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  1. Sounds good to me. But it seems there exist only pics of Beane with sunglasses.
  2. The are only repeating the sentences. It was so funny when a daily show reporter went to a Trump rally and asked them about the phone call. Then many replied with his catch phrase „read the transcript“. But they had not read the transcript ... that was funny read the transcript lock her up grab em by the pussy
  3. What an epic loser. He wins a super bowl, does less deserve it than any of the recent super bowl winners and then makes that up ... what a loser ... ans of course he has a reason to make that up after the news that he was a drunken idiot in buffalo ...
  4. Wow, you guys are optimistic. I say 8-8 and Allen still cant hit the broad side of a barn. Diggs get injured in week 6 when Allen floats a ball to him over the middle and he gets hammered...
  5. Lol ... read the article now ... they ranked only 27 coaches and one of the coaches lower than Gase is Marrone ... ok, I guess third to last is probably right for Gase
  6. Tyrod is a top ten QB in this league. He will set the league on fire ... just saying
  7. Good luck, pal. Just to be sure that you understand the situation. We need you here! So I dont want you to give up, to wallow in self-pity, or anything like that. You have the responsibility of being here and keeping the order on this board. And we also want to celebrate the first playoff win and also an eventual super bowl with you. So don’t you dare of succumbing to this bullshit illness before we win a Super Bowl (and long after) ... you go find an acceptable med that keeps you stable and you bring your A game to this board ... that’s the plan ... best wishes old guy ! ;)
  8. I disagree. AFC East has to be on there. Eagles and Cowboys will bounce back so no to NFC East.
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