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  1. my understanding is that somebody in her heritage made a baby with a native indian, though it was a long time ago so she has only a miniscule claim. but no matter how miniscule, that does mean she has indian blood in our current social definition of that qualification - unless its white then its ok to ignore it so yeah, she believes it bc its true. she got in trouble bc she pushed it too hard for having such a tiny amount, which i understand hell, i claim part ownership of blackness even though i have zero black blood. but thats based on my decades of civil right activism and involvement in the black community. my link is logical and agape based, so i dont need to defend it. im damn sure some ppl wont agree, but in my mind those ppl havent made a convincing case so i just consider them misguided
  2. I agree that the separate-but-equal idea doesn't fly anymore I also agree that a lot of the people that say they just prefer to be with their own kind are actually racist That still doesn't mean that there aren't millions of people that would prefer to associate with their own race that do not cross over the line into racism. I think it's being stupid, but being stupid is not the same as being racist. There is no magic promotion that you automatically give people that say they would rather associate with their own kind. Well, not unless you buy into our currently completely fubared definition of racism that just sweeps every tiny morsel that has even the remotest chance of possibly being racist as automatically full blown racist We need to be much, much better with our discernment on this matter. And forgive me, but I'm afraid your discernment is lacking. Don't worry, there's many millions more like you. But over time, probably around a decade from now, you will finally understand what I'm talking about. The way we currently process social racial issues is broken. That's why I say it's going to take at least 10 years for the wisdom to evolve to a point where most people see it
  3. You made a few good points in there, but generally you're still operating like a racism RoboCop. The fact that you posted a link to that list kind of slam dunks that reality I have debunked literally every single thing contained in that link. All the examples are either easily debunked by logic, examples of biased thinking that are just thrown on the pile for convenience, or happened so long ago that they are not relevant to what Trump is today. People who use those examples as racism are stretching the definition so far beyond what it's supposed to be that everything a white person does related to non-whites would be considered racism. That means our working definition of racism is completely broken, which it definitely is The most tragic thing is that you don't even realize that you are perpetuating racial disharmony. It's amazing to me that in your mind you think you're doing a good thing. On one hand I think it's great that you're trying to do a good thing, but the reality is you are not. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. That's what that means. And it hurts me to say but really people that think the way you do right now are more a part of the problem then they are part of the solution. And I apologize for having to say that because I'm sure you don't agree and it might hurt your feelings a little. But that's the way I see it.
  4. Yeah, that's why I don't get CBs comment. It's not hearsay when you're talkin about people that directly heard with their own ears what was being talked about It seems pretty cut-and-dried to me. We've got multiple people that distinctly heard for themselves that there was a quid pro quo being discussed. And it was about investigating political rivals. In a foreign country. And definitely a bribe. And that my friends is by definition a felony, or in our case a high crime that directly threatens our democracy. It's astonishing to me any one sees it any other way The Supreme Court will eventually rule on whether those people shitpile is Sheltering will have to testify. That should push it over the edge pretty clearly, especially Bolton
  5. see? you just can't stop yourself. You are a racism call out addict. I call it being a racism RoboCop, you keep constantly scanning for any potential racism and then when you see anything that even remotely resembles racism you are judge and jury on what that person's intentions were and you immediately start shooting I've talked to thousands of people about this and I'm telling you, there definitely is a segment of people that bear no ill-will towards other races, yet they would prefer just to stay within their own race as much as possible. Again, I think it's stupid and short-sighted. But stupid and short-sighted does not equal racism just because the topic is about race and the people are white In fact, way more black people as a percentage of their population are separatists than are white people. As bizarre as it sounds, that was actually in BLMs first Manifesto, that they wanted to just be left alone and they would form their own police forces to monitor and protect themselves. Oh yeah, that's a great freaking idea. Shirley nothing would go wrong with that. Kind of shows you how stupid people are on this topic that they would even propose that. But we have that kind of stupidity in all the races. Blacks are just more disoriented right now because they mostly no longer have "the struggle" and are having trouble coming up with a new identity without it
  6. first, she comes across as a big mouthed shrill bitch. for a woman of her age and maturity she should have learned to project that matriarch wisdom that calms everybody down and makes them like her. instead, she engenders the opposite, and thats going to push voters to whomever gets nominated on the other side second, she promises the world yet has no clear plan to pay except soak the rich and corporations. soaking the rich is fine, the income gap is immoral and disgusting and desperately needs to be addressed, especially after the robber baron in chief has literally given billions to ppl that dont even need it. but soaking corporations means soaking the middle and lower class, so really its a lie and she knows it. she will be taking money out of the pockets of ppl who need it. socialism is and always will be part of america, but i dont think voters in the critical middle are comfortable making the big leap into socialism she or bernie is promoting. incremental steps over decades is the only way that would work. ironically, it might work for her campaign bc ppl are generally stupid and would take piles of garbage home if you put it in a nice bag. but the shrill bitch is going to haunt her the whole campaign personally, im not too bothered by her indian claim. our stupid culture still lives by the preposterous and offensive 'one drop' rule, and that applies to indians as well. blacks do it all the time, they did it with obama, they even reverse did it with george zimmerman. so if we are going to be stupid enough with live with a ridiculous standard like that. then her 1/64th indian background still counts. yes, its bizarre, but its always bizarre to me no matter what the percentage
  7. they just prefer being with their 'own kind' its a clanship thing, and in their mind their ethnicity is their chosen clan i know, its a weird phenomenon. i am the polar opposite so i dont really understand why they want to limit themselves like that, but they do. i suppose it might just be an easy way to feel like youre part of a group. seems like a weak rationale to me but ive seen in a lot of times
  8. the bottom of our roster still is a little weak. thats why our special teams arent very good the fish's ko return td was executed perfectly. i honestly think thats more a product of luck than being good. it could have been us making that return, but our dice rolls just havent been very good on that this year
  9. lol. c'mon, lit. thats not what he was saying josh seems to like the no huddle, especially when they clear the backfield. it gives him time to watch the defenders the whole time they are transitioning from the last play to the next one, giving more clues to the coverage. the same guys stay in the game so they can get into a groove against the same defenders thats what i heard
  10. im calling it now. well, actually i called it before, but i will call it again ... as shitaters support evaporates, more and more senate republicans will indicate a willingness to convict. the shitifier will see the handwriting on the wall and resign before the vote fucking glorious is what its going to be. america's systems working like they should. the checks and balances put in place to boot a corrupt charlatan man-child asshole then hopefully we can elect a moderate who will unite and heal the country from the three and a half years of shithole hell weve suffered through. i just have no idea who that will be. the gay guy is surging, maybe he will be the surprise savior. or maybe bloomberg, though he is a little divisive. or we could get a surprise moderate republican since both houses are likely to go democrat and the critical moderate voters know its better to have a divided gubmint. lots of possibilities once shitstain is bounced and i certainly will savior the sweet, sweet nectar of kharma kissing that dickhead right in the ass
  11. more ... Perhaps hoping for relief from his domestic woes, that afternoon Trump hosted Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan, whose genocide of Kurds in Syria continues. The fact Trump met with Erdogan in the White House as he violates the human rights of Kurds can only be seen as a desperate attempt to divert coverage of the impeachment hearings. Not only did the meeting fail to dominate the news cycle, Erdogan also used it to mock Trump. First, Erdogan unceremoniously returned the “don’t be a fool” letter Trump had sent in an effort to deny, after the fact, that he provided a green light for Turkey’s moves against the Kurds. Then he showed an anti-Kurd propaganda video to senators attending the White House meeting. Still, Trump proclaimed himself to be a “big fan” of Erdogan. Despite that attempt at distracting the nation, testimony in the impeachment inquiry continued on Friday and Saturday. And still the week got worse. Saturday night Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, won re-election, despite three recent visits to the state by Trump in support of the Republican candidate. Edwards was the second Democrat to win a gubernatorial race in a red Southern state in less than two weeks. As more witnesses testify amid Trump’s diminished political clout, Republican senators who will ultimately decide his fate – and their own – should start to see that standing with him comes at a price. After blindly supporting Trump for almost three years, the cost to the country and their political careers may be starting to outweigh any benefits. It will grow easier to oppose the president as polls show increased support for impeachment and if his candidates keep getting trounced at the polls. All that, and next week will be even worse. Eight more witnesses are scheduled to testify in the impeachment inquiry, including Ambassador Sondland on Wednesday morning. This could be pivotal. the hills are alive with the sound of shit kicking music ...
  12. more ... But, it was Taylor’s testimony last Wednesday that may prove most damaging to Trump. Taylor revealed that a member of his staff, David Holmes, overheard a telephone conversation between Trump and Ambassador Gordon Sondland about Ukraine pursuing investigations. According to reports of Holmes’ closed-door testimony, Holmes confirmed that Sondland told the president that Zelensky would pursue investigations. Others have testified that Sondland made it clear there was a link to military aid and an investigation into the Bidens. It was reported that Holmes also said Sondland made clear that he was acting upon the instructions of Trump. Holmes’ testimony contradicts Sondland’s previous congressional testimony about this matter. Sondland has already amended his previous congressional testimony, saying other witnesses had “refreshed my recollection.” As one of the few witnesses in the inquiry with access to the president, Sondland’s revised testimony could be damning.
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