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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.




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  1. Wait, so you believe that is an actual claim? I respect youre right not to like Sammy, I just happen to like both...maybe at times one era will feel more appropriate than the other. I mean DLR has been back a good while now, and theyve put out new music since then....but I doubt youre likely too enthralled by it? :) FWIW, I remmeber my pal and I as a younging longing for DLR to return, but I learned to appreciate Sammy and his different style, especially when he decided to incorporating a serious message at times. For instance, I had "Right Now" in my head either last night or the night before. Doesn't mean I dont like "Eruption" anymore. :) Just Eddie, with a brief into by Sammy.....EPIC!!!
  2. Note the ad hominem logical fallacy in full force above you. That's often seen as an admission someone has lost an argument, generally used as a last resort. What's sad is how many of these are pumped out by the endless wealth of the establishment propaganda machine, so that the sheep can find them near the top of any google algorithm, whether they are trying or not. When I have more time I will give it more attention. What I'd ask that stupid nonsense is what is it denying? That Fauci wrote a LONG paper in favor of it, or that he now has been speaking against it?!?! BOTH have been proven beyond any doubt!
  3. I'm glad youve acknowedged that, but I'm surprised because I did not see anyone mention it beforehand.
  4. Meat, I heard that 14 hour thing very recently as well, but I think that's more fear porn. Are these viruses equipped with wings though viruses aren't even alive? Or or you saying this is the nano-technology that you've likely read about? I know there is tiny nanotech(hence the name), and military remote controlled insects and such, but I think when I heard this as one of the replies to these 14 hour claims, it was (hopefully?) a joke. I can research it later for you if I get caught up here. It's sad this guy can't even see he and I are on the same team for a change. I have a video from a REGISTERED NURSE somewhere, explaining scientifically how it's bad, if I get caught up I will share it for anyone interested. With a google search and just asking how makes are harmful(remember the original recommendations of the CDC/WHO!!), folks can see why it's actually harmful!!! Off the top off my head: At the very least, it's easy to see they cause you to touch your face more!(Dr Fauci did a bunch during the Operation Warp Speed presser last Friday! :)). Less O2, more co2, and the bacteria(the mask acually blocks them, they are much larger than viruses...Im sure you know most masks do not even block viruses) and whatever your body is cleansing as part of it's normal routine stays trapped inside the mask and you keep breathing them in and out of you. One of the functions of breathing is the elimination of toxins....imagine if your other elimination did that....if your poop was doing the ol in and out, instead of staying out?! "Just a little of the ol' in-and-out," -Fargo "No time for the old in-out in-out, love. Just came to check the meter." -A Clockwork Orange
  5. LOL, before I noticed there was small text above the video, being your reply was to me, I saw those giant forceful letters first and thought they might be directed at at me, to mock what Lit did to me and/or try to induce a subtle level of trauma based mind control. Not saying you consciously would ever do such a thing, but sometimes messages can be like that line from Stairway to Heaven: There's a sign on the wall, but she wants to be sure'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings "Coincidentally", the 3 lines before those 2 also deal with that message of yours: When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closedWith a word she can get what she came forOoh, ooh, and she's buying a stairway to heaven
  6. lol I tried to tell them, but they wouldn't listen though. But pay attention to this, that's not the original guy making the complaint(claim.....actually)....and he hasn't gone on record yet if he meant it how he said it, or how his pal is spinning it. The latter does not make sense, as you pointed out. If youve ever played chess, you may have an idea what is going on here. It's quite interesting to me, but I'm guessing it's a pain in the rump to you, and I don't blame you for being annoyed. They made you concerned that the board needed to be fixed when it was something else entirely. Ever play yahoo Chess Meat, and have a move youre eager to make but have to wait for seemingly ever? lol Anyhow, after this post I hope to leave you alone completely, or at least limit my keep my messages short, but the following is to understand what you want/cover my butt. Thanks and whevenever is is fine as long as I am not banned first, lol. . Prefix: (said in a good but concerned mood, as if over a beer or a coffee, normal tone of voice....thanks in advance, read whenever is good...important to me, but I am trying to remain aware of things ans stay courteous, and not slip up and displease you. Thanks in advance for your patience with me, hopefully I wont feel the need to send any more message to you) Ok, I read what you said after I posted these 2 videos. Theyre very mild humor, and not anything mean, and dont even bug the guy if he truly has me on ignore(which I kind of believe). It also is a message I agree with, and don't think the woman's record's should be held hostage by a university, though I held it in and didnt trouble anyone, just posted a line from a movie I really enjoyed, and a season of a show I really enjoyed. Now if you were to say it's more of a numerical issue, I'd reckon over the last month it's well under 1%(whereas Ive shown you examples of 20 or so in a day before, 100% or near it). I dont want to anger you, and I really don't wish to peturb Lit too much. Being neither of you will answer me, I am guessing the only logic is in agreement with what I said recently, which you refuse to see because of an old narrative. He hates me more than Jungle. When I took time off from college and was working, some older guys taught me that busting my balls meant they liked me. They said if they didn't they just wouldn't talk to me. That's not unique Meat, that there are various levels and response change with them. And to cut off youre narrative, I am not complaining, I just want you to note the examples Ive already given and think back over the last how many years....even though Ive angered Jungle for defending or agreeing with Lit enough for him to call me a "Lit apologist(tm)" a number of times (similar to when he called you Lit's Bulldog(lol)). And as I noted before, I guess my reply about Cuomo could be seen as mildly busting Lit's balls, although I prefixed it to try to try to lessen any chance of Lit getting too riled. I politely asked him what exactly the issue was so that I could learn and avoid it. You know the rest. I don't mean to bug you, but with someone wanting me banned for minor stuff(most of the time in response to something recent), and then someone actually doing it for unknown causes, possible even smaller, I am just trying to be safe. This message is a literary attempt at a thick condom. I want to remain free while still being able to be me, kind of like real life.
  7. Here's more, Sack. I really loved season 1 of True Detective! Rust Cohle(MM) had some great lines in it. I'd love to see that character return.
  8. Here Sack, I hate to see justice attempted to be subverted in that manner, so I figured I'd chip in:
  9. lol that definitely factors in! I dont enjoy being stuck in a place with cheap TP for too long. I generally try to adhere to a rather rigorous resource reallocation regimen to help tune my inner model, but for TP and my car I allowed myself some exception.
  10. Has this been an issue throughout life for you? The clerks were that repulsed by your mug that they've wanted it covered? Now I'm starting to understand why some people are so into these masks! They can now wear them without standing out like an Chinese chick now. Bonus is they make them even more of an NPC than usual. Easier to commit crime, another bonus for the side of the aisle into these. Even a TDSer like HK doesnt want them, probably recalls the CDC's original position and the science that has not changed even though the policy has. Join the resistance f8, dont assimilate!
  11. Sheesh, that bad, eh?!? So the nephew judges by the quality of the passages and not the book cover?
  12. lol my bad, I read it too quickly I think ;) Alright, I feel better now. Kinda like after taking a dump, but not quite as good, maybe one level lower.
  13. Good for you. Van Halen is the last name of Eddie and Alex. Diamond Dave was great for sure, but he punked out and went solo. I've seen them with both, and had a good time at each. It was pretty simple. The way to find out is to do it, get in one and explore around. If youve ever had an actual spiritual experience(not religious), you might understand it as a decent metaphor. Hey, it will give you an excuse to stop being such the nice guy that you always are. ;)
  14. The birthday boy has some prop bets discussed here. There are 2 I'd put some decent consideration into, personally. https://hdliveextra-a.akamaihd.net/HD/video_sports/NBCU_Sports_Group_-_nbcsports/222/567/nbc_pft_joshallenprops_2005211590066972862_2200k.mp4
  15. Wow, that does not look good for the the university to be engaging in hidin' for Biden!
  16. That's the thing, with the culture and sense of team, The Process, they become like Volton where the pieces come together synergystically to perform as a unit, where the end result is greater than the sum of the parts.
  17. I'd guess, but I might be in danger of getting banned again. :) See if he can send you some photos you could pass along.
  18. Ok, this is a different version and it embedded. Sammy's actually a pretty good guitarist, it's kind of fun listening to him play with Eddie when he's taking over on lead or when they're dueling. I've seen him solo as well, with VH's bassist, and John Bonham's son on drums, so of course they played some Van Halen and Led Zeppelin. The Red Rocker still seems to be about partying. :)
  19. Rememeber how Sammy Hagar said there's only one way to rock? Well similarly, there's only one way to find out! ;) While youre thinking how you want to make it happen, here's Sammy singing it with Van Halen: (it isn't embedding for some reason) https://youtu.be/lCCWXAp49So
  20. As you can see right below your post, and as I explained before, he clearly is misunderstanding what you, and the guy you were replying to was saying. What the original claim meant, is yet to be clarified. I've been waiting with anticipation for the clarification. Meathead writes: "to send a message". I ask you, what message?!? I've held back from saying anything in public long enough I guess. I asked emailed Lit and asked him what the deal was, very politely....about 15 or so hours ago. I said I'd like to learn so what exact violation I did, so that I can avoid it in the future. Youve seen the guy, he refuses to reply when I ask simple things like about the the ban on editing after an hour. I've asked that numerous times, waiting many weeks between, so he can't use the same excuse as with TWD, and still not a word. Jungle, he replies to..."lol". Anyhow, the reason said "spam", then I clicked on a link and it took me to the specific post. Want to guess which one it was? It was the one in the thread he posted where he made it look like Cuomo didn't respect the Bills enough to mention them. When I clicked the link of the violation, it took me to an article article I posted, which included a video from the day before with Cuomo talking about the Bills and how he would really like to watch them!! In the article, there was also this, which I really enjoyed: "And I want to watch Josh Allen climb over the top of New Era Field to enter the stadium like he's Andre The Giant climbing over the top rope into the wrestling ring. " Anyhow Meat, you're a pretty intelligent guy, plus he answers you, maybe you can shoot him a PM and ask him, or better yet ask him if he'd answer the one I already wrote? Anyhow, as I posted earlier, I correctly figured you were making an educated guess, but look at the mild uproar it's starting to cause as the crowds gather once again..."lol", demanding answers, when I was the one wronged and have politely waited over 15 hours without a reply. If you're willing to shoot him a PM, I'd be grateful if either of you would shoot me one after. No need to make this into another WWF thread, which is what I would have done if I had logged one all angry once I could, but figured I'd try to civil and logical route. I've listed the material facts for you in case he doesn't answer you either, but I don't think that will be the case. Meat, you're the Lit Whisperer, kind of like I was called the Neal Whisperer, so like they said in Dances With Wolves, "make the talk". :)
  21. Either way, I'm hoping we can get more video of him partying in his Covid Cave(tm) with his fellow Bills and those chicks like when he did his recent magic video. :) With the future as uncertain as it is and being able to take nothing for granted, I hope Josh goes balls to the wall and makes it a birthday to remember!
  22. I ran into this for this today by chance, on the same day I posted Dave Portnoy's epic, viral covid-19 speech(twitter video, so it wasn't the algorithm that brought this while I was searching for a Bills play) in the "definitive corona" thread, so I figured finding this was a sign to post it as well. He said if his boys don't win the Super Bowl, he wanted us to win it. Seeing a division rival have that much respect and fun, and the same thing in many of the comments, along with the epic like to dislike ratio, gives me even more reason to be proud to be a Bills fan!! Yeah, some of the score predictions were like the inverse of JoeFerguson's, but the respect in most of the comments(including from Pats fans)more than makes up for those. Also, gotta love an interview where the interviewer is drinking! Pinto Ron!! Dave Portnoy!! Bills Mafia!!!! (I'll put the link to the aforementioned video below this, in case anyone is interested) If interested, in Dave Portnoy's viral covid speech. click the arrow in upper right hand corner:
  23. This is rather EPIC. Only 5 other teams(of 31) did not have their first round picks changed...and BOTH of the Bills picks were confirmed! Brandon Beane doesn't need for a time machine!(tm) . . . 2. NBCSports.com says Bills got it right in 2018 draft NBCSports.com put together a 2018 NFL re-draft in which they make the picks for each team based on two seasons of evidence from those players on the field. Not surprisingly, they had the Cleveland Browns taking the NFL 2019 MVP, QB Lamar Jackson, with the first pick. And there were a number of other changes, but as far as the Bills were concerned, NBCSports.com thought Buffalo got it right with both of their first-round picks (see below). 7. Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen School: Wyoming Position: QB Original Pick: Allen (no change) Notes: Josh Allen has gotten better each year for the Bills, as Buffalo enters the 2020 season as the AFC East favorites. The Bills don't change a thing when Allen is still on the board at No. 7 in this redraft. 16. Buffalo Bills: Tremaine Edmunds School: Virginia Tech Position: LB Original Pick: Edmunds (no change) Notes: Even with Roquan Smith still on the board, the Bills stick with their original pick and take the athletic linebacker from Virginia Tech. Edmunds has been an anchor for Buffalo's defense since he arrived and earned Pro Bowl honors in 2019. The Bills struck gold with their selection here and don't change a thing in the redraft. The only other teams in the 2018 re-draft who did not see a pick changed were the Giants at pick 2 (RB Saquon Barkley), the Cleveland Browns at pick 4 (CB Denzel Ward), Green Bay at 18 (CB Jaire Alexander), Detroit at 20 (C Frank Ragnow) and New England at 31 (RB Sony Michel). https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/ravens/redrafting-2018-nfl-draft#slide-9
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