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  1. They cut the wrong special team kicker. Bojorquez is still on the team. Wtf
  2. Is it possible for the pats to drop to 4th seed? If so then we would play them in round one of playoffs so I pick playoffs.
  3. Daboll is an idiot. 8 carries for Singletary. Are you kidding me. You need to pound the rock.
  4. What I can see happening is Cassell gets put into a gam if starter gets hurt ( he can manage a game) the following week if Tyrod is out then EJ the starter with cassell once again the backup.
  5. Bring him back as a rb asst coach or something to help motivate the players.
  6. I usually watch the game on firstrow but it screwed up my computer a couple weeks ago. Any one have a better site to watch the game on? Thanks :bills:
  7. The only good thing is no matter what happens we will have a early number 1 pick next year to try and get a new QB.... oh wait we screwed that up too.
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