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  1. It should show the Constitution, which they have hated far longer than Trump, and which they will continue to hate long after he is gone. What's left of it anyhow.
  2. Sack is actually doing the board a disservice by feeding the trolls and keeping this pro wrestling BS going. He would be wise to just let you clowns give each other reacharounds until you get board of it and stop. New board software, SOS.
  3. lol the stuff you called "bona fide" is what is boning your grip on reality. I showed you on video years ago, CNN exposed (unknown to them) saying that the Russia thing was a nothing burger done for ratings, and a top exec drunk and admitting their followers(you) were stupid. That's the same for all establishment media, even the vast minority who cater to neocons, as a form of controlled opposition.
  4. lol you were trying to set someone up, you SOB!! Either way, still doesnt change my point about the worthless 15 bot threads a day that nobody replies to. Has anyone else pointed that out to the owner, Admin?
  5. And replace him with who? Sure, other teams can get lucky, but it dont mean the Bills will.
  6. lol The parts I skimmed were mostly mocking Dallas, and the Bills as well. "by a team that hasn't managed to beat...". Sack, hopefully you just posted that so the stupid bots would have one less thread to post from their usual 15 a day tally.
  7. Actually, it is tradition for Sean to woefully lament the interactions of his Monday mornings on here. Without it, something feels missing.
  8. Is that the gay emoticon Hip was begging Lit for in the Shoutbox? It seems fitting for this post. Or for Fraud in general, lol.
  9. Lit, would you add the "rock on" emoji to make the new board at least closer to as good as the old one? Sean, the title reminds me of a line from Kenny Rogers' "Coward of the County", which in turn reminds me of you. :)
  10. Possibly my favorite post of yours in a very long time. Im happy to see you somewhat less miserable today. :) I probably should leave now, so that I can remember Sean as not being miserable.
  11. Common sense used to say the earth is flat, or many other things that are not as popular to believe now. Faith can actually change what is called subjective reality, and more importantly subjective reality.
  12. I did censor in the sh*tbox earlier, but you were too busy with real life guests to notice!(or to complain, other than in small doses during commercials 😛 ) At least it wasnt as controversial as Jungle's return when many denied it being he said, "What's up, you fancy c*nts"!!! Hehe, it was fairly epic.
  13. LOL!! Ive notice some members on here seem inordinately obsessed with prison or other butt sex/rape. I wonder what it could mean?
  14. Some of us are just happy Brian Daboll called the genius play in the first place, and that the paid athletes actually executed for a change, which he himself has stated in the past has been a problem.
  15. One of my favorite songs ever, love the Elvis version better than Sinatra's.
  16. How does a gentleman "go to first unread post" like on the old(better) Range? I still have familiarized myself over the last few hours, stayed soley in sh*tbox.
  17. I wonder how many on here guaranteed this as a loss? Funny thing is, the Bills did much better than the Pats did against the Cowboys 4 days ago.
  18. 3:53pm? I thought the game started at 4:30? Youre citing fake news, Sean.
  19. LMAO! You know youre a d*ck when Lit has to admonish you for being a negative pussy!
  20. I could easily see that. Jets, Steelers, NE. The refs allowing NE to lose is the more difficult part, in my opinion.
  21. lol but then he edited himself and said LAMAR! Very big grin to you, Sean. :)
  22. People on here have given Steven and others a hard time, but I do not ever recall seeing some drunken professional talking head mock the Bills that hard!! Where is the :rockon emoticon? Besides the 15 worthless bot threads per day, it is one of the main reasons the old software was better(and the ability to edit shouts).
  23. Dont waste your time, some people are very scared and too intimidated to take chances saying something, unless it's negative. Years of observations on here attest to that.
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