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  1. ... for unpopularity The folks at Inside Elections have updated their predictions for 12 House contests in the Democrats’ favor, with only one shifting toward Republicans. It’s a good reminder that unpopular presidents typically drag their parties down. And, yes, President Donald Trump is unpopular. In fact, through 1,048 days, his average approval rating is back to being the very worst of the polling-era presidents. According to FiveThirtyEight, he’s at 41.6%; the next worst at this point was Barack Obama at 44%. Disapproval ratings tell an even worse story: At 53.5%, Trump is the only president through 1,048 days topping 50% (with Obama again the next-worst at 49.7% and no one else above 42%). This is dangerous territory for Republicans. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2019-12-07/trump-approval-ratings-are-bad-news-for-republicans-opinion hold on tight, gracie, its only going to get worse from here once this senate trial gets in full swing this thing is gonna go full fat shitball. we got the silenced wh staffers ordered to testify by the sc (or deferring to rule, same net effect), we got the crimes contained in the tax records, and we got whatever else crawls out of the sewer unearthed in the entire process even if he makes it through the trial without leaving a dotted line of shit stains down penn ave, the american public wait to deliver their own verdict the deranged supporters love him, but the rest of the country despises him. they know what a low down charlatan scum he is and will be at maximum motivation to go vote him the fuck out at least two years of full dem control scares the shit out of me, but it enrages republicans and makes them cry. just PLEASE promise me youll save your tears as it serves as a healing elixer for me. no snot please
  2. the coolest thing is chief justice roberts is overseeing the senate trial and he has shown himself to be non partisan and a staunch defender of the constitution. if republicans think they are going to turn the trial into a retribution circus, theyve got another thing coming. i am very confident roberts will force a proper procedural approach down their throats whether they like it or not
  3. ... with the only link to the outside world being consoles tied to twitter
  4. fortunately the evidence is strong and will only get stronger. we have several 'impeachment surprises' that everybody paying attention can see coming that will blow the whole thing wide open history will be made with the bouncing shitball leaving orange marks down penn avenue
  5. dont waste your time. he will never admit that he has a narrative, hes going to go to all the right wing sites that agree, and parrot that message non-stop trying to lie it into truth the patterns been right there for a while
  6. ravens so strong on defense and a still healthy jackson is probably too much for this bills team to handle bills keep ravens below 30 but cant generate enough offense to get it done 28-24 birds
  7. beat me to it recall how josh looked against the first 'huge' game of his career against the cheaters: awful chances are excellent that was bc he got himself too amped up, put too much emphasis on it, too much pressure on himself one of the things i was watching for on thanksgiving was how he handled himself, what was his demeanor. and youre exactly right, he came out calm and cool, wasnt jumping up and down or pumping his fists. just looked and acted like he was getting ready to throw some practice reps obviously, all he is doing with these statements is trying to remind himself and the rest of the team that this is just another group of guys they are playing against. not supermen, not guys they have to obsess over, just another team that they have to prepare hard for like professionals then go out there and calmly execute their plan i wonder if he has a professional sports therapist or something, like a special coach for this kind of thing? or maybe it just comes from the staff the point is, he obviously learned that his approach to the cheaters game wasnt the right one. now hes just taking it as it comes, while he works hard to prepare himself the best he can
  8. just watched it, and yeah its pretty damned powerful nobody wants to see world leaders standing around mocking and laughing at their president i think we're going to see a lot more ads with those clips in them im not sold on biden yet but that was a fantastic ad, including his taking on the role of the country's wise patriarch
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