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  1. Bills vs St Louis Cardinals '71 at the old Rockpile. Dennis Shaw, Bobby Chandler, Haven Moses, Marlin Briscoe. Jim Hart was QB for Cardinals. Alvin Wyatt returned a punt for TD and the Bills blocked two field goals.
  2. The new look is much better. Very clean look. Now if the Bills would just sign my "brother from another mother" DJ :itsfriday:
  3. "Have fun sled riding until July, Ya Jags!" [video=youtube;22PRqiq-zAk]
  4. Actually he's already is in the HOF. Well, technically, his Jersey is in the HOF :rockon:
  5. nflstream.yahoo.com I am watching on my iPad, good quality feed.
  6. The Westboro Baptist Church is not affiliated with any Baptist denomination. The Baptist World Alliance and the Southern Baptist Convention (the two largest Baptist denominations) have each denounced the WBC over the years. The church describes itself as following Primitive Baptist and Calvinist principles.
  7. Yup, just got the vtext from BB app, opted out of his contract. Details from Pegula to follow.
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