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  1. thats a good answer but it wont assuage the fears of a large portion of the electorate without enough mice to keep the wheel turning all the time i dont like it, but its a deal breaking issue, imo. not necessarily for me but for the rats. trust me, shitdumpster will hammer on that issue and it will hurt bernie fatally
  2. good point i dont think theyd take 3 wrs unless the third was an absolute steal. they need material to turn into dependable backup and rotation guys in other spots. plus they still have the whole defense and special teams. 3 wr seems like an oddity unless somebody plummets for no reason like sometimes happens
  3. i admit im not much of a presidential historian so ill take your word for it he musta been a uuuge super double secret probation szechuan sauce with dumplings flaming asshole then
  4. Even worse than that is Bernie's health record. No matter how hard he tries to keep that out of the conversation, it's going to be a major point of contention. Americans are already afraid of a president who might be or become sick. Bernie already has that publicized incident of having a heart attack during the campaign, that's confirmed. Comrade Trump will hammer on that mercilessly until the electorate becomes programmed to be afraid of Bernie And it's not really even an invalid concern. Once you've had one heart attack you are like twice as likely to have another one. I like Bernie and would consider voting for him, but even I'm concerned about that and it might keep me from actually voting for him. I'd like to say the Dems have to do everything they can to keep him from getting nominated, but I don't want to see them pull the same bulshit and sabotage him again. We wouldn't even have to be suffering through the ass face presidency if they hadn't done it the first time
  5. Man, only one first round by team? That seems kind of unfair, too much of an advantage. At least with two buy teams you had one more team that had the same advantage. Under that format, all the other teams would be risking losing players, be more beat up, a little more tired. It would make getting the first seed way more important than it is now
  6. Yeah but he wants the dreaded highest paid status. That usually leads to trouble. So I expect the bills to end up passing on him
  7. IDK. It's much easier to get quality offensive lineman later in the draft then it is wide receivers. Then again, so many wide receivers drafted High bust while offensive lineman drafted High usually are very good Like I say every draft oh, I'm glad I don't have to make these decisions
  8. Moving up for a wide receiver is dangerous. There's been a lot of busts that have happened after teams moved up to draft them. I think it would be wiser to just stay put, draft BPA influenced by need, and keep the middle round picks we'd have to give up to move up
  9. That's weird. I've never heard that reported before. But I can't help you, that's going to have to be lit
  10. Yes it's the same sound oh, but it comes from a different place. I turned off the one for the SB, now I need to see if there is one for the replies or if Lit has to address it, if he feels like it
  11. ok. i get you the only reason bernie is talking transformation is bc the income and wealth gap has gotten obscenely high. ppl on the right generally see no problem bc of an ingrained bias based on the now unreliable belief that rich people create jobs. they do, but its far from the only way they make money, and in fact is overshadowed by other means among the richest. its like habit with republicans now - just give as much as you can to the rich and everything will work out fine. thats certainly exactly what don did in a huge way his first term so the obscene income/wealth gap is seen only that way by dems and independants that understand its importance to a truly financially healthy america. so bernies message is really schtick for wealth transfer, iow the rebalancing of something that has got terribly out of whack. more of americas abundance in the hands of poor and middle class who really need it right now, instead of just more deposits into the hidden bank accounts of the wealthy why the hell else would you think bernie is doing so well? he has very little else in his platform that ive seen. the question is are enough people fed up with watching the income and wealth gap just perpetually swell? will they accept a gop that believes they can just live on the scraps after most of the money intentionally flows to the top at ever increasing record proportions? have enough realized the danger of that and are ready to act on it? its just one of the questions ppl must ask themselves when they vote, but its one of the big ones. even though most people dont really realize it or concern themselves with it. well, maybe they finally are
  12. wait are you saying the sb toggle does it for replies too? bc if you are thats wrong. i get an ugly ding when somebody replies to my post even with the sb toggle off if youre saying theres another setting to turn sound of on replies, where is it?
  13. oh hes definitely deep in the vat of trump sauce. im just saying hes not as useless as many of the others that contribute nothing positive. lots of trump voters are just dumb assholes. so are some dems but don seems to be the dumb redneck pied piper
  14. idk what youre referring to i think sack is a good dude, just misguided. he brings a lot of good info to the board - along with too much crap, like anything from breitbart, and id like to see him cut down on that kind of stuff. but he makes enough good points that i find him valuable. and hes relatively tame with the put downs. hes not flat out retarded like a bunch i wont name, or an insult hurling machine which i hate. id have a beer with him
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