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  1. Naive to think you're having a Bills party, with a bunch of drunks, for the biggest game in 30 years and it's not going to be a bit fucked.
  2. lol wow. Breaking news: hosted a party with thousands of people and had to clean up the next day.
  3. I don't care if we take a RB late first. If it get a guy that is McCaffrey or Cook who is an explosive 3 down back it is worth it. You get the guy locked up for 4 prime years + the 5th year option I would never give a running back a second contract though. I don't love the Singletary/Moss combo because neither is a burner or a fucking horse. Moss runs hard but he's not a hammer like Blount or Alstott. Motor is nice but he has 2nd or 3rd gear. I'm 90% certain they'll run it back with these guys next year, but I wouldn't. You can see Motor long term is probably going to be a James White back, maybe a carry here and there but he's going to beat you in the passing game.
  4. Lol bold prediction Sean. KC has lost one out of there last like 33 games or some shit. The offense has to show up, period. They've been a little tight these last two games. There hasn't been any drive where you've just been like "damn that was easy". Defense has do do exactly what they've done the last two weeks though. Lock down in the red zone and take the ball away.
  5. Just think if Houston didn't fuck themselves over with Watson. Even without a first rounder this year Daboll + Watson would be nasty. I'm glad it appears we will get to keep him for one more year. Also the media is gonna hammer the league for Bieniemy not getting a job again. Crazy that an OC that doesn't call games isn't getting a head job.
  6. No. Lamar can't throw, that's what cost them on the pick 6. He picked up multiple third and longs because of his legs. Not being able to make plays from the pocket is what killed Lamar. The offense only scored 10 points, and a RB number was called once in the first half. Diggs was the entire offense and Smoke made a few plays but nothing spectacular. IDK how many games you bank on us winning with only 10 points on offense and very few trips to the red zone.
  7. True but Josh needs to look to be a playmaker, period. It didn't cost them today because Baltimore has a Pop Warner offense. If it's windy/rainy/fucked/whatever, he needs to look to make plays with his legs as well. That said. Baltimore's front 4 and Top 2 CB's are about as good as it gets. That's as tough as it gets from here on out. Time for guys to make plays and Daboll to find that rhythm where he's keeping defenses off center and guessing.
  8. Hughes, Johnson, Addison, Murphy, Edmonds, Poyer and Tre (almost roasted late) fucking balled. Hard to execute much better than that as a defense.
  9. Ok so the offense wasn't elite. Credit the Ravens and partly the wind. But.... That's Ravens' offense is a fucking gimmick. Frazier and MCd literally have the the best fucking gameplan for the triple option. Outside of that Hayden Hirst broken play last year we've 100% shut down this offense. Kudos to the Frazier and the entire defense.
  10. It's honestly and this isn't hyperbole, the biggest/best play in Bills' history. Even during the Super Bowl runs there weren't certain drives or plays that were iconic or monumental. The Bruce safety vs the Giants' would've been the biggest + Norwood's FG. Johnson's play so crazy. How many guys get a lick 2 yarda deep in endzone, in the dead center of the field and take that back for 6? That's not jumping a quick out at the goal line, it's a super rare play.
  11. I'd imagine they stay in house at OC. Literally no reason to change the system. You give it to Hall or Dorsey, add a few wrinkles and let Josh be the maestro.
  12. Eh.... Outside of the first Patriots game the defense has been fine when they gear up to stop the run. Specifically vs Henryband Taylor. A lot of talking heads want to point to the KC game. No shit KC ran, the Bills invited it we just couldn't get off the field on 3rd downs. Lamar is literally the anti Mahomes. As long as we are able to force and get off the field on 3rd downs we should control the tempo on this one. Make Baltimore establishand finish their drives inside the red zone and don't let them get those chunk runs and and big plays. They make a habit of beating down lesser teams, but if your offense can establish a lead and sustain it's a different ball game. Tennessee folded last week. Instead of going for the jugular they pussed and let Lamar make a big play to get them back in the game. I don't see Daboll and Josh going conservative at all. They saw what happened to Tennessee. Stay aggressive and play our game and good things will happen.
  13. Correct, just go out and do it. Also I love Milano but he was on Lamar and Watson's highlight reel last year looking like a fucking clown.
  14. He'll only get a few drives, Motor will see 80% of the snaps. This staff has never trusted Yeldon. Despite the fact he's been a very good receiver out of the backfield and you'd think he would've had a ton of utility helping Josh, especially last year as an outlet/checkdown. Hope he does make the most of it tomorrow, maybe hell steal a touchdown at the goalline or something.
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