchard Park. The temperature on January 15 was 0 degrees with a wind chill colder than -10 degrees. Final Score Bills 29 / Raiders 23
  5. Sweet, although I'd just reverse your take on Daboll & McD. Why absolutely no love for the Pegula's? They ensured the franchise stayed and are ultimately responsible for the hires of the GM & coaching staff that has gotten us to the playoffs the past few years. Far cry from the previous 25.
  6. I'd prefer the Pats to the Colts. Even though Wentz is more erratic than Jones he has playoff experience and has displayed the ability to bring teams back. Bellichick is the master, but Frank Reich has a gamblers propensity which can turn a game quickly. Thirdly Jonathan Taylor, not too hard to envision Bills defenders scampering behind him on 40 yard plus runs. If bad weather favors Wentz arm strength to Jones, and a Taylor run game to the Pats.
  7. If we were to draft a skill position player in the 1st round I'd prefer Najee Harris / Javonte Williams running back over Dotson. I know the general consensus is to not draft a RB early, but just think of either of these two on the roster. Imagine defenses trying to game plan against the versatility. Less rushing attempts for JA. Diggs, Davis, Mckenzie, Kumerow, & Hodgins plus a FA signing should be able to get it done at WR.
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