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  1. I dont. Really. I watch every single second of every Bucs game. And I can tell you about those stats. They have a lunatic defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, who blitzes more than Rex Ryan. Ridiculous all out blitzes and he leaves the Bucs corners in single coverage all game long. Hargraves was by far the Bucs best cover guy, but like the rest of them on that team, they are being asked to do an impossible job. He has good ball skills and quickness. He is a gambler and a very good tackler. He's a bit of a jerk, which is why he got released, but we are in no position to be picky. He is a major upgrade on Wallace. I dont care was some random analytic stat machine says.
  2. Bills will likely be eliminated by then or that game will eliminate them
  3. You guys are all wrong and hes right. For the millionth time you dont run for the sake of running or because the browns sucked in prior games. The browns were loading up on the run and the passing lanes were wide open all game. Most of the good runs came after long pass plays. That and our run game isn't good enough to sustain drives run only. Our line sucks and our run blocking TE is false start happy. There were points left on the field easy points because Allen missed wide open targets receivers dropped good passes. False start penalties and missed fgs. Are you really complaining about play calling on a day 20+ points were missed because of simple execution?
  4. sorry but Jimmy G sucked yesterday. his fumble 6 turned that game on it's ear too. 49ers were dominating till that point. This is also the same Seahawks pass D that has been getting torched all season. I agree about the rest of the game. That was an intense wish we had that approach and fire game
  5. so everyone gets the full tweet and not the Lit edited version, here is the one where they explain why Allen didnt see DiMarco immediately. Still a shitty play by Allen, but for non LIT agenda context. https://twitter.com/i/status/1194308471426031616
  6. and a #1 might have caught this late pass that got broken up. Knox is no number 1. A superstar tight end with meat hook hands maybe plucks this ball out of the air and bails out Allen. Jameis Winston threw about 5 or 6 passes this week that would have been incomplete or picked off this week. They ended up being completions. Marty Brennamen said and there is a dangerous throw by Winston, before they were caught. Why? Because instead of Cole Beasley or Josh Brown or Keith McKenzie going for it Mike Evans and Chris Godwin who are both studs, picked the ball at it's peak away from the defender. #1 receivers bail out shitty QB throws all the time and Allen can make some shitty throws.
  7. they also destroyed the Eagles team that destroyed us. bad matchup with the way the run D is going. Their line and Elliott will walk all over us. They also have a good pass rush. Their weakness is their secondary, which is another bad matchup for us because you know we dont throw well or deep well.
  8. i am excited for the opposite reason. I want it to take the horrible taste of the Cleveland game away. However, like Vic Said I am worried it's going to turn the bad taste into throwing up. This could very well be another loss. Although Vegas making us 6.5 favs is easing that a bit. Another dummy line like last week. Money will be on the fish which means Bills probably romp.
  9. Kyle Orton was good until he decided he was retiring and went into self preservation mode.
  10. Dallas is going to destroy us. They will put up 30+ on this fraud of a defense.
  11. Not just because Russell Wilson is a better QB than anyone the Bills have had since 12. Not because the 49ers defense is a real defense. Not because the Seahawks (who were being called pretenders last week by some national experts) showed everyone they arent frauds. It's because of the coaches in that game. I am not talking about X's and O's necessarily either. I am talking about the attitude of those teams. In the last 5 minutes of OT there were5 drives. Both teams were going for it. Holding nothing back. If McDumbutt would have been the coach of either team, he probably is preserving the tie. Those coaches have faith in their teams, have no fear, which probably cost the 49ers, but I love that win or go home mentality. I'll take that over the chicken shit crap we have now. That is culture I want.
  12. And they would have scored less than 16 points. This team isnt good enough to just pound the rock against anyone. Every drive would stall with an offensive line blown assignment or a penalty by Lee Smith.
  13. because the passing lanes were wide open. Like I said in another thread, you dont run for the sake of running or because in prior games the Browns were bad against the run. If there are huge chunk plays available in the passing game you take them. It's not like they were gashing the Browns when they ran either. He had a couple of nice runs and a couple nothing runs too. A good team blows the Browns pass D out of the water yesterday and nobody even mentions the pass to run disparity.
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