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  1. agree with the first part, not the second part with 3m n95 and similar quality masks you can easily sanitize them in a paper bag and vacuum particles from both sides. and when applied correctly they can be so comfortable you forget you have it on. one can last well over a week with full day usage, if properly maintained. you have to have a system and lots of brown bags lying around. i write date of entry on the bags and then line them up in order so its easy. i use paper bags so that i can put multiple masks in there i know bc i have to wear them full time in pollen and mold conditions, mostly spring and fall when the allergan level is so high and my body reacts so bad. if i dont want to be getting the horrible flares where your body has a small anaphylactic shock, which is like saying your arm is mildly on fire, then i have to wear one.
  2. you know full well this is a stupid statement its widely known that the fully vaccinated and boosted can still get the virus, be carriers, get sick, and die. thats just the nature of reality with this virus stop being disingenuous on something so important. many others wont know youre just making a snarky, stupid joke
  3. gotta prop up the black qbs to make up for all the terrible white sins of the past
  4. i read someplace else, dont know for sure its true, that this was the first time in nfl history both regular season and playoffs that a team scored a td on every possession not counting kneel downs
  5. opie absolutely T-bagged belicheat tonight loved the running up the score, especially the td to a wide open tackle i just wish they could have got a fumble or something in their territory near the end of the game so they could kick in a 50-burger
  6. agreed if you told me they would score TDs on their first seven drives i would say thats impossible josh and the offense was jaw dropping good. they made the cheaters 2nd ranked defense look like traffic cones that was just so awesome. i was at both of the games you mentioned and i wish i could have been at this one. youre standing right there and you cant believe what your eyes are seeing right in front of you
  7. i concur. thats so much bullshit. those groups are out there and we need to keep an eye on them, but they arent doing anything. a couple times a year you get some nut who kills a minority or two and then kills himself, but theres no widespread problem with white supremacists THOUSANDS of people die every year at the hands of blacks FOR THE PAST FORTY YEARS STRAIGHT!. and most of them are other blacks. thats unbelievable. its like we have the klingons in the middle of a civil war, and yet we just go on with our lives and pretend it isnt happening and do nothing because we are afraid of being called racist. if the irish were killing more people THAN ALL OTHER RACES COMBINED we would form task forces and send the military into their neighborhoods to excise this festering wound from our collective. but because its blacks doing the killing, oh well we dont want to talk about that, we wont even acknowledge it right now there is a cultural civil war between the victimhood peddlers (that includes the ultra-violent gangstaholic blacks) and the people that just want to move on and build a successful, happy life. blacks are in a difficult transition period because there is no more "struggle". that kept them united for hundreds of years. now a whole lot of them cant let go of that even though it doesnt exist anymore except in small pockets. and those racists that still exist, the racist precincts that still exist, we can join hands with our brothers and sisters and go kick their racist asses out - TOGETHER unfortunately, we are so fucked up on race we dont even know what racism is. blacks call something racist and whites who dont know any better go along with it, even though theres no way it makes sense to call that racist. it maddening how stupid and destructive we are approaching this subject. somebody makes a racial joke ten years ago and we want them to get fired from any job they ever have. social media has trained us to just build our bunker and lob grenades at anybody we disagree with. and we form little armys of like minded people who do fucked up things and they think they are doing some social justice thing when they really are destroying the fabric of the country and the relationships between groups like race white supremacists are a tiny little problem in comparison. if they ever did try to form an army and do something violent, we would send in the military and mop the floor with them. if they want to have a little peaceful parade, let them! they get their permit for it, they do their marching and say their stupid shit, and you provide spaces far away for people to shout at them if they want. but its all peaceful, nobody gets hurt, and everybody goes home safely. thats what we used to do and it worked focusing on the tiny problem of white supremacists when we have a huge problem of real life gangster niggas carrying guns and shooting wildly because somebody bumped into them, killing and injuring thousands every year, is mind bogglingly crazy
  8. they should publish the race of the suspects in ALL shootings and violent crimes to shine a light on the reality we ignore that blacks kill and injure more people than ALL OTHER RACES COMBINED cant fix a problem if you dont openly acknowledge it
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