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  1. It may just me my computer or it could just be that you didn't add one, but do you have a link for this? I am not saying I don't believe you, but I would like a link
  2. 1. Trump is an asshole 2. Trump will win reelection 3. See point 1 4. See point 2 5. When you are willing to ask about why 2 and 4 are still true despite points 1 and 3, keep in mind that its mostly because these impeachment proceedings from start to finish were a blatant political witch hunt. Oh first it was the Russians, but when the proof of collusion was inconclusive it was the Ukrainian connection, and thrown in there was the pussy grabbing and all that other stuff. Yes, Trump is an unmitigated disaster, but so is the DNC strategy to deal with him. When they interviewed a black Democratic congresswoman from Florida who said all her life she dreamed of being in Congress and now she has the chance to impeach the president, I knew that this whole thing would end badly. This was an obvious stunt and always has been. 6. Worst of all, impeachment loses its teeth to deter from abuses of power and crimes against the constitution with liberal application like we have seen against Clinton and now Trump. Impeachment is going, in terms of efficacy, the way of our sanctions regimes against most of the world and medieval era interdictions.
  3. Okay, I have not really followed hockey all that much since about the early 2000s, I know the Sabres were really good until about 2007 when they had those fugly trumpslug unis, so what exactly went wrong with them? I remember back in the 90s that they were always at least competitive. Yeah I had DirecTv growing up and I watched Empire Sports primarily for Bills news that I could not get in Missouri and Kansas, but I watched enough of Empire to know the Sabres were damn good and that Brad May and Matt Barnaby and Miraslov Satan were some bad boys who could probably play linebacker in the NFL, so WTF happened to them? Also, is Rick Jeanarette still calling Sabres game or has he followed Van Miller to the pressbox in the sky?
  4. No, I am from Kansas City. I got Bills fever during the 51-3 stomping of the Raiders and I have been a fan ever since. However, until the past couple years I have not had much in the way of disposable income.
  5. Maybe its off topic too, but since I am going to Buffalo to see the Bills play this fall (the Chiefs game, hey I have heard a lot of shit from a lot of assholes this week and I would love to dish some of that back) and I am looking for recommendations of what to do in Buffalo a day or two before the Bills game and a day or two after, what are some things I should do and see in WNY? I know about the Falls, The Anchor Bar and Duffs, the Naval Park, but is there anything else? I love history, arts, music, so what is there to see in terms of that? Also, what are some good hotels in the city and about how much from those to New Era? This is all just in the tentative stages of planning and I will know more as the schedule is set and the game gets closer, but I would love to have a fun four five days Bills Vacation. Thanks for any tips and advice.
  6. I know some like Lit will blame Josh Allen for it just because he blames everything including Kobe's death on Allen, but the only place Allen statistically regressed this year was in number of sacks per game. He was actually sacked more 2.8 times per game in 2019 than he was in 2018 when he was sacked 2.5 times per game. However, the fact remains that while we have some people like Spain, Morse, and Ford (I like Ford but I think he was playing out of position last year to the detriment of his play and that of the OL), we need to invest heavily in the OL in either free agency and/or the draft. I won't even be all Mister Negative like Sean. If the Bills trade up again in the first and second rounds so we have 3 or 4 picks in the top two rounds and they take the BPA at WR and OL then I will allow a good edge rusher. There are a couple free agent OTs whom I really want us to pursue, and I hope we get one of them. I will only grumble if we take a CB, Willis McNugget, or Roscoe Parrish, Hardy type player.
  7. Social Democrat. There is nothing socialist about him. He is very much a middle of the European Social Democrat. Saying communism or socialism is right wing well poisoning.
  8. But not a first in terms of diplomacy. Yes Turnip gives the Ukrainians lethal aid, and yes Turnip is slapping [symbolic] sanctions on Nordstream 2 and Southstream so he and his buds can sell American LNG at very expensive prices, but the Ukrainians are very skittish about anyone who has good relations with Russia. This has more to do with them making sure Trump is not actively doing Russia's bidding than them caring that Turnip is a psychotic asshole.
  9. I think another way people are misreading this tweet is by thinking someone on minimum wage in 2009 is still at that level today. In 2009 I was at Wal-Mart making 8.10 an hour for a level 1 one job. In my current line of work I make 22.50 an hour. I do not think this post was about someone staying at minimum wage, but asking why minimum wage has not increased with cost of living increases.
  10. I agree, we have 9 picks, Beane probably deals us down to 5 or 6 picks in the first three rounds. I can even allow him 1 defensive player if he uses the other 4 or 5 to get us upgrades at OL, WR, TE, and depth
  11. Greens, and the only way I vote for either of the two main parties is a state dept job to Moscow or Berlin, and a billion dollars
  12. Nope, 7-9. They were 9-7 when they hired Rex Ryan. McD was hired after a 17 year drought. He had a much bigger hole to dig out of. Also, do you really think Ryan Tannehill is going to get the Titans to a Superbowl, and give them long term success? McD and Beane are building a much more solid and long lasting success. Year one they went to the Playoffs with the assorted garbage of Donahoe, Levy, Nix, Brandon, and Whaley. Year two they tossed that crap out and got their future QB and the heart of their D. Last year they got the D in the shape they wanted and got us depth for the O. This off season they get the O where they want it. Lets be a bit calm about McD. He has done nothing to tell me he should be fired. Nor has Beane.
  13. Meh, I turned over my Bills heartache after they lost because its college basketball season which means the Shockers will find creative ways to abuse me in March. Then its a long summer of substandard Royals baseball followed by the Buffalol Bills. Wash, rinse, repeate ad nauseum
  14. 1. Was money sent in for these prizes? If not, I am not sure if the courts will want to get involved in an internet spat 2. Lit, just send the gifts to these people. Its bad PR if you don't, and besides sending the prizes clears the air so folks can fight over whose fault is it that Allen is not yet a HOF QB.
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