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  1. Yeah, as much as we all dread the mistakes he makes doing hero ball, we need to unleash him and let him do his thing because that is what he is. Teach him to slide feet first and then unleash him. He will get lots of picks but he will get lots of TDs too.
  2. Again, that is the thing that pisses me off about this team. I cannot figure them out. Are they the cardiac kids who win a hell of a lot of close games to good and bad teams, are they a vastly overrated team that got exposed and could lose the rest of the way out, or are they somewhere in the middle?
  3. I saw this one video that I want McDermott to check out. It says that if he stops Daboll from clogging up the Bills that our pleasure as fans will be a lot longer lasting and bigger too. . . .
  4. There is a reason there is a Bills banner in my office, but they have to earn the Kelly Jersey. I am a Bills fan, but the Bills have to win (no matter how ugly they do it) for me to wear their garb. I am so tired of them playing to the level of their opponents. Its not healthy. New England does not do this. Nor does Baltimore or any other contender.
  5. Until the Bills are eliminated from playoff contention I will look forward to Sunday. I am pessimistically optimistic that we can get to 10-6. What I want to see against the Fish is something we have not done all year. I want us to blow them the fuck out and beat em by 6 or 7 touchowns. I want Barkley in the game but only because the Bills are so far ahead that playing Allen would only risk injury. Miami is one of the shittiest teams in the league. I want us to beat the crap out of them and then the Broncos.
  6. The Rams are having a more disappointing season. Currently, and yes it is subject to change, the Rams are on the outside looking in and the Bills are still sitting in full control of their playoff destiny. The Rams are coming off a Superbowl and are supposed to be more talented than most teams. The Bills, well a lot of who are complaining see that they are so agonizingly close to being 8-1 and in the driver seat for the AFC. However, most also realize we are only approaching our window and we are not there yet. The Rams were supposed to be the proven commodity that would vie for another Superbowl. There was very little expected by most around the league for us. So as of now, and like I said its subject to change- the Rams are having by far the more disappointing season.
  7. Maybe, just maybe because for a lot of the Fina years the Bills had a HOF QB, a Hall of fame RB, 2 HOF WRs, followed by a HOF WR with very good complimentary receivers (Don Beebe and Bill Brooks), and Pete Metzlaars. Hell, I long for a Jay Riemersma any more. Oh sure Jay could drop passes too, but he could also come up big in the redzone. The problem was not addressing the front wall. The problem was incorrectly addressing the front wall. Morse was an understandable gamble that I have liked more than I have hated and I do like some of the linemen we brought in as depth, but only as depth. However, we need to build up in the draft. I do think Brown is a solid receiver. Hell, he might even become a #1 wr for us. However, we need to bring in more receivers in the draft and in free agency. The first 3 picks need to be BPA at OT, WR, and TE. Oh and for my money they need to bring in or draft a QB too. Go with Allen but give him competition in camp. Any other course of action shows me that they are not serious about being a winner and will waste yet again a D that is by and large where it needs to be.
  8. Daboll. I have lots of reservations about Allen, but Daboll cannot figure out that you have to go with a run oriented attack to beat teams that are bad against the run, but better against the pass. I am not sold on Allen, frankly he gets at least one more year, but Daboll and whoever is doing QB coaching is not doing their job.
  9. Josh Allen slept with Kim Pegula and burned Barkley's playbooks.
  10. last time Barkley played the offense scored nine points (none with him at QB) and when it mattered most Bellichick played the keyboard and he got picked off.
  11. Nah,he is just a dumb ass. True, he is smart enough to continue to steal Mr. Pegula's money -that speaks volumes about OBD's brain trust- but when it comes to playing football he is a dumb ass.
  12. Meh, my high school advanced to the District championship, my university won its first conference championship since 2003, and well the Bills were the Bills. So six good hours, and three sucky ones. Of course my high school and college teams' offensive coordinators would have probably have said hmmm, the team we are playing is bad against the run, we have good backs lets run the rock.
  13. Daboll needs to play to the strengths of this team. That means a lot more runs. Control the clock, tire out opposing Defenses, and win the game
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