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  1. Your new title under your avatar is loon slayer and you claim not to be obsessed with me? At least Frawd didn't insinuate any sort of violence, but I suppose you got tired of being a parrot and wanted to say something at least semi-original. But posting photos of dead animals has earned you the title in your mind? Hopefully PETA finds you, because people who commit cruelty to animals have been shown to go on to commit even worse crimes.
  2. I don't believe I've ever written a negative word about Josh Allen, but I still don't feel the need to knock others down to build him up. A lot of the Lamar hatred on here was for reasons I do not suspect you would support. The guy had an amazing year, followed by pulling a Peyton Manning. If Josh Allen can have a Manning-like career, I think most Bills fans would be ok with that. I'm here to remind folks they can love Josh without stooping to the levels of some folks and feeling the need to trash others. When Josh elevates his play I'll be more likely to beat my chest than when he does better than some guy simply because the other guy had an uncharacteristically bad game. That's loser mentality. I did appreciate the part where you mentioned Josh keeping his team in the game, though. That come back was EPIC, regardless of what anyone else did in the league that day. I'm proud of the entire team for being able to do that, despite their meltdown prior to it. Go Josh Allen, go Bills!! (just my opinion, you're free to trash anyone if you want to, but I don't think Josh needs it. I've actually decided to root for Lamar because of the hatred, and in spite of the fact that the 2 fans he has on here are complete jerks to myself and others much of the time, lol).
  3. Already displaying your dishonesty! Welcome back! Your boy looks hurt and probably will appreciate the exchange of reacharounds. Ive not seen the kind side of you before!
  4. hipkat writes literally a moment after calling me sanctimonious! lol Fiction can't hardly be scripted better than that!!!!! #hypocrisy
  5. lol Just because I disagree with your TDS rants? Look at your level of reponse vs mine, and any objective person can see the difference. Any raging bitter person can find an idiot or 2 to say similar things, so your reacharound to him does nothing to make you look any better. That would be like me agreeing with Trump. Thanks for the ignore, maybe the obsessed person you cite as an expert will follow suit! By the way, I thought in the Shoutbox that you responded to Jay Hall that you were doing bong rips being it's legal in your state now. Ive never seen anyone on cannabis nearly as triggered/bitter as you are. I think maybe you got some bad stuff and should try to get your money back!!
  6. I admire your skills of being able to get all of that from a few words about Josh, but maybe I shouldn't have asked, because it makes the compliment seem rather empty now that you explained it. :(
  7. Wow. that's quite a spin cycle youve got going on there. Hey, do you have any strong spin cycles for other things Creepy Joe has done on camera like fondling females, including young girls? I want to see just how much your TDS causes you to become an apologist for creeps like this!
  8. Ok, I appreciate you explaining the root causes of your TDS. It still seems like an overreaction, unless this was your first rodeo. The one thing Ive noticed that makes this new at all, seems to be the way the media promotes it nonstop. I suppose if you don't realize he's actually in on the act(like Andy Kaufman[RIP] brilliantly illustrated....or the epic movie about him, Man On The Moon), it could really rile a person up. Andy did it well when he did his wrestling, and Trump did it well enough to make it into the WWE hall of fame....yet people still don't seem to "get it".
  9. Then it's what needs to happen. Biden abused his office by threatening foreign officials long before Trump was ever elected. The clown even bragged about it in front of the camera.
  10. I could live with that! And Lamical reminds me of a friend's medication whose name used to amuse me for some reason, "Lamictal"! As the preeminant fan of names on here, I would like him if for that alone. (They spelled his last name wrong, though lol) Here's some trivia you may not be aware of: Lamical is a cousin of your boy, Myles Jack.
  11. I don't discriminate when it comes to fornication. Low class people actually to tend to be more fun on average, in my experience.
  12. I support Consitutionalists like Ron Paul who gained true grass roots support partially by campaigning to END all foreign aid, and taking care of our own people first. Kind of ironic that Trump gets a thread with this title for actually doing something closer to his campaign promises than most of what the government has done since he was elected. #AmericaFirst
  13. That's a good question. I'm still baffled as to why SeanDelevan was the only person to react to the bot thread about Oliver's surprising surgery, or otherwise mention it, other than myself. I'm also curious if other than Hughes, any of these surprises broke NFL rules by being concealed. I mean this list was just the players who had surgery already....
  14. lol, semi-epic! How do you find such things? Any idea what inspired Al Toby to say that, and why it inspired Tank to reply like that, though?
  15. I can see your play is to hope these folks have extremely poor memories and have forgotten how you used to stalk me and ridicule my posts on a level that shouted obsession. If they have, that's fine, but I sure as sh*t have not forgotten. You're right that you can "like" any troll/personal attack post that merely calls someone a name that you want, but it exposes your low moral character. In turn, after I see your endorsements of hateful trolls, I have every right to respond to them. Stop being a deceptive hypocrite. Ive actually responded favorably to a couple of your posts tonight, something that you never do. If you want to keep displaying your character it's up to you, but I doubt anyone prefers a long line of posts that simply call names to posts where a person actually takes the time to present documented facts, even if they know they will be unpopular due to conditioning. As for mocking me about lack of "likes", they are not my objective. Society likes a lot of stupid crap, often least common denominator stuff. However, your claims are proven to be lies when noting the number of days I have "won the day"(title belt) in the last month or so, which can be verified if you care at all about the truth and not just slinging insults, internet tough guy. I gladly bid you good day.
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