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  1. Just so you know, when you're at work she goes to estate planning seminars to ensure that she is the primary one in your will. . . . Seriously though, beautiful animal and I am glad you saved her.
  2. RAAAAAAAAAACIST!!!!!! Errr There is a sign in your office that is all crooked and stuff Errr I mean praying for you Meaty. You are one of the good ones on these boards.
  3. RB can even be signed after the draft. I would get us BPA at OL in the second, BPA WR or OL in the third, and then in the lower rounds I would take a project QB, a Punter, and some depth.
  4. To be fair, I think we paid an awful lot for Diggs, but if we can get an OL or two in rounds 2 and 3 I won't be too pissed.
  5. Wah Wah Wah, we never get top talent. . . . Bills sign top talent. . . . Wah wah wah, we gave away too much for top talent.
  6. Not really, I am going to borrow half of my 401K to buy a house, I need to get away from my landlord and landlords in general and so I am going to combine that and my savings to put down a hefty down payment (1/3) down. I am then going to be happy that I have 30+ years until retirement.
  7. Jim Baker? Wow, he was one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse in the 80s aka one of four who led more people away from Christianity than anyone else. Lets see you had him and Tammy Faye, Brother Bob "the farting preacher" Tilton, Peter Popoff, and Jimmy Swaggart. Throw in Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Benny Hinn and you get so many walking away from the faith. Damn tragedy he's still ripping off the gullible.
  8. Wonder what that is going to do to our economy. Not saying you are wrong, just wonder what that is going to do to the economy.
  9. He is a crap president, but the worst president ever was a Democrat: James Buchanan- He advised the SCOTUS how to rule in Dred-Scott which tore apart the Missouri Compromise and ignited the Civil War and he also did nothing as state after state seceded from the Union. Second Worst? Herbert Hoover, did nothing while the country plunged headlong into great depression and when WWI vets marched on DC to get their bonus moved up by 14 years that asshole sent in the military Third Worst? Rutherfraud B. Hayes You think 2000 and 2016 were clusterfuck elections? The Election of 1876 and the back room deal of 1877 laugh their asses off at you. Imagine if you will that there were two different sets of ballots for the presidency. Then imagine a Democrat named Sam Tilden wins the popular vote and one set of electoral votes but that Hayes, a Republican wins the other. Imagine if you will that a shady and slimy backroom deal is brokered where Hayes gets the president in exchange for ending reconstruction and removing the federal troops from the south upon which the first civil rights movement was hitched to. Throw in some dreadful policy towards the Indians and laissez faires economic policies which sparked the first gilded age and you have the Hayes presidency. Fourth Worst? George W "Shrub" Bush Illegal invasion of Iraq that destabilized that region for at least the next 20 years, broke all concepts that the United States adhered to the norms of international law, sowed the seeds of the Syrian civil war, imprisoned American citizens without trial (yes Jose Padilla is a terrorist, but like him or not and I really hate the guy he is an American citizen which meant that he needed to have his day in court), passed the USA PATRIOT Act, and tanked the economy Fifth Worst? Richard Nixon Watergate, started the full on assault on the American middle class, only his resignation and partially successful foreign policy keeps him from being even lower on this list Dishonorable Mentions: Jimmy Carter (one of the best ex presidents we have ever had, but a woeful president); Ronald Reagan (perhaps the most overrated president ever); Warren G. Harding, U.S. Grant, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump
  10. I am not against taking a QB, but we need to draft WR or TE, OL, and DL and maybe a RB and K before we do.
  11. Now to spin SC in a way CNN and MSNBC have spun all of Bernie's primary wins -and if you look at the numbers its actually supported by statistics - majority of South Carolina Democrats back candidate other than Joe Biden.
  12. Sanders did not praise communism in Cuba or the Soviet System, he praised them for policy points that -while the underlying ideology is hideous and vile - actually succeeded. The Soviets stamped out illiteracy (100% literacy among an adult population is a success no matter who does it) and the Cubans have a very good healthcare system (again that is an achievement no matter who does it). It was not a praise of Marxism Leninism or Castroism, but of the achievements. I personally abhore communism in practice because while there are parts of the the manifesto that are actually very forward thinking and should be used, I see that time and again it does not work in reality outside of say consecrated religious life or hippie communes. Communism, much like Capitalism, reduces a person to a means of production who is controlled by forces of economic predeterminism. For me, a well regulated free market economy works like no other and creates upward mobility like no other. Now, I did study Russian Soviet history and so I can say I know some of where Bernie is coming from. For me, Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism was a criminal enterprise that is responsible for the deaths of 9 million people. Richard Pipes and Robert Conquest's tally of 40 to 60 million is a cold war neoconservative construct designed to make Soviet Communism out to be worse than Nazism. The numbers we can find from the statistics and the Russian state and FSB archives is 9 million. However, at great cost to human life and dignity, the USSR did do many very incredible things. Within a decade the first and second five year plans -in a tragic (4 million died of famine, more in Kazakhstan than Ukraine, Holodomor as interpreted by Ukrainian nationalists now in power in Kiev aka the intentional program of genocide against Ukraine is a fiction) and comedic fashion - built a modern industrial infrastructure, they -with the help of the Americans, British, and French via Lend Lease and the Normandy Landings and North African and Italian campaigns - saved the world from Nazism, they sent the first satellite, dog, man, and woman into space, and they stamped out illiteracy. Those are remarkable achievements. The terrible costs are quite another story. My point is that one can be impressed by the achievements of a disagreeable system and ponder how to achieve those ourselves while acknowledging that the underlying system was and is evil.
  13. Watered down coffee earlier, water, and diluted fruit juice. Anything else and my acid reflux punishes me hard and beer gives me gas.
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