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  1. hes letting his left foot shoot out left when he throws again. hes supposed to step directly at the spot he picks. that left foot thing will cause inaccuracy forever until he goes back to the correct way, which he did all last season. i cant believe he didnt fix that after game 1. if he doesnt fix it, expect no higher than low to mid 60's compl%, which is barely good enough for a regular starter shrink
  2. josh was average today, which is an improvement from the sucked worse than his below average stats the week before i just think its a mental issue with him. hes the highest paid player and until somebody comes around to overtake him there, josh has an expectation problem. hes got the weight of the nfl on him. its fucking with his head, whether he realizes it or not fortunately i think he'll work it out and return to the magic josh we saw last year. hes got the skills, he just needs to go back to what worked for him. i just dont know how long it will take. i think hes relying too much on his arm alone, which hurts accuracy. i think hes reverted some on that great mechanics that got him to the pinnacle last year. he just needs to calm down, have fun, and stop trying so hard to be the best. take the short stuff if thats all theyre giving you. you only need three or more yards on first down to greatly increase your chances of getting the next first down. so dink and dunk them to death, if necessary. defenses inevitably miss guys, wait for your chance to launch long ones. a few beauty josh runs to get firsts and screw with the opposing defense. its a formula that worked last year the defense gave josh some excellent drive starts. the bills dominated miamis offense, helped by miami drops and penalties. but they still didnt look sharp much of the time. fortunately the defense was very good. probably not shut out good but got lots of pressure and lots of big plays i cant figure out why the miami line couldnt adjust to a db or lb lining up next to the other four rushers. it seemed every few plays they left the fifth defender on the end of the line come in unblocked way too many times and never fixed it. the pressure they got with four was bad enough, then you leave a guy unblocked a bunch of times over the whole game? something smells in miami's offensive blocking adjustments. josh gets a C today. which is good enough because the defense and running game (including josh's runs) were an A and an A-. both rbs with really impressive runs for tds, but PLS stop fumbling singletary and moss ... geez. they need to do that thing where the coach makes them carry footballs all day long, from the moment they enter to the gate to the time they leave. and all day everybody takes shots at the ball the best they can to make him fumble. its probably a little humiliating but it works. i hope they do that cuz rb (and qb) fumbling has been a serious problem so far josh just has too much on his shoulders. elway went through that. josh has just got to learn to handle the expectations and getting back to last years formula. call that palmer guy hes working with go over the pocket and mechanics lessons. work on them in practice, get them back, if they can or maybe a shrink. a sports psychologist. dont they have one on staff already? idk but find one they could really stack some wins if they could get last years josh - with some improvements. havent seen it yet but i think its coming. i just hope its soon enough to be ready and beat some really strong teams coming up.
  3. Sorry, I don't credit their defense. Yes they are good but that's not why the Bills lost They lost for the exact reason that Josh told us, he wasn't taking what the defense was giving them. He overlooked the underneath routes and tried to play Hero ball and go for the longer spashy touchdowns It's clear as day: he allowed himself to get brainwashed by all the preseason hype, all the people that said he was a lock for the MVP, the massive contract that made him the highest-paid player ever. It fucked with his head big time. He tried to go out there and look like the very best quarterback that ever played in the league, instead of being one of the smartest quarterbacks that ever played in the league I told you before, Josh Allen can't handle situations he hasn't been in before, whatever that difference is. This time it was being the way over hyped favorite to make the Super Bowl, with Josh leading the way as mvp, making more bread than anybody else in the league. He's still a young guy and even though he was saying the right things it's blatantly super Crystal Clear obvious that he allowed his brain to get washed from all the accolades that he hadn't earned yet It was like some huge muscly dude with all kinds of skull tattoos bitch slapping him in the face over and over again, but Josh just kept saying no I'm Josh Allen, I can hit that dude running between three Defenders way down field and ignore Cole Beasley wide open for an easy 8 yards. And then when he did try to throw intermediate passes, he reverted to Josh the heroes all-arm throwing motion, too. If he had played like he did last year, they would have had a touchdown and 3 to 4 chunk plays of at least 15 or many more yards. That could have easily changed the trajectory of that whole game But he didn't cuz it never happened. Nice throw to Gabe for the touchdown but we don't know if that was just one of his total arm throws that just happened to end up right on target, cuz the rest of the game he certainly didn't seem to be exhibiting the mechanics that he did last year I hope it hurts him real bad to think about it this week. I hope it haunts him enough to drive him to remember what got him success last year and go back to that. Dink and dunk if that's what they are giving you, and wait for somebody to Break Free on a broken coverage. Set your feet and throw with your hips leading the way, just like last year
  4. josh forgot what got him to what he was last year he reverted to 'hero josh', he wasnt taking what the defense gave him, he was going for the highlight reel plays he literally lost his mind from last year i hope the spanking they took, courtesy mainly of josh, will jolt him back to last years programming
  5. yeah i know. every qb does its just the timing and the hyper-hyping and them, looking like they werent ready, and then turned into confused zombies. . except most of the defense, which was pretty good except when it had to be in the fourth. by then the whole bills team looked like somebody pulled the network plug bc the bills teamwork was mostly weak the team just looked UNPREPARED. Josh missing wide open guys that easily could have changed the game had they been completed. the steelers d was good last year, too. but those bills ripped those steelers a new one. that all feels so empty, now
  6. it was a complete team stinker. but josh was the biggest factor in our losing if he hits two of the four horrendous misses i counted today, we probably extend our lead by at least one if not two tds and pit is in a bigger pit at halftime. that increases the bills cushion and ups their likely win pcent every qb misses guys. but these were all big play potential throws, to open guys that should be closer to automatic than missing them every which way. im no even counting the 3 or so long balls, all exactly 2.5 yds too long (hint, hint) if it wasnt going to make me sick id rewatch the game and give names and times. but i think i would throw up watching that game again, and my vomit isnt going to help anything
  7. josh has shown the strong correlation of something being his first time, something he hasnt dealt with before, and him freezing up, jittering up, clenching up, whatever. having a bad, fugly game is what to call it. this time is was having your balls about as virtually gag-sucked in the lead up to this season the good news is that he responded super well to his first crisis (sub-'18'19) in a spectacularly positive manner, almost all season last year. honestly unprecedented in some important ways. in no way short of amazing unfortunately its only one season. they wipe the slate clean and now we start 0-1, with mai-WAS-hou-kc-ten as the next five. 2-2-1? and allen blew for this seasons first real one. against an assumed top seed rival. obviously, an anomaly. right? right?! the salient question now, obviously, is can he lead them back to high seed contention and another long playoff run? of course he could, but helltf if i know if he will. dont ask me after just today cuz he BLEW. whole damn team, except most of the defense. gonna need to see a whole other josh to give me hope, last years instead of the rookie even if they only went 3-2 in the next 5, especially they beat mia & ten, theyd be in decent to good position for a playoff push. unless they beat kc later in the season they are likely not the top seed, so they will have to win at least one road playoff game if they are to win the bowl this season (does it feel like it now?). still have a chance to string a bunch together at any time, just cant suck and commit penalties at disastrous times. or turn the ball over. pathetic start. except parts of the defense a five win steak after this wouldn't shock me, either. well, kc would. but the bills are a team that could rip off of bunch of their own, or just as easily stick to wwwl, which could still work. none of that gonna happen with josh playing like a long retro version of himself, though this team has also shown it can win away games. im not too worried about that im worried about HIM. first time largest paid nfl player ever. first time national tv advertisements. first time opponent crowd noise. first time ever entering the season with the media saturating josh as the mvp and sb winner should I be worried about HIM? he cant really pull a fitz, can he? where did todays rookie-looking accuracy issues suddenly come from? i dont know whether to trust him or go seandelevan on his ass. YOU SUCK, JOSH. GAME OVER, MAN! GAME OVER! it would be great if they sort of mind melded and ripped of an 11 game winning streak or something josh awesome like that. like he goes back to practice and he spends all this extra time rebuilding his mechanics from last year, and it works. he finds his magic groove that we all saw. and wins the next ten or more. and then we all live happily ever after ill still take 3-2, if i have to. but they'd need to be mostly stacking wins in the last ten if they want to be in the hunt for one of the higher seeds, and thats gonna be tough at 3-3. so 4-1 would be better, especially if it could be mia-WAS-kc-ten. itd take one or even two losses against lower teams if it meant head-to-head against the strong ones youll be tie-breaking for the playoffs probably need to win at least 11 total to be in good shape to make the playoffs. and at least 13 including beating kc in kc, to have a shot at home field. thats how killer todays loss was. now they can probably only lose 2-3 more to have a shot at the bye. kc becomes almost a playoff game, and thats only if we havent lost more than four by then. killer bad day to regress, josh. sheesh
  8. i think the core reason why josh and much of the rest of the team sucked today was because despite opie and the vets telling them a hundred times a day we aint won nuthin yet, the non-stop coverage of the bills the last few weeks as if its impossible they wont make the sb with josh as mvp fucked with their heads the margin for winning and sustained success at this level is so tiny that if you arent hungry and desperate when you stop on the field, youre probably going to lose. this wasnt the jags they were playing, this was the team that went, what, 10-0 to start last year. but you couldnt watch tv, pick up a mag, or read a newpaper/web article about sports without seeing pictures of josh and digs. it felt like half of all nfl stories told the last week were how the bills were sb favs and josh was mvp fav despite opie and the bean and the vets that had been there telling them they better not take pitts lightly, i think they did. i think all the attention seeped into their ear like a burrowing insect and sucked out that part of their brain that made them remember how hard they had to work and how laser focused they had to be they didnt forget how to play and win football games. they forgot all the sacrifice it took to get there. i hope that pain burns in their heart when they are up at 4am tomorrow trying to figure out how they could look like such a steaming pile of shit against an over the hill qb and an oline started 2 rookies and 2 FA's they had that game in the bag if they just didnt keep shooting themselves in the dick
  9. idk what game you were watching but if we are talking specific players or coaches, the main reason they lost is bc josh allen sucked today there were at least four occasions the bills were driving and needed a first down to keep it going, a receiver has broken free and was wide open by nfl standards, and josh just flat out missed him. standard nfl throw executed properly by most qbs including backups ... and josh just missed them. its like somebody took a screwdriver and made a one-quarter turn on his aiming sight throw in the indecision, the fumbles, and not adjusting to scramble quicker when jailbreaks occurred, and it was like watcing josh 2018 all over again they had multiple drives where each td would put pitts in a bigger hole, and allen was the one fucking them up i wish i could talk to him in private. id ask him, you know all that stuff you did with feet alignment, getting your hips in front of your arm, making your body a coil, remember all that? did you review and work on ANY of that all summer? bc it looked like you forget every fucking thing that made you runner up mvp last year. you looked like a rookie and man was it ugly. wtf, dude granted, all the penalties at crucial times and the blocked punt didnt help. but if we just had average josh from last year, the blocked punt wouldnt have even mattered
  10. yeah i just felt like it. too much tension building. this could be my last opener. maybe not but if it is id like a crushing by the bills. id like that either way, come to think of it i think i see it coming. bensburghs offense esp oline is going to struggle to gel so quickly. bens clearly declining, though hes still dangerous. when he was hot last year he was able to keep coming to the right guy on short to intermediate passes. if youre good enough on those, you dont even need the long ball cough marcia cough meanwhile the bills kept hundreds of defensive linemen. the nine that play will overwhelm them, i think lots of chasing ben around as he tries to regain 2011 mobility. he wont so you never answered the "Forum owner" question
  11. all i want is that you be as good as the goat no pressure
  12. what is a "forum owner"? never heard that term before if you mean site owner then congratulations to both you and Victor, because I assume thats what you both want but please, dont add me as a mod until i see how Victor plans to run the place. he was talking about getting rid of politics, which i disagree with. there could be other things. nothing against Victor but ive never seen him run something. you never know how a person will react when put in charge. this is not a knock on Vic, just something I've observed in my lifetime about the volatility of human nature. i want to know what im getting into before being handed responsibility. if Victor and i become comfortable with the idea, he can do it later
  13. exactly what i just said in another forum. something like Bills 31-17 btw - youre the only mod now, vic. you should be around more often to try to keep the flamers in check if you want to save the board. id advise trying to keep politics out of the sb, but unless let backs you on that youre going to have to be on a continuous loop with that. good luck, bro
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