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  1. You hated Watkins. Remember how disgusted you were that he wished that the NFL had contacts like the NBA? I do.
  2. https://steelersdepot.com/2020/01/polamalu-to-former-patriots-oc-weiss-on-super-bowl-radio-row-you-guys-had-our-playbook/ I hope the above link works. If not, look it up as it is worth listening to.
  3. He was be interview by Charlie Weiss and another guy. Charlie Weiss commented how tough Pitt was to play when he was a NE coordinator. TP said “ you guys had our playbook” Weiss got very defensive. I have always liked TP. F New England.
  4. I know a Caps player. He said same. Stays in room a plays video games in Buffalo.
  5. Who cares. It is not like there were not plenty of spots available. What if - the guys wife just died of cancer? Probably not the case, but the guy taking the video is a dick. I guess he never did anything wrong.
  6. Even if Beane thinks it, he can’t say it. Tre is already feeling dissed by fans. He would alienate Tre, Edmund’s, and JA in one sentence. Buffett doesn’t stray from what he knows and doesn’t care what critics say about him.
  7. I love the Bills. However, MANY Bills fans are whiny, miserable, negative dregs. Every team misses on great players. It is not Beane’s fault that the team was inept before he was born. Nothing that happened before he got to Buffalo is his fault. Warren Buffett is arguably THE best investor whomever lived. Guess what, he has had dogs in his portfolio. He missed Amazon. He missed Google. If Warren Buffett is going to miss big winners, everyone else will
  8. If supplies are not getting to the people, why give them unlimited funds that will be stolen from corrupt politicians? Forget Trump and think about it.
  9. What if Mahomes, White, and Edmunds all become hall of famers? Second guessing every move a QB, team, coach makes is about as sensible as a basketball team packing it in because they are down 2 -0.
  10. I don’t know what GMs make. Regardless, they all will miss on players.
  11. I get it. You think Buffalo should have taken Mahomes. However, in a moment of honesty, you once posted that you did not want Mahomes. Do you admit that or is your current take that you were all in on Mahomes? I remember you sent a video of a guy throwing up in regards to Lamar Jackson. Are you stupid for these examples? No. It is what it is in regards to predicting the future success of players. Teams miss on players all the time. Who cares? It is part of the deal. i feel sorry for the kids of some of you who demand unattainable perfection.
  12. Nothing faulty. i am surprised that people are not recognizing that Titans are significantly better right now than they were in week 3. Depending on odds, I think Titans are a decent 1k bet to win the SB. Perfect team to go beat KC. BTW - Travolta was given to me by the range. As Tasker Rules, I was expelled by a range admin for telling a distraught fan to jump off a bridge for being so negative. Just mentioning since some have implied Things about me based on my name. Pulp Fiction performance was classic so I don’t mind the name.
  13. Titans are playing at a much different level. Bills D started to crack against the run later in the season. i would hope the Bills could stop Henry at home after beating the Chiefs today. Unfortunately, they didn't get past the Texans.
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