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  1. This whole thing is wild. The Kap thing was so twitsed and he was getting dragged for disrespecting the flag, just got so overhyper. Cops are dicks, it was a fair enough point. BLM the actual organization is a sham, straight up. Nothing but a Super Pac for dems. Standing up for equality and all that is fantastic. Shouldn't even be a political debate either way. I do think raising a fist is probably a better way to articulate it if you must jse the anthem on making a point. It's so decisive though, there are better ways to do it. With the reach of social media, po ed casts, Youtube etc. there are so many ways where people especially atjletes can organize and demonstrate and actually build something. Lebron kneeling for the anthem vs organizing a (weekly/monthly) YouTube fundraiser/awareness event would ve much more impactful in the long run. Actually building something without a political agenda attached to it would be a game changer.
  2. He's what, 21/22? Not even a grown ass man, yet is a GROWN ASS MAN.
  3. Atta boy Buddy. I had him in a few mocks going to us, don't recall if I mocked him the 3rd or just 4/5.
  4. Feeling good I called my shot in October. No doubt we took af advantage of a weak schedule, but all of the feature games we ended up in, were entertaining, Dallas, Saturday vs Pats, SNF in Pittsburgh and WC at Houston. Perfect recipe for us to get the 4 games we got. We can't even complain that they fucked us with the games we got. KC short rest at home TNF, Pittsburgh in OP SNF in December those are fantastic games for the fans to show out. The Pars MNF game is a joke, I'm so glad we get a chance to just trash them to close out MNF this year in Gillette.
  5. Bump it. Didn't nail them but it was 4. Glad we got a Premier TNF vs KC, instead of division game. Wish I would have revisted this after the season and the win in Pittsburgh on SNF and SF making the SB.
  6. I called this I think after the Dallas game. We were a lock for 4 IMO. If the Rams wouldn't have shit the bed last year I think it would have gave us serious considerstion for 5 games.
  7. Dalton should be the backup. If they weren't worried about crushing Josh's psyche he woukd be brought in. There is no reason Murphy shouldn't be cut and Dalton handed a 1 year 6M deal with incentives. By all accounts this team is built to contend. However that falls apart of Allen gets hurt or regresses. There's no reason that responsibility should fall on to Matt Barkley's shoulders, assuming Dalton doesn't land a starting gig somewhere elsewhere. As well Bills Mafia loves Dalton. Dude ked us to the playoffs 3 years ago without ever taking a snap as a Bill. He deserves a year long victory lap as the most loved guy in Buffalo.
  8. Yeah he's had some brutal injuries for a 6'8 guy who's strength is mobility Feet look REALLY quick in his highlufht videos. Getting in yhe McBeane S&D program could do wonders for him. Give him a year to get his body right and he has a lot of upside and will be a Magia fan favorite if he sticks.
  9. On field doesn't matter, gave the single greatest combine interview of all time. Should be out on the Wall of Fame without taking a snap.
  10. If Josh sucks in 2020 then I'd imagine we bring in Cam next year. Cam isn't getting anything long term/1 year big money this year unless a QB does down for the season in preseason/very early.
  11. The take that was wrong because he was known for his pass rushing ability, senior year 11 dacks with 58 pressures. He grew into a decent run defender bu his junior year, but it wasn't his calling card.
  12. That and we really only had 2 competent WR and Gore was a negative when the entire second half of the season. Those have beem addressed. The rest is on Josh.
  13. Take is wrong, plain and simpke. He was essentially strictly a pass rusher his first 2 ywars at Iowa. Ferentz kept his upperclassmen on the field on 1st and 2nd down and then unleashed Eppy on 3rd downs. Last year he was constantly double and tripled teamed. People see the 40 time and never watched one ounce of film on him and want to scream unathletic. Dudes a baller. Tunes will be changing when the strip sacks start piling up. He's a beast with his length and timing.
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