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  1. lol there you go again, with the ad hominem attacks, following lies, vulgarity/name-calling. Same old pattern, accusing me of doing the exact thing you do, not a good look. You do know that some groups of people in real life DO that...and it is not a theory., but is proven. Do whatever the heck you want, but be prepared to deal with a reply. I get that it's the same likewise. It's kind of how this thing called life works! lol I just noticed your "threat" to put me on "ignore". That's even less of a threat than sending a kid to their room these days, it's something I'd see as a wellcomed break from your obesssion! lol I'm fairly certain you won't do that, not for too long anyhow. I am not even sure if you are capable....you're literally addicted to me, you creepy freak. I am trying to remember anything like this happening to me before on here and at the moment do not. I seriously doubt you can pretend to ignore me even as long as HipKat, which is not very long! (that reminds me of this song and how you think of me...I think they used it for Saturday Night's Main Event, but you remind me more of a mascot than a wrestler :) )
  2. I will not tell you you're wrong, but you know I've stated I'd be fine with most any posoition, as long as I thought of it as a BPA that improved the team enough to make it worthwhile. Now Jungle, or plenty of others might disagree with you more. I get that youre frustrated, and don't feel like busting your balls. You have a right to feel like you do and express it...even if some of us who have known you a long time kid you about it. For a long time(before it was popular...numerous coaches ago, I used to wish for a 2nd quality WR year after year. Ive been there, and I have a feeling GMBB whom I used to strongly dislike, will finally make good on things. I really want a legit OT though, not just someone that is "ok". Maybe my main focus will change, who knows, but I'm still not satisfied with the rebuild after what happened to the line 2 offseasons ago.
  3. UPDATE: with Gene Okerlund! After Trump being out in front by 1 vote, the race has flipped and Bernie is ahead by one vote! Many precincts are far from finished with their polling, and folks this one could go either way!
  4. So because you once offered something however long ago, if I made a post that offended you, you can act like a childish brat infinitely? Your logic suffers worse than your reading comprehension skills, which are bad, very bad....even when you don't resort to the flat out lies like those in that post.
  5. Nope, I'm fine. As I've requested earlier, stop putting words in my mouth and tellling me what I mean. I am not sure how many times a person needs to ask you to cease this childish behavior before you will stop. If you think you can annoy me into submission, see how many Rangers on here will have claimed to accomplished that. Youve been here and know the answer already. But if you want to keep trying, that's up to you. :)
  6. Really? So you and Hip regularly discuss me and rank the nuisances who annoy me? That is sad, very sad. Hey, if Lit and others don't mind you derailing their threads with personal attacks against people who were not even positing to you, than have at it. You(and others) may not enjoy the outcome, but that's what this thing called liberty/choice that some of us Americans like is all about.
  7. Yes, you have overtaken Frawk long ago with your level of obsession. But this post doesn't bother me. I am not sure why you thought it would. At any rate, between you and Hip, there you go again. Mixing lies and adhominem attacks between the 2 of you, and trying to derail Lit's thread, after even I started to cooperate with him by posting the actual charges. What in the world is wrong with you, constantly harassing me? ADMIN used to temporarily BAN people who had HALF your level of OBSESSION. It's ok though, you obviously dont realize the more times you do this, the more times you prove my claims about your behavior to be true. Now quick! Try to change the direction now that I pointed that out! (or just leave me alone and reply to the topic at hand, whether you agree with the OP or not). Even when I disagreed with Lit or Jungle earlier, did you see me posting pictures to mock them, or teaming up with other people who disliked them to run these comedy bits? NO. Members like yourself do that. I handled matters on my own and didn't keep harassing anyone after making my point.
  8. Why are YOU LYING?!?! There are 3 AB threads, and Lit started all 3. My contribution was being the first person to post the actual charges when Lit either was unable too, or didn;t want to. I did not start any of these, so quit lying.
  9. (wish I could edit the OP) I wish really stunned and angry to read these, otherwise I wouldn't use even bleeped out profanity on here. Although riled, I was trying to come across as melodramatic, or I would have really been swearing. It may not matter to some, but I figured I would take a moment and post this anyhow. Who knows how many more times similar things will happen before the American public is less bitterly divided and easily triggered, and the common enemy behind this division is at least know, if not addressed?
  10. Really? Have you seen what is happening in America? Nobody is "winning" that much other than a tiny group of people who play the pawns on both sides. Or if you like shorter sentences: What about before Trump was elected?
  11. (Sack and others, this is a bit long, but if you read it I will try to keep things short, unless maybe theyre aimed at the bad guys...the link at the bottom, is something I'd bet money many will be grateful to see...questions you didn't even know you had will be answered, and I will answer others with research if any still exist...and this is a prelude...it's time for Americans to unite and this is how) Here is something you may not be aware of: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was JC's avatar on here until fairly recently, yet as you may have noticed, JC is the person who works the hardest to mock these facts with ad hominem attacks whenever I post them, and uses the tired formula of calling me the labels in the title rather than discussing the facts like an adult. I think my mention of such in bolded type may have stopped him before he started. Can you imagine someone like Frawk having that kind of irony, that his avatar preventeed him from doing his shtick at maybe the most critical moment when it is apparent the tipping point is finally reached? This is actually better than that, for me. To quote SeanDelevan "Must be nice" to run and media and control the narrative, not to mention having laws and executive orders passed that outlaw criticism of you and boycotts, and even threatening to withold hurricane relief aid unless pledges to never boycott were signed? Is this not America anymore? Sack, you know what I find cool? Folks from different spots along the "right/left" spectrum are waking up to this nonsense. If the progressives are doing it to help the barbaric apartheid against Palestinians by the country who receives more aid from the US than all other countriies comboned(despite having the world's 4th largest military, some more advanced than ours, and universal health care long before we got close), then I will work with them on that, and folks like you on other things. Even OMAR called out AIPAC directing our foreign policy, which got white nationalists to praise her bravery! Can you see what a uniting force these people can be? On that note, do you want to be known as someone less courageous than Omar? :) Work together when you have things in common, and forget the differences for a moment. Here's the main thing....these people are SMART, and COHESIVE....they WORK TOGETHER while trying to divide Americans in every way possible..regardless of which party has their people where. It's not our job to change them, but to change ourselves and restore our Constitution, that our Founding Fathers charged us with protecting. Sack, are you at all interested in seeing how these folks came to power, starting with their ethnic hatred in Russia? There is a great documentary called Europa, the Last Battle. Of course it was BANNED(censored) from ***tube early during The Purge, but still alive and getting many views even on Bitchute. It's been uploaded by many people(the counts wont reflect how many have seen it on there, let alone before it was banned on youtube), both in one piece, and in multiple episodes. The last 2 make it to modern day, after showing you how we got there. The brief prologue is by a US Marine combat veteran, talking about how the financial system is what controls us(dont worry, it's brief if that isnt your thing). Bitchute runs a bit differently than youtube, so it may take a few seconds to load, but not long. Each next video will play when the current one is done, or you can click on the next one on the right to go to the next chapter, though it's sequential and valuable to watch the whole thing. It's not something you watch in 1 night, though I did fine it very binge-worthy and will likely watch again relatively soon: https://www.bitchute.com/video/cFciIvDUjBWk/ Though nothing will drive them awayWe can be Heroes, just for one dayWe can be us, just for one day
  12. Wow, the race is neck and neck!(as of the time of this posting) Seriously, either horse in this race could still win! Each side may want to bus in partiicipants from the Shoutbox for that last push to seal a win!
  13. Added to my last post, this is like the drag queen grooming of little children in libraries thread I posted about a new law to protect kids from it. Not even the most subversive members on here tried to debate that one, they are learning to pick their battles.
  14. lol I don't think I've seen even one person trying to debate you my man...even JC wasn't being subversive for an hour or so (not in this thread at least....so we're glad to have another honest member here). Now the media's portrayal of reality is generally the opposite ratio, to fool people who believe what the media tells them. Also, I recall a police chief, from Seattle or some other city in the nothwest, saying that interacial crimes were about 10:1 in one direction, yet hate crimes were charged about 10:1 in the opposite direction. These statistics are out there, but the establishment and their puppet media not only often hide the truth, but purposefully try to portray the exact opposite...and people eat it up. I wont even get started on how minds are programmed through entertainent and even socially engineered through ADVERTISING. If you want to go to the root cause, my recent "Six Geniuses" thread is about as good as any. The general silence is one of the greatest aids in the growth of many types of evil(along with the love of money, but that's their thing too).
  15. Holy mo-bleepy!!! Someone posted about football instead of TDS/ABDS, or JC harassing me over nonsense in the sh*tbox! Who would have ever thought you would be the hero to cheer the Range up?!? :) Thanks Sean, that was smile I'm grateful for. Check out some of the spots they were picked at too, if you want to mope even more! #4 was at spot 51, #5 was at spot #76...
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