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  1. A Bruce Smith type DE and a Thurman Thomas type RB
  2. Have my normal bad feeling about this game. However, I don't think its going to be as intense at least for me, because after stopping Indy last week despite the refs we are officially playing with house money. It will be close, that's all I know.
  3. Wait, is that Kyle? Retirement has been brutal to him. OH and if that makes you angry, have a sense of humor, I loved Kyle Williams, hard worker, total team player, locker room leader, and great family man. . . .
  4. Nope, its a return to one year away. For 17 years it was maybe they won't completely suck ass this year. Now its, we have a very small window either this year or next to win the whole damn show.
  5. Great QBs make everyone on their team better. Belichick has only made the playoffs once without Tom Brady, and that was back in 1994. The Colts were complete shit without Manning, and the reason they went out to get Rivers was because they were complete shit without Luck. The Broncos were complete shit without Manning. Having an elite QB covers a multitude of sins. In time the Bills will get the supporting cast around Allen, but he is going to make us a playoff and/or Superbowl threat every year.
  6. You forgot the Miami game the year before, and the Jaguars game in 1996, and the Jaguars game and Texans games the past two years. We are a cursed team that is finally winning again.
  7. Marv Levy used to say you make your own luck. Good teams actually get calls their way a lot more than bad or mediocre or even above average teams. Chiefs? Pats* (when they were a dynasty of fucking cheats)? They get the calls their way because the refs tend to think they are good.
  8. Its always going to be Rich Stadium to me, and frankly I will always hear Van Miller calling the game in my mind.
  9. All I am gonna say is he better thank God the Olympic anti doping people don't have any authority over the league. It ain't witchcraft, well the greek word for drugs is the root word for sorcery, no its drugs. When that gets found out we must never let the media forget it.
  10. If Daboll gets a gig elsewhere, I would hope we would at least think about interviewing Palmer
  11. Yeah, I am all but done with them if they can't get out of the first round. I have a very bad feeling of doom regarding this game.
  12. We're gonna be beat by the Colts. Its our destiny and our doom. Colts 37 to 7
  13. I see your point, but what if you get to their 1 yard line with say a chance to run one more play. Do you kneel, or do you go for it?
  14. Were their backups in yet? No. If your starters can't stop our backups then you have no business in the playoffs. Again, if Josh does this to you, yeah its bush league like the Cheats did. Matt Barkley? Matt Fucking Barkley? You can't stop Matt Barkley from tearing you a new one? You suck ass.
  15. And as we saw with JP Losman, Trent Edwards, EJ Manuel, Todd Collins, and even Rob Johnson benching a young QB because he is fucking up only serves to demoralize and destroy them as players. Allen was blessed to take his lumps as a rookie. He did not want to be a loser and worked for the past two years to be one of the top 2 or three qbs in the game. Other mistakes the Fish made? Firing his OC. Its ruinous to play musical chairs with OCs and QB coaches for a young struggling QB.
  16. To an extent you are right, but by killer instinct I mean knowing about when to keep going for it, say putting up 38 against the Pats, but knowing when to pull out key players to avoid injury. There was no reason for Cole to be in against the Pats at that stage of the game, but on the other hand killer instinct means if you have the chance to set a franchise scoring record against a hated rival its okay. I would have used my time outs and gone for 62 or 63 against the Fish.
  17. Exactly, Chan makes average QBs look good. Imagine what he could do with a great QB. Oh, and if we have reservations about Chan, get Jordan Palmer in here.
  18. McD. Daboll will cause a step back next year, but honestly McD will keep this team well prepared and Allen should be fine. Honestly, I would not be too against bringing in Chan Gailey to be Allen's OC. Gailey loves airing it out and so does Allen, and Gailey has never had a QB as good as Allen.
  19. Even McD up until the Seattle game would have done that. I used to get pissed that he didn't have a killer instinct. He does now. I don't know what changed him, but I am glad it did. My God, the demolition job this team does to good teams and bad is beautiful. I cannot, even in the Superbowl era, remember when this team's starters would scorch someone for a hald and then see the reserves play with the same intensity. Rob Johnson in the 1998 and 1999 finales maybe, but other than that I really do not remember the last time we clobbered people every week, especially people who had so much to play for.
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