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  1. If I was Daboll and the Bolts call me I take the call. If the Jets call, I say hell no.
  2. Balls: everyone except McD No McD does not get a goat but damn I wanted 63 and it was there for the taking.
  3. Didn't we win our last playoff game at like 1130 central 1230 eastern? Who cares? We get three hours more rest than a team that almost lost to the Jaguars.
  4. No no no, I wanted to hang 60 on those fuckers and we had time to do so, but no McD played nice. 63 was out there for the taking and damn it they would have had it coming, but we settled for 56, and its not like we played Allen the whole game. We put up an additional 28 points with Matt fucking Barkley. You got your ass handed to you by Matt Barkley and you bitch about us running up the score? Diggs was sitting, Allen was, we had best defenders sitting, and our backups in all half and you couldn't stop them? This isn't Brady murdering us in 2007, and staying in until the middle of the fourth. This was our backups.
  5. I am not all that sure about that. The fish are in the playoffs?
  6. Now now sackman, when I go negative, the Bills slaughter people. Its for their own good.
  7. No complaints, beyond satisfied by our reserves. Still McD was too conservative after the 2 minute warning in the 4th. Should have went for the single game point total. 60 was in their grasp.
  8. Retroactive prediction: Fish 77 Bills 3, Allen and co will flub this
  9. I can wait until the first round of the playoffs to see beez, but so help me you better show the titties. Actually, pathetic loser that I am, I am pretty sure a quick google search could show me their melons.
  10. Nah, as soon as he gets 40 yards he is wrapped in bubble wrap covered in bleach and disinfectant spray from Band and bodywork. Same for Diggs.
  11. I am hoping the Chefs lay an egg if we win the Divisional so that the conference championship will be in Buffalo.
  12. Damn now they will be distracted by the fans. 1 and done again, yeah, I have a bad feeling about this one.
  13. Yeah, good teams learn from their mistakes and they step up their game. This team is its record and is 4 or 5 plays from being 14-1. Think about that. Will this team win it all? Its too early to say, our goal needs to be to go 1-0 each weekend. However, can we win it all? Yes.
  14. It was good to give to the Oishei Children's hospital. Allen wins, the Bills win, the kids and their families win, we win, everyone wins.
  15. Yeah, not a fan. I witnessed the greatness of Kelly, and then I suffered through Todd Collins and Alex Van Pelt, there was the other kid but I forgot him like he did his playbook, I had false hope with Flutie and prayed Robosack wouldn't be a bum, I thought Bledsoe would save us only to see him collapse. I suffered through JP Lossman, Not Jim Kelly Hopeless, Trint Edwards, Harvard Fitzmag/tragic, EJ Manuel, Thadeus lost cause Lewis, Jeff Tuel, Uncle Rico, Tyrod, and Petermeme. Fuck you if you don't stay with your team when your qb leaves.
  16. They do have a point, we have not won a playoff game in 25 years. That has to be our next focus. We have to win in January and February and then we can shut these insuffeble anal creampie recipients up.
  17. Bellichick is a loser. Who cares what he thinks. Look, Brady made that team a hell of a lot better than Bellichick did. Bellichick had 2 winning seasons ever without Brady, 1 with the Browns in 1994 and 1 with the Cheaties in 2008. Without Tom he is an incredibly overrated coach. Who the hell cares what a loser thinks. I don't. Fuck him.
  18. The Bills have a long history of pick one 1) sucking in prime time 2) losing to the cheaties 3) playing down to their opponents 4) losing trap games. Patriots 77 Bills 0
  19. I tell ya what man, Fred VanVleet would do wonders at providing leadership for this year's Wichita State shockers in the first season of the post Gregg Marshall era. NCAA eligibility rules make it impossible, but damn he'd be able to help that team.
  20. Kinda reminds me of 2008 when so many around here were saying er mah gaw we are gonna get Tony Gonzalez!!!!! Yeah, this has about as much of a chance of happening.
  21. Way too much optimism. This Bills team is 7-9 tops. We're gonna get destroyed. Oh just awful Cheaties 73 Bills 0 (4 wins vacated)
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