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  1. Joey Salad photo is a fake. That puts into question all of the photos. Where are the videos? Clearly, it would be BETTER proof to have a video showing these “ NAZIs” were saying and doing. You might actually find a video. However, I doubt it. Notice everyone is posting videos of Portland and you are posting still photos of a busted fake. You don’t even feel embarrassed by being manipulated. Yet you call everyone else stupid. I would call that a check mate and walk away.
  2. Fake. If a Real Trump supporter was wearing a Nazi armband at a rally, VIDEOs would be all over the web. Look up Joey Salad on Google or YouTube for proof. Joey is that funny guy with the arm band. He is a Borat wannabe. You just won the award for THE MOST RETARDED post ever made on The range. Hall of Shame material. https://youtu.be/nobplprulWA
  3. But OJ wasn’t playing with his dog before he murdered 2 people. Did you hear that on Fox News? Trump talked to OJ once. I am going to send a video of funny OJ running through an airport to prove you wrong.
  4. I could have taken a video of OJ playing with his dog before chopping off 2 peoples heads. Problem is that 1 hour later he was chopping off 2 peoples heads. In my example, the video of OJ playing with his dog becomes irrelevant. Can you grasp my analogy and apply it to our conversation?
  5. yeah, your another William Buckley Jr. Just for definition sake - you are not anywhere near conservative.
  6. How about: end abortions end domestic violence Support gun control end sweatshops in China NIKE End the death penalty List murdered cops in helmets Defund the police Support the police Support the military Jesus saves - can’t do that one, too offensive .......... Really bad idea. Real fans just want to watch a football game. I am surprised that owners are not going fire Goodell. My guess, step out of line and you will get the Redskins, Bob Krafft, Richardson treatment. We have a file on you. See justice John Roberts as well. Somebody has something on that guy. He is likely the John Roberts on the Epstein flight log. I think they will noticeably lose fans.
  7. And then after the photo op: Bricks, rocks, commercial grade fireworks, lasers to blind people, and fire bombs started to fly. But Rachel and morning Joe said it did not happen. - 98% of the country have brains and look for alternative news sources, what is your excuse? But Fox and other sources are bad - It’s a F ing video. Do you need a dipshit commentator to tell you what you are supposed to think? Why doesn’t your favorite channel show and tell what happens after the photo op? But it’s not a large area - no shit, cities are CONCENTRATED ares of people and assets. Destroying one city block is an EXCEPTIONAL amount of damage. Who’s stupid?
  8. I show clips REAL live clips so RETARDS cannot deny it is happening. After WW2, locals were forced to walk through concentration camps so RETARDS could not deny what happened. Federal law enforcement has every right to defend Federal property. Break the law, deal with the police. If Rachel Maddox doesn’t show it, it did not happen. Problem is, the videos exist. It doesn’t matter that the RETARDED left deny it. We all have 2 eyes and can see. I ask my friends to help me here. Tell HP whether you agree with me of him on this one.
  9. He lists 12 short (opinion free) summaries of fraud cases to counter the argument that no fraud exists in elections. If they above cases were false, you could argue the post is garbage. If the above cases are actually cases, the post is short, to the point, and backs his argument that fraud exists. Can you show that that above cases don’t exist?
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