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  1. holy cow. you covered like ten things in here. and i realize most people like brevity, but you one-lined some pretty complicated stuff i have to admit, i didnt understand the point you were making several times. other times i did how about you take these one at a time and address them with a little more detail for clarity? this is an important topic, we dont want any misunderstandings i like your last line. if we are going to kneel for police brutality thats fine, we should keep an eye on that. thats not what kaep was doing. he was following the BLM script and using it as a one-way weapon, without taking into any consideration the contribution blacks make to their own deaths, by each other and at the hands of cops whom black career criminals dream of killing
  2. it sure will be nice when we get to the day a noose is just a noose. that will mean we are over this one-way criticism, one-way accusations, and jumping to conclusionsions i also think its ridiculous when the media puts a noose found near a black persons stuff on page 1. what exactly is the sole motivation for some asshole putting a noose there? to get attention, of course. what are we doing when we put that noose on page 1, other than generating clicks, of course? we are giving the asshole attention ignore the fucking nooses. dont say a word about them i do think they should not be part of any professional sport. as innocent as that noose, and the others, may (or may not) be, its still a symbol we dont need in todays insanely racially charged times. what i saw in the pics was a full blown noose. theres no good reason why the standard as nascar cant be no nooses displayed. again, the goal should be that one day nooses dont phase any of us. but right now its simply a move to avoid giving provocateurs an excuse - and stopping our broken media from exploiting it
  3. its no wonder bad BLM wants to dissolve the nuclear family dont get married - get free money have some kids - get more free money and a place to live lots more whites abusing the system, but as a pcent of population this kind of manipulation of the system is much higher in blackness. THATS what they are trying to arrange to make the standard if you gave whites the opportunity to not work and collect checks they would do the exact same thing. and they do, in far greater numbers than blacks. the difference is it has become culturally acceptable if not encouraged to take the "white mans money". there isnt enough leadership, black father leadership, in these ghettos to install a self-respect from working culture that is large enough to overtake the violent assholes whose job it is to rob and hurt people i know for a fact theres lots of good blacks that dont support gangstahood. but they are so used to just supporting whatever blacks say is the standard that they dont have the internal fortitude to stand against it themselves. thats why we need prominent blacks to rise up and tell the truth, to get the others to follow. we will build momentum until the bullshit of the popular black belief system that blacks are automatic victims and whites are automatic oppressors gets flipped upside down and the blame put where it should be: on individual and groups of blacks that refuse to take responsibility for their own community social standards tons of good blacks out there, but a combination of fear and brainwashing has way too many standing on the sidelines doing nothing but marching to BLM's drum
  4. did you notice that Marcellus Wiley said that specifically is addressed in the BLM website and that they want to reject the nuclear family? so these insane people want the norm to be black men fucking anything with a hole, whatever children happen happen, with no fatherly figure in the home and no plan on how to pay for them BLM is an extremist and intellectually preposterous fringe organization that has the country by the throat right now. acquiesce at your own peril, your mayorships
  5. i dont see why. it definitely was a noose. if it was tied in 2002 it would still be a noose. there shouldnt be nooses in professional sports because they do represent something very offensive and a very sinful, dark time in our history. he may have not known there were several and thought somebody did it for him. but as i recall, he responded by saying he was not going to let it affect him and he was going to keep on smiling. perfect answer. removes all the power if it was a hate action, which apparently it wasnt, but he might not have been able to know that at the time. still, perfect response hes also saying the right things now. this can only be fixed by "love", which in this case, means to have the purity of mind that makes you immune to the hate of others mentally (they could still mob you and beat you to shit, though). i think hes doing a pretty good job articulating a positive, productive message. he needs to speak out against BLM to complete his responsible leadership
  6. i hate trump, but this is actually a good sign whitlock says this is a 'jump the shark' moment. what could be a bigger jump the shark moment than a BLACK mayor blaming the orange pig for HER failure of leadership? how can she blame whites for listening to her lies that its the police forces fault that blacks are slaughtering each other in shocking, appalling numbers for over three decades now? how can she have any credibility when instead of blaming blacks for killing MORE PEOPLE THAN ALL OTHER RACES COMBINED, she blames sins of whites that are FAR in the past and have nothing to do with young blacks packing illegal guns like they are a container of chapstick? trump doesnt have a flying fuck to do with niggas murdering each other in your town, YOU do. BLM does. you lie to them about cops being racist and hunting them down, you foment their rabid hatred against cops by saying nothing about featuring black deaths by cop on page 1 and white deaths by cop on page 9. then you give all the gangstaholics boners by talking about and in some cases acting upon defunding the police! you are feeding them bullshit excuses when you should be feeding them men in riot gear going in and cutting off their income from selling drugs (except weed), robbing people, and extorting businesses with intimidation you will NEVER get the majority of bangers out of that lifestyle by coddling them. they have NO INTEREST in getting trained for a real job. they want to carry a gun, sell crack, and get more blowjobs than they can handle by fucked up women who get off on fucking a "bad man". you cant possibly compete with that in most cases. maybe in the future the carrot/stick method will work, but right now your only tool that will work on the entrenched, thoroughly brainwashed bangers is the stick. ask the baltimore mayor. ask the baltimore police chief that got fired to ordering his troops to stand down, only to watch as niggas set their city ablaze, requiring the tanks to turn around and come back to the inner city get the killing situation under control first. teach profiling and use it. bring back stop and frisk. have the national guard stations at police stations to go help clean out entrenched gangs from their bunkers. attack the disease at its source standing for the black national anthem and kneeling for the "white" one. oh nigga please
  7. i noticed your thread after mine and i liked my title better more people need to see this. this needs to become a moment where prominent black voices speak the truth, and then enabling whites will understand better the wool thats been pulled over their eyes ... FINALLY. we need a critical mass of blacks speaking truth and gullible enabling whites to have an epiphany and reverse the preposterous momentum blacks with a control agenda are feeding them then the reconciliation can come, and we can shove bad BLM back to the lunatic fringe where they have belonged since their inception when that happens, like it or not, you will become woke, really woke, in a positive manner this time, not in the bullshit destructive manner the millemmingals and bad BLM are trying to force down your throat
  8. EVERYONE should read this and watch the video at the link Jason Whitlock: NFL showing a 'failure of leadership' on anthem, caving to pressure from Black Lives Matter "This goes against every value that the NFL has built itself on," he says Outkick.com contributor Jason Whitlock responded Monday to the NFL reportedly planning to play the Black national anthem before games, calling it a “lack of leadership” and a “failure of men to stand up and stand on the principles that they say they believe in.” “When I look at what the NFL is doing, this goes against every value that the NFL has built itself on. Professional sports have built themselves on the celebration of Americana, the ideas and values that best exemplify America,” Whitlock told “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” He said that professional sports built itself on unifying America. Furthermore, Whitlock raised a concern that NFL players will be standing for the Black national anthem, "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and then kneeling during "The Star-Spangled Banner." “The NFL will run off a nice fat chunk of its audience and will never be seen the same again because of the failure of leadership throughout the NFL,” Whitlock said. According to the ESPN report, the song will be played before “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Whitlock said that Black Lives Matter is a “Marxist political organization” that does not stand for “Black death nor Black men.” “It is a political move. It is a Communist political move. ... I’ve seen many of these guys, they claim they’re in Christianity and their religious beliefs, do they understand Black Lives Matter, Communism, Marxism, is anti-religious? This is a historic failure of men and leadership. This is cowardice at its highest level, this is the NFL jumping the shark and saying we quit being who we said we are. We’re now something else because our money is on the line and we don’t stand for the values we said we stood for.” The league and the NFL Players Association are also contemplating listing the names of victims on uniforms through decals on helmets or patches on jerseys, ESPN reported. The NFL also may produce educational programs about victims. They also have other plans that haven’t been identified. The league hopes it demonstrates “a genuine commitment to the public, players and coaches and that player voices continue to be heard,” according to ESPN’s source. https://www.foxnews.com/media/jason-whitlock-nfl-black-national-anthem the only thing you are going to demonstrate is total capitulation and surrender to a violent, extremist, separatist organization thats doesnt give a fuck about the lives of black men and is 100% doing this for their own power. this is complete pandering to the Drum Major Instinct (look it up) and its in full play here. these people are playing you, NFL add Jason Whitlock to the black voices getting louder challenging the lunacy of letting the extremist separatist BLM dictate the black agenda. we need blackness to continue to rise up against these extremists and push them back to the radical fringe where they belong join up with the whites waiting with arms open on the sidelines (no pun intended) to come up with a strategy to rip control of this topic away from the militant separatist assholes that just happen to be black and beat them back (socially) into submission. their objective is insane, they are radicals doing damage to the black cause, and are promoting separatism from our white brothers and sisters fire bad BLM, rename the group to All Lives Matter, and represent whenever a banger or an innocent gets killed. its gonna take a lot of people so dont hesitate getting your voice out there so we can turn this thing 180° and get it headed in the right direction
  9. EXACTLY how much talent is KC going to hemorrhage to be able to pay mahomes? will he be as effective without allpro level players all over the roster? these guys are SOOOO driven by ego. each guy just HAS to be paid the most. id love it if somebody, maybe allen, decides he can do just fine with less money and takes a deal thats team friendly and allows them to get a few more talented players for starting and/or good backup roles mahomes had a magical season. one trillion dollars say he doesnt match it this coming year. not even close
  10. thats the last thing they want. oh theyll go on a vacation to africa, but nobody in their right mind wants to go to that lawless place thats why its so galling that our elected representatives, mostly the libs, are actually bowing to their demands to defund the police. its like some crazy backasswards movie that would never happen in real life - yet here they are doing it! and its all based on a lie. the lie that blacks are nothing but victims. the lie that whites are naturally racist. the lie that blacks cant be racist. the lie that words like thug and All Lives Matter are somehow racist. i love black folks but im so disappointed there hasnt been more of an outcry from them against the militant separatist extremists that bad BLM is. there are some signs thats changing, i hope for gods sake it continues. if we let BLM dictate how we proceed socially from here we are going to have an epic disaster on our hands
  11. go to the BLM website and read their objectives/demands in their own words. they basically want to secede from the country, to be treated like the indians, only further. they want their own government, police force, etc. they want nothing to do with white people and to only be around black people why in holy hell are we accommodating these extremists? weve only taken baby steps, stupid baby steps, regarding changing the police force and we already have violent blacks taking full advantage. this scenario will happen over and over again, everywhere we try to defang the police. more hurt, more dead, more anarchy if liberals dont stop with this bullshit you might even get ME to consider another term for don. well, not really, but i might vote for a republican running against him as a protest vote. this is absolute lunacy the way they are going about it in many places now. yeah, good idea, defund the police over lies and misdirections, instead of banding together and going after the real remnants of racist still in our midst totally fucking retarded. thats how we are addressing this. nice job, libs. why dont you just endorse the orange pig and get it over with?
  12. massive problem our media has blacks thinking they are doing something in support of civil rights to physically resist the officers. thats a good way to make yourself dead but yeah, great idea, lets defund the police and let the violent psychopaths have free reign. what could possibly go wrong? gotta be a nightmare. this can be happening. somebody wake me out of this fucked up dream
  13. cops kill twice as many whites as blacks, and when you factor in the inconceivable level of violence committed by blacks the 2:1 disparity as a percentage of population disappears whites on average generally comply with lawful commands. blacks generally give the cops are hard time and try and kill the officers because its their fantasy dream. who is more fucked up in this scenario?
  14. LIBills, say how you predicted mahomes would be great just one more time. its been like two posts but it feels like forever
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