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  1. Josh Allen's poise in not making bad decisions for Bills continues to grow Jim Kubiak has been analyzing the play of the Buffalo Bills quarterbacks for BNBlitz.com. He is the all-time leading passer at Navy, has played in the NFL, NFL Europe and the Arena Football League, and has been a coach and executive in the AFL. He spent eight years as the radio analyst for the University at Buffalo and runs the Western New York Quarterback Academy to help develop the next generation of quarterbacks. Josh Allen completed 16 of 26 passes for 202 yards, and threw two second-half touchdowns to lift the Buffalo Bills over the Miami Dolphins, 31-21, in a game that was too close for comfort for three quarters. Allen’s quarterback performance grade was a season-high 94.5% in our "Do Your Job" evaluation as he played the best football of his career in the second half. Allen took another developmental step forward Sunday. He was calm and decisive, making solid decisions and careful, accurate throws. It would have been easy for an immature quarterback to begin to press as the Bills headed into the fourth quarter trailing the Dolphins 14-9. Allen could have thrown the ball up into the middle of the field when he was being sacked, but he didn’t. He could have forced the football down the field and into coverage, but instead threw it away on a crucial third-and-10, which resulted in a successful field goal. Allen had his best, most consistent, most attentive and most mature moments as a Bill in the second half. His mind, his arm and his legs were utilized to perfection as his only incompletion of the half came on a 65-yard bomb down the middle of the field that was well overthrown. https://buffalonews.com/2019/10/21/buffalo-bills-miami-dolphins-josh-allen-jim-kubiak/
  2. i say thanks to the jets who would have liked ALL the time run off the clock
  3. imo, you should be able to edit posts indefinitely there should be a ten minute delay until a message appears saying the post has been edited explain to me what harm comes from indefinite editing versus the benefits
  4. rebuttal: tyrod was already in the league five years before coming to bflo so youre comparing a five year veteran to a 18 game or w/e second year player that everyone knew would be a project apples to anal fissures
  5. its a team where the defense is complete but the offense isnt the offense still is missing a real wr opposite brown and at least one side of the line being above average they are built to win low scoring games. and they have a qb with a knack for the comeback other than being a year away from finishing the rebuild, seems fine to me
  6. a lot of people let out their lifes frustrations through sports so to answer your question, for a lot of people nothing would ever be enough. if their team wins the title, in about two weeks they will be back bitching about something
  7. it can be your opinion that the world is flat. that makes you a dumbass you can believe that homosexuality is a sin against god. thats makes you a religious psychotic bigot see how that works? human understanding evolves to a point where 'your opinion' is clearly demonstrated to be 'your horseshit'
  8. social standards evolve to a point where you no longer get to hide behind the excuse 'its just my opinion' if a burger joint opens up and makes it known they believe interracial marriage is a sin against god, do they get to have that as 'just their opinion"? chick-fil-a will be out of business in ten years bc societal standards will evolve beyond 'its just their bigoted opinion"
  9. it IS about christians and their irrational belief that an all-powerful god would give a fuck about who people masterbate with why in the world would an omnipotent being give two shits about that kind of minutiae? oh yeah, because the bible is the literal word of god, right? so then why arent christians stoning people to death in the middle of the town for adultery? i guess we get to pick and choose what is the word of god and what isnt ritual and superstition. not to mention brain washing and bigotry. theres a ton of good in christianity, but too many christians are fucked in the head. the fact that most of them support trump is mind blowingly hypocritical and thoroughly shameful
  10. did we get all the decades old posts from the range, or was there a limit?. theres a lot of good stuff in there it would be a shame to lose and where is Sack's thread where I told him he needed to provide a link? I've given him enough time, if theres no link that post is getting deleted. i just cant find the post which reminds me: is there a 'find all threads started by' a poster? i cant find it if there is. and if there isnt there should be
  11. finally found it. its way over to the right. took me a couple days cuz i didnt want to ask again lol
  12. i tried finding the hoss icon on bing but i cant find their size filter anymore. its like they took the ability to sort by size away. they used to have an icon setting but it appears to be gone google has some hoss icons, but you'll have to go directly to the web page its on and hope you can copy it from wherever it is theres gotta be one somewhere. after all, its just basically a smiley. did we do that one custom for the old range? if so we could do it again
  13. no any win in the nfl is a good win the offense will continue to improve slowly as the season progresses. but they are still one cycle away from building an above average line, and lack a top end wr not to mention allen was always going to be a project, you can see hes making decent to good strides, but hes another year away from the light really going on
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