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  1. I watched Pats Dolphins as well. My biggest takeaways NE has a good QB Miami plays hard Bills can’t sleep on AFC East
  2. All you need to do is watch the press conferences and see that his mic gets turned off. Source doesn’t matter. See it for yourself. s
  3. I watched the Miami Pats game and the roughing the passer call was BAD. Fing NE has a QB.
  4. I would have been fine with an ugly win. Nobody really knows how good or bad Pitt is. Block punt for a TD was abysmal. Coaching not to lose, typical. I will never understand playing not to lose. I would rather lose throwing punches than taking punches. Let JA play through struggles and either fail or succeed. Baker Mayfield threw an int trying to win the game today. At least he tried. Let JA sling it. Fourth and 1, play to win. In FG range, let Bass kick. One or 2 playmaker plays and momentum of game can completely shift. Our coaches are game day pussies. Too many NFL coaches are unimaginative and lame. No excuse to be so flat in second half. Players, coaches, everyone. Next week will be interesting.
  5. They will cheat and may pull it off. Republicans are useless and don’t have the balls to stop it. Judges, including Supreme Court allow it to happen. We could be fucked. Fair and square, Dems get crushed. Unfortunately, fair and square probably has not happened in a very long time.
  6. Could be fake. GP has been pretty solid. I think the Afghanistan service dog story is true. Horrible and wrong.
  7. What a great guy. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/08/exclusive-dr-fauci-used-taxpayer-money-dogs-tortured-eaten-alive-parasite-infected-flies-tunisia-photos/
  8. Give it time. More durable than Mahomes. Best arm in the history of the NFL. Not an overstatement. Phenomenal attitude. Bills win at least 1 SB with JA. JR out of league? Fuck the original haters. Man they hated this guy?
  9. This is stunning. Weekend at Bernies. This is possibly on purpose so he can exit WO answering for Afghanistan. Kamala with Nancy on deck. We are fucked. Letting Dems steal the election was not smart.
  10. Just watch. Dems are about to pass 5 TRILLION on new green deal. Nobody is talking about this. Too few understand the massive negative impact.
  11. This is true. Look up Tucker Carlson interview with Lara Logan x - liberal 60 minutes reporter who was raped by a mob in the Middle East while doing a fawning story on Arab spring. She lived in Middle East. Said that US govt could easily get Americans and the select Afghanistan citizens out of Kabul today. They don’t want to. Why - look at southern border. They want chaos. They want to bring as many Afghanistan people to US as possible. They could fix southern boarder tomorrow as well. How does that help politicians? How does that help you and you family? Is it possible that anyone dangerous is getting in through southern boarder or upcoming Afghanistan surge? Do you think any of these families will settle next to the Obama’s household.?
  12. Getting amped up is a huge asset for JA. No Jay Cutler in this guy. Relax my friend. Your a great fan, but you need to chill.
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