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  1. I am sure it will start. Too much money to lose. But for it to go off without a fiasco of some sort is not likely.
  2. Btw it is now 2 major league teams and the stupidity displayed by the 2 teams is exactly why the NFL season may not happen. 20 year olds are stupid and NFL players are exponentially more stupid than the average 20 year old. Clubs parties casinos strip joints. All it takes is a couple of morons to screw up the entire season
  3. the teens and tweens mentality of being indestructible even messes up bubbles. I cant see an NFL season no matter how tight things are. Baseball is the most socially distanced game there is and we already have one outbreak.
  4. thinks will pick up when real games get closer. I had the same feeling when Summer Baseball Camp opened but now that the real things is starting, I am more amped. But it still doesnt feel right. I didnt realize how significant fans in the stands were for viewing experience until there were none. I really hope there is at least partial fans at NFL games.
  5. the spike in OK actually started before the rally. I have no problem acknowledging that a rally caused a spike. But the bullshit that Newsweek posts saying there is no evidence the protests caused a spike but the rally definitely caused a spike? Come on. Both assuredly did.
  6. funny how the obsession has turned to Florida Texas and Arizona's explosion of cases and not a single solitary mention of the protests. The highest number of cases Florida had before June 3rd was about 700. The number increases to 900 on June 3rd, 3 days after the first demonstrations and protests and has climbed every single day since but its the opening up of Miami-Dade County and the State, which started in the first week of May and earlier in other parts of the state that led to the explosion of cases, not the protests
  7. As much as i think the November 4th virus is overblown I do think it's real and not to be taken lightly and I can't wrap my brain around 22 sweaty men slamming into each other 150 times a game and somehow that being safe unless these players are all in a bubble city.
  8. you obviously didnt read what I wrote and want to make some lame ass save 100 lives at the price of 1000 lives point.
  9. the only way it would have continued to work was by crippling the country for decades. It had to end at some point. You think the racial riots were bad. The starvation riots would have been 10 times worse.
  10. that was impossible and was never the plan. That's like trying to eradicate the flu. It is impossible in a country of 327 million people. Maybe on an island. But impossible in the US without turning it into a 3 world country. Hell, it's already a 3rd world country in some big cities. The plan was always to flatten the curve, buy time to get resources in place to better handle the virus, and close the gap between start and vaccine and treatment.
  11. That tells you how desperate things were. The domino effect of extended closures is death on society. Tenants can't pay rent landlords cant make mortgages banks dont collect destruction ensues. Prolonged closure was not an option
  12. What was the alternative? Even blue states reopened eventually. You can't stay close forever. People can't survive without working. Even with reopenings there are still millions that are hanging on by a thread or already went overboard. People need to be smarter and keep their distance. People are too stupid to follow directions
  13. I live in Florida obviously in Miami and yes there is a spike but it is still being massively exaggerated. Life in Miami is fine people are going about their business people get the virus feel like crap for a few days and then move on. Deaths are slightly up hospitals are not overflowing. My son his mom his brother and his step dad all got it all felt like crap for a week and are now 90% better. Age 17 - 50. I was with my son 26 of the 28 days before he got sick. I tested negative. The ultra contagious virus is not so ultra contagious obviously. This virus is an amped up flu and if anyone other than Trump were President and/or it wasn't an election year, there wouldn't be half the non stop media hysteria you are seeing. It is a real disease and it is bad and even deadly but so is the flu and so are all the Diseases that people have that are not being treated because they're sitting at home not going to the doctor or getting the treatment they need because they are scared
  14. it was the result of a Bullshit Fake News CNN MSNBC like report which was a known short seller putting out false info to make a profit on shorting the stock. The article was taken down but it did its intended damage. I dont know how that person is not in jail for fraud. Anyway it's back up today but not to where it was.
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