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  1. good explanation don supporters should read up on this topic, if you can read, so that you dont get bamboozled again
  2. mypillow is a marketing scam, no different than a regular pillow - at an artificially inflated price thats a perfect trumpster for you
  3. its pretty sobering (ie. scary) how fucked in the head so many people are.
  4. people were saying his stumbling to get up was from getting his bell rung, which might be part of it. but he also put pressure directly on his toe, which is when his leg buckled. its quite possible that it was the toe more than the seemingly benign head tap those toe injuries take a long time to heal. if i had to pick which was worse for a qb a week out from a game id say the turf toe is way worse than a mild concussion. the toe is easily aggravated, he could be limping around all evening
  5. we failed when we elected a known charlatan flaming asshole narcissistic thieving dumbass, with big time assists from russia, BLM, and cheating hillary but thats enough for me. im done talking to you. youre another True Believer and i dont punch way down
  6. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! yes, we ALL failed the ones that shouted from the rooftops to remember what a crooked piece of shit don was - with LOTS of examples through decades the ones that pointed out how brazenly obvious it was that his "tax cuts" were going overwhelmingly to the rich who didnt need it, and that his "health care" plan was a disgusting piece of shit i wouldnt put russians on the ones that desperately tried to warn the True Believers that the shitbrain in chief was undermining democracy with his zero-evidence claims of election fraud the ones that tried to get the blind to see the danger that was brewing under the shitbrain in chief, throwing red meat to the right wing militia loonies about fighting and battling, ultimately sending out rudy to utter the phrase "trial by combat" so that the don could tell the frenzied crowd to walk down "this avenue" (that he knew lead to the capitol) and fight yeah WE failed. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! youre like the kid that steals money from your mom and since your baby sister was sitting there you say we both did it
  7. why trade up? you are almost as likely to get a starting caliber TE/RB in the third as in the 2nd. and you would have to give up other picks and/or a player(s) to do it. unless theres somebody you love that fell, that would not be a wise use of draft capital besides, TE and RB are two of the biggest gambles in drafting, after QBs and WRs. youre more likely to be throwing away capital than making your team better and you should never draft a RB before the third anyway. plus, theres nothing wrong with moss, its the plethora of tough defenses and mediocre run blocking that made the bills a below average running team top priorities are RG, LB, CB, TE. dont trade any picks and draft the best of those four positions when its your turn, or take BPA and work some more magic in free agency
  8. pardoning mobster felons to help pay his post term legal cost mountains everyone knew what don was his whole life. he was a guy that stole money out of the mouths of families that contracted to do work on his buildings just bc he could. he was an unapologetic vulture capitalist, tearing down viable businesses and throwing many thousands of people out of careers just so he could write off his next project. having people pay tens of thousands to get an education that wasnt worth fifty bucks. duping people to pay tens of thousands for golf courses they couldnt even use then threatening to sue them if they didnt pay up anyway. grabbed unfamiliar women and just kissed them on the mouth if they were lucky, grabbed them by the pussies if they werent he has and always will be the scum of the earth THATS what you True Believers voted for. the only ones that get a pass are those that were sick and tired of the ever more festering cult swamp and wanted someone from the outside hoping to shake things up. but those people abandoned him halfway through his term bc they realized he duped them. the True Believers are the wet brained ones that stick with him to this sickening day. they ARE real life cult members
  9. i just wonder if the NYC DA is going to wait until the 20th or 21st to file charges. the feds may file some old charges, but the new ones still need time to prepare
  10. i get absolutely get no satisfaction when this country fails i DO get satisfaction knowing that YOU know you fucked up big time supporting this life-long criminal flaming asshole charlatan. i certainly didnt make you do it, i tried to warn you all about it. YOU own that fuck up
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