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  1. the Korean baseball league on ESPN is using fake crowd noise and it is working pretty well. There are times you forget there is nobody there. They are also using cardboard cutouts of fans behind home plate. It's pretty funny. People can actually pay to have cardboard cutouts made of them and placed on camera.
  2. I wish it was 100. Anything under 100 seems incomplete. Baseball has to be long because there is so much luck involved in baseball that a short season can lead to weird results. It's why the playoffs are so unpredictable.
  3. the heat cannot be denied having an effect and maybe humidity is a key. I wont bore you with numbers but look at Florida's population, age and knucklead population (it's large) and compare our numbers to the rest of the country. It may be hot in other places, but we dont just have 90s, we've had sweltering humidity since Mid March. I dont know how many places have 90s with 100 humiidity in April.
  4. https://metsmerizedonline.com/2020/04/baseball-will-be-played-in-2020-specifics-remain-unknown.html/
  5. Can we still shoot the messenger. I didn't bother reading the doomsayer bullshit. I stopped at what interested me.
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