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  1. Peter King needs to stay in his football lanes. I remember reading in his Monday Morning Quarterback column back in 2008, when the movie Frost/Nixon came out, make a comment about how much he liked the movie. Peter King then went on to call Richard Nixon the most evil person of the past century. No word of a lie. What a fucking shit head. I wrote to Peter King and asked him Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin and you call Nixon the most evil man in the last century? I said that he's good at writing about football but when it came to perspective he was a fucking retard. Coincidently, that letter didn't show up in Peter King's Tuesday Morning Quarterback readers comments column.
  2. I like how his name is Phillips and his favorite drink is a screwdriver.
  3. That was a great article, really well written where I was cheering for the kid throughout. I remember reading stories like that in Sport Illustrated 25 years ago. Now in every player profile article I read I have to be reminded of racism somewhere, F the President hats, and isolated experiences infinitely extrapolated into some type of oppression.
  4. If true, it does. Then again it could have been a lot worse. At least she didn't get back at her dad like Laurence Fishburne's daughter and start doing porn.
  5. Shouldn't have given him that Game a Thrones Box Set for Christmas. Rusty tried to get like Littlefinger and sleep his way to a kingdom.
  6. Spot on post Jurr. All the pearl clutching by the people at WGR was pathetic too. Them being shocked at the salacious news. C'mon you bullshit purveyors. They benefited from the insider team news, favourite access for friends and family and always a table at (716) and ignored Rusty's pathetic personal character for their own personal gain. The WGR folk had the audacity to continue to deflect any criticism of Rusty's equally pathetic decision making from personnel, to coaching, to management which had a direct impact on the equally pathetic performance of the Bills over his tenure even on the day the news frickin' broke! Always pointing to the money Russ brought in. The only scratch Rusty brought in, outside of the tsunami of money that NFL generates inherently, was the Toronto series and that is an epic failure in building any sort of fan base! Those hypocrites on WGR will push Liberal agendas and vehemently defend absurdities like the Anthem kneeling or recently overtly push Lamar Jackson and ignore Josh Rosen's obvious character issues which prevented him from being a team captain yet would toss any Bills player under the bus who became a "distraction in the locker room" or "didn't want to be in Buffalo" because that was the narrative Rusty fed them so they could eat some kibble from Rusty's slimy hands. If they are beacons for progressivism they would have trashed Rusty in the name of #metoo, but didn't so they can continue to peddle their fake ass slop so that maybe the guys in Bristol will call them up to the Majors one day (never). Good riddance. I feel sorry for Brandon's wife and especially the females he abused. Disappointed that the Pegula's tolerated the cad for too long but at least they corrected the mistake. Good on McDermott. Marrone thought he was due for sainthood if he brought the Bills to the playoffs, well, McDermott gets my sainthood vote for driving the snake out of One Bills Drive.
  7. Yeah they do share some of the blame for ignoring his incompetence. My nickname for Russ was Russputin for his uncanny ability to mesmerize Billionaire families into gaining their trust. Fortunate for the Pegula's they didn't end up destroyed like the Romanov's and have only victim settlements to dole out. How they could ever trust someone the likes of Russ Brandon is beyond baffling.
  8. What pisses me off is that the Media which defended Russ all these years had heard rumors about him. They instead defended his incompetence in spite of his victims so that they could gain access and info to the team and a get good table at (716). They are culpable and should be ashamed.
  9. If his professional failures was not going to get him fired his sexual harassment, while a married man, lying to and professing to be Christian to the owners, did him instead. Russ was not competent and never was trustworthy.
  10. Undeniably, McKelvin and Maybin, as GM. Approving the trade up and for Watkins, while the de-facto owner. Russ was professional and personal disaster.
  11. https://heavy.com/sports/2018/04/josh-allen-where-from-parents-mom-dad/ Josh Allen’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know If you want to know what shaped Josh Allen, you would be wise to visit the family farm in Firebaugh, California. Josh grew up working on the farm with his parents, Joel and LaVonne Allen, along with his three siblings. Wyoming associate athletic director Tim Harkins spoke with the Casper Star-Tribune about Josh’s family. “I think part of that [Josh’s character] grows out of his family,” Tim told the Casper Star-Tribune. “He comes from a good family, and he’s got a great base of support.” Growing up, Josh balanced his love for sports with washing dishes in his mother’s restaurant, and helping his dad in the farm. Josh transformed from having zero stars coming out of high school to being the face of an NFL franchise. Learn more about the Allen family.
  12. Rosen is a trust fund baby. Allen grew up and worked on a row crop farm. Allen is a better fit in Buffalo.
  13. Weird that a QB wasn’t voted as a team captain. QBs are voted team captains by default.
  14. I believe he is protesting his black father for abandoning him. He grew up in a white family who adopted him. Because of insecurities from being abandoned by his black father, he needs acceptance by other blacks. He’s overcompensating by being a more black radical as a scream to his father to accept him because he too is the blackist of Black and accepts his father for being black regardless. He rejects his biological white mother who sought a relationship with him. Probably because she is looking for money now but brobably because her family rejected his father for being black. So he naively thinks that his life is an exact reflection of what’s going on in the world, this is his “cause”, so his radical crew, views him as relevant, for now. Really, at the end of the day, he just wanted his father to have never left.
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