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  1. imagine the cheats kick the tying fg and win it in OT. or just score a TD and use the emotion to shut us down defensively i suppose i can say this team would get over it and move on. at least i hope they would. they also might come back down and score and win, depending on how quickly the cheats score i think i recall there was barely enough time when the cheats got the ball
  2. 8-12 loss depending on if he tried to avoid them toward the sideline, he looked penned in to me. if he runs toward the sideline should be able to throw it oob once past the hash marks. but even if he had to eat it, third and 18-22 i think they could convert. very tough but this team has made those conversions this season he just cant fumble there. tuck and surrender is way better. he tried and it turned disastrous. he has to see the danger of holding that ball when finding off multiple players and tuck it. eat it if thats all you got. next down try to get some significant yardage back, but 3rd and 33 or whatever it was, thats not a reasonable conversion. possible. more like way unlikely. so you need a good 10+ yd completion to add to the punt coverage. then get a good punt result, however it comes playing the field flipping gambit instead of the too much risk gambit. he sort created at least the reckless handling of the ball that created the fumble. along with by then the whole colts team chasing him. eat it and try flipping the field shit happens
  3. if cam doesnt start again, that could be considered expected, given his age and injury experience. i dont remember specifically but i will go out on a limb and say one of his injures affected his arm motion, cuz somewhere along the line hest lost it. or a hip. hes skipping balls ten yards in front of open receivers. something unfixable appears wrong with his throwing motion his running is threat enough to give him more space with pass defenders and he still makes enough of enough of those plays that he needs if he had more around him. 12 running tds is pretty boss, and that was for only 15 games. impressive 8 passing tds vs 10 ints. not impressive but put together, 20 tds 10 ints and one crucial awesome fumble you know if he keeps running like he does, there could be a run on qb injuries, and somebodys going to get desperate and see if he can keep doing it, while improving on his throwing. 'hes better than what we got so we gotta go for it and pray' kinda deals i dont think he can. he is what he was. barely acceptable. barely
  4. ironically, i think thats fair josh has no business putting the win at risk there. there was a trail of colts chasing him, he cant possibly think its safe to try to escape them all. he should have just tucked the ball and plopped to the ground
  5. his sustained criticism of josh vaulted his prominence almost immediately. objective accomplished if you want to be popular on the internet (and tv commentary) be a jerk
  6. hes married to a black woman, you know that doesnt automatically make him a SJW, but it could. depends on the politics of his partner. my black wife was apolitical and non-racist, she also thought a lot of black folks acted stupid, and didnt choose her friends based on race. but if his wife is one of those 'white people are guilty, blacks are victims' kind then yeah, thats probably where he got it from btw, i have seen him praise josh allen. i havent seen him admit he was wrong about him, but he has said very positive things about him. im sure he will be the first to criticize him if he has a poor game or tries another crazy thing in an upcoming game, but hes running out of cover when it comes to dismissing josh and he knows it
  7. heres a little test to see who has been paying attention to Football Wisdom© by Meathead what percentage of regularly starting running qbs eventually get a leg injury that permanently diminishes their running ability and are forced back into the pocket [final jeopardy sound] answer: 99.9% the only outlier is cam newton, and he aint going to be a regular starter for anybody anymore, so the percentage will go back to 100% its going to happen to jackson and he will have to prove that he can control a game from the pocket. we already know allen can do that, AND he can scramble and throw spectacularly to either side, AND he can rip off big running gains if he sees a hole open in the pocket, AND he can run draws and sweeps and off tackle runs effectively
  8. You would think by now that we would have realized that erasing history is a massively horrible idea I hate it when people compare the storming of the capitol to the defending of the Lincoln Memorial. In hindsight it seems logical to protect the capital in the same way that they protected the Lincoln Monument, but I think a few people in law enforcement that happened to be Trump sympathizers thought he would never actually send people down there to tear the place apart. Trump supporters will say well how was he supposed to know they would do that. Are you kidding me? He's got to know the kind of militia minded violent redneck kooks that are amongst his followers, he's been talking about fighting all the way for months, and he's got Rudy up there talking specifically about a violent overthrow or however he phrased it. Trump knew exactly what he was doing, it was disgusting But in the case of guarding the Lincoln Memorial, we already know full well that BLMs objective is to get retribution and to tear down and erase history. That's so mind-bogglingly stupid. If you want the Confederate statues taken down, fine. But let's use them for constructive purposes. Every state should have a park museum where they Assemble all of the Confederate memorabilia they can find and create open are presentations of that material, with plaques full of text describing how things came to that point and the mistakes that were made. Erasing history just ensures that it's going to happen again. And isn't that exactly what's happening with blacks writing the narrative that whites are automatically guilty and blacks are automatically victims? Comparing the two incidences is a complete non sequitur. It shows a remarkable ignorance towards what's currently going on
  9. no, you have to room with a group of somalian slave traders to maximally leverage your virtue signaling
  10. you and f8 will have plenty of time to smear my reputation as you travel overseas to dox jonathan pie
  11. i dont like to lock threads. i would prefer bad threads stay open so that if anybody wise happens to stroll in they may provide a perspective that is immensely useful thats one reason why i would prefer to just move them with open status. that, and to silently shame those posting that kind of puerile shit you could have just named it 'rep stalking' or something like that, you could have PM'ed bowman and just asked him to stop (worth a shot), or you could have done what i recommended and just put him on ignore for a while and he would have stopped by now. take the easy mostly likely effective way first, and escalate later if he doesnt relent i like much of what you post, but theres absolutely no doubt you have an anger problem that causes you to turn abusive too often. youre old enough to know better. ive known many people with anger problems that fixed it very well with standard psychotherapy. thats what you should do. tell your doctor you believe you have an anger management problem and have him recommend somebody. hes probably got a million he could have you try. its a very common problem
  12. its pretty clear he wasnt saying "normal" people, which includes everybody from every background in his definition, dont want to see LGBTQ+ references. hes saying they dont want to be bombarded with it but yeah, thats the only thing i can think of that i didnt agree with bc it doesnt bother me in the least to have a rainbow cup, or a black pride cup, or a white pride cup, or a whatever ethnicity pride cup. i think that would be a good thing. its when you are a) extremely SELECTIVE in what your reinforce, and b) when you LEAVE OUT certain groups bc sick minded americans think that group is automatically guilty. whats the chance you would EVER see a white pride cup within ten (probably more like twenty) years after they introduce a black pride cup and if they ever introduce a BLM cup, they can go fuck themselves. that would be promoting an extremist victimhood peddling destructive racist entity that is the direct opposite of what people who love black folks are trying to achieve
  13. in your first text you said you agreed with almost everything he said. i agreed with EVERYTHING he said is there something you didnt agree with?
  14. Right now f8 is organizing a mob to travel to the UK and cancel this guy
  15. I planned on doing this 20 years ago before I got sick. I probably would have been killed for it anyway.
  16. yeah right? i asked Lit to create a public Spam folder so that theres a more reasonable place to sent this shit it would also dissuade people from creating shit threads that are made just to abuse somebody, or other completely useless threads. i think mine and victors track record and personal reputations are strong enough to know we wouldn't abuse it. Lit seems to be leaving that up to us to take care of, and hes been behaving exceptionally well most of the time anyway
  17. it is rude to call out a poster negatively by putting their name in the title of the thread i was hoping that i didnt need to make it board policy, that people would just know that its rude and act accordingly but the next time it happens its going to fall under the same rules as poster stalking i really should move this shit thread to technical support. i wish we had a Spam folder bc thats where it belongs, so the only choice i have is to move pieces of shit to a folder named after me. ironic
  18. Why do you always seem to side with the guy? i suppose its bc he complains to me about it. i dont read all threads or posts anymore. i have too many of my own problems to do that. so i respond to stuff thats before me. if he asks me to get you to stop text stalking him (which you HAVE done before) then i tell him to show me a pattern of what hes claiming and i will do something about it. i dont just take his word. on the neg rep stalking, he asked me to talk to you about it so i did. im trying to avoid including neg repping in the stalking policy, but if he or anyone keeps complaining about it i guess i will have to. if youre not doing what he claims then im sorry for dragging you into it, but he believes you are. if you cant work it out between the two of you, i guess i will have to make it board policy and require you to show me a pattern so that i know its real before i take action when you guys get into perpetual arguing mode, doesnt it ever occur to you to just put them on ignore and move on with your posting? thats what i do and i love it. i try to be reasonably agreeable but sometimes i lose my cool and flame the fuck out of somebody who is annoying the hell out of me. that makes me realize that ive lost control, so i put them on ignore and work on getting back to being agreeable. once i feel settled again i consider taking them off ignore and trying to just let them be, dont respond to their posts, and if i do i certainly dont want to go back to getting worked up and angry and insulting Also, did you see the nasty thread he started calling me out and trashing me? no. i would prefer the board policy prohibit calling out specific posters in a negative way, but Lit doesnt seem to have any problem with it bc he does it on a fairly regular basis. at least he used to. idk what hes doing but hes behaving better and better as time goes on so i encourage him to keep doing that. but im pretty sure if somebody comes in here and riles him up he will be calling them out specifically by name in thread titles. i hope im wrong but thats how hes always handled that so it remains to be seen. hes given me authority to establish most of the boards policy, but i dont see how i could make it against the rules to call out specific posters when hes probably just going to do it the next time someone annoys him enough. in any event, show me the thread and i will ask Hip not to do that. and if Lit ever demonstrates that hes abandoned calling annoying posters out by name and needling them, then i will make it board policy to not call out posters in a negative manner
  19. that crap is why im worried about total dem control ive said it enough times that you know it already, but all i want out of the next two years is an entrenched health care system for all. priority 1, 2, and 3. but to get that we are also have to going to deal with the assholes from The Squad, the ballooning of the cancel culture, the social media companies being judge and jury for lifetime bans, and all other kinds of bullshit that comes whenever one party gets too much control
  20. no, i was probably a six or seven in terms of looks, assuming no bias against the red hair but i was raised to respect females so i wasnt just a pussy hound. i had a few dates, got to third base, but didnt actually fuck until early in my first year of college. i wanted my first full experience to have some meaning. thats how i was taught and im glad i did i just didnt try very hard to get dates in wilson because there were so many racists i wasnt interested in most of the girls. i was mostly just friends with girls, with a few dates and got a couple blow jobs along the way college was a different story. drunk girls are WAY more aggressive. and i lived in the frat house my first two years so my room was within staggering distance. never got more laid than that period
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