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  1. i dont think those things are going to hurt her, at least among most voters. thats politics and doesnt even register as background noise compared to our current state but ill have to read up on her. i wait until the pick is made, saves a lot of boring reading
  2. well i think most folks are supportive of BLM. i also know that most people are lazy idiots that dont look things up and just go along with the crowd you are far safer to be suspicious of popular opinion than to be confident in it BLM will either change their core agenda or die. their leadership is running a separatist, racist organization. most whites dont know that bc they dont bother to do the homework to understand what they are really about. what they are NOT about is black lives. they are about gaining power, enriching themselves, and getting retribution for past white sins once we get most whites (and all other races) to understand this, BLM as it stands now will be in grave danger of dissipating like a fart in the wind. i personally hope it morphs into a multi-cultural movement called All Lives Matter, because that would be a healthy development in race issue processing
  3. i guarantee you allen will be better in year 3 he was a known project going in. his biggest flaw was his intermediate passing and in one seasons time he went from one of the worst to one of the best in that category. his second biggest problem was ball security and by the 2nd half of last year he had one of the lowest turnover frequencies in the league now his biggest weaknesses are long and short pass completions. i fully expect those were his priorities this offseason and i would anticipate positive results similar to his success with the other areas mentioned that he concentrated on can you imagine how good this passing offense can be if he makes the same kind of improvements there? hes got two reliable speedsters on the outside, especially brown, who demonstrated he can threaten the defense with the whole route tree. hes got arguably the best short route runner in the league to work the open spaces as dbs make sure they cover the back end. and hes got a somewhat speedy TE bull who spent his covid summer catching thousands of balls in his back yard from his own personal juggs machine. not to mention TWO rbs that are both very good pass catchers that can also split out and run routes from outside the tackles im expecting a big jump in offensive efficiency, as well as allen reaching the low 60's in compl pcent on the season. its a tough schedule, but ten wins should win the division and i think they have a good shot winning more games than that
  4. when someone rolls out the "most people" argument they instantly demolish their own credibility
  5. so Sack, you gonna sue Conway for stealing your material?
  6. fine. at least you stand up for what you think instead of ignoring his statements not that it matters, but i take him at his word. ive seen nothing to indicate he has a liberal bias. hating a fraud like don is not a sign of bias, imo, bc don is a bonafide charlatan asshole
  7. i like your post, but hes told you a million times hes generally conservative. either call him a liar or accept what he tells you about himself the smart thing by far would have been for us to preserve those monuments and put them in civil rights museums around the country. that way we use our own ugly legacy to serve as permanent teaching monuments for all to learn from just tearing them down is a sign of a very stupid popular movement that is far more destructive than constructive
  8. John Brown had extremely high praise for both rookie WRs, Gabe Davis and Isaiah Hodgins. Said they know the playbook better than veterans; Davis is playing everywhere on the field, knows all the routes from each spot. He was asked immediately after what he's doing to help them and Smoke laughs before saying: "I don't think you heard what I said -- they're helping us." John Brown said he's amazed at how well rookies Gabe Davis and Isaiah Hodgins have picked up the playbook. Says they're helping out veterans. Doesn't seem worried about their ability to jump in and play right away. https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/225994-john-brown-with-high-praise-for-rookie-wrs-“gabriel-davis-playing-all-over-the-field”/ smoke says they are the best two rookie wrs in regards to knowing the playbook hes ever seen in the nfl now thats putting the quarantine time to good use
  9. so now hes trying to use the "most people" argument to prove hes right in his desperation due to his failure to win the intellectual argument, he picked the absolute worst standard you can use to demonstrate validity - the fact that "most people" believe something most people used to believe that blacks were genetically inferior to whites most people used to believe that women didnt have the mental capacity to shoulder the burden of choosing a voting candidate most people used to believe that it was ok not to put enough lifeboats on a luxury cruise liner to accommodate all the passengers most people used to believe that putting a canopy underneath a blimp filled with flammable gas was safe and now, f8 is using the most people argument to try to show that the intentions of race baiting victim peddling shysters who dont give a fuck about black lives unless they are killed by police have a fucking thing to do with civil rights or black lives simply because a lot of people showed up or expressed support in a poll if he tries to sell you a ticket on a roller coaster with no restraint bars, id advise you to NOT buy one these are the tactics of a fool. use him as an example of exactly the opposite way you should frame a cogent and rational argument
  10. omfg you are so radically misinformed its astonishing you can tie your shoes. that assertion is just grossly factually incorrect have you not noticed the rapidly rising tide of black people coming out in opposition to BLM, stating in no uncertain terms that they do not represent them and are counter-productive to achieving reconciliation? BLM in its current form will be irrelevant soon. the only way they stick around is to take on new leadership and rebrand themselves bc black people with brains see through their charade and are rejecting them in rapidly increasing numbers. your ignorance on this reality is staggering you have demolished your own credibility with a statement that inane. you are a poster child of neo-racism and you are severely hurting the very cause you claim to support but will you do anything to educate yourself on the realities? hell no. you prefer to remain willfully ignorant, promoting statements that have been emphatically demonstrated to be absolutely false im not wasting any more time with you. you are the sack of left wing liberalism, living in a self-created world of delusion. ive got better things to do than try to educate an irresponsibly ignorant believer in fairy tales
  11. sack: cozy bear is a total hoax but everything you hear about biden and the russians is true. no bias there true believer par excellence the don presidency has helped the russians in ways that would have been impossible without him. of course they want him reelected, for the same exact reasons as the first time sack: the great american patriot!
  12. thats the biggest explosion i can remember that wasnt a bomb being dropped
  13. im not on nearly as much as i used to be, but i will keep this in mind. i think i actually give you thanks quite a bit when i am on, though. but ill still keep it in mind
  14. i realize that there were problems with those programs, specifically the widespread racism of a mostly white police force that went unchecked for too long. in hindsight, we werent ready for that kind of program, we still had too much white racism for it to work but you have to remember, that was just the start of the chain of decades where blacks were committing more violent crimes and murder THAN ALL OTHER RACES COMBINED. it was bad back then, but it was only going to get continually worse quite frankly, we desperately need a Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act RIGHT NOW. and since weve already been through it once and allowed it to get tainted with real systematic racism (that is almost completely gone today), we are in a much better position to do it without the unnecessary racist bias that we had back then i say unnecessary racist bias bc it is definitely required to have a racial bias today as a police officer. not a RACIST bias, but a RACIAL bias. if you know that 8% of the black population is committing 53% of all violent crime and murders, you bet your black ass youre going to be profiling the fuck out of the car you pulled over with black folks in it. you HAVE to profile them bc if you dont one of those 8% might love nothing better than to put a bullet through your skull even f8 told us that blacks get pulled over 30% more than whites. well knowing blacks as well as i do, im sure most law abiding blacks would have no problem making that relatively small sacrifice to get the bangers off their fucking streets. after all, its very often the loving, law abiding blacks that end up burying their babies because gangsta niggas dont give a fuck where their bullets go we absolutely have to do something to stop the wonton slaughter of mostly black people by gangstaholics. it should be one of our top priorities today. throwing money at it is not going to solve it by itself. yes, more training opportunities for trades or college would be helpful, but some niggas are so addicted to the gangsta lifestyle that they wont give it up until theyre dead or in the joint. we need to oblige those kinds of niggas (any race), go after them aggressively (but legally), and bring them to justice if thats racist then IM racist and the whole fucking reasonable world is racist
  15. this is exactly one of our biggest race problems today: the massive expansion of the word racism to include every single thing that has one cunt hairs width of possibility it could be racist gets automatically promoted to full blown racism - and then we hold THAT racism that WE created against the original speaker. it doesnt matter if the original speaker had no intention, nothing in their mind, that was referring to racism. we make the promotion, then vilify our victim, and try to get them fired from their jobs tell me thats not accurate
  16. again, just because someone says something awkward doesnt mean we get to promote his statement to real racism and pin that tag on him theres nothing in there thats racist. is it because he used the word jungle? that would be ridiculous because the word jungle is often used to depict a place that is wild, has no safe places, and is untamable. we dont get to automatically assume someone using a generic word just HAD to mean blacks because some blacks live in jungles. its a word that he used appropriately, albeit a little awkwardly, which he is known for even if he was talking about the ghetto, have you ever spent time in the ghetto? its like the wild west combined with '50's gangster wars, with people shooting people dead over a ten dollar loan or they accidentally scuffed their new sneakers. the violent crime and murder numbers have been dominated by blacks for literally over four decades now! i dont think he was using jungle in reference to blacks but even if he was, he was telling the truth. blacks killing blacks and other people is one of the top three racial problems of our times. i WISH he would talk about it now, or at least after he gets elected. we've GOT to do something about that. blaming cops is exactly opposite of what we should be doing and that was '77! 43 years ago! 75% of white people routinely used the word nigger or allowed it to be used regularly in their midst back then. it was horrible. i remember clearly bc i was fighting it all the way. but thats so long ago that its absurd to use that as measure of a persons character today. they could have beat their wife and kicked the dog every day back then, and still ended up being a wonderful person today. happens all the time. so please, some more current references would be nice
  17. well there goes my excitement still, he has a ton of starting exp and will be good competition to push the other guys sometimes a change of scenery makes a guy play much better. that sure would be great, another jerry hughes
  18. is that it?!? granted, he was grossly exaggerating past the point of hyperbole, but still theres nothing racist there. just because he says something untrue, kinda stupid, and very hyperbolic doesnt mean it gets automatically promoted to real racism counting him quoting someone elses words that used the word 'nigger', that would be two really bad examples of him being racist you gotta have something better than that
  19. do you have anything besides his quoting what someone else said that would indicate hes racist?
  20. really good pick up after losing jose feliciano i wonder why the jets cut him? was he up for a big salary late in his contract or something?
  21. yeah but its not very prominent. im thinking something in a bigger text that is hard to miss, maybe with an intro like Note to New Users: blah blah blah topic filters!
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