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  1. A couple questions for the gloomers, do you want to give some of the wins back? I mean suppose we limp along the rest of the way and play .500 ball. We win a few convincingly, say Washington and Cleveland, we get embarrased -that is to say we lose to someone we have no business losing too - by say Miami, and we get destroyed by the Patriots, but yet we go 10-6 and we make the playoffs because we got some lucky breaks early and went 5-1. Do you really bitch if at the end of the day we lock up a playoff spot? Or do you say, all in all not a bad season, we have a big cap ceiling and we can build from here?
  2. I'll give you that. It would be nice to have some wins where we go into the half leading by a couple TDs and not have to worry about the third quarter. Still, while I see lots of room for improvement, I am overall content with 5-1. Before it all began I had this team starting at 6-2, losing to the Pats, and Eagles. So if they lose, but play well v the Eagles I won't worry too much. However, if we lose to the Eagles and the wheels fall off and we lose to Washington, Cleveland, Miami, etc then yeah I might join the doom prognosticators. We lose to the Eagles and we bounce back and are say 9-2 when we face Dallas I won't complain too much. We go into Dallas 10-1 well I don't think, given just how much work this team has to do before they are where I want them (we have got to build the front wall on the Offense, we have got to get a top flight WR and/or TE, and we have got to build depth for us to be an elite team), I really will be hard pressed to complain at all. Someone asked can I be a fan and a realist? Sure, the real is this. In past years we would play a bad team (the Bengals) and lose a trap game before the Pats. Then we would lose to the Pats and be banged up doing so. Then we would lose to another shit team (the Titans) after the Pats. Then we would go into the Bye and come out rusty and be embarrassed by the Dolphins. Yeah, in years past we are easily 2-4 at best right now. This year's team, in the reality we exist in, did not do that at least not yet. Do they frustrate the hell out of me? Sure. However, it is very hard to bitch at 5-1.
  3. 1. I will believe it when I see it, and IIRC there were similar rumors swirling about that team last year. 2. IF Brady retires, he won't regret it 3. IF Brady decides to move to another team, he might find he regrets it far more than Belichick. I hate the guy (primarily because of what he has managed to do, especially against us), but I would really hate to see him overstay his physical abilities in the league
  4. As long as its not a Kelvin Benjamin clone then I am all for it. Talentwise and physically, Benjamin was appealing, but he had no heart for the game. True, when Tyrod Taylor and Nathan Petermeme and a rookie Josh Allen (last year's product who could throw a shiny long pass, but who completed so few of them) then yeah its hard to care. However, even when targeted he just never tried. So if we could get a player who had his talent and build, but one who did actually try then I would be for it for a price. However, I would not drop a lot of money or draft position unless I could get a top flight OT
  5. Okay, you want realism? Fine. I will give you realism. First thing, we have a great D. Half of the commentary on here is that the D had an off game. I agree, they did. If they have too many more of those then they will lose. However, that is pessimism. On the Offense, well that is the part of the game that scares the shit out of me. One can tell that Allen has really worked on the short and medium game and why not, the long ball is pretty for the highlight films, but the short passing game is where the game is won and lost. One can tell that Gore, Singletary, and Yeldon are pretty good runners. One can tell we are at least somewhat improved at WR this year. That is realistic. What is also realistic is that the OL does not open up running lanes and it still allows way too many sacks and pressures, and in several games this year I have seen Daboll play away from our strengths and try to play away from the opponents' weaknesses. Lets look at the Miami game, you have the 6th best running game in the league and your opponent is 31st against the run, what do you do? Run the ball down their throats all day long, control the clock, tire them out and then mix in the pass? Well, that's what I would do. If you're Daboll its time to open the game by airing it out. That is realism. Realism also is able to look at 5-1 and say the Bills have had some lucky breaks. This is true. However, a lot of luck in life is created by you and is you being able to capitalize other's short coming. IF you play a team whose kicker is suspect you do what you can to shut them down so they cannot get past your 25 yard line and you make that kicker beat you. IF you are a certain 7-0 team that has not played anybody and you have the greatest coach of this generation and you see your opponent has shoddy punt protection you exploit that and you block that fucking punt. So yeah, a lot of luck is self created. Are we lucky that the Giants stopped Barkley? Yes. However, they did and we exploited their stupidity. More realism, this team seems to be cursed by playing down or up to the level of its opponents. It gives its all against the Pats and then mails it in v Miami. Going forward this needs to be coached out of them, but its obvious that this is what is going on. More realism, you only play the schedule you are given. This team may be the worst 12-4 team in league history. IF we are talking on terms of talent and W-L record I think only the Pats, Cowboys, and Ravens beat us the rest of the way. Some will bitch and scream about that. From reading this thread, I know who most of those are. However, winning also makes you attractive to good free agents much like good credit is attractive to lenders. You want top flight OL and WRs? Tell them, you are our missing piece, come in here and be a winner. Winning also is a lot like energy or money. It tends to compound and build on itself.
  6. You are pathetic, the whole rotten lot of you. You want this team to suck just so you can say "see!" Fucking pathetic, I mean what is the point of even being a fan if you feel that way?
  7. I am about ready to be run out of here, but I think Miami is going to be the team who upsets us. They won't lose them all. I think we could beat New England, but Miami games are always too close for comfort.
  8. Could you imagine how the amount of cognitive dissonance would be required of Lit if we actually won in Foxsboro? I don't think we will, but could you imagine? Dear God, the rest of the world would take us seriously and the sad sack of crap would be moaning
  9. That actually violates a league rule and could be costly to them if it was ever enforced.
  10. Wasn't this basically the plot to Rocky I? Nobody whined about Creed and in the second nobody said Balboa blows because he beat Creed.
  11. What is Allen's record v Tyrod's record? Tyrod was safe and mistake free but he could not overcome his mistakes. Allen can shit the bed and then come through when he needs to. Is Allen frustrating as hell to watch? Yes. However, for this season at least he is the only guy I want at QB. I saw Barkley and while he was pretty he just could not get it done.
  12. Sean, you complain about them building the D first. I frankly have no issue with that strategy, but with a major caveat. The D is - with some depth - where it needs to be. If they don't build the front wall and the WR/TE corps then we will be facing yet another frustrating raize and rebuild soon. That said, I think your angst is a bit misguided. I think they are enough to see they need some bluechips on the O. What needs to happen in the off season is that Daboll has to be let go, a couple more pieces need to be added to the OL and we need a legit top flight WR.
  13. How many comebacks or game winning drives did Tyrod have? I can play this game too
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