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  1. i hope you mean to suck each others dicks but my spidersense says no this is a threat and you know it last warning. next time its a time out
  2. pretty disrespectful to call these guys simple right out in the open like that
  3. we have the rbs we need on the roster. moss is the starter and singletary is the backup. they will draft one late to compete but thats about it. no big moves for a stud rb when the game has proven that stud rbs dont get you to the playoffs, let alone deep in them if they could find somebody to trade their stud end for their '21 1st i think theyd do that in a sec. i do think they are in win now mode and will sell off high draft picks to do it. but they might not be able to depending how how they decide to handle the cap. will they push as much as they can down the road and wait for the day of salcap reckoning to come? or will they try to stick to the cap and bring in tier 2, 3, and 4 FAs to fill voids where they need to and hope the offense is good enough to carry them? or something in between? this is the toughest and most interesting year when it comes to salcap managing. heres what i expect: there should be a shitload of very capable veterans playing for way less than usual, on one-year deals waiting until things get back to normal-ish in '22. the bills are in prime position to be a prime fa destination. so they could just load up on them, try to win a sb, and see what they can retain at reasonable pricing next year when salaries should be much higher for these one-year guys
  4. no, not right i think the examples you mentioned are offensive and damaging to our culture. they are about as close to daytime televised porn as we get. what kind of image does that set in the minds of our younger ones what they should look like? it sets up a self-defeating vision of abnormality when none exists. the studies are clear on this but we got way bigger problems right now than gender imaging. unless you include trans-gender, which apparently people want to fight over right now. but it would be nice if we could spend some time on just standard boy/girl gender imaging because its really off the hook bad have you seen the games on the game store or google play? some of them are literally soft-core porn quality. they show girls completely naked with just little thimbles covering their nipples. now im all for things like sexuality and porn but we shouldnt be exposing our young ones to mild versions of that because it hurts them developmentally if i want semi-porn with my football i will have a laptop on the table while i watch the game. but at the game i dont want any 1960's style cheerleaders, which i consider a sexist institution, and would rather see real performing acrobatics that you see with unisex sideline dance teams
  5. conservatives DONT. LIKE. TO. CHANGE. NUTHIN!!!!!! its kinda weird how far it stretches. even into things that are benign or even beneficial, they just want the world to stop spinning, everybody to remain exactly as they are, and all things to keep going on exactly as they have back until they days the two fish crawled out of the water onto dry land. but i guess we wouldnt even be here if the fish hadnt evolved so my bad, bad example. just keep everything the same until back when guys like Buffalo Bill was the standard for humans. that would make conservative giggle with delight, Buffalo Bills' time and it never moves forward an inch gotta be based in fear. if you had to pretend like you were truly neutral, not so hard for some of us, and had to say which party is more fear based, which would it be? to me its crystal clear. and our little analysis of a fear-based thought system is conservative resistance to ANYTHING different. at least many conservatives i think this is WAY WAY WAY past overdue. i thought cheerleaders were stupid and sexist forty years ago. i dont remember when college started adding males to the squads but that seems like the screamingly right move to me. we had women in the lockerroom with the black guys dicks dragging on the floor and the white guys ignoring them a while there, thank god we stopped that nonsense, what in the world could possibly be wrong with coed dance teams challenge: make a cogent argument what is wrong with coed dance teams. wheres the harm, who gets hurt, how is this damaging to our culture
  6. finally ive been saying that for over twenty years make it fair for everybody this isnt a hard decision
  7. it amazing how utter stupid these people are how can you not know that anything you put out in electronics land will come back to bite you? i text about weed to my friends bc cops dont care about small time weed anymore. unless we were talking about pounds used in an operation, they could give a crap that im asking around for a dime bag but if youre planning a burglary or something, you are a stupid ass if you do that with text ANYWHERE. everybody knows this by now. but these trumpsters are so stupid they dont know to keep it off the boards, off fb and twitter, and definitely off your own damn phone brain washed retards and btw, of course they arrested the antifa leader. they had some evidence, turned out to be false evidence, that antifa was involved. i wouldnt be at all surprised if antifa had been planning to be involved but backed out at some point bc the heat was on them from riotfest 2020. so they arrest an antifa leader, interrogate him, get some credible evidence they were not involved, then find the evidence it was actually magat imposters. sounds like competent police work to me
  8. i dont get why anybody cares what someone else thinks they are are some of these transgenders fucked in the head? certainly. just like a lot of the gays become gay due to parental trauma when they were young but are there legitimate cases of people really feeling and believing they were born the wrong gender? absolutely so why do you care how they express themselves? whether they are fucked up or not, how does that negatively affect you now the stuff they were talking about on the bill mahar clip was going WAY over the line and that shit needs to stop. preaching acceptance is one thing, but indoctrinating eight years old is another universe of dysfunction. just a simple "treat everyone like they are your brother or sister" is plenty enough to get the message across
  9. there are no germs on a flat earth 4000 years old that has the moon and sun revolving around it and where cigarettes are good for you
  10. oh, the stage itself. i kept looking at the logo yeah, it does look like the same thing. its also a pretty simple shape that could just be a coincidence. but its a pretty dead-on resemblance. if they actually did it intentionally that would be pretty fucking revolting, using an actual nazi symbol as a visual dog whistle to extremists. of course, that faction of the party has no shame anyway so it wouldnt be that big of a surprise
  11. i always hated this meme if you are white and have real black friends then the likelihood of you being racist plummets. this is another piece of bullshit created by low character black people to attack whites in a manner that is very difficult to defend yourself against. in other words, its pulling shit on whites if you are allegedly racist, you typically dont exist in that manner alone. you have a social group that you are all racist with together. if you have black friends your social group will turn on you and kick you out of their club. so you have to be committed to keeping you black friends, confirming that you indeed are not racist is it possible to have a black friend of two and still be racist? of course. but in the overwhelming cases, having black friends demonstrates that you are committed to being multi-cultural, which is the opposite of being racist, providing a strong piece of evidence that you indeed are not racist so please, stop using this divisive meme. and if you want to keep using it, go join BLM because they will be THRILLED with having you as a member to spread their message of hate and one-way racist persecution
  12. i dont see the similarity. i wish i did, but its not even close so idk what you guys are talking about
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