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  1. Never apologize for a win in the NFL and what you do 1 week rarely matters the next. If they trash the Pats next week nobody will care about anything that happened today except the W. It's a week to week league
  2. You got my vote but our votes dont matter. Look at December 7th through the 28th and puke. possible 4 straight primetime games. And God forbid the Jan 3 game is for the division title. Who knows if that gets flexed also.
  3. We lost yesterday because our offense sucked ass. Running backs sucked, running into lineman's butts. Line sucked blocking. And Allen reverted to 2018-2019 cant pinpoint his target to save his life, giving away TDs by over or under throwing people.
  4. I know what they were thinking and I am not sure how I felt about it, but it certainly backfired. Easy to second guess now. Phillips was a malingerer in Miami. Didnt do shit for years and they cut him. He had a rap as lazy and a rotten apple. Our front office may have thought he and Lawson would be one of those get paid and then turn into a pumpkin guys and too risky, and then of course to compound that, a shiny new former Panther was available that on paper looked like an upgrade or at least a wash. Well neither Jefferson nor Addison has done squat and are both being blown up on every play and wildly out of position and creating holes my grandmother who would be 101 this month can walk through. Failed.
  5. Its also going to be freezing and the fins will have their nuts shriveled up
  6. Serious overreaction to 1 game where the deck of cards was extra stacked against them eay before it started.
  7. we suck so bad at blitzing we should probably stop. Not helping an already struggling and depleted secondary
  8. apparently he was the highest rated DLineman in that game. Which means the grading is off or the rest of the dline really sucks or he's not as bad as we think.
  9. Top 4. Peterman SD pick fest Bears home game Saints home game Ravens opener with Peterdude.
  10. And douche bag Aaron Donald climbs on top of his back and puts all of his 300 lb body on top of him in his first action back. Low class dick move.
  11. Your one an only Buffalo Bills 1. Steelers, Bye moved, no game disruption, week off full week to prepare for the Eagles, no travel disruption. 2. Titans, whether they practiced or not, I dont care. They stayed in Nashville for 16 days, had private practices or zoom practices and have known for 10 days they are playing the Bills and only the Bills, basically a bye and a half to watch and dissect 4 weeks of film while resting up bodies and healing and be fresh as daisies. 3. Patriots, got 1 game moved a day later, another moved a week later, all while not changing opponent, and not moving from their place. They now have 2 full weeks to prepare for this weeks game. 4. Broncos, see Patriots. 5. Dolphins, bye moved 6. Chargers, bye moved 7. Ravens, bye moved. 8. Buffalo Bills. You have 2 games in the next 11 days. The first may or may not happen, get ready for it, but it's probably going to be canceled. oh it's going to be Monday now, sorry, the Titans are going to forfeit, no the game may be week 18, start preparing for the Chiefs, wait, no now you are playing Tuesday, no wait, more positives on Titans, game may not happen, get ready for chiefs again, no chance in hell Titans game happens. Wait is is still on for Tuesday, Chiefs Monday, but just in case, if it doesnt happen, you are still playing the Chiefs on Thursday. BTW, be ready for about 3 or 4 different travel arrangements. Pack accordingly. If anyone thinks the Bills lost yesterday because the Titans are 30 points better than them, you are insane. The titans are a very good team, and they would be hard to beat any day but it was the Bills that were put in a bullshit situation yesterday, not the Titans.
  12. We got destroyed because the team hadn't practiced or played for 16 days. Rested and fresh and unlike us been preparing to face us and only us for 10 days sitting in one city for 16 days. We have been half ass preparing for a game that nobody thought was going to be played and half preparing for a chiefs game that might happen 2 days from now. Human nature took over the yoyo of play no play Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday travel no travel. at the end of the day the only team getting screwed by covid was the Bills not the Titans
  13. i love people who see wild animals and walk toward them instead of away.
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