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  1. Teams with the lead, and comfortable ones at that, run more. It's not run first, but being able to control the ball and make plays with the run game still matters.
  2. lol agreed but if Tua is serviceable they'll have a chance. Burrow and Herbert are killing it and Tua was arguably the most polished of the 3. I agree 7-9 is like, but would you be surprised if we were fighting with them to go 9-7 and win the division?
  3. New England isn't the threat, it's Miami. It's funny how everyone SLOBBED up NE's defense last year, literally saying it's the best ever. They played the same weak ass schedule we did + they were facing teams at times with the worst QB situation. Miami is the team to worry about. They're rolling the dice on Tua with Fitz on a hot streak, but we all know those streaks end. Despite Josh carving them up in Miami they have revamped that defense snd they can make some plays. Offensively they've got enough weapons to stay in games. Beating New England just puts the nail in the coffin for their chances as the 7th WC. My only worry is Josh comes on overhyped and missing throws. As long as he takes care of the ball this game shouldn't be close.
  4. I'm fine with the read opiton, as long as it is NEVER on 3rd and 1. Josh does fuck up the read a lot, but that's not even the main issue. Josh is a fucking tank, run the fucking QB sweep and keep it moving. Fuck him reading the edge defender from a standstill. Dude is 6'5 240, use it when you need it.
  5. No Smoke does suck, and limits some things, but not everything. Couple of things avout about today, not excuses just what ifs. Gabe's TD called back, Kroft turf monster and Zach Moss deciding there's no need to juke anybody and just TRUCK STICK the DB on that screen all could've been big play scores. Josh has to stop feeding Diggs early when he's double covered. After the first quarter for the most part he did. If teams are going to go heavy zone and roll coverage to Diggs, than Bease should keep feasting.
  6. Lol didn't they trade a first round pick for Clark? Just pay Jones a shitload of money at DT and spend $$$ on Honey Badger?
  7. It's hard to fet to the QB the way offenses are designed. Thos is why Donald is so valuable. He's not coming off the edge, he's coming right through the middle. We should've paid Phillips his 10M and cut Murphy. We knew a lot of that swagger and juice went out the door with Phillips and Lawson. Someone needs to pick that up. Epenesa needs to start logging more time over Murphy. Hughes and Addison need to dig deep into those old gas tanks and start making plays. Oliver needs to really step it up though. He's the key piece that could spark a turn around and it just isn't happening yet.
  8. I was in on him for actual $$$ laat year. He's an excellent weapon to add. Josh was forcing it to Diggs with Brown out. The drops from Roberts and Knox certainly didn't help him want to keep spreading it out. Motor is great as a change of pace back getting 12-15 touches a game. Bell is a real threat catching the ball, would be a great compliment to our guys and be able to lift the offense when other guys are out.
  9. It's a wrap for them. Injuries on the DL + trading Buckner is an absolute disaster. They have to win shootouts and they don't appear to have the QB or enough weapons to do that. They've beaten the Jets and the Giants. SF isn't even close to a viable playoff team at this point.
  10. Yeah NFL wanted to sweep this under the rug. He put the picture up before they could get their lie in order. IDGAF at this point. The only thing I think should have happened was the KC game shouldve been bumped to a MNF double header.
  11. Absolutely. Did you see Hoyer/Stidham? Anything giving them a chance to get Cam on the field is 1000 times to their advantage vs having virtual practices.
  12. Why exactly are they being rewarded for a poitive COVID test for Gilmore? I don't understand how this concession is made for them gmwhich just guved Cam a shot to get back, meanwhile the Chiefs game is set for Sunday. McD, Beane and Pegula should've fought tooth and nail to get that Chiefs game moved to Monday. The Steelers got a bye. The Titans get their schedule reworked left and right. We get two games moved within 5 days of eachother that was easily avoidable.
  13. Only thing I don't get. Why didn't they make the Chiefs game a MNF double header? ESPN pissed getting another game pushed back? They could've given ESPN the choice of which game to show. Or give ESPN the early slot. Week 6 is stacked from a TV perspective. Brady vs Rodgers is the 4PM Sunday game. Cowboys MNF. Rams and SF on SNF. So Bills vs Chiefs is the prime 1 PM game? What a waste in terms of a big time matchup.
  14. The most comical way this could play out is as follows. NFL actually enforces it's strongly worded memo and the Titans forfeit, W Bills. Meanwhile the Pats continue with positive tests through Saturday and Goodell hands them an L as well. Can you imagine Pats's fans losing their shit, down 3 games with a forfeit.
  15. The defense has been pretty ass, but.... This is kind of what happens when you jump on teams by 2-3 touchdowns week in and week out. They have to throw ot early and often and given the rules, and the emphasis on the quick pass game it's fucking hard for defenses to get stops against even aversge QB's. To me the blueprint to win against trams with good offenses was the first half vs the Rams. You need a couple timely big plays and that flips it. There was 3 in that first half. The back to back sacks to force the long FG which Sloman missed and then Wallace's INT. Throw in them holding off a long drive and limiting it to 3, it was text book in terms of making timely plays. One small thing I'd love to see is the DL getting their hands on more balls at the line. At the start of last year it was really something that jumped off the screen with how frequent it was happening to put teams into 2nd and 3rd and long or just getting off the field on 3rd down.
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