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  1. It is a problem, I agree. Its also a bit of a dilemma. I mean on the one hand Trump was inciting people to violence, we're gonna go down and I will be there with you. Also, you had some of the more violent people organizing via social media. That is a problem. Honestly, I would have suspended Trump for a day or so if I were Facebook or Twitter, and maybe permabanned those who directly orchestrated and facilitated this, after a criminal trial. However, you are right, its not a good thing to shut down speech that you don't agree with. It only makes people more violent, and less likely to compromise and step back from dangerous ideas and listen to reason.
  2. Well to be sure, he tried independently of you to get a dominant WR two yrs running. Honestly, I think they know what they are doing. Trust the process Sean.
  3. If we can get JJ Watt then fine, don't take a DE. Take an RB, even if its a reach. We desperately need a back to give Allen an added threat so teams don't think we just have to shut down Allen and we win the game. Give Allen his Thurman Thomas.
  4. Have my normal bad feeling about this game. However, I don't think its going to be as intense at least for me, because after stopping Indy last week despite the refs we are officially playing with house money. It will be close, that's all I know.
  5. Wait, is that Kyle? Retirement has been brutal to him. OH and if that makes you angry, have a sense of humor, I loved Kyle Williams, hard worker, total team player, locker room leader, and great family man. . . .
  6. Nope, its a return to one year away. For 17 years it was maybe they won't completely suck ass this year. Now its, we have a very small window either this year or next to win the whole damn show.
  7. Great QBs make everyone on their team better. Belichick has only made the playoffs once without Tom Brady, and that was back in 1994. The Colts were complete shit without Manning, and the reason they went out to get Rivers was because they were complete shit without Luck. The Broncos were complete shit without Manning. Having an elite QB covers a multitude of sins. In time the Bills will get the supporting cast around Allen, but he is going to make us a playoff and/or Superbowl threat every year.
  8. You forgot the Miami game the year before, and the Jaguars game in 1996, and the Jaguars game and Texans games the past two years. We are a cursed team that is finally winning again.
  9. Marv Levy used to say you make your own luck. Good teams actually get calls their way a lot more than bad or mediocre or even above average teams. Chiefs? Pats* (when they were a dynasty of fucking cheats)? They get the calls their way because the refs tend to think they are good.
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