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  1. Rams 77, Bills 0. Completely awful game not a chance. I normally wait until the second quarter, but uh yeah game over man, game over.
  2. He has got to get us to at least the AFC championship game before I call him an elite, but he is pretty damn good and is nowhere near his full potential and at this stage in his development I will take that every day. He has a couple measuring stick games over the next month. Goff and Mahomes. If he can beat one or both he may well be elite.
  3. I loved Fitz because for all his shortcomings and his inexplicable decline in ability every year where he looked Canton worthy in September only to fade away by December he was and is the hardest working athlete I have ever seen. I mean sure his hard work didn't pay off more often than not and he is one of those unfortunate QBS of the Chris Chandler school in that he was only good enough to lose, but he made bad football teams less excruciating to watch. So yeah, unless the Bills are playing his team I will cheer for his success until he retires.
  4. Great job by Allen, 400 yards? He is on pace for approximate 5600 yards
  5. Oh and Hipkat, does that gal in your av have a sister? Asking for a friend.
  6. you know how people say the streaking bison looks like a mutant cockroach? Well they are wrong. However, if you want to know what a mutant cockroach looks like well its whatever the hell that guy painted on his house.
  7. I have a girl friend with gravity defying basketball size tits, a great ass, a magnetic personality, hell of a cook and she keeps begging me to fuck her, she is great in bed btw and wants to have a threesome with her equally hot girlfriend. Her dad is a millionaire who wants me to marry her and will me the family's second and third yacht, a spare Rolls Royce, and a private island in the Maldives. That said, I can't marry her, too many stretch marks on her upper arms and she doesn't like cooking.
  8. damn, makes the royal blue and red paint scheme and standing bison I have on my basement wall and the Bills pennant seem mild.
  9. Balls: Allen (yeah I know he sucks and we need to get Barkley or Fromm in there to turn the season around, but seriously that was the best game of his career so far. Still has things to work on, like not fumbling and those wayward passes, but if this is his average game then yeah he is taking the next step) Receiving game (we controlled the clock and dominated the game with the pass Kicking game (not the kicker but the return game and kicking coverage) Defense (picking up where they left off. Sean enjoy it man this team has a badass D and an O that is rising to match First half play calling Goats: Our kicker (listen son, you are gonna have to get better or you are gonna be gone). Third Quarter play calling (McD, you have got to learn to go in for the kill) COVID-19, it was surreal to see Rich Stadium without all you Buffalo area maniacs there.
  10. On the one hand, yeah you want to see high round picks making an impact, but isn't it nice that we don't necessarily have to see them until they are ready and are still solid?
  11. Damn straight, except for our inexplicable 3rd quarter disappearing act, we played better than the score. Really, It should have and really could have been 42 to 3 at the half and we could have seen what Fromm and our backups could do. Except for our running game we dominated ever aspect of that game, and the running game only sucked because Manboobs did not respect our passing game and he rolled the die that for us to beat his D, Allen would have to do so through the air and Allen did exactly that. I cannot remember the last time, maybe Orton or Fitz, its been a while, when we had a qb who could guide the offense and drive down the field. Teams will now have to decide if they want to shut down the pass which opens them up to Motor and co or if they want to shut down the run and let Allen beat em through the air. We have the pieces at long last to do either.
  12. 70 percent of passes completed, 300 yards passing, two tds, several very good drives. I am far more worried about the two fumbles in the redzone than an off the mark pass.
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