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  1. This guy would be the steal of the draft if he pans out and makes the squad as a 7th round pick...what a pleasant unexpected surprise. Im rooting for him to continue and succeed. And practice squad a viable option as well.
  2. what I meant was Im not here to extoll the virtues of billievers chat over here and troll your members to go there instead. Good to read you :-)
  3. speaking from recent experience ..political chat in my opinion needs its own forum and football kept as football ONLY...their paths do sometimes cross (Kaepernick) but speaking for myself I go to a football site to talk football and when it has come to my attention just what some posters political views are for me Im thinking "I wish I hadn't just read that" it taints wanting to interact with them on even the football side...and those rancors come out eventually and the entire chat gets divided and awkward. Making the CHOICE to enter a political forum that's completely different you could choose NOT to enter also. But when politics gets interspersed with the football side it never seems to end well and the entire board is effected. jmho
  4. wow very interesting thread. I read at all the bills boards but mostly post at billievers. Thanks for the kind words Meathead I hope you are well recovered from your surgery and are doing well. I saw recently that billievers added a "Tech" position as one of the admin staff. I don't know if that has anything to do with the rumor of a board merge or not but it is indeed coincidental. Being we are all Bills fans and the season is closing in upon us quickly the timing for a merge would be right. now Im curious to see if it will happen or not. Like meat said billievers is a very chill board with many very knowledgable posters and activity is picking up as Im sure it will here soon too if no merge ends up happening. In any case this is not a trolling for billievers members post. I hope you get that bot issue fixed holy cow lol GO BILLS!~!~!
  5. hmm greatest guitar player there are so many....how about greatest guitarist in each genre would be more realistic.....I'll post up a guitarist you may have never thought to put into the conversation but listen to THIS and then say he doesn't belong at least as a great one.....Mr Stephen Stillshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=kVUwrifwKrI
  6. I am female and saw this thread, thought I'd chime in. The "C" word is one of the worst slurs u can throw at a woman to me it means you either hate her or Know she wears her bitch/ c word flag proudly and won't give a damn what you think of her. and she indeed is one... I think the Vast majority of women would take severe offense at being called one...its worse than bitch or whore by far it to me means cum dumpster, sexual orifice and a word meant to inflict hurt to a woman...so hell no don't ever call me or any other woman one even if you think they've earned the title it will in the end reflect much more badly on yourself for lowering your speech to such a base level. I hear it used on Bravo reality TV shows as almost a badge of honor..to me I think that thinking is warped.
  7. is this supposed to give me solace about our offensive lines future.... It doesn't **cringe**
  8. I think Darnold will bust...UCS QB's are gonna USC QB in the NFL dude is a turnover machine. Middling mediocre Pro when it all shakes out dreams of a new and improved Ben Rothlisberger are greatly exaggerated. BOOK IT
  9. past concussion history so that is the major concern I've read. Muppy~
  10. mr Era I love how you embed the articles on this site. As far as the article I was coming here to type no, No and NO but I see that answer was already taken. Oh well it's still my answer....muppy~
  11. lol yeah well I didnt read the article and I already call **cough** BULLSHIT on the thread title just sayin' what a DORK who does he think he's fooling???
  12. you stole my answer :-) it was fookin hilarious loved it.
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