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  1. I am a German and I can confirm that the world was laughing about the US after the final results of the election ... in 2016 ... it was a mixture of laughter and disbelief ... but I remember the laughter was the bigger part ...
  2. If we go to the Super Bowl, all players will be asked about a 1000 times about the Bills losing record and if that impacts them. Of course they will say, no it does not. But the questions will just continue and continue and continue. And this will have an effect. I watched the four falls of Buffalo a few years ago and I still remember how these questions affected the Bills players before the third and fourth Super Bowl and they aknowledged as much afterwards. I know that these current Bills players did not play in these Super Bowls and some were not even born. But still I am afraid that this would have an effect and it will be annoying for them to continuously be asked about that. And if they get angry about the repetitive question the narrative will be that they cant handle the pressure and their anger about a normal question only proves as much. If I were the Bills I would do the following: Tell all players and coaches to answer all these questions with something like that. 'Yes, I think due to the prior losing record of the Bills we will also lose this one. We are just here to enjoy the experience of playing in the Super Bowl.' Everybody will know that this is not honest. But there is nothing the press can do about it. They cannot claim that this is serious because its just that obvious. But they will also not be able to put pressure on the Bills because they already agree. I just hope they do something like that. Because having to deny these constants questions of added pressure will have an effect in my opinion.
  3. Well, it was 23-17 in the 4th quarter. So we had a chance when stopping the Chiefs. And overall the Chiefs offensive output was way below their average. And doing that after the Titans rescheduling disaster was better than I anticipated. But sure, we never had the lead and the Chiefs were the better team. But we hang in there with a chance to win at the end and that was way better than what I anticipated. After the Titans game I anticipated a 50 burger... EDIT: Mahomes had 225 yards. Great job by the D. If we keep Mahomes at that number again, we will win. We are better now then back then. But I agree that the Chiefs also toyed with us and shifted in a higher gear when needed. Lets see...
  4. All Four Teams are pretty even in my book. Chiefs might even be the worst. Only home field advantage helps them.
  5. We were competitive the last time we played the Chiefs. And we are far better now then when we played them back then. I am cautiously optimistic
  6. Is it often that windy in KC similar to Buffalo late in the year? That’s a genuine question. I don’t know ... my assumption was it is not
  7. Lol, I was obviously exaggerating. But I think you would you agree that the wind affected the passing game substantially, would you? And this will be less of an effect in KC?
  8. Chiefs are vulnerable. They are narrowly winning the last few games. Sometimes against very inferior competition. We destroyed Miami. And 10 points is concerning but it was in a snow storm. I assume the weather will be better in KC. I hope they underestimate us ...
  9. Drafting RBs worked so well for this team. Maybe CJ Spiller is still available ...
  10. Next week: Sean will outline that drafting Offensive Weapons is important.
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