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  1. BB.com published an article today to introduce UK NFL fans to the Bills entitled "10 things UK fans should know about the Buffalo Bills" see http://www.buffalobills.com/news/article-1/10-things-UK-fans-should-know-about-the-Buffalo-Bills/9086613f-4528-4122-8e02-f9c3253be351 for details. After reading it I thought it only fair & honest for us long time Bills followers to tell UK fans what they really need to know, done in the BB.com style (ie Polished Turds) Here are a few to get the ball rolling: 1. The regular practice of dropping your highly paid Pass Rushers into Pass Coverage, generally results in bad things happening. 2. Russ Brandon would be described in the UK as a Muppet. 3. OC Greg Roman is renowned for his ability to script the start of the game. His favorite script is to score impressively on the first offensive possession, followed by at least scripted 3 and Outs. Obviously the number of scripted 3 and Outs for a particular game is a closely guarded secret, to avoid giving the opposing team any unfair advantage. By no means is Coach Roman afraid to change things up, look for him to script a 3 and Out on the first drive just to throw the Jags D off their game. 4. DC Rex Thurman forte is their commitment to the preconceived Scheme. Their determination to stick with their principles regardless of results is the envy of the league. Rex Thurman are well known as the only conjoined twins coaching in the NFL today. They are proud to be honorary Muppet's.
  2. From what I have read in the media, Coach Roman builds his schemes based on the talents of the players available to him, so in a way both KW and Shady are equally suitable. That said, if we are talking about who is more talented of the two backs right now, its too early to tell. Hopefully Shady gets healthy soon and we all get a chance to find out.
  3. Wow, jokingly suggesting someone else is racist and then posting a stereotype of your view of what people in Mexico looks like...... I get that you are just joking, but wow.....
  4. Quote: EJ Manuel's smile said it all. The third-year quarterback has always been one to say the right thing. He never complained when he was benched 14 games into his NFL career. So when he was asked Monday at the start of voluntary offseason workouts whether Doug Marrone opting out of his contract with the Buffalo Bills was the best thing that could have happened to his career, he smirked and did his best to toe the company line. "I don't know," Manuel said. "I don't know because (Marrone)'s not here with us right now. I just think God works in mysterious ways. I'm excited with the coaches we have now." He certainly does. Just a few months ago, Manuel was in the shadows of Kyle Orton, who has since retired. He was also working his way out of the doghouse of a coaching staff that had cast him aside less than 18 months after investing a first-round pick in him. A fresh start wouldn't have been possible without a coaching change. "I don't know," Manuel said. "A true fresh start? I don't think so, because they were here with me. We were both rookies at the same time." Now, Manuel has a new coach in Rex Ryan, a clean slate in an open competition and a plethora of new weapons to work with. What happened in 2014 is behind him, and Manuel thinks he's better for it. "That's neither here nor there," Manuel said of how the last coaching staff handled him. "That's how I look at it now." "I do think looking back, I learned a lot from it. I learned about the business of the NFL." "And I definitely learned a lot about my manhood and about myself and what I can handle and what I can take." Manuel spent a good portion of the offseason in Tampa Bay working with Steve DeBerg. He's been focusing on tightening up his throwing motion. More importantly, though, Manuel feels like his confidence is back. "Just being myself," Manuel said. "I think I said that to you guys once I wasn't playing. I just want to get back to myself." "I tried to utilize that time during the scout team when I was going against our defense in practice just to get back to who EJ Manuel is as a quarterback." Manuel's first chance to take advantage of the clean slate and demonstrate that progress will come on April 28, when the Bills' begin voluntary veteran minicamp. Link: http://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/index.ssf/2015/04/ej_manuel_on_doug_marrone_departure_from_bills_god_works_in_mysterious_ways.html?www.buffalorange.com
  5. Quote: When Rex Ryan was named head coach of the Bills and defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman soon followed, most outside observers assumed that Ryan’s defense as it’s been previously drawn up would be implemented. After watching how effective Buffalo’s players were in a different scheme in 2014, finishing fourth in the league overall, Thurman is going to marry elements of the two schemes together. “Our way of thinking is we’ll tweak some things,” Thurman told Buffalobills.com. “We have a talented group of guys on defense that played really well last year so we’re going to incorporate some of the things that they were doing along with some of the things we were doing and make the transition a little bit easier for them.” While Thurman has a good number of players on the defensive side of the ball, who played well in Ryan’s scheme under former coordinator Mike Pettine in 2013, their consistency in former 2014 coordinator Jim Schwartz’s scheme convinced him to carry over parts of that defense to this season as well. “We definitely took a look at what they did when Mike (Pettine) came in and installed the system,” said Thurman. “We looked at how the guys performed within it. Looking at that along with 2014 tape and how well they played you have to look at everything as a whole." "We did that as well and we’re going to incorporate some of the things they did in 2014 as well because they played very sound fundamental defense.” Link: http://blogs.buffalobills.com/2015/04/06/thurman-d-will-marry-2013-2014-schemes/?www.buffalorange.com
  6. Quote: The Dallas Cowboys announced on Wednesday that they signed a 22-year-old defensive end named Efe Obada from the London Warriors, an amateur football team in England. Obada was scouted by Warriors' defensive coordinator, Aden Durde, who was an intern coach with the Cowboys last season, according to Neil Reynolds of NFL UK. Obada's journey to the NFL is incredible. According to Reynolds, Obada and his sister were trafficked from the Netherlands to the UK when Obada was 10. Upon arriving in London, they were left alone and homeless. Obada says: "This lady just left us out on the streets. It was scary and we were lonely. We went to a tower block building and there was a security guard there." "We explained our situation and he let us sleep in the foyer of the flats." "We spent two or three nights sleeping in the foyer of that building and we only had our jackets to keep us warm. It was freezing." Obada says he joined gangs as he got older but eventually steered away from that life when he saw three of his friends get killed. While studying business at Lamberth College, a friend introduced Obada to the Warriors, which was his introduction to American football. Obada told Reynolds: "I didn’t really know anything about American football but I was told I had the physique and that I should try it. I fell in love with the sport." "When I went to the first practice, I was just trying to get my frustration out and release some energy. I was congratulated for hitting somebody and I liked it." While playing for the Warriors, Obada worked as a warehouse storeman at Grace Foods, working 40 hours a week with shifts starting at 6 a.m. He played five games for the team before getting signed by the Cowboys. Obada has the raw athleticism to make it in the NFL, according to Reynolds. - He ran a 4.67 40-yard dash, which would be second among tight ends in the recent NFL Combine - and a 120-inch broad jump, which would be the highest among tight ends. Link: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/unknown-22-old-played-5-203100057.html So Whaley got schooled again, he is so behind the curve..... Why the hell haven't the Bills signed any London ware-house men? We will never be a legit team without one.... /Sarcasm Off/
  7. True, but its ok to let the fraggles play...
  8. LOL Cool a Mockery of Mocks, Let the debate run Amock (sic) A flock of Mockingbirds is known as a Mockeroserous.. So this thread's posts could be called Mockeroserious
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