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  1. What is Allen's record v Tyrod's record? Tyrod was safe and mistake free but he could not overcome his mistakes. Allen can shit the bed and then come through when he needs to. Is Allen frustrating as hell to watch? Yes. However, for this season at least he is the only guy I want at QB. I saw Barkley and while he was pretty he just could not get it done.
  2. Sean, you complain about them building the D first. I frankly have no issue with that strategy, but with a major caveat. The D is - with some depth - where it needs to be. If they don't build the front wall and the WR/TE corps then we will be facing yet another frustrating raize and rebuild soon. That said, I think your angst is a bit misguided. I think they are enough to see they need some bluechips on the O. What needs to happen in the off season is that Daboll has to be let go, a couple more pieces need to be added to the OL and we need a legit top flight WR.
  3. How many comebacks or game winning drives did Tyrod have? I can play this game too
  4. This team with this management and coaching staff is in its 3rd year. Now FWIW, I had the Eagles as a loss when I first saw the schedule. That said, I think this game is a toss up. Will I be disappointed if they lose? Depends, they stay in it to the end and its less than 7 points than I have no complaints. However, I won't go Sean and Lit until and unless a loss to Philly becomes a loss to Philly, Washington, Cleveland, Miami. I will not judge this team on the merits of past regimes.
  5. On the other hand, if we are still taking teams lightly then yes the Eagles game could be very ugly for us. If we take them seriously we may be able to silence a few critics. We keep up this pace we could be bitching about being unconvincing at 10-1.
  6. I think Fergy is Sandbagging, and in part for levity. Remember, he is the same guy who said we would be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs by week seven. The only teams who are in that boat are Cincy and Miami
  7. I don't think it was too much rest, I think they just thought that they could win by just showing up. Kent Hull observed in 1992 that its so hard to keep focus every week in a sixteen week season, and so I think they relaxed just a little bit too much. Fortunately Miami has to keep down with Cincy and so they threw this one, but yeah I think they just looked past Miami and assumed the Fish would just roll over and die. I think they learned a very valuable lesson that you need to be ready every damn week. We will see how well they learned that lesson next week and the week after.
  8. Remember when Josh Allen was in Nashville in early 2000 and he distracted the refs so they could not see that that was clearly an illegal forward pass? Little bastard that Allen was and is. . . .
  9. Next year or maybe even the year after. This team reminds me of a squad we had about 31 years ago. A young gun and cocky QB who had the heart of a champ, a bone crushing D, and a solid running game. This year I think they get in at 11-5 or even 12-4, and they win a game in the playoffs before losing to our old foes from Bahstun
  10. That is one of the rule changes I would make. IF you win your division, yes you should get into the playoffs. However, I would seed the teams based on win/loss records. I would also change the Draft rules to stop tanking because quite frankly its obvious that Miami and Cincy are intent on tanking. I would do this by having a misery playoff. The four worst teams in the league have to compete for the right to win the number one pick. The two worst teams from the AFC and the two worst teams from the NFC have to face each other on the Saturday of the weekend of the conference championship games to earn the right to go to the Draft Bowl which would replace the Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl is complete and utter trash and nobody likes playing it. Make it worth everyone's while and make it meaningful. To stop a 4 team log jam, normal sudden death overtime rules apply as the game plays until there is a winner. No ties, you actually have to earn the right for the top pick.
  11. Lots of anti-fans/shit colored glasses wearing people here, and so I am curious, and don't lie to me, how good do the Bills have to be for you to stop complaining? Does a playoff spot do it? What about a playoff win? IF they won the Superbowl, would that be enough? I am just curious, because honestly way too many people on here seem genuinely and bitterly unhappy that this team is 5-1. I am not saying this team does not have lots of room for improvement, it clearly does. However, why the hell are you so pissed at us being 5-1? Please explain your reasoning because I cannot understand it.
  12. Which one of these comments do you disagree with? Your posting history indicates you think he is the worst QB to ever play, you believe he is woefully inaccurate, you think we will be getting a new QB within 2 years (in fact this 5-1 start pisses you off more than anything else because as the wins keep coming your argument gets more and more tenuous). You think he is mediocre, and you think he has zero touch. SO no, you fully agree with all of these. You hate him, and its laughable.
  13. Franchise QB? Well, I think only time will tell. The pros is he does just enough to get the job done and he is a winner and has a lot of heart. The promising stuff? He has greatly improved his completion ratio and he is learning to slide feet first and he has cut way down on interceptions in turnovers in the past two weeks. The cons? He still makes rookie mistakes when pressured. He needs to learn that sometimes holding the ball and taking a sack or throwing the ball away is far better than throwing a desperation heave into double or triple coverage. He also needs to be smart and not be afraid to audible when his OC gives him a dumbass play selection.
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