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  1. I saw lots of catchable passes not hauled in. Sanders had two very very catchable passes. Allen did have a lot of off the mark passes, but its on the receivers too, and the line. Oh god the line was hot fucking garbage all day. The refs? Okay, they did throw some flags for PI I wouldn't have, but if the line doesn't kill three drives with stupid penalties the ref calls would have been irrelevant. We beat ourselves today.
  2. Our Defense did its job. I will defend them. The Steelers only got 1 offensive TD and we held them to 16 points. Its not their fault Sanders, Beasley, and Diggs kept dropping passes. Fuck, when Knox has the least drops of all you know you are doing something wrong. The D made their run irrelevant. The D slowed down old man Rapistburger.
  3. So I will ask it again, McDermott knows he can make half time adjustments right? I think we need to send this tape to OBD so they can watch it and figure out that its completely okay to make adjustments at the half. Why can't McD? Seriously, did he have some sort of childhood trauma that prevented him from changing things up a bit?
  4. Note of caution, last Superbowl aside the Chiefs do tend to make adjustments at half time. I know I know, explaining an adjustment is something that as Bills fans we never see, but they are these things where coaches look at what's worked and what hasn't and who has blown assignments and who hasn't and they tweak things just a bit to get the game back under control. Yeah, the Chiefs do that. Turns out we are actually allowed to do that but we don't. If the Chiefs can slow down the Browns and get into the endzone they probably win this game. Right now, I am loving this game. However, the Chiefs are still very much alive. They ain't going 20-0, but they can't be written off just yet.
  5. Hometown discount is a matter of semantics at this point. The discount with an up front salary is that the rest of the contract is very negotiable and can be played around with to protect from a huge cap hit later on, which means that when it comes time to resign the surrounding talent long term we are going to be able to do so.
  6. No, if T$rry and K$m P$g$l$ moved the Bills from Buffalo, I would never watch another NFL game or buy NFL merchandise. The entire league would be dead to me. Also, considering that I have been a fan since 51-3, a fandom solidified and made unbreakable through the tears of Superbowl XXV and cemented by the greatest comeback in NFL history, this would be no easy thing. This would be a personal affront to me because of the time, energy, and emotion I have invested in this team over the past 31 years. Do you fucking know how hard it was to get a Bills starter jacket in south Kansas City before the advent of the internet? Do you know what the trips to the video store at the mall so I could get the Buffalo Bills yearbooks narrated by Harry Kalas, then Jeff Kaye, and then a couple others meant to a little kid/middle schooler? Do you know how much I shelled out for DirecTv in the 90s so I could watch an out of market team? Do you know, that in the late 90s, I got my first job in part so I could keep Sunday Ticket on in my house? Fuck, I have been representing the Bills through the joys of four straight AFC championships, four straight superbowl losses, each more painful than the last, the illegal forward pass in Nashville, seventeen years of drought where people seriously argued whether or not the Bills should go with Kelly Holcomb or JP Losman and later Thad Lewis, Jeff Tuel, or EJ Manuel. Yes, we had these arguments. Do you know the great joy of KCPD showing up to my upstairs apartment in south Kansas City in regards to a noise complaint on New Years Eve 2017 because I was shouting and jumping up and down and shooting off leftover fireworks from Independence Day to celebrate that my fucking Bills were going to the playoffs for the first time in almost a generation. Do you know the great joy it was to wear nothing but Bills gear every week throughout the playoffs last year including Chefs week? Do you know the joy of being ahead 9-0 only to watch it all come crashing down as the clock struck midnight? Do you know the cost of getting your rec room painted Royal Blue and then getting the Standing Bison logo stenciled in and then painted in read and having the floor tile be red and blue? Do you know how much money I have sunk into making that basement rec room into a Bills theme mancave? Fuck, if this team leaves Buffalo it leaves a gaping hole in my heart where 30+ years of memories were. Yeah, if the Bills and the NFL screw the people of western NY, the entire NFL will be dead to me.
  7. Pit - W at Fish- L, the rivalry is back. I think we could win but I don't like Miami in September Redacteds- W Oilers -W at Chiefs - L, I will be in attendance and will hate every minute of it at Titans- W, but it depends on how successful we are at stopping one of 50 of Travis Henry's bastards Fish- Revenge squish W at St. Dougs- W at Jersey Shore W Ponies W at Aints W Cheats W @ Brady Bunch L Buffalo Bills South W @ Cheats* L Dirty Birds W Jersey Shore W Realist in me says 12-5, and we lose to the Titans, Pessimist says 10 - 7 and we lose a couple we have no business losing to, Realist fan says we beat a team we shouldn't and go 13-4, Superfan says up to 15-2 is possible.
  8. 12 and 5, why am I too optimistic, I as our own Seandelevan
  9. You ever been right on anything in the Beane and McDermott era? No, no you have not
  10. Just thinking aloud, if this kid had back to back 15 sack seasons with the Canes would he have even fallen to 30? Answer honestly and show your work. Also, it would be kind of interesting to see what people said about Josh Allen in 2018 or trading for Diggs last year.
  11. Didn't we sign some guy named Sanders? Aren't we pretty much set at WR? Did we not draft two OL and a WR? Did we not bring in more people? What the flying fuck are you talking about?
  12. On the field? Too early to tell On paper? In the receiving corps as much as I loved Smoke I think Sanders is better. At backup QB, I am far more confident with Trubisky coming in if need be than I was with Barkley. I think we got a bit more completed in the running back committee, we also got better all along the DL, we now have pass rushers and so we have sustainability. All told, I think we took a team that was solid already and beefed it up. Plus, when we have to cut people to pay for Josh Allen's pay day we are going to have guys on rookie contracts who we can afford and who will make solid contributions.
  13. Did you see his 1993 Oiler crisis video? That is my fear, that for whatever reason the Bills take a step back and the Pegs decide they have to take an active role in the Bills and they blow up four years of respectability and good football.
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