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  1. Interesting. I loved Joker and thought the Tarantino flick would never end. Really liked DiCaprio and Pitt. But way to long for me. But loved every minute of Joker ...
  2. who are the golden knights? I dont follow the NHL but I know most of the team names. Never heard of that ... ok, I go google it on my own ... just suprised that I never heard of them ...
  3. What? Lamar was not good and his stats look way better than he actually played. Just say garbage time. But I am sorry, even though he played bad, he was not abysmal like Allen. Allen put a new meaning to choking in an important game and making exceptionally bad decisions. And he was still lucky. He threw basically two pick sixes, fumbled badly where he got lucky that it was only marginally after the knee was down and did some other bonehead decisions. Jackson played way better! Disclaimer: I think Jackson is a function of the great team and the great coach. I think he will come down to earth and I would rather try with Allen. But saying both played on a similar bad level in their latest playoff game is ridiculous.
  4. Interesting that you say that. This team has for a long time only drafted RBs and CBs. And I am quite happy that this regime realizes that RB is not a focal point. If you say we need a bruiser because Ten has one. I say we need to focus on D because Baltimore won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer and a great D. Yes it happened, but it was a outlier and it is hard to replicate. So I am wodering why you vouch for a RB. Yes to a RB, but definitely not in the first round. If we get a decent O Line it does not matter who the RB is. Especially with the additional threat of Allen running. No to a first round RB! Edit: Disclaimer: I am not vouching for Def. I am vouching for WR, O Line or TE in the first.
  5. Wow. Impressive writing. Journalist career afterwards to come. I am proud that I root for this disgrace of a team that is a few thousand miles away and that I let break my heart year after year. I am still angry at that fucking team that was too stupid to take a win that Houston desperately tried to give them. And yet I love it. I have to talk to psychiatrist I guess ...
  6. ouch, I already forgot about Zay Jones ... thanks for reminding us all how much draft capital that cost ... :-(
  7. I agree. But I bet there are the same things on the other side if you start looking. And since we got lucky anyway, because there could have easily been to pick sixes in the first half (the corner and Watt) I dont think we can complain. Other than complaining that we suck...
  8. unfortunately true. With Allen we will never go any further than divisionals. Actually I would be willing to see what Rosen has. Because I think we have seen the ceiling of Allen...
  9. Exactly, I recognized that too. Our TO was basically a delay of game...
  10. Good grief. I live in germany, I was never in Buffalo and I wish I either picked another team to root for in '89 or I would not be such a faithful bastard and root for a professional football team ...
  11. guys, the Texans almost had two pick sixes, so it is a bit funny if you only mention our failures. If they get the pick six in the first quarter than Allen gets nervous, we only run and this becomes a shoot out. We only moved the ball with lucky plays or trick plays. We never were the better team. Face it.
  12. Read the article on footballoutsiders.com the offense of Houston with and without Fuller was night and day ... I take it if true
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