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  1. give the kid a break. he hasn't done anything and u are already up his butt.
  2. Just because he's not in it of the money doesn't mean he will flush it down the toilet either.
  3. it's the same with Dak Prescott. he looked like crap but got alot of stats in garbage time. so they talk about his great season he had.
  4. He should of had at least 3 sacks. His miss tackles cost us the game.
  5. Marino is the best because he was doing it when it was a run heavy league. This league is now built to throw the ball. Marino did it when the defenders could contact wrs. Marino made shitty wr took great.
  6. he has not given up a passing td against him this year.
  7. I think the difference is that Allen is starting to play more loose and letting it fly instead of trying to throw the perfect pass.
  8. maybe he had to put more power into the throw because it was into the wind.
  9. Baltimore is a run first team and you need to force Lamar to stay in the pocket and throw.
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