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  1. I think you can cut and paste that stat line and eval of Allen and it would be a carbon copy of nearly every 2018-2019 game.
  2. If its anything like his 1st throw to Sanders it would have been 5 yards overthrown.
  3. From what I saw of that game both teams suck and if the bills lose this week last year was a covid empty stadium abberation and we are back in 2019.
  4. it will be over not because of the lead they have, but because it will mean we suck. Miami is a good team, but not great. A legit contender should not be losing to that team.
  5. Both things are viable and both are a problem. Josh cant be a star only when guys are running free and wide open. The real studs get it done against good Ds tight coverage and pressure. He also had lots of bad passes when guys were open was jittery too hyped or whatever happens when fans are in the stands. I continue to say this is a different game if he hits Sanders on the second drive wide open for a 10 nothing lead in the first quarter
  6. Therr will be more than 1 punt block if he continues to take this long . And if the bills have to focus on rush instead of coverage it's going to lead to big returns
  7. The way Allen was playing early i didnt have a problem with punting. The problem is he never settled down. He was a mess from the opening drive. That overthrow of a wide open Sanders on the second drive was a huge play in this game. Could have put Steelers down 10 early and scrambling instead of surviving the 1st half and making adjustments.
  8. In the NFL it all comes down to your QB and ours was too busy reading the MVP articles and played like 2019 Josh Allen instead of 2020 no fans Josh Allen. If that continues no they are not better and everything else really doesn't matter
  9. That list was such horseshit. Tre White was 94th or something like that and there were 6 or 7 cbs ahead of him
  10. Let Jerry play his last year. Guy has been a warrior for this team for 10 years. at worst he still a good passing situation rotational guy. Addison has been a bust
  11. The fact trubisky could look like a legit nfl QB even in a preseason game should be cause to fire everyone that's still around from the bears staff.
  12. Anyone and everyone who has anything to do with the Chicago bears offense the last 4 years should be fired on the spot. Today was the first time I've seen trubisky look like a first round pick ever.
  13. The overflowing hospital lie has been going on since Covid started. Thr news stations here in Miami all converge at Jackson Memorial Hospital to run their bullshit stories about beds being all filled and the health system struggling to keep up and yet the other 15 hospitals in Dade County are empty begging for patients. this isnt only a Florida or Miami thing. It happened in new York city and others also. Media only spreads sensationalism and fear to keep viewers coming back. Nobody is interested in watching empty hospital news.
  14. Nice 1st impression for a bust as some labeled him. Epeneza on the other hand continues to unimpress
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