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  1. and heres my faggot 00000001 accreditation right here faggot. lol. you gotta lose a little credibility using that played out epithet
  2. i guarantee you will be wearing that mask until 2022 its going to take that long for a) the vaccines to be administered to 70% of the population, 5) to find out how long the immunity lasts, () to deal with mutations, Ñ) to prevent the spread via people who have already taken the vaccination but are carrier or bring it home on their person go out into a big barren field and breath all the maskless air you want. when you need to rejoin society, youre gonna be wearing that mask a long time
  3. you certainly do knowingly putting other people at risk bc you dont want to bother with a mask is blindingly selfish and immoral when they trace an outbreak back to you dont be calling me for bail money. you sit there and think about what you did, young man
  4. out oline is average at best. now with ford out, its probably below average one more season to make upgrades to a few positions and this team will really rock
  5. factually incorrect first, even after you get the vaccine you are not fully protected. 94.1% effectiveness means 5.9 % ineffectiveness, which is about the average casino edge on slot machines - and notice how they eat up your money second, even with the vaccine you are exhaling droplets of the virus that can easily be picked up by other people third, we dont know yet how long the effectiveness lasts, whether its different for different people (likely), and what those parameters are fourth, even with the vaccine you can carry the virus on your body, with your most likely victims being those close to you sorry there, copernicus. even after getting the vaccine youre probably going to be wearing that mask until 2022. and with sane people in charge, laws will be passed that non-compliers that can be proven to infect others due to their negligence will be prosecuted (not a hard prediction to make). i know this will make you redneck militia moonshine magats blow a gasket but thats the price you pay for supporting a man who did nothing while the virus spread like wildfire and said it would "just disappear"
  6. factually incorrect first, the virus can kill anyone of any age. if that person is a loved one your cavalier attitude would haunt you for decades second, you can be a carrier that infects others even if you are asymptomatic third, even when you take the vaccine you can be a carrier
  7. "I'm like really smart. I'm a very stable genius. I know lots of words, uuuuge words."
  8. republicans are becoming less and less human all the time consider the last several piece of shit health care plans they tried to feed us. they should have been shielding their faces or wearing hoods when they put them up for a vote. those plans were complete garbage, people would have died from the lack of key diagnostic testing, and poor people would be eating dog food to survive bc such a big chunk of their income would go toward medical costs - im not even exaggerating. theres no other word for that than evil consider how high a priority republicans put on giving more money to wealthy people. two parent families who both work and still struggle to make ends meet and often have to rely on food pantries to cover the shortfall shouldnt happen in america. yet there are the republicans passing bills that give more and more and more of the money to the rich who put it in their off-shore bank accounts. working families going without health care, safe housing, enough food, all because republicans are addicted to giving more and more money to already rich people who dont need it. we are living in a time where we keep breaking the all-time record for the income gap in america, thanks to the republicans. how can anyone possibly say that is anything but evil add on the reality that they intentionally broke our system of checks and balances by refusing obamas nominee in the last year of his term, then immediately went ahead and confirmed their own candidate when that position came open LATER than the one obama should have filled. that was a blatantly immoral, unamerican, and treasonous thing to do that has very negative repercussions on the balance in govt we once held so dear. again, no other word describes the intent there better than evil the dems scare me with their extreme positions, but the republicans disgust me
  9. i hope he gets tried and convicted, too. but rich people and others that obtain great power usually dont get put into regular prison. they go to country club prisons where there are no walls or fences, you stay there on your honor and get arrested with harsher jail time if you leave. so no raping by a 400lb croatian nicknamed "Tiny"
  10. um, mcfly ... the latest round was republican judges scolding the don campaign for wasting their time. Pennsyl-fucking-vania, for crying out loud but go ahead and beat off to dreams of the SC overturning the certified results and disenfranchising millions of democrat only votes with no evidence take a plane to vegas and try to win MegaBucks while youre there, since youre banking on the longest of impossible shots already
  11. Rush Limbaugh, Michigan, GSA Hammer Nails Into Coffin of Trump's Election Fraud Claims Michigan's Republican Officials resisted intense White House pressure to certify Joe Biden's election victory on Monday while the Chief administrator of the executive branch finally relented and began the transition to the president elect. Still, it was Rush Limbaugh who dealt the heaviest blow to President Donald Trump's campaign to cast doubt on his election loss. The terminally ill radio host became the most influential conservative to dismiss voter fraud claims that have routinely been thrown out of court. "They promised blockbuster stuff, and then nothing happened," Limbaugh said on Monday. "And that's just, that's not—well, it's not good. You call a gigantic press conference like that, one that lasts an hour, and you announce massive bombshells, then you better have some bombshells, there better be something at that press conference other than what we got." Limbaugh's grim news dealt a sobering blow to conservatives around the country. GSA administrator Emily Murphy informed President-elect Joe Biden that the president's administration was ready to formally start the transition process. The letter sent to Biden came two weeks after most media outlets declared him the winner of the 2020 election and was the first solid acknowledgement from the Trump administration of the president's defeat. Trump needed to flip at least three states to pull his current total past the winning line, but with Michigan having certified, his path to victory has narrowed to virtually non-existent. https://www.newsweek.com/rush-limbaugh-michigan-gsa-hammer-nails-coffin-trumps-election-fraud-claims-1549692 bwahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa hey hey hey, buh bye now here magats, some parting gifts to show there are no hard feelings. with every properly filled pre-paid return box received you get a free used don diaper!
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