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  1. Man TWD, have you added every song you've heard to this thread? :) This song really isn't from a genre I normally listen to(it's the only song by them I know), but I heard it last night and darned if it doesn't make me feel GOOD when I listen to its nonsense!!!!(after hearing it I felt compelled to post it here, lol, and remembered now). I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I really can use something like that, lol. If anyone listens to these, skip the intro and the song starts at the 1 minute mark
  2. Yeah, that turned out to be unfortunate. His name doesn't create the same kind of feeling Mario Williams' did(and not just because he was a Williams, lol) when he wanted/got one of those.
  3. I felt the need to pay tribute to a Range Legend(tm), and likely first ballot Hall Of Famer(if we still had it), Sean Delevan. Sometimes you can channel your inner Bill Clinton and sincerely tell him, "I feel your pain"(folks used to say I nailed the accent when I used to do my impression of that line, lol...Bill doesn't even nail his accent in the below 4 second clip! I'm going all out for semi-Range original content with this OP for Sean). For many a year, poor Sean has writhed and wringed his hands in the agony of abject despair, due to the ongoing mockery from co-workers and his perception of the national media's perception of the Bills, and even copious amounts of alcohol seemed unable to block the pain and self-imposed humiliation he's carried like a heavy wheel upon his back. He's called game over in the 1st half, 1st quarter, and even before the game started!(per Daryl, lol). He's wandered off at halftime in his backyard, missing much of the 2nd half(which led to a dramatic comeback, making me wish he'd do so more often, lol). Rumor has it he even pulled a Rip Van Winkle under a tree one time in a Bills-induced stupor. According to this article(and common sense), it looks like that is changing. Here we have a mix of comments from AFC coaches, and guys with INSIDER in their title, like the one under my avatar. ;) The first coach listed actually roots for us. How many other teams can say that about an in-conference coach? Oh yeah, and as the Range's main fan of names, I dig the name Maddy Glab, lol(even if she isn't an insider, like Chris Brown). I wouldn't be surprised if HipKat makes a perverted comment about what he digs about her. :) The highlights are my emphasis, for folks at work like Topas who have said they prefer to skim. Hopefully this can break the monotony and brutality towards fellow Rangers displayed with all the Trump threads. Hopefully my mention of that name will be enough to keep HipKat from raging at me for not including Trump in a thread, which has been his recent M.O. ;) Go SeanDelevan, Go Bills!!! Maddy Glab MULTI-MEDIA JOURNALIST INDIANAPOLIS - The buzz Bills Mafia felt during the 2019 season and the hope for the future due to what general manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott have built in the last three years has expanded beyond Buffalo. Many national analysts, head coaches and general managers around the league think Buffalo is back on the map and can be a consistent playoff team for years to come. Here's what they had to say about the Bills being back on the map. 1. ESPN's Field Yates thinks Buffalo's identity is working The vibe amongst the national media is that Beane and McDermott's plan of how they want to form a winning culture is paying off. "I think the Bills are back on the map," ESPN's Field Yates said. "First of all, it's a wins and losses-record league and they made major strides last year. I try my best to understand the plans of every NFL team, understanding that plans change. The Bills are one of the teams that the plan's been obvious for about three years now, and it shouldn't change going forward. It's a coaching staff and a personnel staff that work in great concert. There is an identity for the team right now, a hallmark defense with an ascending offense and a young quarterback. So, the Bills are definitely on the map. It's a team that I think has a chance to be consistently playing in January in games that matter which is really exciting." 2. Indianapolis' Frank Reich sees excitement in Buffalo Former Buffalo Bills quarterback and current Colts head coach Frank Reich said he will always have a soft spot for Buffalo but is looking forward to watching what the Bills can do in 2020. "I'm very excited for Sean and the Bills," Reich said. "Obviously playing there for 10 years, I'm a huge Bills fan. Even though they're in the AFC, when it doesn't hurt the Colts, I root for the Bills. I think very highly of Sean McDermott. I think he's all class. I think he's an excellent x's and o's guy. He's a great leader, very happy to see what he's doing there in Buffalo." 3. Houston's Bill O'Brien believes Bills are a tough opponent Texans head coach and general manager Bill O'Brien recalled the tough game against the Bills in the first round of the playoffs this past season, explaining it's obvious to see it's a team that's heading in the right direction. "They have an excellent team, they have a very tough team," O'Brien explained. "They have a team that plays great complementary football. It's a very physical team, very well-coached team, very disciplined team. They have a great young quarterback. They have a great head coach in Sean McDermott who does an excellent job. A really good coaching staff, strong guys on their staff, I know a couple of those guys. They're doing an excellent job. I mean that was a brutally hard game that we were fortunate to win." 4. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport says the NFL is better when the Bills are winning NFL Network and NFL.com insider Ian Rapoport believes when the Bills are winning games, it's better for the entire NFL. For now, he only sees Buffalo improving year-to-year. "I feel like when the Bills are good, everyone kind of takes notice," Rapoport said. "Assuming that Josh [Allen] continues to kind of make the strides that he did, not that he's perfect but, it seems to be going in a good direction. I think this will be a team that'll be around for a while. If I had to guess, I would think they're only going to get better in the immediate future which will put them on the map, even more." 5. Kansas City's Andy Reid thinks Buffalo has a talented staff Kansas City head coach Andy Reid gave McDermott his first NFL coaching job during their time in Philadelphia and Reid is all in on what McDermott has created in three years with the Bills. "Sean I think has done a tremendous job there," Reid said. "The toughness of the team is just the thing that jumps out at you. He's an organized guy that works extremely hard. We play them this next year so I don't want to give him too many credits here but they do a great job, a good coaching staff too." 6. ESPN NFL front office insider Mike Tannenbaum says the Bills leadership is strong Former Jets general manager and current NFL front office insider for ESPN Mike Tannenbaum loves the leadership he sees from McDermott and his staff. Tannenbaum thinks this leadership can take the Bills far. "Why I think Buffalo is in a good shape goes back to leadership because coach McDermott is a guy that when they've had bumps in the road, he's been the guy to steer the ship," Tannenbaum said. "There's a great identity. I think it's that defense, home field advantage and a young emerging quarterback." https://www.buffalobills.com/news/6-reasons-to-believe-the-bills-are-back-on-the-nfl-map
  4. Iowa's A.J. Epenesa fits prototype of 4-3 defensive end for Bills, plus visits update By Mark Gaughan Published February 27, 2020|Updated February 27, 2020 INDIANAPOLIS – The University at Iowa’s A.J. Epenesa fit the size profile of an elite defensive end at the NFL Scouting Combine. Epenesa measured 6-foot-5 and 275 pounds, with 34 1/2-inch arms and an 81 1/4-inch wingspan. That’s on the upper end of the prototypical size the Buffalo Bills are seeking in a starting end for their 4-3 defense. Epenesa’s wingspan was third-longest of the defensive ends projected to go in the top three rounds. “It just helps because I can get to them before they reach me,” Epenesa said Thursday of his long reach. “And I can keep them away from my chest and keep separation going and run through the rush with speed and power. Having length helps.” Epenesa is more of a power rusher than a pure speed rusher, but he would be an attractive pick for the Bills at No. 22 overall, if he were to last that long. ADVERTISEMENT He had 26.5 sacks and 101 tackles, including 36 for loss, in 37 career games for the Hawkeyes. “I’m confident that my best abilities are in the power rush, just using length and using speed and kind of combining it together to move people backwards and make the quarterback uncomfortable by getting in his face,” Epenesa said. Epenesa’s arms are longer than those of projected No. 2 pick Chase Young of Ohio State (33 1/8 inches) and either of the Bosa brothers picked in recent drafts. Joey Bosa (33 3/8 inches) went third to the Chargers in 2017, while Nick Bosa (33 inches) went second to the 49ers last year. Epenesa and the rest of the edge rushers will run the 40-yard dash and do on-field drills Friday. “I think there’s some things out there trying to say that I might be slow or not explosive, and I just want to show that I’m not slow and not not explosive, I guess,” Epenesa said. “I want to show people while maybe they have doubts about me, I want to prove people who doubt me wrong. I want to run fast, jump high and show what I can do.” Bad breakfast shake: Ben Bartch is one of the small-college rising draft prospects. He’s a tackle from Division III St. John’s of Minnesota and he impressed with strong play at the Senior Bowl. Early projections have him as a third-round prospect. Bartch was a tight end his first two years of college, but converted to tackle after his sophomore season and had to bulk up from 250 pounds. He described the dedication it took to gain 55 pounds over two seasons. “Essentially, the summer after my sophomore year, I was asked to switch to the offensive line,” Bartch said. “I would get up at 5 a.m. and would have to go work as a strength coach at a local high school. In order to get my breakfast in, I didn’t have time to eat the full carbohydrates and proteins I needed. My friend had a NutriBullet, so I would scramble seven eggs, a big tub of cottage cheese, quick grits, then peanut butter and banana and Gatorade. I would throw it all in and plug my nose. I’d gag sometimes, but that’s what you have to do.” “It was pretty much five days a week,” Bartch said. “That summer I went from 250 to 275, and then after that I went from 275 to 305.” Tight with Tremaine: Miami edge rusher Trevon Hill is a later rounds draft pick who has a high opinion of Bills middle linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. Hill was a teammate of Edmunds’ at Virginia Tech before transferring to Miami for his final college season. “That's my guy,” Hill said. “So we came in together in the class of 2015, and we started our journey through the recruiting process. Tremaine, I believe he was a two-star recruit, and his brothers were already there. We hung out pretty much every day. We was in the dorms together. And outside of the dorms. ... Virginia Tech is a family. It's a real college town so there's not too much to do. So most of us are really, really close and we still keep in contact with each other even though we all have busy schedules.” Hill said he got combine preparation advice from Edmunds three weeks ago. “I loved playing with him at Virginia Tech,” Hill said. “Man, you got a guy like that that's behind you man, I got faith in that guy. He knows what he's doing. Since our freshman year, he was always in his playbook, wanted to gain more knowledge, always stayed back with Coach Foster.” Bud Foster retired as Virginia Tech’s defensive coordinator after this past season, his 33rd at the school. Interview update: The Bills, like every team, will interview virtually all of the draft prospects, either formally or informally, at some point in the evaluation process. Reports of who they met with at the Combine are not that newsworthy, since most teams meet with all the underclassman candidates starting this week. Nevertheless, among those who said Wednesday they had formal interviews with the Bills were LSU edge rusher K’Lavon Chaisson, Florida edge rusher Jonathan Greenard and Penn State edge rusher Yatur Gross-Matos. Miami’s Hill met with the Bills at the Senior Bowl. https://buffalonews.com/2020/02/27/aj-epenesa-iowa-buffalo-bills-defensive-end-arms-prototype-nfl-scouting-combine-kj-osborn-ub-ben-bartch-breakfast-shake/
  5. NFL Combine 2020: Why LSU’s K’Lavon Chaisson is dream pick at 22 for Buffalo Bills Posted Feb 27, 2020 NFL Combine 2020: LSU's K'Lavon Chaisson interview 0 shares By Matt Parrino | mparrino@nyup.com INDIANAPOLIS — When LSU edge rusher K’Lavon Chaisson walked to the podium inside the Indiana Convention Center on Thursday morning, he couldn’t stop grinning. It was like he was in on a secret that the dozens of reporters standing before him just weren’t privy to. On the football field, Chaisson is a blur. His speed, power, bend, and football I.Q. mean he’ll probably come off the draft board before the Buffalo Bills get a chance to take him at No. 22. Deciphering 7 Brandon Beane, Sean McDermott Combine comments for offseason clues What position will Bills address in first round of NFL Draft? Which of the team's free agents will be back? But on Thursday he wasn’t playing football. He was standing still, poised and charming as any prospect on the day, answering questions about what his skill set lacks with a confident smirk. “It’s obvious. I’m going to be honest. I’m actually the most valuable player in the draft,” Chaisson said as if everyone in the room should have already known. “We all know that,” he reaffirmed. “When you hire someone do you want to hire someone who speaks one language or do you want to hire someone that speaks three languages? I speak three languages. I do pass rush. I can drop in coverage and cover anybody you want me to cover. (And) I can play the run. And no offensive lineman has ever just moved me off the ball, or bullied me. So I feel like that’s what makes me more dimensional. And a more valuable player than anybody else in the draft.” Chaisson seems like the most logical choice for the Bills in the first round of this year’s draft. Their two sack leaders - Jordan Phillips (9.5) and Shaq Lawson (6.5) - are free agents and at least Phillips is likely gone. Left on the edge are Jerry Hughes and Trent Murphy, who didn’t have a big enough impact in 2019. When Bills general manager Brandon Beane finds a player that checks all the boxes, he’s shown over and over that he’s willing to move up. He has nine picks to use in this draft and could package a few to move high enough to take Chaisson. Chaisson, who measured 6-foot-3 and weighed in at 253 pounds, was asked about his 2019 season for LSU, who took home a National Championship. He finished with 6.5 sacks but he reminded critics that his impact came in more ways than just the stat sheet. “I’m putting a bunch of guys on their tail,” he said. “I mean I’ve got some power behind me, too. A lot of guys, when they say I’m just speed, they obviously don’t watch film. I know I’m definitely more than a one-dimensional player. I’ve got speed, power, finesse. Whatever you want, I’ve got.” Whatever happens in free agency, Beane won’t hesitate to take a playmaker on the defensive line that rush the passer, he said this week. “I think even if we signed back both Shaq and Jordan it would not deter me in any round to take another pass rusher. I think it’s one of the premium positions,” Beane said. “The elite ones get paid. After the quarterback that’s usually the next highest paid position. If there’s a guy there in any round that we think can come in and help our roster, we would take him, whether we resign those guys or not.” See Jordan Reid's other Tweets Beane and Bills coach Sean McDermott love players that love to play the game. Chaisson met with the Bills and the two sides just spent some time “talking ball.” “It went great. I feel like the (Bills) coaching staff was very respectful. We talked ball. They got to know me. A lot of ball talk. We talked through defensive plays,” Chaisson said. “I don’t do this for recognition. It’s something I can give my heart and passion to.” Chaisson said he can fit in any system and has no problem playing in Buffalo. And he’s not afraid of the cold, either. He said he’d play in Alaska if that’s where the team played that drafted him. What’s the final box that Chaisson checks? He knows he’s not a finished product and he wants to work to develop. Just what Beane and McDermott are looking for. “There are things I can get better at. I’m not going to say I’m the best at anything right now,” he said. “I’m always willing to improve. ... Everything that I’ve done so far has just been raw talent. I’ve gotten some coaching but from a scale of 1-10 I’m probably at like a 3 right now. There is so much more I could get better in and I feel like right now I’ve gotten this far just off raw talent. And the skill set, when it comes to coaching and the veterans teaching me the game, I feel like there is no ceiling to my game.” https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/02/nfl-combine-2020-why-lsus-klavon-chaisson-is-dream-pick-at-22-for-buffalo-bills.html
  6. Seriously, #2 on the list caught me off guard maybe more than Moss's son did, warranted or not, lol. Posted Feb 27, 2020 By Ryan Talbot | rtalbot@nyup.com When it comes to prospects with NFL bloodlines, this year’s draft class has a few players who have ties to previous or current members of the Buffalo Bills. Some prospects with ties to the Bills are obvious based on their name alone, but at least one may surprise some members of the Bills Mafia. Here’s a look at three prospects who have ties to current or previous Bills. Notre Dame TE Cole Kmet Cole Kmet is projected to be one of the first tight ends to come off the board in the 2020 NFL Draft. The Notre Dame prospect is coming off of a season in which he caught 43 passes for 515 yards and six touchdowns. Kmet, projected as a late day 1-day 2 prospect, did nothing to hurt his draft stock at the NFL combine. The 6-foot-5-inch, 262 pound tight end ran a 4.70 and a 4.71 40-yard dash. See Tom Downey's other Tweets What some Bills fans may not know is that Buffalo drafted Cole’s father, Frank Kmet, in the fourth round (pick 111) of the 1992 NFL Draft. Frank, a defensive tackle, didn’t last long in Buffalo, however. He was cut as a rookie when the Bills trimmed their roster down to 60 players. Minnesota S Antoine Winfield Jr. The name alone should ring a bell for Bills fans. Winfield Jr.’s father was the Bills’ first round pick in the 1999 NFL Draft. Winfield recorded six interceptions and 43 passes defensed in his five seasons with Buffalo and was considered one of the best cornerbacks on the market when he hit free agency in 2004. The Minnesota Vikings would sign Winfield to a six-year, $34.8 million contract. He would reward the team with 21 interceptions and 74 passes defensed in nine seasons and be named to three consecutive Pro Bowls. Winfield Jr. is being projected as a first to second round prospect in this year’s draft class. He’s coming off of a 2019 season in which he recorded seven interceptions with the Gophers. Winfield Jr. has been compared to T.J. Ward by NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein. LSU LS Blake Ferguson The Ferguson family is LSU royalty when it comes to long snapping. Blake’s brother, Reid, has been Buffalo’s long snapper since 2016. Blake will be looking to crack a 53-man roster in 2020 following a strong career with the Tigers. Ferguson, a LSU team captain in 2018 and 2019, is considered one of the best long snappers in this year’s draft class. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/02/nfl-draft-2020-3-prospects-with-ties-to-buffalo-bills.html
  7. No stone unturned for Beane....he's not gathering any moss(including Randy's son, lol). Trying to break up the monotony and hatred on here with some more non-Trump stuff in order to assist the others who are posting Bills/NFL/scouting stuff to help Make the Range Great Again! Nick Wojton 13 hours ago Josh Allen will be the Buffalo Bills’ starting quarterback again in 2020. In due time, we’ll find out if that’s for better or for worse. If it’s not meant to be, or in case of an injury bug, the Bills feel confident in backup Matt Barkley, Bills general manager Brandon Beane told the Buffalo News at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine this week. But Beane isn’t one to just sit on his hands, either. While expressing his trust in Barkley, Beane also said there won’t be a stone left unturned, even if that stone resides in the team’s quarterback room. “If there’s a guy that we thought could add competition and fit the dynamic, we wouldn’t hesitate to do it,” he said.“Not that we don’t want somebody pushing Josh, but you’ve got to make sure it’s not somebody that’s undercutting Josh’s development and what he’s doing.” The likely scenario here seems to be that the Bills stick with Barkley. Allen has a dangerous playing style at times, but Barkley has done about as much as you can expect from a backup QB in the NFL. It’s a quarterback league, and there’s not enough to go around, so if you have one you’re OK with, why mess with it? Behind Barkley is Davis Webb, and perhaps the Bills do bring in a battle for Barkley. Barkley is entering the final year of his contract and only has a $200,000 dead cap hit if he leaves the Bills, per Spotrac. Really the biggest key for the Bills is off the field. There, by all accounts, Barkley is supportive of Allen. Fans love Barkley too, but the backup QB or backup goalie in hockey is always the most popular guy in Buffalo. But in Barkley, there won’t be any clamor for him to start over Allen. If a high-profile backup comes in, that narrative could change on a dime and be a problem for the Bills. Plus, Allen has routinely touted how much he appreciates that Barkley is there to provide a veteran voice to help him out. Allen is only the start of Bills players that praise Barkley. When Barkley nearly had to start for Allen (concussion) in October of last season, players were praising the No. 2. “That’s the type of guy he is even off the field,” said receiver John Brown. “He’s lifting guys up and cheering guys on and he’s the same way on the field.” “He’s a lot like Josh in that way where guys naturally gravitate toward him. He does a great job of leading guys and making sure everyone is going in the right direction,” linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said. Beane certainly has a lot to consider in regard to his backup signal caller. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2020/02/27/brandon-beane-buffalo-bills-wouldnt-hesitate-backup-qb-matt-barkley/
  8. Show of hands, how many of you knew/remembered that Jordan Palmer was a former Buffalo Bill? Anyhow, if we can trust his assessment, it's at least a quantum of solace regarding Josh Allen....and meant for this article to also be a quantum of solace from the barrage of Trump stuff. Trying to add some Bills talk like only a handful of people have been doing. Yeah it's not exactly deep, but it's still something. Interesting comment from Jordan about Josh at Wyoming. Nick Wojton 8 hours ago Each NFL offseason, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has worked with Jordan Palmer. The one-time former Bill himself in Palmer describes himself as a “quarterback consultant” which means he’s pretty much an offseason coach for NFL QBs. Allen isn’t alone in working with Palmer, plenty of others do, such as the Jets’ Sam Darnold and the guy who’s going to be the first-overall pick at the 2020 NFL Draft, Joe Burrow. At the NFL Scouting Combine this week, Palmer made an appearance, making the rounds seeing as he’s working with some rookie QBs as well as vets, such as Burrow. It’s well known that Allen works with Palmer, so Palmer jumped on the Bills’ radio show on Thursday and provided a status update on Buffalo’s signal caller. “He’s ahead of where I’d thought he’d be right now, by the way,” Palmer said. “I was chirping all draft, telling everybody how awesome this guy is going to be. With that being said… because what’s interesting about Josh is he never took over and dominated and won a single game at Wyoming… “The question mark is, was he going to be a gamer [in the NFL]?” Palmer continued. “Is what (Allen) has proven is that [his game] does more than translate, he’s getting really good at winning games, managing the clock, managing situation football, completing balls that need to be completed, making plays that weren’t there.” Well, situational football? Kind of, we still remember that attempted lateral to Dawson Knox in the playoffs, but that’s still just an example of how Allen is certainly a “gamer” in the NFL. He’s proven that and has the fourth-quarter comebacks to prove it. But, Allen’s not perfect. Ahead of schedule still means that the Wyoming product is probably… a middle of the pack kind of QB and there’s things Allen has certainly improve upon. Palmer admitted that. “I think everybody has some throws they’d like back,” Palmer said. For Allen? That’s a lot of deep balls. Palmer said improving that’s been a focus this offseason and he’s seen improvements in it thus far. But Palmer also broken down a deep ball in an interesting light, describing it as something not only on the quarterback. “It is absolutely a two-person deal. A lot of it is what you’re seeing and what you’re doing and what you’re feeling… but I do think the feel you have throwing to guys is a piece of that,” Palmer said. “He’s throwing it to a moving object and they all move differently,” Palmer explained. The QB coach said Allen has never ever blamed any of his targets for his struggles. But these comments certainly shine some thought on what the Bills might need next. A bigger deep-ball threat for Allen. Based on what Palmer said, that’d be a useful thing for the Bills to invest in this offseason, and perhaps with another year of seasoning, Allen will start connecting on some more deeper passes to John Brown & Co. next season too, just based on more reps. A positive outlook for Buffalo’s boy. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2020/02/27/buffalo-bills-josh-allem-ahead-schedule-jordan-palmer/
  9. I'm trying to post some stuff people can talk about instead of the continuing petty bickering over Trump that creates such hatred on here. Maybe a few folks will be grateful for Bills' talk, lol. (pay wall article, in case anyone morally objects to me giving it to you for free and wants to abstain, lol) Alabama's Henry Ruggs posts fastest 40 time among WRs By Mark Gaughan Published 7:39 p.m. February 27, 2020|Updated 3 hours ago INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – University of Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs III lived up to his reputation as an elite burner Thursday night at the NFL Scouting Combine. Ruggs ran the 40-yard dash in 4.27 seconds, fastest among the receivers in the 2020 draft class and tied for sixth fastest among all players at the combine in the last 22 years. Ruggs, 5-foot-11 and 188 pounds, is expected to be taken somewhere between 10th and 25th in the first round. ESPN analyst Mel Kiper projected him to the Bills at No. 22 in his latest mock draft. Ruggs ran 4.31 on his second attempt of the night. The record for the 40-yard dash at the combine is 4.22 seconds by receiver John Ross, who was drafted by Cincinnati No. 9 overall in 2017. The Combine records date to 1999, the first year that electronic timing was used for the event. Ruggs’ time of 4.27 was tied with that of receiver Marquise Goodman, who ran it in 2013 and then was drafted in the third round by the Bills that year. Ruggs had a vertical jump of 42 inches, tied for second best among wide receivers. Ruggs caught 40 passes for 746 yards and seven touchdowns for Alabama in 2019. “I’m trying to hit the lowest ever, so 4.22 or lower,” Ruggs said on Tuesday. One of the biggest receivers in the draft class impressed with a fast time. Notre Dame’s Chase Claypool, 6-4 and 238 pounds, ran a 4.42 time and also had a vertical jump of 40.5 inches. Another big man, Baylor’s 6-3 Denzel Mims, ran 4.39. Another better-than-expected time came from LSU’s Justin Jefferson. He caught 111 passes, tied for tops in the nation, but was viewed as a guy who might run in the low 4.5s. He ran 4.43. Former University at Buffalo receiver K.J. Osborn, who played his final season for Miami in 2019, ran a quality time of 4.48. Two players expected to run fast did not disappoint. Texas’ Devin Duvernay, a former Texas state high school 100 meters champ, ran 4.39. Memphis dual-threat runner-receiver Antonio Gibson ran 4.40. Tee Higgins, the 6-4 Clemson receiver projected to be a first-round pick, decided not to run. He opted to rest and plans to run the 40 as his pro-day workout on March 12. Others who did not run included Penn State’s K.J. Hamler, a speedy slot receiver projected as a second-round pick. He had a hamstring injury. Florida’s Van Jefferson, a third-day pick, was found to have a stress fracture in his foot and is slated to have surgery. South Carolina’s Brian Edwards, a possible third-round pick, didn’t run because he broke his foot earlier this month. https://buffalonews.com/2020/02/27/alabama-henry-ruggs-40-time-nfl-scouting-combine-fastest-2020-nfl-draft/
  10. Sometimes I don't know whether to root for the players' union or owners on various matters, but this does sound potentially significant.
  11. Great thread, Crazy Legs. I've been on board with you since, well since probably before you were on board with you(before the last season began). It's nice with all the praise for Beane placing value on the line, but through a mix of "bad luck", irking an OG coming off of 3 consecutive Pro Bowls(when was the last Bill to do that?!?), oversight, and more bad luck, he left Josh, the Bills, and us with a terrible OL, and then a(not sure what to classify last year's as). Now through reading into to words(and probably projecting our own feelings), we have determined in year 3 that he places high value on the OL. Good job, Range members, :) Seriously, I've been singing his praises maybe more than anyone(even Jungle lol) lately, but I think some of this talk is a bit premature. If he builds a Dallas line or something close to a bully, then I will be a bit more assured. As we saw woth Mitch Morse last season, the best laid plans of mice and men oft(can) go awry. One doesn't need to go full Seandelevan, but a healthy bit of caution and skepticism might be acceptable for a bit longer. Again, I am very excited, not sure when the last time we had reason to be this excited was..... While I am becoming bigger on BPA(seems to be nature's model?) than in the past, I think I'd still lean OT if that could be the dream BPA. If we're stating our dreams, why settle for RT? Dawkins can slide to RT, correct(with Cody Ford moving inside)? Ideally, I'd dream Beane and crew could identify someone capable of developing into a stud LT, that others either overlooked or maybe had other more pressing needs. Maybe this is less likely, but I'm putting it out there as a possibility...stranger things have happened. RT works for me too, just honoring MLK month with my I have a dream speech, Bills 2020 draft version. :) Like I said numerous times, despite my criticism above, Beane has earned my confidence in this draft. Whatever he identifies as the best move with the rest of the staff, I'd think there is sound logic behind it, even if it was the move Jungle suggested with a 2nd 1st round pick, OR even a RB to establish a dynamic ground attack(I could picture the reaction of LIt and others, lol). CB as good as Dre, maybe better? I'm fine with having 2 islands so DCLF can unleash more blitzes. Nothing is gonna bring me down, not even gonna let myself get baited into believing we're trading up to get Quinnen Williams at #4 overall again this year. ;) Unless something is done in free agency, I'd love a stud OT in the 1st(even if we had to move up 2 spots or so), WR in the 2nd, and maybe another in the 4th or 5th. Like CL said, I'd be even more open to moving forward in the 2nd and or 3rd for guys they identify as high value. We've got a lot to be excited about, despite what the negative nancies in the Sunday shoutbox would have us believe. Heck, I'd like to believe Beane was underselling what he might do in free agency and surprise us in a really good way. :) Hey it's preseason...the glowing fluff articles....reminds me of these lyrics from the Pink Floyd song "High Hopes": (man I havent listened to that one in decades....maybe it's time now) Encumbered forever by desire and ambitionThere's a hunger still unsatisfiedOur weary eyes still stray to the horizonThough down this road we've been so many timesThe grass was greenerThe light was brighterThe taste was sweeterThe nights of wonderWith friends surroundedThe dawn mist glowingThe water flowingThe endless riverForever and ever
  12. Some folks might find that statement disturbing. Either way, congrats, you managed to shift focus from the major threat Denmark is facing into another Trump hatred thread. ugh :(
  13. Like I told HipKat during the last debate in the Shoutbox(which caused him to go ape**** on me), Bloomberg took major damage with blacks and women. In the Democratic party, that's your bread and butter. I havent seen the debate, but maybe I will watch the replay at some point....maybe tomorrow.. Not sure if it can be anywhere near as exciting as the previous one, which I likened unto a pro wrestling match!! :)
  14. So even if your 40% numbers turn out to be correct(which I'd bet cash money they won't), you think that hating 40% of the country is a good thing? Or even an acceptable thing? And instead you focus on the relative minutia of the guessing the exact percentage? lol...even you must see the comedic value in that!
  15. Taxation is indeed theft, and it is covered in this Hollywood film, made by Aaron Russo who produced 80's hits like Eddie Murphy's Trading Places. Former IRS agents speak out in this(see the trailer), and tell you there is NO LAW that the average American must pay a federal income tax. In the film, even shows a judge on record stating that the required amount of states never ratified the amendment. (I think @HipKat said the judge is in his state) Ron Paul even makes a cameo. Russo does a bit like Jay Leno, I think on Venice Beach, asking folks some simple questions. Russo also interviews a high ranking IRS official, who eventually stops the interview because Russo has him checkmated. Check out this TRAILER...even from the trailer you can learn something, and you may see this is something you want to look into(any Constitution-loving American would LOVE this film, it's entertaining, not dry). The full movie is on youtube for free, Russo(RIP) didn't give his life to make a profit on this. It even makes a point as to what facism is, something we've been under for a long time...both parties will agree.
  16. They say what you focus on, you become. Sometimes you hear stories of a preacher who becomes so possessed with preaching against something like homosexuality, that sadly it consumes him and he becomes one, or at least delves into it. The good news with that analogy is that Hip may become a fan of the Constitution, and maybe even Trump, and reject what the mainstream establishment media has programmed him to be. :)
  17. I think Jesus would have freaked out even more if he ever found that out, lol. What's next, was he a member of Hell's Angels MC? lol I get that you're joking, but if the OP were serious, I'd ask him if Jesus was a communist, was was it not invente until 19 centuries later? Why did he not teach have his followers practice it? To be fair to the OP, he did say the Bible....which includes the JEWS....who actually were the ones who both invented Communism in writing(yep, of course Marx was one of them, Engels too)...and in practice the the barbaric Bolshevik Revolution, which was mostly a jewish operation(one can do a search for the percentage of seats they held in the government). Reminding people of that generally rattles people from either establishment party, Jungle, because most are ignorant of it. Think about it Jungle, if they can fool people about Palestine, do you think that's the only thing the media lies to us about? You're an educated man, seriously ask yourself that question.
  18. Basket of deplorables? You have a vile hatred for half the country? If so, does that not seem troubling to you?!? I'm asking sincerely.....it truly makes TDS seem like a condition that could be in the DSM-V that diagnoses disorders. This isn't Star Wars...I dont want to be the Emperor or Darth Vader or whomever and tell you to let your hate consume you, like it clearly is. It's like the Paint It Black song, or Pearl Jam's song Black....it seems like your whole filter is seeing black, and that can't be an enjoyable way to live, even if it were "only" until January(and even if Trump were to lose, his supporters aren't going to suddenly vanish in some sort of rapture! lol).
  19. I'm not arguing with you, but just shocked that only 1 person that I recall(a fairly low volume poster) disagreed with your idea of spending 2 1sts, which was one of the biggest shots people kept taking against GMDW for years. I guess everyone is too busy arguing about Trump, lol, Ive stated I'm at peace with whatever Beane and staff see as the best move, which would include that, I suppose. I'm generally against such moves, but I feel as a fan theyve earned my trust for at least 1 offseason. I haven't looked at Ruggs enough to form an opinion of my own yet, but that never held this crew on here back. It kind of feels like something is wrong here...like Deontay Wilder looked at a certain point when one could tell beyond a miracle he wasnt coming back. You basically committed the ultimate blasphemy, and people are too busy with their political hatred to even notice it. Either than or they have ordained you the new Mel Kiper and know better than to challenge you? As Range Insider, it's my duty to have an idea what's going on around here, but at this point I don't, lol. If you can't get a response out of them with that, you may not be able to(well, other than in politics lol). I wish I knew more about Ruggs so I'd have some input, but right now I am abstaining. The comparison to Tyreek Hill, if true, might make him worth it in the eyes of some. DIdn't Mel Kiper mention his deep game though? The board narrative is that that isn't really Josh's thing anymore. Anyhow, I'm grateful for you and CrazyLegs and anyone who posts stuff other than politics.
  20. I don't want him to make you look like a dumb poster though. Youre capable of better, man. I may not agree with your candidate on a number of things, but I think you mean well and don't particularly enjoy seeing them call you dumb all the time. Ive been the victim of their ad hominem attacks(attacking the messenger when they can't attack the message), so I'd rather see them stripped of that ability by folks living up to their ability, rather than imitating this low energy behavior. I'm not trying to be critical of you man, just trying to remind you that you're capable of more and don't have to end up looking like them. There was actually a national article written about this board.... and toward the beginning it said, "Eleven year veteran, Meathead, takes the bait". lol A former regular named WagonCircler had trolled poor Meat, and now that's how the nation remembers him....as taking the bait. i am fuel, you are friends, we got the means to make amends i am lost, i'm no guide, but i'm by your side i am right by your side...
  21. Bump, because Hip likes to claim you and I never disagree with Trump(even though he used to scold me for calling him Chump! Sometimes I think the dude just wants to be bitter! lol). This and the record number of legal population replacement(aka immigrants) he brags about. One of his major panks in the platform was immigration, and I appreciate you having the courage to speak out about it. The Constitution and our nation thank you.
  22. Actually, for people here that are critical of Josh Allen, a dynamic back to pair with Motor might be the answer to their prayers. Even for big fans of Allen, a powerful running game where the defense feels the need to stack the line would be of great help to Josh and the team. I've decided to be at peace, and let our staff go with whomever they see fit. As long as Buffalo wins, I will be happy. I don't demand they do it any certain way, like a SeanDelevan might. :) As Jungle likes to note, "it's lying season", and it's not always wise to take things at face value. Still, this staff seems fairly genuine about due dilligence, and theyve earned my trust for at least this draft/offseason.
  23. Serious question, is this from the Onion or Babylon Bee or whatever? The media has pushed that word, and sadly is has replaced ones like Commie. It's rather disgusting for anyone who has done independent research on what really happened during WW2 and afterward. (hint, it's in my sig for anyone who wants to know). "Accuse your enemies of what you do to them".
  24. Actually, by far the greatest thing Bernie Sanders has acheived in life is being a powerful Jew who actually has the balls to speak out against the apartheid and human rights abuses the so called state of Israel uses against Palestinians. Did you know hat beyond all of the human rights abuses, the Palestinians are not even allowed to vote in the land Britain stole from them and gave to the Jews in exchange for them dragging us into 2 world wars?!?!?! (put Balfour Declaration into a search engine, if you are not familiar with how that happened....anyhow, how does the country who gets more US aid than all other counties combined not allow over half of it's residents to vote?!??!? Any other nation we'd be invading to give them our democracy...these people are not your friends, they are not the "jews" of the Bible...not that those jews were too kind to Jesus, whom were cursed for what they did to him, if you believe the Bible. When you run all of the media, you can somehow convince the people in this country the Palestinians are the bad guys, while the rest of the first world nations condemn Israel's crimes against humanity...and only our disgusting UN veto saves them time and time again). Israel also attacked the USS Liberty in a false flag event to try to get us to go to war with Egypt like we go to war for them now(now they have AIPAC, the most powerful lobby in Washington, and every politician must kiss the ring and bend the knee! Including Trump....he originally mocked Kushner when Ivanka was first dating him{compared him unfavorably to Tom Brady! lol], now he does what Jared says)....they killed many servicemen, and even dropped white phosphorous on them. These people are brutal ****ers, and I dont see how any patriotic American can turn their back on the survivors who demand justrice. Check out this clip, and if the inhuman way they treat Palestinians doesn't upset you like it does to Bernie and many of us, maybe what they did to Americans would(and this is far from the only example, but the most famous and widely acknowledged)
  25. Man, you're lowering yourself to the level of your instigator. Might be better for your spirits if you ignored them until you had a reply that isn't on their level. Seriously, that's what the establishment media wants, everyone in a constant negative state. I may not be immune to it, but I try to keep my mind elsewhere as much as possible. Heck, I even replied to a number of football threads earlier! lol Sadly, folks seem too distracted by the TDSers. Maybe the NFL needs some more controversy if the thought of Beane prowling the combine isn't enough, lol.
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