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  1. he is not reading his blocking right, on several plays he has taken the wrong hole, The blocking is not always perfect but he is missing holes and taking the wrong ones.
  2. jerry had a very poor game, lost contain on several plays, he needs to he benched
  3. Also reports that the Titans broke the rules and had people at the facilities last week.
  4. he made the first one but the referee made a bad call. His first career game he should of went 3 for 4. hauschka was not every good last year.
  5. alot of QBs missed open players today. it the first game back. Tom Brady looked bad today.
  6. I think it depends on the game. Moss will be the power back and Singletary will be the passing back/scat back role
  7. Ask Aaron Rodgers how a large contract works. a Few people with large deals rest of the team suffers. Your still a good team but not good enough to make the super bowl.
  8. Why did this become about Trump. I was just curious how they r spending the money. I was curious what tools they are using to help against racism.
  9. Where is all the money going and what are they spending it on? a lot of people and organizations are donating money but what are they doing with it?
  10. If you go undrafted for that than 95 % of all college player shouldn't be drafted. The media is grossly over playing this just like the Drew Brees statement.
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