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  1. Right now, this is a club that has a ceiling of 10 wins and a wildcard. We still need to build at WR and in depth but I think we have a slight window opening up.
  2. I had one of those back in the nineties. Could never get the receiver to stick so you would always hear that racket that let you know you had not hung up your phone.
  3. Banned from the NFL for life after just one game against the Cheats for having the audacity to bring Brady to the ground.
  4. Barring serious injuries this team has the talent and the schedule for 10 wins and a wildcard spot. If they don't deliver then heads need to roll
  5. My take: Week 1, Sept. 8: Bills at New York Jets (1 p.m.). L, Going to be a close game, I want an opening day win, but I give the Jets this one in Joicy, 0-1 Week 2, Sept. 15: Bills at New York Giants (1 p.m.). W, the Gimps have no sense of direction. Should be a blowout win, 1-1 Week 3, Sept. 22: Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals (1 p.m.). W, I like us in the home opener, 2-1 Week 4, Sept. 29: Bills vs. New England Patriots (1 p.m.). W, close game, and Satan's favorites are never at their best in September, close hard fought battle, 3-1 Week 5, Oct. 6: Bills at Tennessee Titans (1 p.m.). W, the Titans -at least on paper are a squad we should match up well against. 4-1 Week 6, Oct. 13: BYE WEEK Week 7, Oct. 20: Bills vs. Miami Dolphins (1 p.m.). W, So glad we play Fitz after September, by late October Fitz' quality is always plunging. 5-1 Week 8, Oct. 27: Bills vs. Philadelphia Eagles (1 p.m.). L, Don't have much hope for this one. 5-2 Week 9, Nov. 3: Bills vs. Washington Redskins (1 p.m.). W, Snyder is one of the lousiest owners in the league and the Skins are hapless. 6-2 Week 10, Nov. 10: Bills at Cleveland Browns (1 p.m.). L, it will be a close loss in the dawgpound against a much improved Brownies team, 6-3 Week 11, Nov. 17: Bills at Miami Dolphins (1 p.m.). W, Close game in Miami but a win comes our way, 7-3 Week 12, Nov. 24: Bills vs. Denver Broncos (1 p.m.). W, I'll take us at home with so much to play for in late November, 8-3 Week 13, Nov. 28: Bills at Dallas Cowboys (4:30 p.m.).* L, Dallas almost always comes to play on Turkey Day, 8-4 Week 14, Dec. 8: Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens (1 p.m.). L, it will be close but we have not faired well against Baltimore, 8-5 Week 15 Dec. 15: Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers (1 p.m.). W, as of now -and that is the key word, the Steelers are in complete rebuild mode. We squeak by them, 9-5 Week 16, Dec. 21 or 22: Bills at New England Patriots (TBD). L, blowout loss right before the playoffs. 9-6 Week 17, Dec. 29: Bills vs. New York Jets (1 p.m.). W, Win and we are in, 10-6
  6. My sentiments exactly, of course we might always trade someone and get back into the first round next year. Or Manuel could magically develop immunity to injury and accuracy throwing down the field.
  7. He's an all around class act, in future I'd love for him at least to get a coaching gig in the NFL
  8. I know all about this and its true, shit floats for some reason.
  9. 393 threads to choose from, all are HOF calibre. http://buffalorange.com/search.php?searchid=350572&pp=50&
  10. Mehs and Meathead have always been my favorite posters. Good job once again Pete, and excellent interview Meat.
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