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  1. http://buildingtheherd.com/commentary/6-way-early-buffalo-bills-training-camp-predictions-offense/ Feel free to provide your thoughts to these topics in the comments!
  2. http://buildingtheherd.com/commentary/charles-clay-breakout/ Last offseason, the Buffalo Bills made tight end Charles Clay one of the highest-paid players at his position when they agreed to five-year, $38 million deal with $24.5 million in guarantees. Clay doesn’t have the prototypical size that superstar tight ends such as Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, or Tyler Eifert, among others possess, but the athletic 6’3” 255-pounder is the ideal fit for offensive coordinator Greg Roman’s scheme and is poised for a big 2016 season even if his statistics from last year may not suggest that.
  3. Which positions are you looking at? let me know what you guys think! http://buildingtheherd.com/commentary/17150/
  4. Those of you that follow my writing know that I like to stick to breakdowns and X's and O's types of posts. But this little episode with people getting worked up because Stephon Gilmore didn't show up to a voluntary mini-camp and the Bills leaked it while contract talks are going on is disgraceful. I've been working on this piece for a few days now, but when the news broke i decided to change it to address some things that I think matter for every franchise, but even more for one that's operated (financially) as the Bills have. It's not about spending money, it's spending the right money. Premier players at premier positions that aren't older than 26 when signing the deal. Glenn, Dareus, Gilmore fit all of these categories, and get bonus points for being drafted. If the Bills had any sort of reputation, they'd likely take a small percentage less to stay in BUF than move, but we know how this team has been viewed lol. Anyway, it's a bit of a long read but hope you enjoy it or take something from it that we can chat about in the comments. http://buildingtheherd.com/commentary/stephon-gilmore-bills-deal/
  5. Mom finally brought some meatloaf to the basement, so I had time to break down Kolby Listenbee. Came around on him a bit more than I anticipated. http://buildingtheherd.com/scout-team/kolby-listenbee-bills/
  6. Now that we're in the dead of the offseason, I thought it'd be interesting to go back and look at the specific concepts that the Bills relied on. Starting with the offense (to make this dead period a bit more exciting) I look at the various staples in Greg Roman's multiple & complex, yet relatively basic blocking schemes that led to the team leading the league in rushing. Let me know what you think, and which plays/concepts you could see being added in year 2 of install. Hope you guys enjoy and share your thoughts! (Column is picture and GIF heavy, so those viewing on mobile may need a bit longer to load) http://buildingtheherd.com/film-room/greg-romans-run-concepts-in-buffalo-bills-offense-an-all-22-breakdown/
  7. Another breakdown live from my mom's basement! http://buildingtheherd.com/film-room/player-breakdowns/jonathan-williams/
  8. Breaking down the responsibilities of inside linebackers within Rex Ryan's defense to explain why Ragland and Brown are ideal fits for the scheme. http://buildingtheherd.com/commentary/rex-ryan-defense-reggie-ragland-preston-brown/
  9. Breakdown of Adolphus Washington's positive/negative traits as a run/pass defender, versatility and fit within Bills multiple defense. http://buildingtheherd.com/scout-team/nfl-draft/adolphus-washington-buffalo-bills/
  10. damn wordpress! thanks, I'll get that fixed now. appreciate the heads up
  11. I took a look at Shaq Lawson and broke down his versatility, traits as a pass rusher, run defender and ability in coverage to see how he fits within the Bills defense. Lots of GIFs included. http://buildingtheherd.com/scout-team/shaq-lawson-scouting-report/
  12. So I put together a top 20 "Big Board" tailored towards the Bills.. Who's too high/too low/ missing? http://buildingtheherd.com/scout-team/2016-nfl-draft-buffalo-bills-big-board/
  13. I agree on Lee. Ridiculous athlete, but hes not a LB. At OSU he played over 60% of his snaps in the slot. I question his ability to work inside the tacle box as an ILB. Also agree on Apple, and it would immediately tell us that Bills aren't re-signing Gilmore. Other players I'd hate: A'Shawn Robinson (most overrated DL in the draft IMO) Will Fuller (obviously has speed, but is more Ted Ginn than DJax, body catcher with bad hands, limited route tree and doesn't have the explosiveness/leaping ability of Corey Coleman) Kevin Dodd (he's a 4-3 Base end and reminds me a bit of Quinton Coples. Not athletic enough to play 3-4 OLB, but doesn't have the length to play at 5t) Su'a Cravens (he's a 4-3 WILL. Where does he play in a 3-4? Too lean to play inside and doesn't have the speed/fluidity to play in deep covg. Too risky)
  14. valid points, but as I stated in the article, Corey Graham was one of the worst cover safeties in the league last year, and there's ridiculous depth at DL. Without Joseph's ACL there wouldn't even be a debate of him being a top 15 player in this class (IMO). LB is deeper than people think from a depth perspective and there's some intriguing pass rushers in the middle rounds as well. Also keep in mind that in Rex's system, the OLB opposite Rush LB (Hughes) has more responsibilities and is more of a SAM that needs to cover, set the edge vs run as well as rush, so you need a specific skill set there.
  15. Yeah, I have no sources and don't report anything. I played HS and 1 year of D3 ball, so I'm no "expert" by any means. I just give my opinions and like to provide content that's different than the typical vague articles we see from mainstream media.
  16. agreed. The depth at DL is also a big factor. they can get a starter there in the 2nd as well
  17. Wideout, Linebacker, Defensive Line, pass Rush are needs. But in a rex Ryan defense, you need a physical enforcer at safety, but one with range that can be trusted in single high coverage for the exotic and multiple blitz packages he utilizes. I present some arguments for Karl Joseph with pick No. 19, accompanied with a scouting report on a prospect I liken to a Tyrann Mathieu/Earl Thomas type of defensive back (based on style, roles filled--not All-Pro level talent yet :) ) So let me know your thoughts. I know the ACL is a concern, but he doesn't have the nerve/cartilage damage of a Jaylon/Myles/Lattimore that caused them to drop. Same injury and rehab timetable didn't stop STL from taking Gurley Rd1. Let me know your thoughts after checking out the arguments I make. http://buildingtheherd.com/scout-team/karl-joseph-scouting-report-nfl-draft/
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