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  1. the moral problem arises when 'the rich' are able to increase their wealth without creating a single job - except maybe that of their broker who specializes in micro-transactions thus the rich are able to perpetually pad their wealth via tools unavailable to all but the very rich. paying a commission is all the work they have to do - and they share that broker theres a reason the income gap is the largest in american history - to the point of being immoral. its bc the haves can make millions per week by hiring a broker to trade fractions of pennies a thousand times a second
  2. like what do they see? you think of a cult of personality and he is it. some ppl can see right through him and the multiple dangers he represented his whole skeevy life. but another big chunk of people love the guy. what kind of black magic makes you love this "asshole in almost every way" sort of person?!? now hes making huge blunders thatve killed many tens of thousands and counting. youll be able to lip synch those commercials within days of them starting fortunately for us there appears to be a sense of accountability for that. and hes fucked. by himself.
  3. i think staying scarce is perfect right now don hangs himself pretty much every time he talks or tweets. just stand back and let him write your campaign commercials
  4. the dems will go after don once hes out of office because hes a true criminal and needs to be held accountable. the crimes were too serious to just let him off the hook as they threaten the core of our democracy im still not sure joe isnt going to blow it. america predominantly despises don, but joe seems to be fading like peyton manning his last season. he could win just for not being don, but hes a flawed candidate and that makes it a toss up thats ok. crimes dont expire and he will just be adding more in a second term, anyway
  5. they will only be relevant as spoilers. bill can still steal a game or two with defense not enough talent or money for the playoffs
  6. weve had this debate a bunch of times here. to cut to the chase: its been established scientifically that there is no difference overall between the parties and their members intelligence. but there are pockets of types of dems and reps that have varied brain power what i do find interesting is its been determined that classically liberal republicans are the brightest group, with the rank and file righties who are socially conservative and on the dumber side of the bell curve this might be why the liberal republicans are republicans - the brighter people stand higher odds of a high income, thus the classic voting for your pocketbook, and in the process they become republican. they just retain much of the centrist/progressive view because it is a superior social philosophy this leaves the dems with limited representation at the top of the intelligence curve, but a flatter graph than the double personality conservatives - youre either smart and moderate republican, or your dumb and digmatic. dems are less conflicted contrast wise but make up for it with many more kinds of people in their craziness
  7. thats not what youre paying for youre paying for the right to buy those seats to see that shitty team play in the desert
  8. wow considering what we know about communicability i think your stats are due for a spike this is exactly why i dont think there will be a football season. ppl are going to start non-complying, the disease will bloom among the unprotected, and they will pass it along to their associates
  9. white (i assume) and diggs i can see that i can also see 1-2 more after this coming season - hopefully allen and oliver
  10. im not an expert. i honestly dont know. everything ive seen is that when ppl congregate without masks it spreads super fast not surprising considering that two days ago i saw a report that a new study confirmed the virus can remain airborne for up to 14 hours (!?)! fourteen fucking hours, and you kidding me. sorry i dont have the link but if it was a reputable source somebody will post a link soon. im eating while i type and thats the maximum amount of things i can do at once
  11. a lot more people would die A LOT im sure someones going to find some crazy scientist that makes the case against that, but its true. youd be sacrificing tens if not hundreds of thousand more lives herd immunity isnt magic. you dont just smash a bunch of people together and poof! herd immunity you CREATE herd immunity via group resistance level, which includes the inoculated and the ppl that got the virus and lived sweden is an outlier that also happens to eat and stay in shape DRAMATICALLY better than americans, especially the eating part. their open approach worked due to better immune systems got them to herd immunity quicker. that wouldnt happen here you just lost a loved one and i know how tough that is. im sorry. im sorry to all those that have lost and will lose loved ones. its crazy to just sacrifice those people bc youve got cabin fever the smart move here is to remain safe and that mean limiting contact and thus exposure until we get the vaccine numbers right goodbye big picnics. goodbye square dance contests. goodbye hockey and baseball and probably at least half of football not to mention, we are sure to have a rebound. we are going too fast, you can see it coming, don wants his reelection so hes pushing it prematurely, but thats only going to cause a rebound. weve got AT LEAST 6 more months to herd immunity hate to break it to you like that
  12. hows your head injury? i ask that bc thats about the only way you couldnt know what a time-out is here youve been a member for a long time. you were here when other people were given time outs i just assumed it was a sarcastic question - and in fact i still think thats what it was right?
  13. well no shit sherlock what do you want us to do about that? i feel like im wasting my time talking with you about this right now. D&O was talking about leaving the board. if he does at least one on your fight card you ocan scratch. and if you want sj banned youre going to have to make a case to me including quotes with links that show a pattern of stalking despite you trying to avoid it. in fact you might have to make that case to lit bc idk but its possible he just decided to take that ability away from me far as i can tell, i cant ban people in any manner right now. perhaps this is his way of saying he wants to be the only one to ban. if thats the case, then im no longer in the moderating business. i will always encourage ppl to try to be productive vs destructive, but without athoritah you cant force non-compliers with time-outs. thus i would mentally abandon my role as moderator. then you guys could arrange all the fights you want if he still keeps me as a mod hostage, ill just confine my role to fixing typos. i would be the typo mod. i dont really care, it would be a relief not to have to babysit you retards and handle your stupid human tricks. but i would like to know whats going on. so lit, please just be straight with me. seems to me ive had to ask you for that more than i should have over the years
  14. What?!? No, that's definitely not the way it's supposed to work. Is it working like that for anybody else? If you continue to have that problem definitely report it to Lit Geez, it's bad enough that we have to see the quoted posts of people on ignore, that's not supposed to happen either. It would be great if lit fixed that too but he is understandably less interested in going out of his way to fix weird abnormalities since he decided to sell the site and any prospective buyer not already here would never notice But the ignore function not working simply because someone isn't signed in is ridiculously obvious as a bad error in the functioning of the board. Why bother having an ignore function if that's going to be the case
  15. It said on the mod panel he was given a time out. I have no idea why, Lit didn't tell me, but it's there. I assumed it was because of what we are talking about but IDK since I didn't ask and he didn't tell me. It's possible it was just a one day thing to try to send a message that the next one would be longer, but that's just a guess
  16. didnt it seem like we were well on our way to promoting normal body imagery there for a while? where people were paying attention to stopping the airbrushing and using average people in commercials instead of gorgeous models like that was the standard? we made some progress. then we just sort of dropped it too many other issues so body image issues get ignored, i guess im not blaming anime solely, but their tendency for girls to be portrayed half naked in sexual poses did come out of japan and certainly contributed to the backslide here. you cant not see it if you open the play store
  17. im not on nearly as much as i used to be and i dont read every thread like i used to fortunately there is also victor, who is around even less than me, and lit, who comes and goes this is a free speech board and you are expected to take care of things yourself. but when you start behaving in a way that damages the board or harasses someone then we will step in to try to change those behaviors when we see them i asked sj to leave you alone and he mostly did. apparently there was later stuff that i didnt see where he was essentially stalking you. he has now been given a time out by lit you and D&O have been going at it so hard that both of you could be considered stalking. and you do it in such an unnecessarily hostile and puerile way. people dont want to see that shit. its not entertaining. its a stupid macho pissing contest. and it drives people away so figure out a way to tone it down and not be arguing with each other every. fucking. thread. thats what the hell im talking about
  18. i know, but as woody pointed out, its getting more and more popular here the data is in. studies have clearly shown that having young people exposed to high volumes of perfect looking body imagery is damaging to their psychology. this damage remains with them and often literally ruins their life. they become obsessed with trying to meet the standard, they become jealous and paranoid in relationships, they have low self esteem and suffer depressive disorders it just seems massively hypocritical that in this age of #metoo, in this age where a man cant even tell a woman she looks nice, we ignore what is borderline softcore porn in products targeted to adolescents and teenagers when we know for sure its damaging to many of them
  19. just a reminder that following a member around the board to snipe insults at as many of their posts as you can is not tolerated have as lively debate, if you like. show the world what a dufus you are by taunting your opponent with baby talk insults. this is a free speech board where you are MOSTLY expected to fight your own battles and MOSTLY allowed to say anything you want mostly HipKat and Down & Out, you are both on notice. there will be no more warnings. the next time i see someone dogging someone all over the place, or worse making even a veiled threat (youve both been good since i last warned you - so far), you are getting a time out of course, this standard applies to everyone. its just obvious which two posters are the biggest problem right now and for heavens sake, get some anger management therapy. you both are way too quick to become enraged. thats a really bad thing and im sure it has negative consequences in your lives. there are professionals who've spent decades helping thousands of people overcome anger management problems. you could and should both add your names to that list
  20. Yeah but these are coming from the game store so there is no box. And there's no warning or rating associated with it when it's in the store, either
  21. i posted this comment in the sb, but since i cant post pics in the sb im putting it here cuz i want yall to see it: god, the anime girls featured on games in the game store are almost porno. and its all over the place. i dont have a problem with porn for adults, but the gaming environment is loaded with adolescents, preteens, and teens. what does it do to the overwhelming majority of not physically perfect girls? and what expectations does it program into the boys that is going to cause them problems later in their relationships? this used to be a movement to limit these kinds of perfection imagery around teen girls that are mostly average or worse, and naturally with flaws like almost all of the rest of us. who gave the waiver to game art? id have more to say but i have a monitor cleaning job to do, stat
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