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  1. i AM counting him out no way he makes it through another season rushing for 80+ yds a game without getting an injury to his lower body. then he will be forced to stay in the pocket and the ravens offense will plummet like wvr's brain dropped in the ocean ravens will never win a sb with one-trick jackman at the position
  2. i think its too late. dabol has ranked low literally everywhere. hes a journeyman coordinator for a reason
  3. The African Elephant Skin Drum and Human Skull Band: "Are there any requests?" Redneck way in the back: "Freebird!!"
  4. guess im going to the old mans this went about as well as the first time we tried it
  5. lol no, now i see he just coached different positions for the cheats, not oc so yeah again, just freakin brutal oc record man i had no idea it was THAT bad. then again, i thought he was cheats oc in those other years so that would have rocketed his oc rankings. but the stuff you showed was way worse than i expected. like time to move on worse
  6. oh wait, those arent contiguous years the missing ones must be the cheats, right? and we dont count them since marsha could make my mom oc of the year. i get it
  7. idk, man thats a pretty hideous list of rankings. i mean bad luck is one thing, but when you do it that many times so consistently, its more likely you probably just suck its also quite possible your suckage is holding allen back and that by getting a new oc that can tap into allen better puts them further ahead, even with the lack of continuity totally on the new oc train now
  8. ouch i dont think ive ever seen it laid out like that. pretty fucking painful maybe he was just unlucky with consistently flawed personnel, but that seems a huge longshot im suddenly totally ok with kicking his black ass to the corner of abbot and big tree available candidates suddenly look a lot more intriguing again, man, ouch
  9. so to summarize - you went to church until the age of 17 and up until the end you were generally compliant with the belief system - mainly bc it was all you knew - sometime prior to the age of 17 you became aware of some troubling elements of their dogma that just didnt add up i your mind. thus you started drifting away and left when you went to the army (good idea since then you wouldnt have to deal much with moms resistance) - you recently found yourself back in church (i think, maybe some other church function, doesnt really matter except it was associated with the church). while there, you had what felt like a supernatural experience with god who had something important to say to you (cant remember what it was now, all that matters is that it was positive and transformative) - now you feel like a new path to an improved experience in life has opened up and damn if youre not gonna walk it with gusto. considering it sounds like a potentially good path, good for you. great for you some observations: - the fact it happened back in the church is sort of co-incidental. transformative epiphanies are not denomination dependant. you could have had it anywhere: in a mosque or a satanic museum or the donut isle. it happened back in your church with church imagery because that was the easiest for you to relate to at that time. it could have happened an infinite number of other ways - doesnt matter. a path using catholicism is perfectly capable of bringing you 'salvation', aka. ultimately the permanent enlightenment where you understand that you dont have to create that kind of pain anymore. so you just give it up. like quitting smoking cold turkey. but it does have to be a 'good' church, one that understands universal principles and how to teach/apply them. ive seen some pretty horrifically bad catholic churches that really were like morgues than places to be taught and uplifted. same in any denomination. people often tend to ruin the good message thread that runs through all agape based religions (and the atheistic secular humanism) - its called acquiring wisdom. its actually a natural path to acquiring wisdom. we just dont usually realize until after it happens by dumb luck. but there are ways to nurture that so that you get these positive, transformative epiphanies on a pretty regular basis. you make it another project in your life, one you didnt know existed before, but it provides a lot of benefit - the ultimate key is pain. life isnt all pain, but pain is the greatest motivator, the greatest influencer. you have to recognize that you create most of your own pain. so seek a strategy that reduces self created pain. we call that process spirituality, making a project in your life how to avoid creating your own pain - pain is reduced by dedicating oneself to the continuous process improvement that often involves real epiphanies. their sudden appearance becomes normal and expected the more often you do it. you get big epiphanies, but mostly much smaller ones more often. it does take practice, though. but the good news is that just like other practice you do, you get better at it. then the self created pain you find and eliminate gets deeper and deeper and your existence benefits from that. iow, its worth the effort - religion is optional. it is entirely and equally possible (if not easier, imo) to become an enlightened master by following a path based on secular humanism, an atheist template. buddhism and taoism are also atheist ... at least the half that listened to a dying siddhartha and refused to deify him upon his death. the other half did exactly opposite what he asked and defined him as a god. eh, whaddaya gonna do? seems pretty easy to me to see we should follow his instruction and look at him simply as a very enlightened prophet, just like all the others
  10. for some reason you dont seem to realize how bad it gets. your meter for the appropriate level of that stuff is malfunctioning its sort of like when you were bad lit back in the day. you are WAY WAY WAY better than that now, but back then you probably didnt recognize how out of line you were. something in your head told you it was ok bc you were just fooling around. but it wasnt ok and i know you see that now this is just the next step on your rehab. lol but true here we sit at 10-6 (with one a throw-away) and ask yourself if you have made this successful season more or less fun for the rest of the members/visitors? that would be a nice goal for anyone, but for you its mandatory. youre the owner, and now youre trying to sell. you should be trying to make this as upbeat as you can without crossing over into fawning homer territory. at the very least, finding more fault than good in your successful team should be anathema to you on that one objective, give yourself a grade. id have to give you a D. thats up from the F that you deserved prior to trying to do better recently so its progress. but you need to keep pushing that change, finding reasons to enjoy and praise good things - like how allen went from bottom of the league to the very top in several important categories. thats certainly something to praise so it should be easy for you to want to point it out first fortunately it shouldnt be hard to turn that around in a hurry. you will encounter resistance from members that dont want to give you a chance, but you have to ignore that. simply start consistently exceeding your criticism with your authentic praise for the team and that will fix it. fuck the assholes that want to live in the past and not acknowledge your change in behavior. enough of us will recognize it that your detractors will eventually just stfu
  11. you have, for long periods then you have another spurt and post a bunch of whiney threads on gameday (or any other day for that matter), not as much as you used to but more by far than anyone else - even sean. and even though its less than before, it just reminds the members what you used to be like and thats all they can think of and get turned off try to limit yourself to a number. lets pick say three. that means three times during the game you can pick something that bothers you and post a bitching thread about it. that would be about what sean does, and only one or two more than the typical catharting fan (most of whom post none) you should also be more diligent about posting legitimate praise threads when they deserve it. you do that some, but sometimes it feels contrived. idk if it is or isnt, but try to be authentic in your praise threads
  12. if you posted this AND twenty five other threads every week and twice on gameday criticizing every minutiae issue with the team, then yeah. and you would have earned it i told you before, just tone it way the fuck down on frequency. pick your moments when you just cant stand it. we all do that. but we all dont spam the forum with bulk negativity
  13. i expect they figured he would work it out by playing. well, oops now they just have to hang on and hope he doesnt uncork a stinker that helps them lose the game
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