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  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001081180/article/qb-index-week-13-lamar-jackson-dethrones-russell-wilson
  2. So this is the list of CBS games in our slot on 506sports. Not sure on the reason for the order, but it's not alphabetical and the Pats are in the top slot for the late game, so it may have been their preseason view on what games they thought would be more important. If so, ironic to see where the Bills are listed. Anyhow, looks like we could get a reasonably "National" game? RJL would be forced to wait another week before making a Shoutbox appearance, as Bert aptly noted about this week. Denver @ Houston Cincinnati @ Cleveland Miami @ NY Jets Baltimore @ Buffalo Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay
  3. BREAKING: (this wasnt up at the start of my original post, have not watched it yet)
  4. Do you feel the Bills deserve the top spot? I do. I know there are a lot of great college hoops early season tournaments this time of year(Battle for Atlantis, Maui Invitational....the stuff Syracuse often shocks the world and wins), but I will be upset if the Bills don't take the number 1 spot. I don't mean the double-reverse flea flicker vs the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, but that might be worthy of it's own spot. I mean Josh Allen digging out that ball on 4th down and just willing himself to a first down bulldozer style. That could be a turning point in a season, in a franchise, and as a stanalone play seemed to amaze the announcers as something they had never seen in their careers. That's saying something for Jim Nantz. If I am still here when I find out, I will post it. I am curious if any of the TV watchers already know the answer. In the Shoutbox, people often demand(lol) a touchdown, saying we "need" one, or sometimes using much less mild language. I'm saying the team/Josh really could use the recognition they deserve and maybe an addiction to that feeling, which is likely to bring more of it.
  5. Maybe a lit Lit lit the fire? Billy Joel said he didn't.
  6. It's one of those questions, like "How many licks to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?" that "the world may never know". Anyhow, I hope the aforementioned Watson has 4 more such throws in prime time this Sunday!
  7. Lit wasnt alone on this in the Shoutbox, although he generally is the only one willing to go on record about it in the forums. I'm not looking to start trouble, but I usually dont focus on the line or tweets during the game, so I am curious if son of a Mitch was still in there once the Bills started rolling? If so, he deserves his share of the due, especially being he got abused in the sh*tbox when people said we were being "blown out".
  8. So did Allen gain millions of fans today? That would be swell. People without a team may become Bills fans...kind of like people with no party affiliation voting for someone.
  9. Frazier and/or and angry HCSM have impressed me at times with their ability to adjust on defense. If the offense can expand to more of an ability to morph, this team could really be something...even this year before the $80 mil cap space or whatever.
  10. Marv Levy-esque quote! Team is lucky Cole came on strong and beat out Star....because I am not sure how much they'd enjoy letting him crowdsurf on their hands like that. :)
  11. Here. ESPN3/watch ESPN used to play this LITERALLY dozens of times per game a few years back. I am thinking you will really appreciate it because it may help folks to be more politically correct(PC) on here. Like you(and Daryl before you) said, this should be a safe space. :)
  12. I have repeatedly said it was the memes that looked gay, even asked if you were trying to look so, to which you said yes. All seriousness aside and to get more lighthearted, apparently that was you in one of my favorite movie scenes ever!! (and no, it doesnt mean I am TWD, just because he recognizes a great movie as well. You and Nuke were clowns to claim that). Eric Wood makes a cameo appearance, and BBT's lines to him at the end may be the funniest part if you appreciate subtle humor! :rockon
  13. Youre right. Sometime after I wrote that, I recalled we had a semi bitter argument during a prime time Chiefs game about who to root for(I was against the Chiefs, pro Bills), which helped me realize he was more pessimistic about the season than me. Still, I dont plan to deny he has taken abuse here, whether Bills fans in general have taken it equally or not, and wish that sorry SOB was here to celebrate! :rockon
  14. Good find Lit, I think Daryl(the arbiter of what is epic) would grant this that designation! Super Bowl Revenge tour 2019 complete! The stars are aligning?!?
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