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  1. Excellent post. Reverse the politics and this guy would have been fired and skewered for testifying. Double standards in today’s world is extremely dangerous. As somebody said today, today’s republicans are losers with no balls. Period.
  2. Very interesting post. More than a few Cole Beasley’s out there. Can’t say that I blame them.
  3. I hope this is true. Controlling CIA, FBI, Military. media. Education, judges, corporations, big tech, Hollywood …. Allows them to cheat to remain in power. Honestly, massive shame on Republicans for allowing this to happen. I despise Rhinos. Power hungry swine can continue this for a very long time.
  4. NFL has a credibility problem overturning plays if it will make game less exciting. Makes it a little like WWE. music city miracle hail may discussed in this thread Bill TD on kickoff in playoff game against Texans. Game over if they keep that correct call.
  5. Has anyone here EVER seen a KKK rally or any organized white supremacy group? I NEVER in my life have. I have never seen anything that resembles voter suppression. I have actually seen a lot of special treatment. I am fully aware of history. However, most of the history happened before I was born or when I was a baby.
  6. travolta

    NYC dump

    A while back, I posted a story about a homeless guy taking a dump in a sink in the woman’s bathroom at Penn Station NYC. This was in front of a line full of woman. I got the impression that some did not believe then story. check out link below. All I can say is Jesus.
  7. Whenever I see Biden, I think of the pony express guy from Rainman? https://youtu.be/6Dulpyf88UI
  8. But it was posted on Gateway Pundit and the presidential election didn’t have any test votes. Nothing at all shady about anything to do with voting.
  9. Does this look familiar? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/06/nyc-mayoral-race-devolves-chaos-board-elections-retracts-vote-totals-due-discrepancy/
  10. I encourage anyone calling Cole Beasley names to watch the attached video. Shame on people. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/06/sen-ron-johnson-hearing-mother-disabled-daughter-breaks-crying-sharing-covid-vaccine-destroyed-daughters-life-video/
  11. Then they should get the TRIAL vaccine. Since the TRIAL vaccine works, they will have nothing to worry about if Cole Beasley opts out of getting the TRIAL vaccine.
  12. Have any professional athletes died or been hospitalized for COVID? Dude is about 30. If he is t comfortable with a TRIAL vaccine, why should he take it? His point is that if he gets COVID, he is young, healthy, and his own immune system will build antibodies. You may not agree, but that is a rational decision.
  13. Smartest guy dementia guy knows. I don’t recall ever seeing a bigger train wreck. What does Russia have on the Biden’s? Assuming dimentia Joe knows where he is, could this impact deals dementia makes with Putin? Are we allowed to ask this question of a Democrat? I am sure Putin had no idea these photos existed.
  14. Vaccine is a trial. Look at what happened to Eric Clapton after vaccine. How many people in their 20s or early 30s died from COVID? The guy does not want to be forced to take a trial vaccine. Get over it. It used to be a free country.
  15. Plenty of retards will buy it Woody.
  16. Of course. This is the playbook. Obvious.
  17. A 100% senile idiot. I don’t feel sorry for him because when he wasn’t senile, he was an ass. uh, I better not, um say anything or I will be in big trouble. Your the president dipshit. Yeah, this is normal.
  18. What a Dick. The entire world is laughing at the US.
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