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  1. You enjoy watching this game, I will not be watching, listening, or tracking this game. The Chefs game in October was the last one I watched. I ain't doing that again. God willing I won't be watching the Superbowl either. Damn the NFL better bring back Harry Kalas, Jeff Kaye, or John Facenda to give this team the narration it needs. . . .
  2. IF I am Reid, its a no brainer. IF anything is majorly wrong with Mahomes, he rides the pine. Hell, after that injury Allen had v the Raiders I wanted Barkley. I felt the Tennessee and Chiefs games needlessly exposed him to further injury, and I would have held him out to the Pats game.
  3. I dunno, Josh is beginning to get BS calls that go in his favor, my favorite was his flopping to get that unnecessary roughness penalty. That is something Bills qbs haven't been able to do since Kelly.
  4. He is, and he scores touchdowns in their hundreds and he consumes defenses by shooting fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse.
  5. I think the Chiefs break the 1940 Bears' 80 year old record for most points scored in a single game and largest margin of victory. Its going to be well have you seen Shawshank Redemption? Imagine if you will that we are the fat guy and then somehow after getting bludgeoned to death that we get gangbanged by the guys who attacked Andy Dufresne. Oh its going to be terrible. I can only hope we hide Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs in an undisclosed location. Oh its going to be terrible. I ain't gonna watch a minute of it. I think I will go crow hunting instead.
  6. I appreciate what you are saying, and if this was the regular season, or even if it was the wildcard or divisional round then Mahomes is probably benched. However, this is when the ad revenue really comes to play a factor and the league may risk his long term health to turn a buck today.
  7. Wrong on all counts. This is the NFL's marquee match up. Unless Pat Mahomes is in a coma and Josh is on a ventilator, they will be playing. This is not just the AFC Championship game. Oh no no, its the prime time showcase game. Its the one they want to show to the casual viewer of the game so they can sell product. Its the one they want to use to hook fans on the game. Its the one they want to use to sell jerseys. Pat Mahomes and Josh Allen sell jerseys. Matt Barkley, and Chad Heiny don't.
  8. I have my usual bad feeling about this one and will not be watching.
  9. Offense: Get out the checkbook and write Allen a sum that will make him happy, his hospital able to take of every sick child in North America, or at least east of the Mississippi, and see if we can do similar for Diggs. Draft a running back of the Roger Craig, Thurman Thomas, Fred Jackson/Beast Mode variety who can burst for 5 to 10 yards at a time and catch passes out of the backfield so defenses won't be able stop up our receivers. A running back will also be able stop defenses from trying to murder Allen. Maybe upgrade at TE? What would everyone say this team needs to do in the offseason? I would say we need to get a dominant pass rusher of the sort Mario Williams was overhyped to be, who Aaron Schobel was a lot closer to being, and who Bruce Smith was. Yeah, we get Star and some other fat bodies back next year it will help our run, but we need to sign or draft an edge rusher. Depth, Depth, and lots of depth.
  10. He's already cleared concussion protocols. I wanted the Browns to do this, but well fuck em, I guess we'll have to have the Bills shut em up.
  11. I am of mixed opinion regarding next week. On the one hand I would like to let the Bills speak for me and let them win the AFC Championship just so I can tell every uppity, bandwagon, fucktard Chefs kingdumb moron to STFUB. On the other hand, I would love to see the Browns upset the Chiefs and for the Bills to play at home next week for the AFC Championship game. Also, I did a lot of weird shit after that game last night; I bought a Josh Allen jersey, the table where I fold my laundry is busted in half, and my side hurts, anyone else?
  12. Go Browns, we match up slightly better v the Chiefs, but I like the Bills in a home game.
  13. Oh man, go Browns. You guys fucking deserve another home game this year. I am not a Buffalonian and have not yet been, maybe after the COVID restrictions lift I can remedy that. Bills fan for 31 years? Yes. Been to Buffalo? No. No matter, Rich Stadium deserves another AFC Championship game.
  14. You know what? Fuck him. Yeah let them get their socks out and fingerbang themselves to Pat Mahomes and Baker Mayfield. We'll beat em and go to the fucking Superbowl. Fuck em.
  15. If he is anything but coach of the year then that award means jack squat.
  16. The one who sucks is you. You suck so bad you tarnish the good name of the women in the Porn industry.
  17. It is a problem, I agree. Its also a bit of a dilemma. I mean on the one hand Trump was inciting people to violence, we're gonna go down and I will be there with you. Also, you had some of the more violent people organizing via social media. That is a problem. Honestly, I would have suspended Trump for a day or so if I were Facebook or Twitter, and maybe permabanned those who directly orchestrated and facilitated this, after a criminal trial. However, you are right, its not a good thing to shut down speech that you don't agree with. It only makes people more violent, and less likely to compromise and step back from dangerous ideas and listen to reason.
  18. Well to be sure, he tried independently of you to get a dominant WR two yrs running. Honestly, I think they know what they are doing. Trust the process Sean.
  19. If we can get JJ Watt then fine, don't take a DE. Take an RB, even if its a reach. We desperately need a back to give Allen an added threat so teams don't think we just have to shut down Allen and we win the game. Give Allen his Thurman Thomas.
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