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  1. god, you have a fantasy world in your head you just wont let go of as ive explained many times, there were thousands of southern people there to celebrate southern pride that had nothing to do with the white supremists. many of them indeed were 'good people'. thats what don was referring to. you taking that and applying it exclusively to racist organizations is an intentional falsehood thus, youre crossing over into the territory of a liar with your half-truths and hyperbolic exaggerations
  2. fucking bullshit excuse to justify unnecessary violence and wanton aggression the KKK and white supremacists generally spread offensive ideas via protected free speech, while antifa intentionally spreads violence and physical destruction with weapons and gas cans and flipping cars over but keep trying to present them as morally equivalent. it shows how truly heavily biased you are
  3. they definitely are if they werent, we would see blacks (and whites) protesting when white people get killed by cops, which they do at least 3:1 ratio more than blacks. blacks are over-represented in these killings because they commit the most violent crimes and resist with violence when being chased by cops its the selective bias that gives you and others away as neo-racists
  4. all this outrage and sympathy for blacks killed by cops, not a single shred of concern for the whites killed by cops your fixation on blacks ONLY at the hands of irresponsible cops clearly makes you biased enough to be called racist. neo-racist, in fact
  5. just because i still think hes not racist, the point remains how close is he coming? i will admit im studying the possibility of flipping on his racism designation. hes coming closer all the time. thats bad for him lol
  6. In fact, it's gotten so bad here at the peak of Neo-racism that it doesn't even have to be a criticism that gets condemned automatically. Somewhere in my presentation notes I've got several examples of neutral and even positive statements that are valid and accurate observations that can be made about black folks that if they are uttered by a white person they get immediately promoted, do not collect $200, do not pass go, just go directly to racist jail. Normally I could remember an example but I just got my monthly chemo shot and my brains a little more scrambled than usual Oh, I just thought of one. Black folks and fried chicken. Why in holy hell is that automatically assumed to be a racist connection? If I want to talk about Italians and food I talk about Greens and Beans. If I want to talk about Germans and food I talked about bratwurst and sauerkraut. If I want to talk about Mexicans I talked about burritos and chimichangas. We actually have street festivals where these foods are highlighted and celebrated gleefully as a positive contribution to the Collective. But if you mentioned blacks and fried chicken your statement is automatically promoted to 100% virulent racism and people get furious. Why don't we celebrate Fried Chicken the same way we do these other Foods? Are you going to tell me because some white assholes 100 years ago mocked black folks because they ate what white people at the time considered garbage meat, the legs and wings and thighs, that now and forever throughout history we can't celebrate the pure deliciousness of black folks making fried chicken?!? If you could only buy fried chicken from One race for the rest of your life what race would that be? Black folks! Why? Because black folks make the best damn Fried Chicken these are all positive statements that I just made. I am literally celebrating my love of Blackness and fried chicken. But to hundreds of millions of people at the drop of a hat they will scream bloody murder at you for being a virulent racist I have a bunch of other examples somewhere. I list them off one after another after I've told the Fried Chicken story just to drive the point home. If I remember any of the other ones I will post them
  7. i think this was cover for his plan to insert that faux warning trolling jungle. pretty weak but weve got that straightened out now - i hope. no fucking with others stuff, obviously including posts, unless absolutely necessary - which should be rare
  8. if the allegations presented by this man can be corroborated as true i would change my position and agree don is racist unfortunately, selling a book is a bad time to be believable, so it would have to be some strong corroboration
  9. he used to do it routinely. Lit got really bad at his peak and he was doing all kinds of unacceptable things. board membership plummeted until it was basically him and a few dregs of society left i came back one day after being away for a while and i told him to look around at what destruction he had wrought. then i asked him was it worth it? he said no so i said why dont you take responsibility for your actions and start acting like a mature, responsible individual he didnt change overnight, it took a ton of baby steps and fits and starts to get him to the place he is today. and of course he still has relapses but they are getting more and more rare. hes got more work to do, the damage apparently runs deep, but hes made a ton of progress
  10. no you fucking retard, i claim to be an expert on race issues because ive spend nearly fifty years of my life researching and being an activist on this topic fucking dumbass. im seriously getting tired of your bullshit
  11. i hate trump this is a bullshit premise youre hurting the cause of racial reconciliation peddling such bullshit. plenty of blacks support trump, but i aint never seen a nigga wearing a klan hood, except in comedy sketches
  12. hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa did you hear that guys? hal is now a trump supporter its like the guy has no memory whatsoever. seriously, have you ever suffered some kind of brain damage? im legitimately concerned for you now wow. if your credibility was blown before, youve now created history by being the first person with negative credibility honestly, im starting to really believe you are legitimately learning disabled. i feel bad for you but you are completely off the hook irrational now
  13. you just continue to spew out half- and un-truths as if they are gospel i suppose antifa are your heros now you really are an unreasonable, intransigent, irresponsible, and selfish fool
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