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  1. a lot of people let out their lifes frustrations through sports so to answer your question, for a lot of people nothing would ever be enough. if their team wins the title, in about two weeks they will be back bitching about something
  2. it can be your opinion that the world is flat. that makes you a dumbass you can believe that homosexuality is a sin against god. thats makes you a religious psychotic bigot see how that works? human understanding evolves to a point where 'your opinion' is clearly demonstrated to be 'your horseshit'
  3. social standards evolve to a point where you no longer get to hide behind the excuse 'its just my opinion' if a burger joint opens up and makes it known they believe interracial marriage is a sin against god, do they get to have that as 'just their opinion"? chick-fil-a will be out of business in ten years bc societal standards will evolve beyond 'its just their bigoted opinion"
  4. it IS about christians and their irrational belief that an all-powerful god would give a fuck about who people masterbate with why in the world would an omnipotent being give two shits about that kind of minutiae? oh yeah, because the bible is the literal word of god, right? so then why arent christians stoning people to death in the middle of the town for adultery? i guess we get to pick and choose what is the word of god and what isnt ritual and superstition. not to mention brain washing and bigotry. theres a ton of good in christianity, but too many christians are fucked in the head. the fact that most of them support trump is mind blowingly hypocritical and thoroughly shameful
  5. did we get all the decades old posts from the range, or was there a limit?. theres a lot of good stuff in there it would be a shame to lose and where is Sack's thread where I told him he needed to provide a link? I've given him enough time, if theres no link that post is getting deleted. i just cant find the post which reminds me: is there a 'find all threads started by' a poster? i cant find it if there is. and if there isnt there should be
  6. finally found it. its way over to the right. took me a couple days cuz i didnt want to ask again lol
  7. i tried finding the hoss icon on bing but i cant find their size filter anymore. its like they took the ability to sort by size away. they used to have an icon setting but it appears to be gone google has some hoss icons, but you'll have to go directly to the web page its on and hope you can copy it from wherever it is theres gotta be one somewhere. after all, its just basically a smiley. did we do that one custom for the old range? if so we could do it again
  8. no any win in the nfl is a good win the offense will continue to improve slowly as the season progresses. but they are still one cycle away from building an above average line, and lack a top end wr not to mention allen was always going to be a project, you can see hes making decent to good strides, but hes another year away from the light really going on
  9. five g beans?!? wtf?? thats gonna be a kick in the balls when fitzy leads them to a garbage score with a minute left to beat the spread. you know how conservative opie gets with the lead
  10. this is a small thing but it sorta bugs me ive always felt there should be a delay between when you submit a post and when it will be flagged if you edited it. idk what it was in the last version, but it seemed to be at least 60 seconds. whatever it was, it seemed like the right amount posters should have an opportunity to correct typos or rewrite small sections to clarify their thoughts. sometimes you dont state things as well the first time through and its nice to be able to edit/correct them without an indicator that says youve edited it jmo
  11. Hell yeah it's a trap game. It's a huge fucking Trap game. This is the NFL. Literally every player on the roster is a good player. Doesn't matter what management wants, every player on that roster wants to win. They would like nothing better than to throw a monkey wrench into the Bills hot start. They will be practicing hard and should come out intensely focused. The fact that Fitz is starting just makes it all the much more sticky. We all know he can get hot and take over a game. He can also go full-on suck, but that's not what we are worried about right now The fish are going to start this game out fired up. The bills have to try to find a way to match that. If they don't, the fish confidence will build and you might give them a reason to think they have a chance, making them all the more committed to pulling the big upset So you bet your black ass this is a trap game
  12. Oh, so there's just one button now instead of two, one for editing the title and another for editing the post. I was pretty tired last night, I should have been able to figure that out myself. But thanks for the explanation anyway
  13. Thanks for the quick fix / info I think I'm just going to make this my all the Meathead suggestions - which ties into my next suggestion: As a mod, I haven't been able to figure out how to edit other people's thread titles. Heck, I haven't even figured out how to edit my own, but I haven't really tried
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