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  1. well just leave him alone. he seems unwilling to provide any evidence, but i see you going after him, and i see him going after you. both of you, just squelch that urge and if you dont have something at least neutral to say dont say nuthin
  2. that has to be at least a tie, and ties go to the offense. dont understand what they saw
  3. the contact was not initiated by the wr, it was initiated by the db and held throughout the route the ball was only uncatchable bc the db didnt let the wr make his cut to get to the ball completely legit call - unlike the phantom interception when the reciever came down with the ball and the db just grabbed onto it. how the hell they reviewed dthat in slowmo and still called it a pick is mind boggling
  4. in terms of classic bills moments, they dont get much more classic than this the bills appear hobbled just before game when a serious of status changes shifted the earth under this games feet. the predator and the white guy lb both came out and played, each making potentially game changing contributions just josh allen leads them back. a series of little executions, and there they were: a few yards from first and goal. lets execute when there, and they often did at the end, there just one for the memory banks. and hope of frequent rewatchings
  5. no. that wasnt what my comment was on i was trying to find all the witnesses to cancel culture bullshit
  6. jets are tanking so they are an intentional dumpster fire i think googly gets fired before the end of the season so they get first shot at going after guys
  7. thats insane he holds bc its an art form. he stays right on the edge of getting the call, but usually doesnt dudes got like shitloads of picks and pds the last few years. its how he do
  8. googly eyes was a shock hire to me. i guess he used to have a rep as a qb molder. but all hes been with darnold is a qb molder (as in moldy). darnolds evaluation is hard under such difficult circumstances. hes certainly not rising above right now but it could still happen if they build something not shit around him
  9. and there it is. the weekly whine i knew there would have to be at least one. i havent scanned the threads yet so there could be more this just in: rams are good besides, giving up the lead set up the storybook heroics of josh and the offense. we'll remember that a long time
  10. or you could post it here if you want to go the public route. its more fair bc it gives bowman a chance to respond, but if your evidence is good enough it wont matter. so do a good job on the evidence
  11. you, numnuts. if you think bowman is stalking you, show me some threads where he attacked a meaningless post just to attack you. show me a pattern of snide comments when you were just minding your own bidness i cant just warn/punish somebody based on your word, anyone's word. and i already told you, i dont read most of the board anymore. im bored with the same cycles, different posters, ive come to identify and become sick of. so you have to show me its not hard, but it might take a little time. worth it to get a stalker off your back, if you ask me. but thats whats needed - evidence. go get it and pm it to me in a packet
  12. thank you seems like picking hairs on the process of getting a thug bastard off the street if there were procedures not followed, punish the offender(s). that dont change douchebag boyfriend #2 wasnt still a death-intending shooting suspect dickwad. doesnt change the fact that she probably knew about it all. probably doesnt change that douchebag boyfriend #2 used her as a bullet absorber. fuck him and guys like him
  13. he certainly looked in total control he even got that big break on the pi call late. i mean, he creates the opportunity for those penalties to happen, but its still kinda lucky it worked. i could have seen no call there since they were already engaged and he has a right to the ball, too. but instead it went in our favor, fortunately establishing yourself as a peyton manning or at least sigh eli manning, you help create those calls
  14. show me some evidence i cant just take someones word over another i dont read everything anymore. havent fora long time now. i read what interests me, which is about 1/3 of board content
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