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  1. i dont have the time nor energy but I made the exact comparison about 5 months ago. I might have even labeled JDS or ADS. They are equal in derangement. But the Trump supporters are not far behind and in Jungle's case, the Allen Supporters neither.
  2. congratulations. You have been successfully brainwashed by the media and the liberal left if you think Trump is the divider and conqueror. And I agree Trump is a piece of shit of a human. You basically just repeated the socialist rant and clearly identified yourself as an AOC/Sanders supporter, the 2 biggest threat to life in the USA as we know it.
  3. i am not sold on either but Allen's passing skills are better than Lamar's which is why I think he has a better (not great) chance of being a full time answer at QB. Jackson's passing skills are terrible. He has horrendous mechanics, accuracy issues, and floats way too many passes. At least Allen is good when he sets his feet and is under control.
  4. most teams in the nfl are equipped. All you need is fast linebackers and instruct your line to rush cautiously and not get to far up field. This has worked for decades, not sure why the Bills were the first team to figure it out .
  5. next year everyone with any sort of talent will follow the blueprint and all of us with "hatred" of Lamar will be justified in our "reality" that he's a 1 trick pony who's fuse will fizzle quickly. Maybe him and his fizzle buddies can petition the NCAA to let them go back and play in college.
  6. The stat morons thought he played great. Anyone with half a brain knew this was coming a mile away. Apparently the Titans copied our blueprint and even gave us a shout out postgame about it. They also threw in a reminder of how sucky our offense is but thats not the point. Hes easy to slow down if you have any sort of defensive speed.
  7. I don't believe the bills allow 50 to anyone but i also don't think they score enough to beat kc regardless
  8. Yeah the bills would have been up 16-0 at that point. Even though I would say the game changed when they allowed the 60 yard return after the Fg made it 24-0
  9. I wish he would call more Josh friendly plays but hes not the problem with the offense. Allen needs to improve
  10. This is going exactly like i thought it would since the playoff matchups came out. Bills blew it.
  11. While this may be true, the biggest problem with the Bills is they have no identity. They are not a run first team, they are not a pass first team, they are nothing. At least you know what the Titans are. And regardless of whether they want to copy the Titans or not, what irks most is their play not to lose, go into a shell because you have a 7 point lead mentality. That has to change, run or pass identity. Sadly it wont because that is what McDufus is, a conservative, play not to lose, Jeff Fisher, Tony Dungy (pre Manning), Marty Schottenheimer clone.
  12. I knew this would happen last week when the titans beat the Pats and that made me more aggravated abouttheBills choke. I felt very confident the Titans would handle the Ravens.
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