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  1. After posting the migrant thread and finally taking a breath, some stuff came into my head which eventually led to this. I thought about posting it there, but feel it is maybe more appropriate here. The lyrics of Bob Dylan, witht he vocals and guitar of Jimi Hendrix? What is not to like?!? :) "let us stop talking falsely now, the hour is getting late!!!"
  2. For those who don't see the problem, or whom just want to see a bit of our NEAR future, later on I can post some stuff from the migrant problems(murder, rape, economic, cultural conflicts, etc...and I mean far beyond the US #s Trump campaigned on) of London, Sweden, France, Germany, etc. The indigenous(yikes! doesnt that word describe the people we are taught to care about and feel sorry for?!? In that case, Europe is the one place you can actually care about white folks without being labeled, if you let labels influence you) people of Europe are ahead of us on the paths of socialism, loss of autonomy, population replacement, loss of free speech, etc. For these reasons, it might interest some of you to take a look into what will be our near future unluess major change happens very soon. I'd hope for a change we could set the divisive stuff aside, and focus more on potential solutions than simply assigning blame, especially if it is the usual partisan nonsense. A ban on such stuff would seem to render at least a small number unable to say anything, as it's their only shtick. Sad, very sad. I don't do this for popularity, and realize I open myself to ridicule. That's fine, as other Americans have sacrificed far more. It's time to choose if we want to be part of the solution or part of the problem(which includes remaining silent, whether from fear, and/or ignorance. If a better communicator wants to take over, by all means do. This is not about me, it is about the survival of our culture, and even nation(and not just from this latest example, though that is what inspired me to address the issue...and this was the 2nd #BREAKING thing I found at this hour! lol).
  3. Believe it or not, I found this by looking for #BREAKING tweets to post per Shoutbox tradition, and being there isnt any breaking Bills stuff at this our, this was the 2nd headline I found. I left the BREAKING out of the title, so as not to upset anyone and make it seem like the joke I make out of the Shoutbox antics. This is actually I guess the mainstream media down there, which I get is all that some of you will accept, especially older folks who have been understably conditioned to trust the tv and not the new fangled internet. I'm guessing I can get more details later, but figured I'd BREAK it now, because it's going to be a story in our media at some point, of our media is to be trusted at all. I thought the last I heard Mexico was defending our border....so why are these caravans still coming, and why do they not defend their own borders, if they truly are stopping them from invading our nation? Let's be clear from the start. The odds are that these are not people seeking to enter for actual politiical asylum. I have no idea how many more are off the screen, but one might guess Soros or, whomever funds the NGOs that fund the neverending onslaught, doesnt waste time with small numbers and already has plans for where to send them once they have penetrated. The election was in 2016, and here we are in 2020 with this happening. Ive already posted ALIPAC threads which show the record numbers of LEGAL immigration which is problematic enough(especially when socialism is being pushed), and the people whom immigration was a serious voting issue for(and are informed) are PISSED. Let's not devolve into TDS or the opposite either. There are far bigger and far wealthier powers behind this issue, which has been a problem since as far back as Reagan's amnesty and earlier. This isnt a party issue, even if one comes across worse on it. Both have cooperated to roll out the red carpet. Is this not a big part of what people voted for(against) in 2016? Do those votes deserve to be honored? Do we need entertainment(produced by whom again?) promoting shows sympathetic to this? One of which even potrayed one of the invaders as "Jesus"(American gods, maybe?), to try to brainwash Americans and change their way of thinking partly through emotions. If this still seems accidental or coincidental to some of you rather than a well-orchestrated invasion, I am not sure if there is anything else I can tell you. One final thing from this post: Many of the people in these caravans did not originate from Central America, but rather from SubSaharan Africa. Don't believe me? Do your own research, alhough I've already posted multiple videos proving it. But that is just more evidence of how well engineered this ongoing invasion is. We can not take the whole world into this country, even if we didn't already have so much solialist programs. Bring the troops fighting foreign wars for Israel back home and have them defend OUR BORDERS, which is what their actual job is!
  4. Look, you're pissed that I saw the possibilities you had in mind and have already given a preview of in multiple ways. You can choose to accept me terms or reject them. I'm good either way. I'm not playing your games. If you want that, find someone else. It's your choice, you have no one to blame either way, other than yourself. If you are unwilling and/or unable to make a choice now, then let's have a temporary truce and leave each other the heck allone until tomorrow....at least 10am ET. I think my goodwill and intentions with that offer are clear. Man, this whole thing just seems so gay!!(Meathead said Wanda Sykes should not be offended by the word when used in that context, so I unbleeped it. I half wish Squirt would show up and say so, being folks should be able to act decent toward one another and not have to worry about being literally harassed for hours straight. But I am committed to the peace process if you are)
  5. Did you just nullify the deal? How can you be so dense to not understand that print in a meme qualifies as "any mention/suggestion of" me? I won't go as far as saying you are incorrigible without giving you a chance to explain yourself. Did I misread something, including your intentions? If I need ot be specific, that includes your stupid title based off of frawk's ad hominem attacks, and any photos of biirds, And you haven't slayed anything other than maybe some braincells that whatever your on to cause those delusions has killed. See how that works? Do you want to keep playing games, or do you want to honor the spirit of the deal? Further, if I start a topic you stay away from the discussion, because it's easy to see what could happen otherwise. And if you state any discussion of my recent area of expertise, any sort of mocking, the treaty is done. Like in real life, if you want to purposefully press buttons the way some countries covertly do with others, then deal is off. If you can be in the spirit of the deal, lets do it. Don't be an illustration of the techniques those whom I expose do, lol.
  6. I didn't say I wouldn't. Youre the one doing DOUBLE the things you claim I do. But yes, I am generally a man of peace, so I will make a conditional acceptance offer. You obviously displayed to everyone in this thread that you do team work with hipkat(and who knows what other subversives), so I am plainly saying any endorsement of a smear against my name will be treated as if you had come up with it on your own. I'm not going to play games, and certainly not yours. If you can not abide by that and feel a need to do what you do in any way shape or form, then the deal is null and void. I'm a free speech guy, so all or nothing, not what you propose which you've made the mistake of tipping your hand on the intentions in here with your display earlier. Also let Lit have his thread back, and an apology to him for this derailment you engineered with HipKat's aid would be the decent thing to do. I dont exactlly feel great about it, and all I was doiing was defending myself from the latest of your antics that had been aimed at me for hours. Imagine if someone had done that to you, even if they hadnt recruited others to help them! SMH Your choice, It's up to you. Either way, "I will get by" (to quote the Grateful Dead) This song might calm you down some and help you look at things from a new perspective. It helps me, and is right now. :) I will get by!! I see you got your fist outSay your piece and get outYes I got the gist of itBut it's alrightSorry that you feel that wayThe only thing there is to sayEvery silver lining's got aTouch of grey
  7. Isnt that what the character in SeanDelevan's avatar used to say? I havent seen the show much, and it's been a long time. I may endeavor to so so as a tribute to Sean and maybe understand him a bit better, and be entertained at the same time, hopefully.
  8. lol there you go again, with the ad hominem attacks, following lies, vulgarity/name-calling. Same old pattern, accusing me of doing the exact thing you do, not a good look. You do know that some groups of people in real life DO that...and it is not a theory., but is proven. Do whatever the heck you want, but be prepared to deal with a reply. I get that it's the same likewise. It's kind of how this thing called life works! lol I just noticed your "threat" to put me on "ignore". That's even less of a threat than sending a kid to their room these days, it's something I'd see as a wellcomed break from your obesssion! lol I'm fairly certain you won't do that, not for too long anyhow. I am not even sure if you are capable....you're literally addicted to me, you creepy freak. I am trying to remember anything like this happening to me before on here and at the moment do not. I seriously doubt you can pretend to ignore me even as long as HipKat, which is not very long! (that reminds me of this song and how you think of me...I think they used it for Saturday Night's Main Event, but you remind me more of a mascot than a wrestler :) ) PS- What do any of your maniacal diatribes have to do with the subject of the thread, Antonio Brown? He must feel slighted to be ignored in favor of your obsession with someone who is not even a public figure! He went through a lot of effort and suffering to earn a recent Range thread, and here you are not paying any attention to him at all! It seems cruel on your part!
  9. I will not tell you you're wrong, but you know I've stated I'd be fine with most any posoition, as long as I thought of it as a BPA that improved the team enough to make it worthwhile. Now Jungle, or plenty of others might disagree with you more. I get that youre frustrated, and don't feel like busting your balls. You have a right to feel like you do and express it...even if some of us who have known you a long time kid you about it. For a long time(before it was popular...numerous coaches ago, I used to wish for a 2nd quality WR year after year. Ive been there, and I have a feeling GMBB whom I used to strongly dislike, will finally make good on things. I really want a legit OT though, not just someone that is "ok". Maybe my main focus will change, who knows, but I'm still not satisfied with the rebuild after what happened to the line 2 offseasons ago.
  10. UPDATE: with Gene Okerlund! After Trump being out in front by 1 vote, the race has flipped and Bernie is ahead by one vote! Many precincts are far from finished with their polling, and folks this one could go either way!
  11. So because you once offered something however long ago, if I made a post that offended you, you can act like a childish brat infinitely? Your logic suffers worse than your reading comprehension skills, which are bad, very bad....even when you don't resort to the flat out lies like those in that post.
  12. Nope, I'm fine. As I've requested earlier, stop putting words in my mouth and tellling me what I mean. I am not sure how many times a person needs to ask you to cease this childish behavior before you will stop. If you think you can annoy me into submission, see how many Rangers on here will have claimed to accomplished that. Youve been here and know the answer already. But if you want to keep trying, that's up to you. :)
  13. Really? So you and Hip regularly discuss me and rank the nuisances who annoy me? That is sad, very sad. Hey, if Lit and others don't mind you derailing their threads with personal attacks against people who were not even positing to you, than have at it. You(and others) may not enjoy the outcome, but that's what this thing called liberty/choice that some of us Americans like is all about.
  14. Yes, you have overtaken Frawk long ago with your level of obsession. But this post doesn't bother me. I am not sure why you thought it would. At any rate, between you and Hip, there you go again. Mixing lies and adhominem attacks between the 2 of you, and trying to derail Lit's thread, after even I started to cooperate with him by posting the actual charges. What in the world is wrong with you, constantly harassing me? ADMIN used to temporarily BAN people who had HALF your level of OBSESSION. It's ok though, you obviously dont realize the more times you do this, the more times you prove my claims about your behavior to be true. Now quick! Try to change the direction now that I pointed that out! (or just leave me alone and reply to the topic at hand, whether you agree with the OP or not). Even when I disagreed with Lit or Jungle earlier, did you see me posting pictures to mock them, or teaming up with other people who disliked them to run these comedy bits? NO. Members like yourself do that. I handled matters on my own and didn't keep harassing anyone after making my point.
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