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  1. they changed them to clown unis. Now they are going back to the Superbowl ones and added an all gray uni.
  2. I am the baseball person of this board I believe. Major league baseball has already set a plan in motion to start spring training up again in May in Arizona.. https://metsmerizedonline.com/2020/04/morning-briefing-season-could-start-as-early-as-may-in-arizona.html/
  3. 6 pages of TDS nonsense aside (afflicts both sides) Can someone educate me (i dont obsess over the news). What exactly is the plan after the curve is flattened? Is this all to allocate resources and get ourselves prepared to treat masses? If the virus isnt going to go away, what is the plan after the curve? At some point we have to reopen business, whether you believe it should be in May, August, January. If the virus isnt gone, WHAT IS THE PLAN??? are we just buying time and nobody has a clue what the plan is? I personally believe only 2 things can end the virus before a vaccine 18 months from now 1. God says it's over OR 2. Everyone hits the streets and the virus kills itself by mingling recovered anti bodies with the the virus
  4. I live in Miami obviously and can report on both sides of this. Pass by 3 major hospitals here regularly and dont see much activity, certainly not out of the ordinary which I found odd because Miami and Florida is up there on the national stat scale. However, they opened a testing site less than a mile from my house and the line is outrageously long. But Florida, who doenst have a whinny shit Governor, (no surprise what party he is from) has stated it is ready and has all the supplies needed, personnel and equipment to handle the expected boom in cases coming.
  5. the word "illegal" has become a curse word. Immigration, traffic laws, criminal laws. Laws are for advisement not for enforcement any longer.
  6. and 30 major league teams and about 99% of the universe not just Pegulas. Good for him.
  7. people who can cover and rush the passer are like pitchers in baseball. YOu can never have too many.
  8. last Thursday was the day to start investing especially on Cruise lines. I am up 66% since then on a mix of Royal Caribbean, Norweigian, Apple and Tesla.
  9. seems like the dastardly duo wanted to specificaly direct their money to groups they wanted to and not just a general donation. Some times it's best to wait to pass judgment a lesson we all need to learn.
  10. yes like the morons in Florida who are ciculating a petition to the Governor, which thankfully he is ignoring to shut down the entire state even though 3/4 of the counties have less than 5 or 0 cases. Very easy to ask for a shutdown everyone's income when you are sitting on your ass at home collecting government help.
  11. at the moment the Patriots do not have anything near Hopkins, Stills and Fuller so good luck with that.
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