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  1. Lit's still pissed we didn't pick the other Josh, although I hear he's still available.
  2. Assuming a loss this Sunday and then a win against the Dolphins at home the Bills the remaining uncommon opponents are as follows. Bills have WFT, KC, and Pats / Dolphins have Raiders, Ravens, and Giants. I like our chances based on JA vs. Tua alone. If we would start 0-2 I'd be more concerned with NE based on your almighty Belechik, and rightfully so. Way to much can happen between now and week 18 to call this must win.
  3. “There’s a saying that goes, 'before you win, you’ve got to prevent yourself from losing.' Sean McDermott
  4. Have to check with TWD to see what the numerology of 10 means, but rumor has it your glasses are rose colored. May be a bit soft for this group.
  5. Buffalo 41 Steelers 15 Steelers wish they had Trubisky rather than Big Ben.
  6. TWD, was this predetermined? Need to know the real reasoning, please advise.
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