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  1. The one where he is a fumbling machine, throws batches of INTs to keep teams in games and consistently misses guys wide open.
  2. This thread is just so stupid. I'm not a Josh basher, but I'm not a truther either, and the Daboll hate is a cover. Daboll isn't 0-16 on pases over 30. Daboll isn't the one coughing the ball up inside the 10 last week or at our own 25 vs Philly. Daboll has taken 2 guys off the fucking scrap heap with Foster and McKenzie and managed to make them viable threats (Foster last year). Now should Daboll scrap the Gore 10 carries a game? Yep. Should Motor get more carries? Sure but he's 5'6 so the max he can probably handle is around 15 a game. If you're factoring him in as a pass catcher you probably don't want a midget absorbing 20+ hits a game. Josh left a ton of plays on the field last week. He's leaving plays (and a lot of big plays) on the field every week. I keep going back to this. The first few games of last year everyone was blasting Daboll. That OL sucked. Then once the All 22 came out there was 5 or 6 plays a game, every game where you had guys streaking open and never getting the ball.
  3. This has been happening since Week 1 with Peterman last year. Daboll isn't a genius but he is good at disguising plays and busting out with play calls that get guys wide open, or getting McKenzie jet sweeps at optimum times after pulling a defense with the fake. Offenses aren't this efficient in the red zone with bad play calling. It's the execution during 80% of the game where we don't even sniff scoring position that sucks. Yes Singletary should have had more carries, but establishing the run and feeding the running game typically comes with playing with a lead. I think Motor is bad ass, but he is a change of pace type of back. It would be nice to pair him with a guy who is a dual threat. Gore playing 18 snaps and getting 10 carries is terrible. Teams are geared up and to come downhill against him, and it's hurting the offense.
  4. I'm confident we will be 8-3 and people will be pumped. The deflation is going to be when shortly there after we are 8-5, get curb stomped by Pittsburgh and limp our way to 9-7.
  5. You see their schedule? I called it last week. If they get by LA they have a cakewalk. Their defense actually gets to the QB a d forces turnovers.
  6. No need to fear, I'll be in the building. Last time I showed up at Hard Rock we made the playoffs.
  7. Sounds like a guy that has been misused when he accounted for 55 yards on 2 targets and played less than a third of the game.
  8. Also Robert Foster gets a game ball. Played like 19 snaps. First target draws a 35 yard PI to start game. Only other target is a 20 yard catch.
  9. DL gets a goat excluding the goalline stand, except Lawson. Lawson needs more snaps because he's the only dude who gets consistent pressure but he plays 17 snaps a game. None of them made any plays. No penetration in the run game. Got gashed for four 20+ yard carries. No sacks.
  10. It's not that he misses one a game. He's missed every single one he has thrown. You have to hit at least one out of three.
  11. I'd rather lose on a pick then not tie a game on a 53 yard FG with a kicker who suddenly can't make 50 yard kicks.
  12. Yeah Baker has been bad and Kitchens seems to be a buffoon, but Cleveland isn't that far off. I can throw the week 1 loss vs Tennessee out the window. Week 1 can be very fluky and Baker was atrocious. The last 4 however, there isn't much to fault. They lost 3 in a row to Seattle, SG and New England. That's a nasty stretch. Then they lose on the road to Denver sans Flacco, which is basically bad luck for Cleveland. Denver has lost a bunch of one score games outside of getting molly whipped by KC and handled by GB. Cleveland isn't Washington, NYJ or NYG who are just regularly getting pasted by everyone. If we don't force turnovers we're going to lose. Chubb is a fucking beast and we've played shit, especially on offense vs the 2 above average (talent wise) teams we've faced this year.
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