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  1. This guy is retarded. This stuff fuels JA. I guarantee the pro bowl snub motivated him.
  2. I am no Bob Kraft fan. However, what they did to him was cruel and messed up. I get the human trafficking angle and the stupidity angle.
  3. My cousin’s kid and friends took this selfie at the game. Check out the background.
  4. Dems have assumed they will own the Hispanics loyalty. It is not playing out that way: family oriented catholic Many business owners direct exposure or family exposure to socialist failures in Cuba and Latin America. woke does not work for the above. Selling aborted baby parts does not work for the above. I am regaining hope that the swine in Govt will be purged. If a Republican wins in 2024, he needs to clean house in FBI, CIA, military, agencies, etc… No more RINOs.
  5. Son: Dad, I got an A on my test yesterday. Dad: Your stupid and semi retarded. You will never amount to anything. Lighten up. He has stepped it up bigtime. Not every player on even the best teams is a superstar. Sure, get a stud back next year. I am all in on that. But give they guy credit. When he has a little blocking, he is productive.
  6. Brady has done that about 100 times without a penalty. refs suck, rule sucks, Goodel sucks.
  7. I agree, should have been a penalty. Outside of that, it is football. Not dirty, just fucking with the other team. I a Bills player did that to Pats QB, outside of potentially getting a bad penalty, I would not have a huge problem. Do refs suck - yes.
  8. I hate the Pats but he was punching at the ball. Bills were chippy as well. I don’t see the big deal. I think this stuff fuels JA.
  9. Just curious, have any of you seen the number of young soccer players having heart attacks? If not. Look it up. I don’t begrudge the guy for making his own decision. What are the odd Brady is vaccinated? I would bet 100k he is not. Is Brady a POS or are some of you way out of line. I know 4 NHL players. They are all forcibly vaccinated and think it is BS. No playing in Canada if unvaccinated.
  10. We all might be forced to vaccinate out of inconvenience. the more they push, the more I resist.
  11. I just got over it. Chills, body ach, no appetite, major sleep for 3 days. Still lingering with cough and no appetite. No vaccine.
  12. Larry Fink of Blackrock is a clown. Public companies play this game because Blackrock has some control of how trillions of dollars are invested. NFL is not public. ESG has no power over NFL.
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