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  1. Yeah cause you’re the life of the party. Go back to your dungeon bitch boy.
  2. For example...the first rounder that we trade up to draft is better than your wonder boy AJ McCarron...it’s pretty simple...
  3. Difference is...I’m sure I’m tougher than your candy ass in real life too.
  4. Isn’t that cute...bitch boy trying to be tough...good for you skippy...👍
  5. There are the top 4...which are going top ten and then there are the rest. If you think we sit tight and feel satisfied with the leftovers at 12 you’re even dumber than I thought...
  6. The contract IS the answer you stupid fuck. Damn you’re such a little bitch.
  7. Nice unoriginal response bitch boy. Your stupid little question has been answered many times but you look like a fucking fool so you just ignore the response. Keep getting owned. It’s what you do...
  8. 2 years. 10 million. TOTAL!!!!! Holy shot you’re a fucking idiot!!!
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