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  1. Wow, that was during a busy time in my life where I didn't screw around with football so much. That is EPIC, and actually makes me feel differently about Belichick!
  2. Good work, JC. I agree, somehow it is scarier than even your average post!
  3. No, you really are in the wrong thread about the wrong game. I mean, even if you can't read the thread title in plain English, this should help. (yoiu asked about Mayfield in a thread about Mahomes. Really, that's clear, even on this cesspool). http://www.buffalorange.com/showthread.php?t=261313&p=3615060&viewfull=1#post3615060
  4. WTF? Wrong thread! ...hey, speaking of which, reply to the one where Lit asked if you were ok :)
  5. Just noticed the OP, thanks for all the embeds and commentary. No need to be a jerk about it though, I just posted the article as it was written. It was kind of funny that Kelly Pegula got in on it after Poyer's antics....I wonder who may be next?
  6. Ok...I suppose it's better I replied before all of the people tomorrow see it :)
  7. All of that is true. Look, I am a Josh fan, but in the Pats game he and Barclay were terrible on their throws to Zay. The guy should be grateful to be getting a new QB, to be honest. Try to honestly tell me you wouldn't be if you were in his shoes.
  8. I suppose that's not quite as bad as Joe Namath wearing pantyhose, other than the fact he was doing it for a practical purpose(staying warm). I wonder if your pal Lit does the same/similar to you?
  9. Do those possibly arbitrary numbers actually reflect the sh*tty throws he has been getting?
  10. The drama can finally be like good teams, worrying about our seeding instead of just making it in. :) Possibly even winning the division if the Pats falter for whatever reason.
  11. I like how the ref in this game talks. He sounds friendly, like the guy you could sit on your porch with drinking a beer.
  12. WTF, i did a search, but how do you know this crap already and brag about it? That's beyond bragging about Astroglide(over KY)...
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