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  1. The current "order at the border" is asking these "detainees" what they want to eat on the taxpayers tab. Stop the drama, leave them on their ide of the way. Leave families together indeed! On their side of the wall! Say that the next time people use families to try to play your emptions. This is a war on us, make no mistake, it's time to get serious.
  2. Man I agree, and the establishment/neocon portion of the Republican party is a similar concept....as opposed to folks like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and a few in the House(sad that you can count the Consititional folks on your fingers(Ted Cruz started off like those good examples, but was bought out quickly and became clpse to the typical neocon on at least foreign policy. Both parties cut most of them down in the primaries, or else their common sense would draw from the other side and independents in the general elections Props, yes...pieces on a chess board, or other analogies. They get their marching orders/learn their script, and make money and/or get other favors. .I get that 1 party may sicken some folks fore than the other, it's that way for me too...but let's not pretend they're both fraudulent and both actually do rig elections(primaries) the same way the TDSers flip out about these allegations over Russia doing so.... I mean we have real proof that our own parties do it here, not some deep state spook giving evidence that cybersecurity experts like John McAfee refute.....and it gets ignored. Bernie was a victim in 2016(or played one, rather poorly), Ron Paul was in 2012 from the other side(plus a media blackout, unlike Bernie....which is a very telling difference on who was the real deal). And even the Libertarian party and Gary Johnson himself are bought and paid for. A smart man went out of his way to look stupid, and pick Bill Weld(???) as his running mate? I think pro wrestling might be more real.
  3. Did anyone else ever wonder if the Trump reaction gives someone reputation? Takes it away? Is neutral? Has any mod spoken on it? lol
  4. Yeah, from the tiny amount Ive seen about that chick she comes across as a fraud, playing her part like an actor.
  5. Wow, she used to use common sense and have PRACTICAL ideas to that would help the country as a whole. But everybody has a price for the million dollar ***.
  6. Indeed it is...more centralized power and less individual, local, and states' rights. This is more of a true paradigm than arbitrary left/right nonsense. Many laws you can debate on whether it is conservative or liberal, but judging them by their Constitutionality and whether they deliver more freedom or less freedom are a more practical and easier measure, in my opinion. Good work, Sack.
  7. Actually, that's what Jamsim, myslf, and maybe a couple of others on here are doing. You're aiming hatred at one man, which understandably is going to make it harder for fans of that man to take you seriously. Even if they secretly know he has faults, a person loses credibility when they give everyone else a free pass because they have to make their target out to be much worse than anyone else.... It's similal to this scene by a very brave semi awake member of the tribe who the head of the ADL gave full access to. In this roughly 2 minute scene, the head of the ADL travels to Ukraine to bully it's leaders, telling them not to mention the Bolshevik forced starvations "Holomodor", to their Holocaust(tm)......(even though the Holomodor was bigger tha even the claimed numbers for their thing. They don't want the world to know they don't have a monopoly on suffering. That and the jews who held most of the Bolshevik seats and were behind the Holomodor....another good reason to keep folks ignorant of it. No Ukranians or Russians in here? Abe's got balls.....he, a man of no consequence, is telling heads of state not to talk about their own tragedies. Anyhow Hip, if you want to promote your version of the Holohoax, maybe also let people like me talk about the real Holomodor(which nobody disputes) on occasion. The Kerry video/article where you and your bulldog Frawk viciously came after me, just because it talked about others besides Trump who did wrong, is an example. I told you I'd talk Trump om Trump threads to keep you happy, and here I am honoring it. To end the text portion on a good note Hip....maybe you will reach more of the TSDSers if you try to honestly listen to them and find common ground. Maybe join Sack and I the times we rip him a new one for ignoring his immigration compromises. Heck, even Frawk agrees with the Constitution one time and chooses mocking Trump over celebrating the population replacement he is allowing....the opposite of what got him elected.
  8. I really hope you wouldnt be trying to touch it in the first place. Maybe the flaming leftists on here have rubbed off on you.... or maybe it was that drug that I posted the article where the guy won the lawsuit after it caused him to transform into a filthy gay sex seeking degenerate gambler. For anyone who didn't see it, I am being 100% serious, it was supposed to treat Parkinsons. I think it was in the "another win for Trump" thread with Pete in the OP. Drug turns a married man into a dirty gay sex crazed degenerate gambler, and nobody speaks(it was a mainstream media story, the usual suspects you guys crave), but a star athlete allegedy gets a hummer from some chick who could very well be upset because he banned her facebook, and people get worked up. While I don't condone Baker here, the comparative reaction to the 2 stories is a shameful commerntary on our societal values. Some of the most subversive probably were secretly cheering it caused gay sex behavior in that man.
  9. Both you and Jungle make good points. I'm not yet sure which one Trumps the other. It will depend on a number of things that transpire, but as cheap as he is, he would seem like good insurance if we don't get a good back in the draft. I believe the Bills have cut guys who make more than that. Speaking of backs, what happened to the member who always did that "Factor Back" shtick? Is this guy a Factor Back?
  10. Now let the Thomas Jefferson echo to you slowly(or at whatever speed you like) lol..... Every generation needs a new revolution. You can't really just want to resign yourself to continually setting the bar lower for liberty and overall wellbeing of the nation and let parasites get fat off the hard work of yourself and your fellow Americans and not care, can you? Another quote by another one of the best patriots of all time, President Andrew Jackson who these subversives tried to kill: 'You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out.' That's what needs to be done to the exact same element he was speaking to. (He survived due to 2 pistol jams, and then caned the would be assassin!
  11. Or Vince Foster, from the time she actually made it to the White House. Vince was given the honor of having his death investigated by the DC Park Police, whose astute investigation quickly determined he Epsteined himself despite the evidence to the contrary.
  12. Ok, i guess the jokes funny, in that case. :) As for the first sentrnce, I reckon they could for quite some time with the invention of the telephone, but I guess it gave the impression it was in person for some reason. So I guess a phone call caused you to print the slanderous defamation, lol. i guess you could use the driving and bad drivers around you during the daytime hours as an excuse too. :) I'm kind of surprised that either reading or posting a TDS thread while driving hasnt gotten you worked up enough to be in an accident yet! It only takes a moment.
  13. Not by online porn standards, sure. But if you're in real life, a few drinks generally cure such matters. :) (or if you have the hormones of someone Baker's age and are in the heat of the moment) I don't take issue with the looks of this person of low character, I take issue with her actions, her moral turpitude.
  14. So I take it youre one of those social media guys, being you apparently are follwing their social media to know this?
  15. What logic makes that bad judgment to make millions of dollars for endorsing a product while your stock is high? Would you have told Ryan Leaf the same thing after he was drafted #2 after a tough decision by the #1 team to take Peyton Manning? If you gave him that advice and he listened, I have a strong feeling he would have kicked your ass! Look, I get that you want him to not look better than Josh. The classy way is for Josh to play better on the field, not finding every fault with the guy that we can. We're the team that gave the world OJ bleeping Simpson for crying out loud. A hummer pales in comparison and the endorsements are more sound logic than yours. Convince me otherwise.
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