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  1. I think the problem was not drafting Def, but not having a QB. Now that we have a QB it is ok to re-stock the defense. You cannot compare drafting when you have no Qb with drafting when you have a QB.
  2. interesting. apparently almost like night and day. in the middleof the season. Strange ... lets see if this trend continues...
  3. They are FDA approved. Not saying I disagree with your other points but they are FDA approved. With they I mean all except JnJ.
  4. Kind of agree. I am less concerned about trading back 7 picks. more about his salary demands. I think that is the kicker...
  5. Trading down 7 for Ertz is fine with me ... that seems like a low price to me ... I am just not sure how good he still is and also his injury history ... don’t follow Eagles that much
  6. So if we want to follow the blueprint of the Bucs, the plan is that the two offense tackles of the Chiefs are injured when we play them ...
  7. And great that he still lives to see this. Was he present at the ceremony? Has anybody seen him lately? He is 95!!!
  8. Awesome. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/marv-levy-named-to-the-canadian-football-hall-of-fame-class-of-2021
  9. I understand your whining about Hill and Kelce. I dont agree, but at least it makes sense. For Henry and Jackson it does not make sense, because these are the exact guys that will decrease our chasing of them ...
  10. Amazing, he was a star in Rugby and chose to rot on the bench in the NFL ... strange
  11. Good times. Now we are discussing problems two years down the road. That’s a luxury we haven’t had since 20 years ...
  12. We need big uglies on the o line ... I don’t care about RB and I don’t care a lot about TE. O line and d line ...
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