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  1. The last 2 game their was really bad winds. that makes the deep ball even harder to throw.
  2. No one thought Brissett was going to be a franchise guy. He was aquired as a stop gap because luck got hurt and he didnt do very well in 2017 when he played. colts went 4-12 that year.
  3. Didn't the Pats trade Brissett for Phillip Dorsett. Dorsett is a below average wr. If they thought he was a franchise qb they wouldn't got traded his away for so little. Until this year Brissett was average and everyone was saying the Colts were going to be a horrible team because Luck retired.
  4. both lines got their asses handed to them today. U can't win if u get dominanted at the line.
  5. we get a 5th is the rumours he is back with Nate Peterman
  6. Last nites game showed that no matter how good you are if your O-line is shitty you will play like Shit. If your inconstantly being hit or sacked your qb will play like garabage.
  7. you also have to remember it was really windy so it make the long ball 10 times harder to hit.
  8. rush 4 and keep Allen in the pocket, Drop the rest into coverage and make Allen beat you with the short game. All they need is one or two mistakes from the Bills O. The Pats offense will score and they force the opponent to pass and Allen will start to force things.
  9. Josh throw 2 bad balls, When he missed Jones on the deep ball and he missed Jones and the curl. I think the back shoulder throw was miss communication between Allen and Brown.
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