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  1. Huge story. Tucker Carlson is a must watch tonight. All facts and photos. Watch the media continue to bury. Trump needs to do infomercials on this.
  2. Coaches yes. Allen no. Allen is a gunslinger and can recover from interceptions.
  3. It’s worse than that. With one foot in the grave Biden, she is LIKELY the POTUS within 4 years if they win. Can you imagine?
  4. Off the top of my head. Eruption/You Really Got Me Ice Cream Man Everybody Wants Some - “Have You seen Juniors grades”? Beautiful Girls Think about the absolute shit music of today.
  5. I saw VH Woman and Children first tour at the Rochester War Memorial general admission. Got in early and stood in the front row. Girls were throwing their cloths on the stage. David Lee Roth was doing back flips off of the Amps. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Eddie was great, but I was standing on the other side in front of MA. My older sister, who was a school teacher, took my concert tee shirt to school for concert tee shirt day (not kidding). I never saw the shirt again and I was not happy. One of this best shows I have ever seen. DLR said fuck about 78 times. Eddie REALLY dissed Michael Anthony.
  6. A very possible problem with the D could be play calling. Playing soft to protect a lead. What if the coaches said F it, let’s play the same D for 4 quarters? Who knows.
  7. Nobody is buying the fake outrage. He is wearing a mask. He is in a car with the window up. There is a partition between the front and back. He has secret service following him around no matter what. Everyone is over this COVID hysteria. 80% of people go through the motions of mask wearing even though they believe it is BS. I know plenty of liberals and Most of them act and feel the same way. This is desperate outrage over absolutely nothing. Every time you go to a grocery store, odds are somebody in the store has COVID. I talked to a friend that lives in Nashville recently. He said, man remote school For 3 weeks in March was tough on the kids. His kids have been going to school full time since March. The rest of the country has been over this for a very long time. Yes I know, people have died f COVID.
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