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  1. or it could be that i guessed right that Lit is jungle and hes lost some interest maintaining the character as a result
  2. i feel bad i was criticizing him pretty heavily and i meant to use my term neo-racist describing him, which he should know by now what it means since ive explained it ad nauseum, but instead i just typed racist. it took me about ten minutes before i noticed and corrected the error. but i know how infuriating and hurtful it is to call someone racist, which is why i avoid it and use the neo designation to demonstrate the simultaneous difference and ultimate sameness of the two types. i might have offended him pretty badly but i honestly didnt mean to the one big difference between racism and neo-racism is that neo-racists generally mean well. they think they are doing something good, even though they mostly are fighting phantom racism. and then theres that 'the road to good intentions' thing. regular racists are assholes that rarely mean well, if at all, with their bias
  3. well not apologizing for supporting don isnt exactly not capitulating to the left. lots of companies in that category not apologizing for giving a legitimate criticism of BLM would be not capitulating to the left
  4. The media crossed the Rubicon a long time ago It started with Fox News during the junior years when they realized they could package commentary and make it look like news. That way they could throw raw political meat to their conservative base while also drawing in other parts of the political population due to the salaciousness of the fake news It didn't take long for MSNBC to realize they would make a lot more money if they did the same thing. So in the middle of Juniors second term they started making the transformation, hiring people like Lawrence O'Donnell and Al Sharpton and Big Al what's his name, all who are nothing but hardcore partisan hacks that will lie to your face to get ratings. Just like Fox CNN resisted for a while, tried to stay reasonably in the center, but eventually they gave that up and decided to do what the others did and Go full infotainment Once don got into office, the truth Wheels fell completely off. The liberally controlled part of the media just started lying their brains out. It started with racial matters, twisting every possible thing they could into racism and slapping that tag on don - as if they didn't have enough legitimate things to harshly criticized him over Interestingly, fox has become the much more moderate station now. That always happens though. When the opposite party has the presidency they usually leave the reasonable middle to satisfy their base, so the opposite party doesn't need to be as extreme in order to get attention, they have the luxury of being moderate. So of all places, right now the place you're most likely to hear the highest percentage of Truth is on Fox News. Ain't that a bitch
  5. so far the nfl hasnt mentioned any kind of bubble strategy what they should do is house them at each stadium complex. i realize this is a hardship on the players but if they want to get paid safely there is no other option. all stadiums have suites that you could sleep 2-4 players in, if not 20+ in the huge boxes, plus im sure there are plenty of other rooms you could house players in. they shouldnt be letting fans in the stadiums, anyway, or they could use nice rollaway beds that staff would bring out and store every day coming out this week with these rules that they have to maintain distance on the sideline is ludicrous. youre smashing up against each other every play, exchanging body fluids, if somebodys infected its getting spread all over. on the sidelines coaches have to talk to players, players have to talk to each other, go over plays and photos and videos together. you cant make them stand apart from each other, and why would you considering whats going on on the field. that step was unnecessary and preposterous. have them wear n95 masks on the sidelines if youre trying to stop sideline infections that could have slipped in from the outside. make those mask and distance rules for all support staff that come in and out every day (and test them every day) i find it utterly impossible that youre going to be able to avoid infection outbreaks if you allow players to go home or anyplace outside the stadium complex. its bad enough youre going to have support staff coming in and out, i dont think they could house all those people in the bubble in all but the hugest of stadiums. players are harder to control, they are entitled in their minds, they will break the rules, so keeping them in a safer area the whole time is required and even with all that, all it takes is one single carrier to come in, leave covid on a hard surface, where it gets transmitted to a player and your team is in deep shit i hope im wrong but it appears easy to predict what is going to happen with sports. they will start up, a few games will be played, an outbreak will occur, and they will cancel the rest of the season
  6. I wouldn't play I don't see how it's possible to avoid contamination the way they currently plan to do it. It seems just flat-out impossible to me on a pretty obvious level that you are going to have outbreaks and teams will have to forfeit games because they won't have enough players you got guys leaving spit and sweat and blood on each other's faces every play. Are you going to test every human being that walks into that Stadium every single solitary time? Even if you are, the tests aren't foolproof. All it would take is one infected individual to infect tens if not hundreds of others I think it's going to get started, I think there will be an outbreak, and I think they will shut it all down
  7. for the millionth time, over twice as many whites are killed by cops than blacks and when you factor in the massive disproportion of blacks that use deadly violence the difference in population is accounted for did you not hear Marcellus Wiley say exactly the same thing? or was is Michael Wilbon in the follow up? either way, intelligent informed blacks are quoting Heather MacDonalds research, which of course your buddy f8 totally discounts simply bc shes conservative. forget her credentials as a professional researcher and reputation for impartiality, just throw out her work bc shes not in your echo chamber WHY DO YOU FOCUS ONLY ON THE BLACKS KILLED BY COPS? do you not care about whites killed by cops? do you not care that more than twice as many white people die at the hands of cops? do you not care that blacks slaughter MORE PEOPLE THAN ALL OTHER RACES COMBINED? you are a neo-racist who promotes only one side of an agenda. youre either a liar, deluded, or both
  8. youve got the one on raising taxes, one on ruining housing, post just one more on weakening the military and your agenda will be complete
  9. theyre caving to an out of control ideology based on lies and separatism. they are at least as bad racism wise as the white supremacists seems like every few days a new black voice rises up to challenge the 'blacks as permanent victims and whites as permanently guilty' narrative. thats good but its gotta go a lot faster
  10. do you want to try to delegitimize his prize or do you want to play by the spirit of the game? wait, dont answer that
  11. how long was he supposed to leave it up there, topaz? a month? whole season? idk how about you let him off with a month of normally sized font and whatever requirements you may have specified. he can add or deny anything ive said since i dont represent him. im just saying what i think is reasonable youre on your own about the money. people are crazy with money so im not getting involved with that in the long run its better to have some character so you might as well start early
  12. yes it was. but it was a very low character move to not pay him. and now that you know he was going to donate the money back to your site, its especially self-demeaning for you someday you will look back on that and be ashamed. why not just live up to your obligations and pay him what you agreed - whether he actually gives it back or not is immaterial compared to the importance of your own character i give you credit for putting it in there, but the size thing was just so juvenile. what did you win? you stood on mt everest with mick jaggers sound system and proclaimed to the world how petty you are. live up to your commitments proudly. thats what mature, appropriate self-confident and centered people do. fuck your ego
  13. holy cow. you covered like ten things in here. and i realize most people like brevity, but you one-lined some pretty complicated stuff i have to admit, i didnt understand the point you were making several times. other times i did how about you take these one at a time and address them with a little more detail for clarity? this is an important topic, we dont want any misunderstandings i like your last line. if we are going to kneel for police brutality thats fine, we should keep an eye on that. thats not what kaep was doing. he was following the BLM script and using it as a one-way weapon, without taking into any consideration the contribution blacks make to their own deaths, by each other and at the hands of cops whom black career criminals dream of killing
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