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  1. I have google fiber, and I stream from Disney+, Criterion Channel, youtube, and Amazon Prime Video. Amazon is 120.00 a year, Criterion is like 10.99 a month, Youtube is generally free, and Disney+ is 6.99 a month
  2. Oh well at least he was not Jeff Teul, Nathan Petermeme bad. I still have PTSD, Post Tuel Stress Disorder after that 100 yard touchdown pass he threw to the Chiefs in 2013.
  3. I thought I was really going to hate the broken up rams horns more than I did, but actually the helmet is something they got right. Actually the home uniform and blue color rush uniforms are solid as they took a classic uniform pretty much everyone likes (their pre 2000 blue and gold uniform) and updated it. I even kind of like the road uniform jerseys but I think they either need to use those blue pants or the yellow pants. Also they need to get rid of that patch. So really I rank the new uniforms as follows 1. Chargers (they still need to go back to San Diego but their uniforms are amazing) 2. Browns (they went old, but they added the best elements of their color rush uniform to make a very nice uniform 3. Rams (their home and color rush uniforms are great, the road uniform looks like someone spent a lot of time working on the home and alt uniforms and ran out of time to get the concept for the road uniform in) 4. Bucs (I know its not the creamsicle uniforms but the Pewter power uniform is back) 5. Colts (they didn't change anything, and their new logo shows how Irsay screwed over Baltimore) 6. Patriots. Should have went back to the 80s 7. Atlanta. FUGLY
  4. Many years ago I had a Thurman Thomas, Thurmanator II poster. I lost it about two moves ago, but it was a fun poster, anyone else remember such a poster?
  5. Well I never was a cut up, but yeah OJ actually was a tremendous athlete who could probably still take over a game even today.
  6. Who tears up Juice cards? He is a POS human being, but damn I have seen in game footage of him on Youtube and damn, an amazing athlete. I think he could still slice and stab through defenders today.
  7. As much as I hate Trump, I still am not buying that Biden is the man to beat him. The debates, because we would have to have at least one or two, are going to be the worst thing to happen to this country since 1865
  8. The Sedition Act of 1918 was stringently enforced. You were stupid enough to storm your governor's offices during WWI you were an agent of the Kaiser.
  9. Well you didn't tell me, so I will tell you. He is a convicted tax fraud. Even worse, those stupid and/or gullible enough to try his arguments get nice stints in Club Fed. Do you have anyone more credible?
  10. Who is he? Tell me who is and I will then decide if he is worth my time.
  11. Who is he, what is his expertise, and why should I give two shits about what he has to say?
  12. Snow Game (it was what meaningful December football in Buffalo should look like) Dallas and Pitt (I rank these equally because we just never win in either place, especially not in prime time and we did it) 2017 finale at Miami (Kyle scored a TD, what's not to love) 2018 at Minnesota 2018 season finale v Miami
  13. First punt of the season and Sean will be preparing for the draft and Lit will be calling for McD's head.
  14. I think the toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages taught stores to change the dynamic and will hopefully curb the panic buying. However, I think we are going to see price surges because in addition to COVID staples like beans are short because of 2019 crop failures and well you know how COVID has been breaking out at packing plants. I would not hoard per se, but I have been buying a second package of ground beef, a second package of steaks, a second package of chicken breasts and a ham the last two or three times I have ordered groceries. I will do so until I have a freezer full of meats and a pantry full of beans, rice, and pasta.
  15. If that happens its all about the playoffs. I know, I know, Baby Steps. . . . However, please keep in mind I was in 7th grade the last time the Bills won a playoff game. I would like to change that.
  16. Would Mahomes have been as successful here as he has been in Kansas City? Honestly, I am not sure. The Chiefs had surrounded him with lots of firepower, had a QB whisperer as HC (do keep in mind that Andy Reid made Matt fucking Moore look like an NFL calibre QB), and a system designed for an aerial assault. I think Mahomes would have done okay here, but he was not in the schema that our defensive oriented and smash mouth offense is designed for. However, if Allen has the same sort of evolution from last year to this year that he had from year one to last year here is a rough approximation of his stats: 65% completion rate, 4,104 yards passing, 30 TDs, 6 interceptions (each one meriting a thread from yours truly), and 15 wins.
  17. EJ was the least bad of a rancidly awful QB class, Tyrod was Black Alex Smith, TrINT was good until the Cardinals knocked him silly, and JP was a complete waste of a first round pick. Allen has actually showed improvement and so I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  18. Well, it has always been on Allen. My feeling is that Allen will not bomb this year, but if he does not get to at least .500 (because this is a much more difficult schedule than last year's we are going to have to move on.
  19. Well, nuggets of wisdom like this are why the Bills pay you what they do.
  20. by a score of 16 to 9? Its like saying I have less of a chance of getting COVID if I am in a room of 10 people who have COVID than I am in a room with 15. The best answer is to go to a room with 0 people. Why the fuck would I want uncle touchy or pussy grabber? For the second straight presidential election I am going green although honestly at this point Vermin Supreme is better than these two jokers
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