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  1. This story is so ignored that it feels fake. You would think that a guy beating elderly white patients would be all over the news. Since it is not, it must be fake, right? If it is real and being this ignored, our media is even worse than I thought, and I already gave them a .5 out of 1000 rating. It must be fake. Media cannot ignore this story. If it is fake, this guy is still fucked up. The fantasy of the beatings is bad as well.
  2. How could this not be a huge media story? How fucked up is it that somebody has to retweet a post from James Wood for me to even know about it? If a story does not check every box for the media agenda, the story gets buried. Back in the day, 60 Minutes would be on this and politicians would be scrambling on Monday to respond.
  3. Apparently, this is not the only video. He was arrested today. Man I hope this extremely rare.
  4. I did not love SW. I just didn’t think it was a big deal that he tweeted that he wished NFL players could get guaranteed contracts like the NBA. I recognized that every player in the NFL thought this while you spent a week raging on SW because of his tweet. I also did not buy into he was a total bust since he was always injured and we as fans never saw what he could do. At the time, we assumed injuries were all due to bad luck. I didn’t love or hate him. Now I say F him. Is that ok with you?
  5. Harsh comments. I cannot imagine living in Detroit, Green Bay, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, KC, Is any better than Buffalo. Almost makes you understand the inferiority complex of Bills fans. All of the above will/can make Home games in Buffalo a nightmare for opponents. Pent up frustration in Buffalo will make the 90s Home field advantage look tame in comparison. Bills management is on track with the right players/coaches/management to be special. I can feel it coming. Articles like the actually help the cause. Josh Allen is perfect for Buffalo. F Sammy Watkins.
  6. 1 - Tom Brady is gone. 2 - Tom Brady has not been replaced with anywhere near Tom Brady. 3 - Buffalo should be foaming at the mouth ready to cease the opportunity. I assume number 3 is true and coach M is looking to avoid giving the worst nemesis in Bills/NFL history any Extra motivation.
  7. If he pleaded guilty under duress or to protect his son from threatened investigations. Be honest, if the FBI wanted to use all of their resources to get anyone of us for something, we could all be in jail.
  8. Not to mention going to prevent defense while they had the QB rattled. I can remember some piss poor 3 Gore, Gore, Gore series as well.
  9. I was saying that walking into the WTC on 9-11 was about the scariest and bravest thing I have ever seen. While I respect doctors and nurses, working with Corona does not compare to being a firefighter at the WTC on 9-11. The media as always is going overboard on the praise to support the narrative of how horrific the virus is. We never saw dancing fireman videos around 9-11.
  10. I do not have a problem requiring anyone running for office to prove they were born in the US
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