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  1. I honestly clicked on this by mistake, and am biting my tongue(because I have been wanting to say something)... I find this depressing, a microcosm of how easily society is manipulated and appeased. Lit, there is no way you should believe the TV and doubt the things I say beyond the point of looking into them or asking any questions about why you feel they cant be reality. The others don't have the clear example. 4 or 5 words and a ?, but I suppose that can apply to a lot of things people aren't aware of. If people wont spend 45 seconds reading about http, I suppose it may be a fools errand thinking they'd watch a 30 or so minute video on Koch's/River's postulates, even though their health and liberty are at stake due to ignorance of it? This may have been the most depressing thread on the site ever(and not because of anything you, or anyone else in it said, but rather the opposite). I'll give you 2 to 1 odds I was careful enough that nobody will get what I'm talking about. Oddly though, I'd wage it would be a minority example where those who went through common core(not all, but someone, at least) would get it due to age. My goodness, reminds me of a brief repetition in the Tool song, "Sober". I think Im going to give it a listen now and do like the protagonist longs to(not be sober lol), cheers, mates.
  2. Same here, but that was as unreal as all the good stuff from the rest of the team seemed to some. I'm surprised nobody put together that the only time the previous week's seemingly cursed player was on the field, was during those plays(Matt Haak, the punter, is also the holder). I was also considering another possibility that I don't wish to say for purposes of keeping next week's game safe. 2 players in 2 consecutive weeks does not a trend make, so I'm hoping it stays that way.
  3. Accidentally hit reply rather than edit. Any way to delete one's own post? Screw it. I'll make use of it. Major shout out to @Nukefor his shout about my avatar. I have no idea in what spirit he intended it, but either way, the guy gets it and deserves recognition. Props to you my man. BTW, I won't complain if you want to do play by play in the SB the rest of the season. Have at it! That last post only had a bit of Tony Clifton in it, I truly meant it as a tribute to Sean, because we all can experience the same things differently(I eventually recognized it vividly from my own experience, how intensely I take some things that may not have much effect on others), and I can tell that SOB takes media opinions of the Bills harder than most. PS I don't think Daryl despises you either. The only inexplicable bitterness I can recall from that guy is towards TWD, and maybe the Bills historic performance can heal that. LGB!!!!!
  4. I am trying to limit saying anything bad about anyone by name, but although I did witness Sean call @daryls61and myself his 2 biggest enemies(not sure if that was the exact word in his post) on here awhile back after I'd been gone over a year lol, I know he gets that I don't dislike him as a person, quite the opposite!(I think he may have even been featured in that national article about the Range, along with Wagon, 11-year veteran Meathead[who took the bait lol] and others). That said, other less-textured minions or wannabes of his who are jumping off of his anti-bandwagon are probably equally or more deserving of this tribute. The video has short clips of NE's version of Sean using very similar language to trash his team(and possibly also contemplating trying suicide for a short time, like some wonder about Sean some weeks), then Rex(referencing Jerry Hughes, and another Jerry some cucks on here see as the arbiter of truth...the clown who moved Poyer and Hyde to anger), Dungy, Florio(does self-flagellating, but not Sean-like) and a long list of others giving Sean the fellating he's demanded for decades, as if he were a prisoner serving life without hope of parole. But wait, you get more! There's an elongated(like Sean or somebody said he was in the Shoutbox, or will be seeing this) version of "The black guy" in Sean's recent thread where he's trying to grasp for a reason to be masochistic), and that "Nick" guy he and some of you like to go on about...also with a MELTDOWN trying to say this is about the Patriots and not the Bills. Those 2 are probably the least "major league" of any of the people featured. Oh wait, still more! TEDDY BREWSKI[sic](reminds me...where is BREWMAN? He's no BostonTim...or Bowman for that matter) said things I really did not see coming from a former Patriot. The video may not be short enough for some of you, but I found it so thoroughly epic and enjoyable that it flew by more quickly than I wanted it to. Sean, being you're likely one of the best expert's on your behavior on here, let me know if this guy's impersonation of the wailing and gnashing of teeth is fitting enough. Again, this is the "What the national media are saying" that you've so long demanded. I hope you can enjoy it like it and consider it my belated Christmas gift, Happy Xmas Sean(****d is over, if you want it!)
  5. I hope you saw video of Diggs delivering those exact words to Pats fans, four times. Not as creative as Stevie's mockery, but I think he spoke for Bills Nation as a whole. I think a meme of him doing so would satisfy you a bit. I think I saw a moving gif one of him doing so. For some takes that you likely won't get elsewhere: Balls to the guy who made the prayer thread, to JoeFerguson for his sacrifice mentioned in it, and to the Shoutbox for almost being unreal in terms of being positive as the Bills were on the field. I don't recall an experience like that on here before, so I'm tipping my hat to the Range as a whole. Sean, I think you'll also appreciate a ball to McDermott for displaying your level of bitterness in response to media idol worship of Belichick after the first game. McDermott. Would. Not. Allow. It. He didn't care if he offended Belichick. I think it was an element of what culminated in the playoff game.
  6. Although I recently mentioned Rocky's speech at the end of this movie, I'd pay money to instead see one of the Bills deliver the Drago line, "I must break you" to the Chiefs. Unfinished business with those cocky divas.
  7. I'm not sure if anyone on here is familiar with the song, "The Coward of the County" and can relate to the lyrics, but that 20 years line evoked the memory of these lyrics in my head: When Tommy turned around they said, "Hey, look, old Yellow's leaving." But you could've heard a pin drop When Tommy stopped and locked the door. Twenty years of crawling Was bottled up inside him. He wasn't holding nothing back, He let 'em have it all. When Tommy left the bar room Not a Gatlin boy was standing. He said, "This one's for Becky," As he watched the last one fall. When i saw the rarely smiling Bill Belichick unable to contain his jubilance after the first game, it was evident he knew that was a game they had no business winning, and it took a literal "act of G*d"(among other things) to do so. It was one of the most pure, authentic moments I have witnessed from the man. After that game, McDermott had a different look, a righteous but burning anger I've not witnessed in him before. Maybe it was St Elmo's fire, to guide the team through any storm. This game was written before it happened. I'm waiting for a meme with Josh Allen blowing up the Death Star, as The Force was clearly with him, and the team as a whole in the latest game. The 2 GOATS combined never have fielded such a game, and likely never will. Ever.
  8. I found it interesting that Patrick said he played them in last year's AFC championship game, but neglected a more recent time he faced the Bills. I mean if you're trying to make a sincere comment about the Bills being a challenge, the outcome of that game would be more legitimate support for your assessment. I don't fault him for not wanting to be reminded of it, though.
  9. Nice find! And Jordan Palmer! I didn't realize they kept in touch like that, and feel even better about mentioning him 2 spots above Daboll for Allen's development. Also impressed with Josh Allen's ability to be humble and honest about a pass that one of the announcers compared to "The Catch™". I wrote a post about synergy(greater than the sum of the parts) last night which I ended up not submitting, and that was an example of it. I hope Josh continues to use whatever motivates him to "stay hungry" and have "the eye of the tiger". Hardware from the pro bowl is opinion-based, hardware from the Super Bowl is not.
  10. In the guy's defense, if the show is anything like "real life" media, it's possible the producers suggested the narrative to the guy, or to any member talented enough to look convincing. As bad as the take was, I'm not a fan of pile ons and at times try to look at possibilities that would absolve a fellow. Some of these lesser known shows benefit from the whole shock and arguing shtick. i mean, it is sports entertainment after all, and politicians routinely convince you they believe things they certainly do not. On a different note Sean, are you a secretive coding genius who has magically developed an algorithm that gives you a feed of Bills hatred you grace us with so consistently? I'm skeptical that a human Bills fan could be some combination of adept and dedicated to be as prolific and efficient as you are without some sort of system. Personally, I think one could monetize something like that if you decided to use your powers for good. If your system could still deliver after that win, it must be powerful and it would be fun to watch you on Shark Tank pitching something to help like-minded fans justify their feelings so they could rest easier at night. I wouldn't bet against alcohol, xanax, and/or debauchery being more effective(Daryl, can a brother get a witness?), but new stuff is more interesting on those shows. Just kidding. I'm getting the feeling that even you want to believe, and it's rather encouraging my man.
  11. Point differential? Is that included in this? If nothing else, it is some sort of metrics: (appears to be before the playoffs started) Or maybe Cynthia Frielund's allegedly brilliant computer model can tell us if the guy is on target or not? Computers are allegedly unbiased(depending on how programs are written).
  12. Between the Shoutbox and the board's self-appointed arbiter of declaring ignorance, what is the obsession with male genitalia lately? (I suppose only a handful witnessed the former during the Sunday game). Is it always like this on here?!? To be fair, if I got the Shoutbox shtick correctly, it was kind of amusing. The insult-laden one in here, not as much. Even Sean withheld his usual graphic descriptions of prison group sex, maybe as a courtesy to the friendly Shoutbox during the Bills game. Anyhow, I feel myself approaching Tony Clifton mode and better take off before that happens. The obsession of these HETEROPHOBES with what other men wear(or don't), and desire to see their bodies impaled, is not my thing. They always claimed they were not trying to recruit, and just wanted to be able to do as they pleased behind closed doors. Clearly, that is not the case. Oddly, when looking for a picture of the back of Josh's helmet this was in the results, and I guess is appropriate for all the talk of genitals on here?
  13. Coach, remind your mocker(who says he can't see me, so it shouldnt cause any friction if I reference that post) that social media doesn't allow anything outside the official story. Good heavens, he calls other people ignorant? SMH If you care to be amused, ask what his sources are and how exactly he believes your post was wrong. I didn't even read it, but he is clearly using what the courts call a procedural issue over one of substance. I haven't been back here long, so maybe I am not aware of an ongoing shtick involving sell-effacing humor? I mean I also use it occasionally, but that would have to be complex to make sense. Even if you stick to the official story, in that narrative it's well known in germ theory(which is still a theory for a reason, cough cough) that viruses quickly become less deadly to allegedly insure their own survival. Are these people serious? Maybe ask if he supports door to door like Australia, or the removal of people from homes by force, like 2020 HR6666 (coincidence they chose that number?) proposed here in the US. EDIT: it looks like Chief summarized much of my intent while I was typing. I'll leave it anyhow.
  14. The face of integrity? This man follows the rules! What about the ever growing list of those "public servants", as recent as AOC, but as far back when things were allegedly far more serious, who were revealed as not following the same demands they imposed on you? Any chance in the world they might know something that you don't? For the love of Ralph, what is required for people to question a narrative that is defied by decades of actual science, versus the dogma of scientism that feels so threatened it feels the need to being scientifically challenged, which by definition no longer qualifies it as "science". To bring it back to the Bills, is the hatred of those who choose health over popularity stronger than the Bills heroes of the past who allegedly partied before the Super Bowl? Or who drag raced while inebriated down public streets, got into bar fights, etc? Should their statues be torn down and their names be erased from Bills lore? Josh Allen's helmet may be more clever than some of the detractors think. "End Hate" can have intention that would actually encourage those who poked fun of it in the Shoutbox. I wonder if hatred will be shown to be rewarded when the social credit score is announced/explained? People seem eager to be more like China after their response model was praised widely by the media. (These questions are not directed at anyone in particular, but to everyone they apply to. You know who you are, and I'm unlikely to reply to anything made personal, if at all). How many more of these memes will be necessary? And what if Josh hadn't finally been broken(unlike Coolhand Luke)?!?!? Would the hate remain even after last night? What if Josh draws the line and decides his health is more important than your faith/demands of conformity? Like I said near the beginning, this is NOT intended to end. Many broken promises later, those who could see this and chose to face scorn are being proven right. Dozens of FOIA requests to the agencies of many countries, not one stated it had any proof of your beliefs. CDC director that some of you worship: The overwhelming number of death, over 75 percent, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities. So really, these are people who were unwell to begin with. The MSNBC damage control article that topped my search by claiming what she said was false without context, made me smile by concluding with something they thought helpful?!? The study goes on to explain that these aren’t ordinary risk factors like obesity or smoking, but a specific set of serious comorbidities: “immunosuppression, diabetes, and chronic kidney, cardiac, pulmonary, neurologic, and liver disease.” Really? That's supposed to actually help the case the director's own words were "false", as their "fact" check claims? Most thinking people would reach a conclusion other than what the msnbc damage control intended, unless they strongly WANTED to believe it. They\re stating what I did OVER A YEAR AND A HALF AGO(well, a mildly watered down version. But if they reduced from FOUR comorbidities to 3 or 2, that number jumps much higher. #EndHate
  15. Sometimes Canadians convey the spirit better than typed words, or mine at least. The title alone can deliver them to those familiar. RIP Neal, your lyrics and drumming were almost as magical witnessing in person as the Bills dismembering the entrails of the Patriots was last night. It's too bad our Canadian member banned me last night from his sensory input continuum(or is spectrum more appropriate?). I guess it's minor compared to being banned from his country for a decade. As a result though, I did a quick pivot and the next day drove to George, Washington(lol at that name!) to "The Gorge" to see Tom Petty the next day, whose name was an appropriate description of the reasons for said ban after the 3 stage process(initial interrogation, thorough search, and intense interrogation, followed by a flimsy conclusion. G*d bless the post-911 world of paranoia). At a different Gorge concert, I had driven past a locality that I had done a lot of business related calls to by phone. The name always amused me, and I ended up after drinking at a level appropriate for a concert with no driving afterward, yelling out the name while running back and forth past a certain stretch of tents and avoiding the pelting of objects like The Cowboys had tossed at them in by their own fans after the loss to the 9ers. I think it was "Sammamish", BTW. So for those who claim I don't share enough of my life(yes, a prolific poster goaded me with that) or that I haven't performed other than online, there is one for your scrapbook, SAMMAMISH! (to fit the anecdote to the OP, I wore no protective headgear while honoring Sammamish by running the gauntlet repeatedly. BONUS: had a similar experience with snowballs after a Bills game outside the stadium. I hope my recollection of antics will spare Lit from being accused of purposefully posting homoerotic shouts while still apparently celebrating the Bills dream-like win for the ages! Folks should be allowed to get a bit silly and enjoy the special times without concern as long as they are not harming anyone, like Doyle in Slingblade did). Mockery, judgment, or fantasy speculation all seem mild when compared to physically running the gauntlet(or even up the gut, or over the middle like Beas), though the latter provided a more rewarding spiritual experience that made it well worth it. Cultiural illustration 2: The prison sequence in American History X illustrates misplaced trust/loyalty in people whom you assume have your best interests at heart....and those guys have nothing when it compares to transnational corporations. George Carlin was close with his illustration of misplaced loyalty, but the (adult-natured) object isn't necessarily red white and blue, though(vocally) those words work as a wonderful allusion in Canadian Neil Young's "Rocking In the Free World"(followed by the ambiguous line "people sleeping in their shoes". Please don't prejudice all Canadians with the limited examples here and the brief clips displayed on your chosen alter of worship. Heck, I was introduced to whiskey and 7 up there, even saw an oven used for winter heating purposes. The more you shut out, the more you limit your own potential experience. #CanadaLove Note: While some of the lyrics can suggest Tom as a freedom-loving protagonist, different ears and more context could also be suggest the enemies of freedom and all of us, getting by on us...as illustrated by this thread. Like much religious text, Neal Peart at times cleverly wove meaning to expand it's reach.
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