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  1. Yeah fire Beane and bring on Donahoe, Russ Brandon, Marv, Buddy Nix, and Whaley so we can have a proper multi-generational rebuiild.
  2. Honestly, I think it was just a disgruntled former AT&T employee who just wanted to stick it to his former employer, but not coworkers or anyone else. He seems to have wanted to take himself out and say fuck you to AT&T for ruining my life.
  3. We're gonna get raped like Andy Dufresne during the showing of a Rita Heyworth movie. Pats 62, Bills 7, season ending injuries to half the team and COVID 19 to the other half.
  4. I say fire em both, bring back Gregg Williams and Tom Donahoe and maybe bring Rob Johnson out of retirement so we can have a proper 2 decade long rebuild.
  5. I hope he likes the dump truck full of anthracite I asked Santa to leave on his porch.
  6. Lets not give two shits about what the media has to say. I mean what the hell do they know? Matt Vanderame wrote an article before the 2018 draft that Allen was a bust and he kept serving the hater-ade until a month ago. Fuck the media (in the arse, we don't want those idiots reproducing), and have the Bills sole mission be to go 1-0 every week. For my part I will do my part by not watching this team and they have the talent and coaching to make me not watch them until early Feb. This team is scary good. If they avoid injury and play to their ability not even Kansas City or Tennessee can beat them. If they get past the Chiefs they will be world champions, and I think they can. Now if you excuse me, i think they get their asses kicked v the Cheaties, its just what Bellichick does.
  7. Because simpletons such as yourself cannot figure out that this team is well coached, and that they are smart enough to figure this shit out on their own and they don't need your advice because if they listened to you we'd have Josh Rosen and a team of scrubs coached by a fucking moron.
  8. No, they stomped us in Miami. We beat them in the rematch in Rich Stadium and then blew them out in the first round of the playoffs
  9. Yeah, fire him. I hear Gregg Williams is available. Rex Ryan is too. Say why not hire both of them? Also, can we get rid of Josh Allen? He missed that throw a couple weeks ago and Cole was wide open, and last week he was responsible for 3 plays not being touchdowns. The whole damn structure is rotten and we clearly need to rebuild. As it is, we have lost valuable draft position.
  10. That was a fun as hell play, but there have been two plays that stand out in my mind as better. Zimmer stripping the ball from Cam Newton. That play changed the path of our season and New England's for good. I mean we all knew what the Pats would do when they got the ball back late in the game. I mean we had all seen it a thousand times before. Brady, Cassel, Cam, doesn't matter, its just what the Pats do. They toy with us. They let us think we will win for 57 or 58 minutes and then they march down the field and win the game as time expires. So there was Cam, and he was having a great drive, and so yeah Cam is gonna run for a fresh set of downs and Justin Zimmer knocks the ball away and the Bills win. Then Tauron Johnson with the pick six v the Steelers on Sunday Night football. Allen is cold, the Steelers lead 7-3, and it looks like its gonna be one of those ugly grind it out wins the Steelers almost always win. Johnson's pick six changed the momentum in that game.
  11. Bellichick with any other QB than Brady is McD and Tyrod. Yeah, if we had kept Tyrod and built around him we would still be constantly competitive, but alas we would not have the potential to do much in the post season. Bellichick's bread and butter has always been his defensive sorcery. Brady gave him a field general on offense who could mindfuck opposing Defenses. I think if Bellichick had stayed in Cleveland (screw you Modell) he would have gotten them to a Superbowl win eventually but Brady is what enabled him to always be in the Superbowl conversation. I will give Brady his due, until Mahomes and Allen break every record he set, Brady is the GOAT.
  12. Its the Jim Marshall Effect, albeit on a more limited scale. Yeah, Jim Marshall was key component of the Vikings Purple People Eaters in the 1970s, started every game for almost 20 years and yet no Hall of Fame for him because everyone remembers one bonehead play he made in his second or third season in the league against San Fransisco. Honestly, the HOF and the Probowl are both popularity contests. White and Edmunds have been resurgent as of late, but yeah Cole and Poyer are more deserving of being named to the Probowl than Edmunds.
  13. My goats are in your gif. Fucking refs Balls: Everyone except Roberts, but I let him off with a warning.
  14. No we need to make Boston Town bleed. We need to hurt them, not just sweep them, but impose our will on them. I want to ground them down to pulp. I want us to run on them and pass on them. I want to slaughter them.
  15. Hope the Bills help him make up for it by helping him to get Superbowl MVP
  16. Ted Pilsner, Pilsner, Pilsner? Ah yes the guy who took performance enhancing drugs which gave him a stroke, and then during one of those torturous pats prime time games in the early 2000s they gave interviews with his family and friends and showed clips of a football game every so often. Fuck him. We need to hang at least 56 on them and hold them to 10
  17. I don't think that is going to happen. However, I could be wrong after all the refs are still throwing flags against us in Denver.
  18. Compromise, 10,000 fans in stands, crowd noise from 1990 game v Denver that caused Elway to fumble piped in to compensate for 61,000 not allowed in. Only Bills season ticket holders get tickets.
  19. Wait, what, who won? Lets see Miami is overrated, the Pats are eliminated and the Jets are singing of the glories of 1-13, so who won it? :D
  20. Of course they'll end up beating us by 20+ just watch.
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