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  1. Speaking of Bernie, my favorite shout from yesterday was Daryl telling Frawk: daryls61: FEEL THE BURN! I would have paid money to see the look on Frawk's face. :) He appeared to be quite perturbed by the shout.
  2. It does seem like Emperor Palpatine had a sit down with you and told you to let your hate consume you. :) Speaking of which, did you hate what the flaming leftists did to Star Wars 8? I can't keep track of all the Star Wars hatred, you all look the same to me. ;) Anyhow, even if Sack himself interviewed the guy, it does not make the content about Bernie any less true. Once others log on, I am guessing they will help me explain that to you. Interestingly, it was Beto Male who released the Bernie video to the public. Beto is certainly not a Trump supporter, is he?(wait, is it ok to refer to him with male pronouns?)
  3. I thought I read a post of yours from a day or 2 ago where youi claimed to be a Republican who hated Trump? Are you now saying that the way you appeared to most of us was indeed correct after all?
  4. Hot sh*t that is bizzare!! I was in the middle of saying this "The "punch a nazi" crowd(as opposed to these sad sacks) really deserves it's own thread. I respect these sad sacks far more.", and about to post this Joe Rogan video when your post notification just popped up! Freaky! Joe may be a gatekeeper and controlled opposition, but he has a lot more wisdom than one will ever see on the tv version of establishment media, or even most web versions.
  5. lol I actually agree with about everything you said, other than your factual error of saying this is not the democratic process in action. It clearly is, whether or not you like those who are participating in it. That's one of the dangers of democracy that our founding fathers fought hard to protect us against, and why the usual suspects have been hellbent on replacing various forms of govenments with democracies for centuries, other than their foray into communism for awhile. That said........I actually greatly prefer this to the tough guy antifa thugs, or college leftists with "punch a nazi"(which to them is anyone who isnt these people.....even YOU lol) t-shirts. Those people deserve a beating more than these sad sacks, who probably could use some professional counseling. These guys remind me of the shoutbox tantrums on Sundays when members are triggered because the OC decides to run ball controll instead of an air raid offense, lol. (to quote @SeanDelevan 's phrase that ironically mocks mosts of his own content, "rich people problems". Sean, has anyone ever pointed that out to you?)
  6. lol! Those 2 get the same reply! This host doesn't have some long record of being a bought and paid for/hate-filled shill like any of those 3 sad sacks. Either way, your analogy doesn't appear to be the case here. As best I recall, the host let the guest present the facts, which spoke for themselves. Your 3 examples are known for their own disgusting monologues and serving their establishment masters.
  7. Sadly, that is an example of democracy in action. The same democracy we send young Americans to die in order to enforce on nations who dont want it. And after watching this, who can blame them for not wanting it? lol
  8. How so? What have either of those people done to deserve such a vile insult? They merely presented facts that some people obviously do not like, and are not bought and paid for like Ms Maddow.
  9. Did you forget the post you wrote minutes ago about the plate(Rachel Maddow) not effecting the flavor of Meat? :) Was there anything substantive in it that you disagreed with?
  10. Fair enough, but the guy might be seen as more believable to the general public if interviewed by someone more believable. I'm not saying it's right, but that's just how it is.
  11. lol I am tempted to try that with a certain member who used that technique on me most of the season. EDIT: I just realized you replied to a post I edited because I decided not to give you grief over that after having a change of heart(I wanted to avoid riling you or even the the members whose behavior I compared you to wrongly). I have no idea why that part still showed up.
  12. Mahomes is not an equivalent in this discussion. He had 18 private workouts/visits, and at least 10 teams passed on him. At that time not even the Chiefs would have paid the price mentioned above. The onging allure of being a Monday Morning QB is strong with some on here, even in irrelevant situations.
  13. Actually, I am almost certain I once read Jungle write, "Problem, reaction, solution", and was so impressed that I commented on it more than once. The guy showed great potential before he got caught in the undertow of the TDS and was dragged into the propaganda of the false left/right paradigm that the majority here still appear to believe in for some reason like some sort of religion.
  14. I just did. Because that is what you recently did. Endorsing shameless behavior is not a trait a decent person wants to be known for. And why are you obsessed with thinking I am other people? You're harassing them with such likely makes them less likely to want to come back. I'm glad that ThinWhiteDude isn't ThinSkinnedDude and apparently wasn't bothered by your nonsensical claims. Or maybe he realized that relative to members like you, it's actually a compliment to be accused of being me. :) Actually, your antics just inspired me to do an unauthorized mini-word-biopic on TWD, if I can manage to get some sort of an interview with him to have some substance to work with(the opposite strategy of yours). Very subtle humor may ensue as usual, and be lost on most. That said, I think it would likely still have higher ratings on the Range than this Madcow interview that you apparently enjoyed for some odd reason, despite your other posts.
  15. lol I didn't say correctly, I said interesting. Possibly even entertaining. That's why I wanted to see replies from members other than Jungle, because I believe he is a good person who means well. I know that is not the case for everyone here, however.
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