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  1. LMAO!!! I laughed out loud, thanks for that. Josh certainly hasn't hidden that he enjoys beer, or can down it quickly, even at a charity event. He wouldn't have gotten beaten as badly on the big screen at that NBA playoff as Aaron Rodgers did when the clowns put him on the spot...heck, Josh likely would have won. I was wondering if that was some sort of a party they were having, with the number of people there, chicks included. I hope the pregnant chick wasn't drinking, though. :)
  2. You were the other person I'd associate with an OP like this. lol But you did hopefully read some of the posts after the OP.... Maybe even the thread I made hoping to cheer your surly butt up a bit where we got listed amongst those with the best probability of developing into a dynasty? This is probably a make or break year for perception, with possibly all 3 division opponents getting better next season. WIth all the crazy sh*t going on in the world right now, I want a Super Bowl this season...even if things were structured for crap thereafter. Anyhow, like I said, at least we got mentioned: (whether we put much faith in what Schein says or not). But yes, overall I'll give you that a decent number of those in society still have a bad perception Of Buffalo.....or a lack of one at all... as you illustrated lol (then again, if you recall Jay Leno's "Jay Walking", where he talked to people on the street, folks were ignorant about life in general. Theyre even worse now!)
  3. I dont recall if it was him leaving NE or arriving in TB, which were 2 separate events, but I seem to recall folks doubting you like usual...and the funny part(as best I recall) was that it was from stupid twitter! lol I mean, sometimes they are right I guess.
  4. If it makes you feel any better, today I felt compelled to try a mission of mercy to possibly help avoid th above mentioned stuff, and delivered it in my own unique way as usual. I suggested to the fellow either the option of peace, or calling you out to a fair, consenting fight. Despite your past behavior, I do not support anyone having to worry about being jumped(the definition of "terror"), which it seems is currently the case based on your posts....even though I don't think the guy is serious about jumping you. For what it's worth, you handled the family stuff, which I also condemned, better than many would in my opinion... which surprised me. I would have found that more worthy of the rage that I've seen for rather trivial stuff, but I suppose it's still opinion... though for a change I'd suspect to be less on my own than usual with it. Now if both of you willingly wanted to wrassle or box, I'd have no problem with that, and as I mentioned earlier could probably have fun promoting(I had similar ideas for the ongoign grudges to be handled in scheduled, sanctioned live shoutbox events, possibly with something binding so that the fighting would clear up for awhile)...and possibly even monetizing, maybe to benefit either an agreed upon charity, or the charity of the winner, which would give extra incentive to win. Gloves might be preferential to bareknuckles, but the latter is how Tyson Fury's bloodline did it, inspiring him to reach the pinnacle of his profession and beat your boy Wilder like I told you he would. :) Wow! These antics just inspired me to check out some boxing news which I hadn't been doing to sports being banned, and it appears Fury has changed his mind about retirement!! And the talk of the last couple of days is there will be Wilder/Fury III!!! Looks like probably not until December due to the stupid virus crap. Fury has won the title twice, but has never defended it. As a fan I'd like to wager, even though the rational side of me reminds me of all of the things the naysayers have said. But to set a good example, rather than calling you out, I think a gentleman's bet might be a acceptable form of competition....although it kind of seemed to me like you might have abandoned your guy after the last fight. ...I saw a comment after an article that used a name I think youve called me in the past. It referred to someone as "GayJ", which I figured you might find amusing, even before I realized who they were referring to. So do you wish to wager?
  5. The sanctions are for fraudulent purposes to begin with. I've posted about it in the past, the Crimeans voted for that outcome to logically rejoin their brethren, which was confirmed with an outside poll later. Economic warfare is how FDR forced Japan to attack us out of existential desparation when they couldn't endure being cut off any longer, even though it stemmed from their unfortunate alliance with Germany which was FDR's main goal. It's rather preposterous for the US to be able to demand other nations not conduct trade with each other(500,000+ dead Iraqi children, for example), when they give 4 billion(above the board) to an apartheid nation that the rest of the world condemns and only a US veto at the UN prevents harsh sanctions for well-deserved reasons. That's why this is nonsense to a lot of people, trivial matters, even if it wasn't a WWF act.
  6. I liked that it had the word BREAKING in it. When I first saw it, I thought you may have beaten daryls to the scoop. :) Weren't you the guy who scooped Brady's departure on here?
  7. I'm trying to remember if I ever saved any. I know my Mom did when I was in the paper, but I think I might have myself once or twice otherwise. I used to know a fellow who was a ranked chess player and a bit off an odd fellow(though extremely nice, the way I wish I could be more often), but the poor SOB just died one day a few years back. Anyhow, he used to save papers, literally had stacks of them around his apartment. I'm guessing that was not the type of saving you you were inquiring about, though. :) I definitely agree that having more than one newspaper is nice. First because I like choice, but also because competition tends to raise the quality of a product in most things. I suppose I could check around and see what I may have...being I'm wondering now. Good thread.
  8. Behold ye ingrates! I've been busting my butt to bring you the best Bills content today(amongst other stuff), and this is something I've not seen mentioned on here yet, that I'm guessing some who would like to watch it live would have missed otherwise. To heck with the bots! 7pm, EDT, on the Bills site, app, and/or bleeptube. One youtube comment said they were afraid they wouldn't do it due to covid, but Brandon Beane is not afraid!!
  9. Some may think this model is as terrible as the covid models many in the political section put such faith in. :) But check out the reply from Sportsline near the top of the comments when someone questions their algorithm...EPIC! I'm working harder than the bots, you ingrates!
  10. StraightJ and his favorite bot(Ryan Talbot) delivering you stuff the usual bots do not!! There's also a bonus at the bottom of the article that some may not be aware of. Bizarre off-season! By Ryan Talbot | rtalbot@nyup.com In a normal year, Buffalo Bills wide receiver John Brown would be working with quarterback Josh Allen at OTAs. Of course, 2020 has not come close to being a “normal year.” Instead, Brown and the Bills are in the midst of a virtual offseason program. While Brown is bonding with Allen and his teammates in a virtual setting, he is still getting in some work with a starting NFL quarterback. According to NBC Sports’ Peter King, Brown has been working out with Carolina Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater. There are issues. Bridgewater is working with pro and college receivers (including Buffalo’s John Brown) in Miami, but not yet with any of his own. Although working out with Allen would be the most ideal situation, Bills fans saw that the two players had instant chemistry in 2019. In his first year with Buffalo, Brown caught 72 passes for 1,060 yards and six touchdowns. His reception and yard totals were both career-highs. Brown also threw two touchdown passes during the 2019 season. His first touchdown pass occurred on Thanksgiving Day when he connected with Devin Singletary for a 28-yard touchdown. In the Bills’ Wild Card matchup against the Houston Texans, Brown connected with Allen for a 16-yard score as well. The good news for Bills fans is that Brown will be working out with Allen very soon. The Bills QB told One Bills Live last week that he planned to fly to Florida this week to workout with Brown and new wide receiver Stefon Diggs. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/05/buffalo-bills-wr-john-brown-working-out-with-panthers-qb-teddy-bridgewater.html
  11. You'll notice the type of person the Immigration Department is trying to deport, vs the usual type police or ICE don't bother with. Your tax dollars at work. SMH StraightJ, reporting the work of your fraudulent/subversive government.
  12. Hot sh*t, that is probably the most epic political post I have seen written on here in quite some time. That is what Pigsworth aspires to be when he grows up. Well done.
  13. I love this guy! Such a ham, Josh Allen can always work the crowd!! (note the complete lack of social distancing, like Lenny Bruce, Josh Allen is not afraid!)
  14. This is the guy I've been waiting for since Karlos left. As for the injuries, a Zack Moss gathers no Keith Richards!!
  15. I'm guessing some will find reason to mock this, but I think deep inside, even @seandelevan will feel good to see us even mentioned on such a list. Show it to those dang coworkers, Sean! Time to Schein!! Adam Schein NFL.COM CONTRIBUTING COLUMNIST I'm still buzzing over The Last Dance, an irresistible peak behind the curtain at the greatest player in the history of professional sports, Michael Jordan. Yep, MJ's the G.O.A.T. I will always and forever believe that. Just like I'll always believe the Jordan-led Bulls would've won another Larry O'Brien Trophy in 1999. And I'll always believe the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady Patriots dynasty will never be duplicated by another NFL franchise. In a league defined by parity during the salary cap era, the Pats logged double-digit wins in each of the past 17 years, winning the AFC East 16 times in the process. In the last 19 editions of the single-elimination postseason, New England made 13 conference championships and nine Super Bowls (winning six). That's a remarkable run. Utter domination. Something that, again, seems unmatchable. But with Brady's relocation to Tampa Bay, the dynasty torch suddenly appears up for grabs. Who's in the best position to take it and run? Which NFL team is most likely to become the league's next great dynasty? Who'll be the Team of the Decade? Let's rank the candidates, Schein Nine style! 1) Kansas City Chiefs No surprise here. After all, had Dee Ford just lined up on the right side of the line of scrimmage, the Chiefs would currently be back-to-back champions. (Yes, I absolutely believe Kansas City would have beaten the Rams in Super Bowl LIII.) Frankly, the Patrick Mahomes Chiefs dynasty feels like it's already underway. Still just 24 years old, Mahomes capped off his first season as a starter by earning league MVP and his second by snagging Super Bowl MVP. Simply put, he's the best show in sports today. And he's only going to get better. Good luck stopping this generational talent -- especially now that his Chiefs just exorcised multiple demons. Remember all that talk about how Andy Reid can't win the big one? How K.C. is doomed to an eternity of postseason disappointment? No longer. Mahomes has a spectacular collection of explosive receivers, with Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Demarcus Robinson and Mecole Hardman giving defenses fits. Not to mention Travis Kelce, a Pro Bowl tight end five years running. And now Kansas City just gave the backfield a first-round boost in the form of Clyde Edwards-Helaire, whose well-rounded game will play perfectly in this offense. Meanwhile, the Chiefs' defense has a number of playmakers, from Chris Jones and Frank Clark up front to Tyrann Mathieu and Juan Thornhill in the back end. The D made substantial improvements in Year 1 under Steve Spagnuolo -- expect that upward trend to continue in 2020. On the whole, Kansas City's set to return 20 of 22 starters from last season's title team. Get used to seeing Mahomes and the Chiefs hoisting Lombardi Trophies. 2) Baltimore Ravens I firmly believe Ravens GM Eric DeCosta has assembled the NFL's best roster, 1-53. April's draft was another masterclass from the Baltimore brass. First-round pick Patrick Queen is the next star linebacker in Baltimore. Second-rounder J.K. Dobbins was put on Earth to run the ball for the Ravens. Baltimore's depth chart, on both sides of the ball, is overflowing with talent. Of course, no one's more enticing than the reigning league MVP. Lamar Jackson is as special as they come. His improvement from Year 1 to Year 2 was staggering. What happens if he takes another massive step forward this fall? Do the Ravens possess a legitimate cheat code?? Baltimore has a fantastic coach in John Harbaugh -- and inherently, the team boasts a stellar culture. They scout and develop and think and plan better than your team. The offense is a terrifying mix of speed and creativity. The defense is strong and consistent. Same with special teams. This organization has everything in place to serve as Kansas City's main foil for years to come. What a series of AFC title games we could have in store! 3) San Francisco 49ers The only pause I have here is with the quarterback. Can Jimmy Garoppolo take his game up another level? Under the watchful eye of a sensational coach and play caller in Kyle Shanahan, Jimmy G will have every chance to max out. Consequently, this team should be primed for sustained success. The way Shanahan and Niners GM John Lynch worked this offseason was breathtaking, finding a way to swap in Trent Williams for the retiring Joe Staley, immediately replacing DeForest Buckner with a talented, young facsimile (Javon Kinlaw) and bringing in another catch-and-run nightmare to the receiving corps (Brandon Aiyuk). Could this team fall victim to the infamous Super Bowl hangover in 2020? Quite difficult to fathom. Though the NFC West doesn't offer any breaks. 4) Dallas Cowboys Too high? Well, I am going to operate under the dangerous blanket of assumption that Dak Prescott eventually signs a long-term deal. Mike McCarthy maximizes Dak, improving his consistency and making him a Super Bowl champion. That's why McCarthy was brought to Dallas: to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. He's done it. And he will again. McCarthy is an offensive guru, and this squad is loaded with talent on that side of the ball. Prescott's flanked by one of the game's best running backs in Ezekiel Elliott, and Tony Pollard flashed plenty of ability as a rookie runner last season. Meanwhile, Dallas could definitely possess the top receiving trio in the NFL, with first-round pick CeeDee Lamb joining a pair of 1,000-yard wideouts in Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup. And while Travis Frederick's retirement hurts, the offensive line should be just fine with Tyron Smith, Zack Martin and La'el Collins holding the fort. Questions do exist on defense. Beyond DeMarcus Lawrence, where will the pass rush come from? Does the secondary, minus free-agent departure Byron Jones, have the personnel to hold up in today's pass-happy league? Mike Nolan has his work cut out for him in his first year as Dallas' defensive coordinator, but it's not like this unit's completely devoid of talent. In addition to Lawrence, 24-year-old linebackers Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch also have Pro Bowl recognition on the resume. All in all, this roster has plenty of win-now talent in an NFC East featuring multiple teams in transition. Dallas hasn't even made it past the Divisional Round for nearly a quarter century. The time is now for the 'Boys to finally deliver the goods. 5) Philadelphia Eagles I hated the Jalen Hurts pick because Carson Wentz is an absolute star. The kind of star an NFL team should be dying to build around, not plan around. If the Eagles were so concerned about Wentz's long-term health, why did they give him a $128 million contract extension less than a year ago? Protect that investment by surrounding him with everything he needs. Fortunately, Howie Roseman did provide a needed influx of explosiveness to the receiving corps. First-round selection Jalen Reagor's a home-run hitter who'll immediately hold a prominent role in this offense. Meanwhile, fifth-round pick John Hightower and trade acquisition Marquise Goodwin bring additional take-the-top-off speed of their own. Roseman also shored up the defense with the marquee acquisitions of Javon Hargrave and Darius Slay -- and don't sleep on the signing of stout nickel corner Nickell Robey-Coleman. Doug Pederson has posted consecutive 9-7 seasons since leading the 13-3 Eagles to a Super Bowl title in his second year on the job. It's time to get back to double-digit wins -- and stay there. 6) Buffalo Bills My respect for Sean McDermott is well-documented. He received my AP vote for Coach of the Year last season. The Bills' current culture of winning and accountability is excellent. And McDermott's stamp is all over this great defense. Of course, most questions with this organization revolve around the other side of the ball -- and namely, the quarterback. But don't count me among the doubters. I think Josh Allen, who showed immense improvement last season, will continue to get better in Year 3. I'm confident that this fine athlete with an absolute cannon for an arm will become great and lead this proud franchise for a long period of time. General manager Brandon Beane has appropriately surrounded Allen with plenty of talent, adding a true No. 1 receiver via trade (Stefon Diggs) and another multi-talented running back in the third round (Zack Moss, who follows in Devin Singletary's footsteps). Buffalo has the roster to not only take over the Brady-less AFC East, but also to routinely compete for titles. 7) Los Angeles Chargers GM Tom Telesco has loaded the Bolts with talent across the roster. And Anthony Lynn can coach. So what's the problem here? Most will point to the quarterback position, where Philip Rivers has just left the building after 14 seasons in the starting lineup. Tyrod Taylor will get the first opportunity to fill Rivers' shoes, but the long-term play is clearly No. 6 overall pick Justin Herbert. Do you believe in the Oregon product? I sure do! I love the 6-foot-6, 236-pounder's athletic makeup, arm talent and calm demeanor. Even though he might need a bit of time to transition to the NFL level, Herbert's going to turn heads in Los Angeles this decade. Just watch. I can't wait to be right here. 8) Tennessee Titans General manager Jon Robinson and head coach Mike Vrabel have established a winning environment in Nashville in a relatively short amount of time, with last year's AFC title game appearance serving notice to the rest of the league that the Titans' smashmouth approach can indeed work in today's league. Ryan Tannehill was superb last year, but can he do it again? One thing I'm relatively sure of: Derrick Henry will be pounding people as the Titans' lead back for a while. Yes, I know he's currently set to play the 2020 season on the franchise tag, but the brute-force back represents so much of this team's identify. I can't imagine Tennessee will just let him walk after the coming campaign. The Titans' formula -- potent run game, stout defense and solid coaching -- never really goes out of style. They should rack up plenty of regular-season wins and be a tough out come playoff time. My biggest concern with the Titans is the division they play in. Chris Ballard and Frank Reich are building something special in Indianapolis -- though I'm not sure how much Philip Rivers has left in the tank. Meanwhile, Deshaun Watson is a transcendent individual talent in Houston. And the Jaguars' rebuilding plan might just be light years ahead of the curve, as Jacksonville's roster has some alluring young talent. 9) Cleveland Browns This is not a drill, people. Cleveland now has a bright general manager, a qualified coach, a quarterback entering Year 3 as a starter and gobs of talent. It's the Browns' time to shine! The chip is back on Baker Mayfield's shoulder following a highly disappointing 2019 campaign. With a loaded offensive cast around him -- and an upgraded, Kevin Stefanski-led coaching staff in his ear -- Mayfield should be poised for a major bounce-back in 2020. And Cleveland has the youth to become a force for years to come. Follow Adam Schein on Twitter @AdamSchein. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-s-next-great-dynasty-chiefs-cowboys-bills-among-candidates
  16. Randy Bobandy! Mr Lahey may be gone, but Bobandy is probably more of a next of kin than Barb. Sadly, the lockdowns have banned me from attending one of his cheeseburger fests. Sometimes you just want a store-bought cheeseburger!!
  17. No Quarter! House of the Holy! Zeppelin! Also, that's how patriots used to talk back in the day, as I'm sure you know(I'm mentioning it for the sake of others). I'm intruding here on a mission of mercy. There's a chance if you keep that up he's going to try to get you banned, so you might be wise to "call him out" first, as they used to say back in the day. You might also mention you're not into organ meat, especially with all that particular liver has had go through it...you wouldn't get much for it from the top dealers of human organs such as Israel or China. A good wrestler or boxer can benefit from a manager/promoter, and I am offering my services to help hype up the match. If you call him out like I suggested, you could avoid the legal threats and/or threats of banishment. Also, a good mascot as shown below could be of use. I'm encouraging you not to let him press your buttons. That toilet photo obvously wasn't of you. If you notice the wall, it was all self-references("I love weed", the baba booey was reference to him being a big fan of Stern and sirius radio, etc...apparently someone had used it on him). I'm trying to be proactive here and not let something you see as mild talk get made out to be something much bigger, as I don't enjoy seeing folks get silenced. If it were me on the warpath, I'd call whomever it is out, and let them show what a wuss they are after theyve called names like "keyboard warrior". Again, I'm not telling anyone what to do, but just trying to either keep the peace, or keep you safe from being silenced. Do it for America, we don't want to make it even more imbalanced in favor of anti-American swampdwellers on here. They've already driven @Thebowflexbody into hidin' like Biden. This could be inspiration. You don't want to be like one of the lockdown-lovers like him or the guy is in the beginning of this, until the ghost of Christmas past shows him the (Bud) light. Don't allow the board to ghost you:
  18. If you listen closely to Cuomo though, it can also be interpretted as him not guaranteeing there will be a season, even as much as he'd like to watch the Bills. At minimum he seems to be saying there is a good likelihood there will not be fans at the start of the season, if there is one. At any rate, he says he still wants to watch the Bills, which is a pretty nice shout from the Governor!
  19. Cuomo says, "I want to watch the Buffalo Bills" in the video. That should put the title of this thread to rest, and I almost feel not right doing this to Lit, but he knew better. lol Also it was a pretty nice write up which includes Andre the Giant and Big John Studd. What more could you want? Clem5/18/2020 3:23 PM 8 I thought this was a meme when it was plastered all over my Twitter timeline today. But I am so happy it isn't. I know we are living in super political times that has had napalm thrown on the fire as this pandemic has turned everything from living in quarantine to wearing masks into a shouting match. But if you can't get behind the phrase "I Want To Watch The Buffalo Bills" no matter who says it, you can get the fuck out of the country. Not only do I want to watch the Buffalo Bills, I want to watch everything that comes with it. I want to watch #BillsMafia chokeslam each others Zubaz'd up asses through tables before games (as long as they are responsibly blacking out with people they've been quarantined with). I want to watch Big Cat and PFT say "Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills" on the Monday morning Pardon My Take. And I want to watch Josh Allen climb over the top of New Era Field to enter the stadium like he's Andre The Giant climbing over the top rope into the wrestling ring. The best part is you don't even need to be a Bills fan to want to watch the Bills play. In fact, I bet most Bills fans are fine enjoying the offseason being mentioned as the team most likely to knock the Patriots off their AFC East throne is Bill Belichick can't instantly figure out how to win 10+ games with Jarrett Stidham like he did with Matt Cassel and enjoying the last few months of Stefon Diggs being happy. But in the end, we all just want to watch football, even if it's Buffalo Bills football. God bless the NFL and God bless the good wildlings of Buffalo. P.S. I'm not sure if this was the sign language sign for #BillsMafia before today, but it is now. NFL+ 4 TAGS
  20. Fromm! OL!! Nick Wojton 19 hours ago The Buffalo Bills chose not to address their offensive line at the 2020 NFL Draft. For fun, Draft Wire dropped a way-too-far 2021 mock draft and assuming the Bills keep their first-round pick in next year’s draft, the club wastes no time in adding to the trenches. With the No. 19 overall pick, the Bills select Tennessee offensive lineman Cade Mays. This upcoming NFL season the Bills had an easy task to return all five of their starting offensive lineman. All Buffalo had to do was re-sign Quinton Spain, and the team did so. In 2021, it might be a bit harder. Among starters, Dion Dawkins and Jon Feliciano are slated to be free agents. Dawkins is the more hopeful re-signee option, but could the Bills potentially hope for an upgrade from Feliciano? Perhaps, although Feliciano was Buffalo’s best interior offensive lineman per Pro Football Focus in 2019, ranking as the 35th best guard in the NFL. Looking at key depth pieces, there still could be openings via Ty Nsekhe, Daryl Williams and Spencer Long (team option), who all also could be gone in 2021. On Mays, the Georgia transfer is a big 6-foot-6, 318-pound versatile lineman that previously blocked for former Georgia QB turned Bills QB, Jake Fromm. And for what it’s worth, at No. 19, the Bills would be a playoff team, but a quick exit from the show in Round 1 once again. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2020/05/19/2021-nfl-mock-draft-buffalo-bills-cade-mays/
  21. @daryls61 , I figured at least you might be interested in this, if not others. Ive listened to a chunk of it so far, they've discussed things like the best order to watch them in. The Force seems strong within Sal!
  22. No, I am not unraveled at all, I'm still in a rather good mood. As plainly stated so that anyone with minimal reading comprehension can understand, I did not bump the thread, and my replies were simply to dispell anything disingenuous. It's not rocket science, as I stated before. As for linux, why would anyone start discussing it here out of nowhere? Especially when JC "didn't want" the thread to be continued? lol Again, you're illustrating my point for me for anyone who can read between the lines. There is a thread for linux discussion already, and as I may have recently mentioned, it might be more timely now that congress passed the "upgraded" version of the "Patriot" Act to invade even more of your privacy(something that used to be called a "conspiracy theory" by the ignorant). It's another thread where Lit tried to trick folks:
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