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  1. 49ere just made the Super Bowl attempting 8 passes in the entire game. Not in a snow storm, in California. Everyone knows we need playmakers. I don't know how much that matters if the QB can't get guys the ball in the correct spots game in and game out.
  2. The Baltimore game was when I knew our defense was legit. They had a dumb fucking blown coverage on the Hurst TD, and then a Borq punt that set them up inside the 50. Baltimore wasn't manufacturing shit besides that. As long as your DB's aren't getting lost in play action, and the front 7 is flowing and getting Lamar to constantly stretch to the sidelines it's not that crazy.
  3. It's going to be tough to kick the door down with Mahomes in the conference. He's head and shoulders above the next group of QB's behind him. Brady had Ben and Manning to battle it out with. Watson and Jackson are good, they ain't Mahomes. No one wants to hear it, but the best way to beat KC is keep that offense off the field, and hold them to FG's. If you want to beat them in a shoot out, it's not likely happen.
  4. Yeah the FA WR class sucks this year, so no shit McBeane. They'll draft 1 and call it a day. They should go in on AJ Green though.
  5. To digest this one. I'll try to be as brief as possible. So JA was the most JA we've seen. To his credit he made 3 big time throws that just missed. The deep corner to Brown should've been caught. Maybe he was a tad late, Smoke probably didn't have to jump and could've gotten a toe tap in there. The one to Duke called back for on the Kroft hold. Another one to Duke where he went back shoulder and Conley made just enough of a play to break it up. The bad. The grounding and then the sack was wild, the most wild part is somehow it didn't cost is the game??? Fucking amazing. The lateral was bat shit insane, but almost made sense. If we have Christian Wade there and not Knox, that's rugby 101 and we got a play to be made. I've been cool with Daboll all year, I was irked in this one. The Gore run was inexcusable. The offense had been fucking humming. Killed any chance at a TD to close the half. The OT playcalling/full spread had me livid. Granted if Knox or anyone decides to fucking make a block on the sweep it's a non factor, but to only get Motor 13 carries in a game where we were up and went to OT is damn near criminal. I'm not for sure how Beasley didn't get more targets in a game we throw it 46 times. If you give up 3rd and 18 on OT you deserve to lose. Milano and Edmunds fell asleep. Sick of Watson flexing. Only reason he stayed upright is because Milano fucking didn't wrap up and literally offset his downward motion from the Neal hit. I'm excited for Siran Neal next year. He's a fucking beast. I'm excited for Motor next year. He was our best player. Proud of Jerry Hughes and the entire DL. Jerry fucking balled out, and Murphy too.
  6. I think KJ has been has been balling. Plus he gets to go vs the team that originally drafted him. I like the juice.
  7. I hope Roby can't go. He's the guy I fear making a couple big plays today.
  8. For what it's worth we could use a dominant DL/Edge. The cost would be steep but if AJ Epenesa falls to the 10-12 range I'd love to see Beane make a splash. I trust McBeane to target and produce major talent on the defensive side of the ball regardless of moving up or down the board. The issue with going WR in free agency is that it's a super thin class, these guys are going to get top dollar. The list of viable #1/2 guys is basically Cooper, Green and Sanders. Personally I'd love AJ Green on a 3 year deal. I'll take my chances that this staff can keep him healthy and get him right.
  9. Praying for this in 2020. Jameis to the Raiders. This has to be a no brainer. Match made in heaven. Rivers to TB. Arians is having wet dreams resurrecting Phil like he did Carson Palmer. Brady to the Chargers. Brady to Hollywood is almost too good to be true. Eli to the Patriots. For pure comedic value. Hoodie meets Slackjaw, both retire after finishing 4-12.
  10. Smoke turned on a 50 yard TD vs the supposed best QB in the league. Tre shutdown his half of the field both games. Beasley posted 7 for 108 vs New England. You're a troll, do better.
  11. He's been like this since day one. Outside of getting roasted by AJ Green his rookie year he's been fucking elite.
  12. If Feely said it, dude is so full of shit. This isn't a 3 game slide going into the playoffs. Are Tre, Cole and Smoke bot flipping the switch because they sat last week? It's like saying teams that didn't win in the preseason can't turn on the switch.
  13. Nope. Missed plays and execution have been why this offense struggles. OC's always get the blame for that.
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