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  1. Yes he was, and he would have stiff armed Chris Jones on his way to the endzone.
  2. I dunno about favorite Bill ever, but during the drought Its either him, Kyle, or Moorman. As pissed as I was that Wrecks Cryin let him walk, I am so glad that he was able to go to the playoffs with Seattle. IMVHO, if we had had 2008-2012 FJax in this offense we would very likely have beaten Kansas City. I am absolutely serious about that.
  3. No, this game was too big for McD. Chris Jones starts getting punchy and they don't flag him you call a time out. You send in Barkley, Mackenzie, and a scrub OL and you chop block him and end his career.
  4. Balls: Bills Mafia for turning out in the thousands Kicking teams Cole Goats: Coaching: unprepared and no adjustments Defense Offense
  5. He played not to lose. Honestly, I understand McD's logic, but this was going to be a war and in a war like this you do not play safe. You go for the kill shot. You get stopped? Fine. However, when you have routinely gotten touchdowns on 4th and short all year you go for it again. You are up 9-0, you don't rest on your laurels, you go for the kill. You keep going for the Kill because the Chiefs are not the Ravens, Jets, Pats, Broncos, Chargers, etc. . . . They are the world champions. Yeah, we got exposed. It hurts and it burns, but it may be beneficial in McD's development as a head coach.
  6. IIRC, one of the reasons Ralph fired Wade was his reluctance to can Bruce DeHaven. Pegs should pressure McD to can Frazier. This D is cream cheese soft. The O needs a running back upgrade, the D needs an identity change. Kelce goes for a pass, Kelce gets punched in the mouth, Tyreek Hill abuses a child, Tyreek goes to the morgue. This was the most embarrassing failure to plan to stop an offense since Seattle. Remember when their DC said, I thought they'd run more since we are good at stopping the run? Might have been San Fran too, no matter, one of said it. Anyways, cream cheese defense does not work. Physical defense does. We will never have that with Frazier.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree. The D has been a problem ever since the Houston game last year, and one could make the argument that its been a problem since the second Pats game in 2019. I do understand that they were down 4 starters from last year, but come on you couldn't plan on Kelce and Hill? Everyone knew Mahomes was gonna throw to them, it would be like if the Chiefs didn't try to lock down Diggs and Cole. He needs to go.
  8. Put me in and I could fall run a foot or two and fall down for 6 and a half more feet. I could do that every play.
  9. That was a flash in the pan Doug Marrone team that sucked before that year and returned to sucking after. McD will have this team ready to go next year.
  10. I mostly agree, last week v an AFC Central team when we scored 17 points and a high octain offense in the championship just had dejavu all over again. We need to draft an RB and we need to sign a dominant Defensive end and we need to learn how to go for broke instead of playing not to lose. When they were up 9-0 they went into play not to lose mode. No no. The Chiefs are what the Pats were with Brady, 60 minutes of hell. Yeah, you can beat em but you cannot ever let up.
  11. He has to learn. I think he will. Klaista, I think he will.
  12. If I was ever that wealthy, I would have about half my money in philanthropies, about 25 percent in the stock market and investment properties, and the rest? In non plague years I'd be backpacking and hiking and exploring across the world.
  13. No, that's wealth. Like him or hate him, Chris Rock put it best. Professional athletes who make millions a year are rich, the people who sign their checks are wealthy.
  14. You think we can hold em to 40? Oh hell no man, this game is already over. They are already preparing their Superbowl victory party. They already have victory banners ready. We are gonna be wiped out 91-0. I ain't watching, I'll be stocking the pantry with crow.
  15. Capacity is limited to 22,000 people who are asking for it. By it I mean covid. Kansas City is a major hotspot right now. Anyways, I am hearing 4 to 8000 Bills Mafia.
  16. I want to tell every single last obnoxiously annoying chefs fan that I know to shut the fuck up. IF the Bills win, I am going to get to work early on Monday morning just to see them take down that garbage they are doing with their T Rex toy at Union Station.
  17. Both, win now and get the missing pieces to build a dynasty.
  18. Chefs cook up a murder of crow for me 95-3, game over man season over man, not watching, gonna be cooking crow. . . .
  19. Because I love them. Because I have loved them for 31 years. Because I go off the deep end with my superstitions. I want nothing else than for them to win it all. IF that means I can only listen to the game so be it.
  20. I would so take a 2010-12 FJax right now. Actually CJ Spiller is exactly why I walk back earlier comments that I would not be against Chan Gailey coming back to be OC. Whenever we got in the redzone Gailey would park him.
  21. His worst problem was that he almost invariably disappeared in big game moments. Still a great QB, eventually Hall of Famer, and seems like a good human being.
  22. Nah, it put a chip on his shoulder. Last year that would have resulted in hero ball. This year it resulted in taking it up a notch. Well Josh, the media is saying you can't beat Mahomes. Go out and prove us all wrong. I myself have a worry you can't. IF Josh Allen beats Patrick Mahomes, I will actually prepare and eat an actual crow on youtube and post it here. That is how much I want Allen to win it all this year.
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