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  1. At this time last week our game against Baltimore was almost certainly snow flurries and 20. We got 32 clear and windy. Anyone of us can throw any forecast out there for Sunday and have just as good a chance as the dart throwing weather men
  2. Unless Lamar Jackson goes to Jordan Palmers qb school his career may have been derailed yesterday by Leslie Frazier. There is no excuse for Lamar to torch anyone from this point forward. Frazier has completely shut his ass down twice How bad a passer is Lamar that a 4th stringer came in and their passing game improved
  3. Sucks to live in corrupt ass shit run New York with your incompetent governor. I can get a test whenever I want multiple times a week if i want and get the results the next day with no long lines. Our governor isnt a corrupt incompetent baboon
  4. He doesn't really believe that and he's not smoking anything. It's the blm agenda and glorifying everything black. Be afraid of the agenda tomorrow very afraid
  5. Lamar is going to be too worried about his shriveled up nuts in 10 degree wind chill rattling his southern bones.
  6. I was certain this was going to be about hemorrhoids but you did one better. Never seen this before. I nearly pissed my pants watching that.
  7. love being able to sit and watch sunday's game to see who we are going to play in the AFC Championship.
  8. even when they arent that has to be the focus. Blueprint is easy. Same thing they did last year. Dont worry about pass rush, contain, play the middle of the field, and dare him to beat you away. The Titans did that for most of the game yesterday but had 2 or 3 breakdowns that cost them 14 points. Either way, if the Ravens only score 20-27 we should massacre them.
  9. after dominating most of the game Leslie Frazier will make it close. A not close game will turn into a bills win by 6 with more unnecessary drama thanks to Frazier. Bills defensive schemes are plenty good enough to slow down Lamar and friends. You dont have to have a good defense, just he right scheme. We will play enough scheme for 3 quarters and then go into let's let the other team score in 2 minutes scheme.
  10. How about an apartheid version. Needs to pack on some lbs and muscle
  11. Defense waa fine playing 1 way for 51 minutes 10 points. Insert Leslie Frazier and his moronic weekly switch to a soft 4-3 14 points in 4 minutes
  12. Weird game. Never felt unstoppable yesterday like the last 9 weeks
  13. He was a hair off all game. I never felt like he was in a full roll today. Bodes well going forward
  14. Over analyzation. What happened today is Frazier changed defensive look after they took a 14 point lead. Bills cannot stop anyone with a base front and their lbs and safeties deep. They have to crowd the line to stop the run and stop the short passing game
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