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  1. i think this was cover for his plan to insert that faux warning trolling jungle. pretty weak but weve got that straightened out now - i hope. no fucking with others stuff, obviously including posts, unless absolutely necessary - which should be rare
  2. if the allegations presented by this man can be corroborated as true i would change my position and agree don is racist unfortunately, selling a book is a bad time to be believable, so it would have to be some strong corroboration
  3. he used to do it routinely. Lit got really bad at his peak and he was doing all kinds of unacceptable things. board membership plummeted until it was basically him and a few dregs of society left i came back one day after being away for a while and i told him to look around at what destruction he had wrought. then i asked him was it worth it? he said no so i said why dont you take responsibility for your actions and start acting like a mature, responsible individual he didnt change overnight, it took a ton of baby steps and fits and starts to get him to the place he is today. and of course he still has relapses but they are getting more and more rare. hes got more work to do, the damage apparently runs deep, but hes made a ton of progress
  4. no you fucking retard, i claim to be an expert on race issues because ive spend nearly fifty years of my life researching and being an activist on this topic fucking dumbass. im seriously getting tired of your bullshit
  5. i hate trump this is a bullshit premise youre hurting the cause of racial reconciliation peddling such bullshit. plenty of blacks support trump, but i aint never seen a nigga wearing a klan hood, except in comedy sketches
  6. hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa did you hear that guys? hal is now a trump supporter its like the guy has no memory whatsoever. seriously, have you ever suffered some kind of brain damage? im legitimately concerned for you now wow. if your credibility was blown before, youve now created history by being the first person with negative credibility honestly, im starting to really believe you are legitimately learning disabled. i feel bad for you but you are completely off the hook irrational now
  7. you just continue to spew out half- and un-truths as if they are gospel i suppose antifa are your heros now you really are an unreasonable, intransigent, irresponsible, and selfish fool
  8. well the KKK doesnt go to rallies in a coordinated fashion with the intention of committing violence and looting stores, for one reason. neither do white supremacists, which is essentially the same thing without the hoods there should be some new designation created specifically for organizations like antifa
  9. its too bad bc hes a good poster in general, but his total lack of knowledge on this subject makes him look foolish when he calls out someone like me who has spent thousands of hours researching the topic all he has to do it pick up some books and start reading. or get audiobooks and listen to them in his car or on his phone. its easy to educate yourself on this issue now as there are so many authors writing about it i suggest starting with thomas sowell, the award winning prodigious writer of all things sociological, especially the b/w relationship. hes extremely intelligent, and while he is critical of whiteness when appropriate, he doesnt hesitate to take blackness to the woodshed when they deserve it i can give him and anyone a list of books to start with. but nobody ever does. its like they prefer to stay locked in their ignorance, spewing out falsehoods like a road sprayer, infecting the collective with devastatingly damaging untruths that keep us from getting to that Beloved Community we should all be striving for its especially disappointing coming from someone that seems to have the intellectual capacity to be part of the solution, but instead decides to stay mired in myth and inaccuracies instead of seeking out the truth
  10. antifa is the mirror image of white supremacy. they are both evil personified the author of that article makes a good point, that perhaps a terrorist designation is going too far. but they need to be recognized as the ultra-destructive, violence initiating, scourge of racial progress organization that they are
  11. oh great. promoting and condoning violence. your stature just took a big hit i want nothing to do with white supremacy, but encouraging violence with people who have a right to their beliefs (as wrong as they might be) is the lowest of the low. i never anticipated you would go there. your credibility and access to the high moral ground just took a massive tumble i now look on you with pity because you obviously dont know how biased you really are. how tremendously disappointing
  12. you really need to read more. im not being sarcastic. you need to pick up some books from both sides on this topic and make it a project at multiple points in time money has been allocated to help black communities. many millions of dollars over the years in all kinds of grants and low interest loans, and it just evaporates with nothing changing. it gets sucked up in graft and corruption, and whatever is left does not change the belief system or behaviors of those in underprivileged areas black communities are policed more than white communities because crime rates are DRAMATICALLY higher in those areas. as one black mayor said, "since when does being poor give you license to break the law?" there are two general categories of blacks now. those that want to be part of the collective, have jobs and contribute to society, and create a environment beneficial to all. on the other side are blacks that want to separate from everyone else, have things handed to them, not take responsibility for their own actions, and retain ownership of their hatred for whites. we have to stop finding excuses for the latter. opportunities are out there, there are tens of millions of whites waiting with open arms to work with industrious blacks, to give the a step up onto the ladder that they can climb. but they have to want to do that, and the bad subset of blacks simply do not want to. lots of white people like that, too, but its way worse among blacks because they refuse to do anything that would make them 'act white', like get a job
  13. im not discussing this with you anymore bc you are completely unreasonable. the fact that you can ask me this question when you keep "Lit is a loser" in your sig for over a year clearly shows you are just as capable of being demeaning and antagonistic to Lit idk what your mental problem is, perhaps you just like the negative attention. but you definitely are complicit even while you make legitimate complaints im sorry, i tried talking to you, and you refuse to take responsibility for your own contribution. so im done
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