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  1. He is a feel player. He needs to get into a rhythm. when he is ready, coaching staff will allow him to run some form of the no huddle early in the game. He has the potential to be great in that type of offense.
  2. I love the Bills, but Bills fans are the biggest whiners in the NFL. # 1 - Tyrod sucked. You are all high. I supported Tyrod as a placeholder until we got a guy who could complete a 10 yard pass. #2 - JA is the reason this team has the attitude it does. #3 - Miami was highly motivated because they benched their loser QB named Josh Rosen. Remember him? He was the guy all of you aholes think we should have taken over JA. Newsflash - Bills would not be 5 - 1 with Josh Rosen or Tyrod at QB. Thank god we have Beane and coach McD. Two guys with enough confidence not to listen to pathetic fans. Cowher, Simms, Boomer all are excited about JA. BTW - Miami was highly motivated and played great. They were excited to play behind Fitz who did not disappoint. They did not tank because they were not stuck playing behind crappy Josh Rosen.
  3. Remain confident and optimistic but do not start counting wins against anyone. Coach M needs to keep them from buying the hype.
  4. Your the cop with the big teeth in Hoosiers that Gene Hackman had to kick out of the first practice. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Not to pick on you, a lot on this board are that guy.
  5. Bingo. If somebody came in killed one of my family members in their own house, I would demand justice. Maybe, this was a big mistake. If it was, it was gross, massive, absurd negligence that for all intents and purposes is as bad as it gets. Being a normal person, I cannot envision myself so disoriented that I would mistake my apartment for somebody else’s and then shoot them. No drugs or alcohol? White/black. For the most part, I dismiss the race card. However, in this case, Letting her off the hook would actually make me reconsider my opinion regarding justice for whites vs blacks. If this was completely unintentional, she deserves to go to jail for a very long time for being a complete fuck up. Put yourselves in the families shoes on this one. Would you accept any explanation?
  6. Manslaughter at least. How do you not notice you are not in your apartment? Same furniture, colors, paintings? Sounds pretty fishy.
  7. I usually give player benefit of doubt for a while. This guy seems unreliable. I hope he proves me wrong.
  8. The game is being ruined by NFL rules. QBs cannot be hit. DBacks cannot touch receivers, defenders cannot tackle. It all makes the QB position WAY too important. Sooner or later, teams will learn to win by stacking the Offense with all other positions and win with incredible running games. 134 million for an average QB is way better spent on the rest of the team.
  9. I remember that BS call. If that BS call was not made, Pats would have lost that game AND missed the playoffs. Great example of why I think the unquestioned greatness of the Pats and Brady is suspect. WO numerous examples exactly like you point d out in this post, the SB count would be reduced. Do I still think the Pats cheated and more? YES
  10. The PI call on the Hail Mary was the first time I thought something shady was happening. Was Kraft the owner when this happened? I never looked this up, but it would not surprise me. You might have pointed out one of the first examples of Kraft owning the refs. Wade and team left the field and refused to return for the extra point.
  11. Exactly. Politicians don’t care about these people. They are using them for power. 80% of Americans see this for what it is.
  12. What about cases where kids are being used by non relate grown ups to get into the US. Can you think of an example of where separating kids might protect these kids against predators, sex trafficking, risking their lives, etc.... media is so full of shit on this issue. Try entering Mexico without docs. Or worse, get into Mexico a and caught w/o docs. They will let you rot in jail. Trump is going to win the next election big because dems have lost their minds.
  13. Past Bills management was notorious for not locking up good players BEFORE the contract expired and then letting them go after the contract expired due to cost. This basically comes down to poor planning and/or ownership that would not allow the GM to do his job. I am hopeful this does not happen with Beane. He seems very much engaged so I doubt it will happen. I think purge over the last few years was thought out and done because the players did not fit as opposed to poor planning.
  14. What’s the point. If a second year QB isn’t MVP, he is a failure? Who cares about Vegas? Sports history is loaded with stories of great players who were told they would never make it. I’m betting that all the doubters of JA adds to the chip on his shoulder that COULD make him great. We will see, but I am rooting for him. I have no excuse, other than I like the guy and I am a Bills fan. If he fails in the NFL, he still made it a lot further in sports than anyone on this board.
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