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  1. I get your point. And maybe you are right. I am just thinking that we longed for days like this. To complain about not going deep in the playoffs. usually we complained because we flat out sucked. Currently: - we have the best chance of actually having a franchise QB since Kelly (I am not sure about that but we have a good chance, first four games were awesome) - we made the playoffs twice - a lot of good FA moves - we had a good D last year, so hopefully we can get the D back on track So I am willling to give them the benefit of the doubt. The Lions fired Caldwell in a similar situation and look where they are. I bet they wish they had given him some more time...
  2. There has to be something. beane is just politcally correct. If he preaches to resolve issues internally he cannot throw Spain under the bus openly. The team knows the reason and he says, but I am politically correct because we resolve issues internally. And thats why I wil tell bullshit to the media. I bet thats what happened.
  3. I agree with Vic. EG the Second example. There is a LB closer to the yellow marked area. He is quicker there than singletary ... although that does not mean Singletary is not to blame. It a just too one sided as usual from Lit ... Allen is inaccurate, everything else on Offense is great ... Daboll sucks and holds everybody on offense back Russ Brandon sucks and is the reason the Oline does not block well ... etc etc etc not wrong ... but hyperboled (if this is a word)
  4. Exactly. I think the media uses it as a general term for all fans ... so pretty cool nickname in my book ... but I agree that original guys are over the top ...
  5. Mcdermott always loses one game per season by about 30 points. Last year against a eagles team that sucked. It’s a tradition by now. In 2018 it was even two games directly one after the other. Not sure why that happens. ...
  6. Time from infection to first symptoms is up to 14 days. Timo from infection to a test is positive is about 3-4 days. So to my knowledge it is not possible that you get infected and the test is onlY positive 11 days later. Max Time to symptom onset is a different concept than time to be detectable
  7. Insane. Just watched the video. On the Davies TD he looks to Diggs and then starts the throwing motion right at the time when he starts to look at Davies. He was checking the Safety all along. And threw it immediately while turning his head. Insane ! I just hope that the football gods don’t toy with us and Allen goes to jail for 10 years for drug dealing or something like that ...
  8. Well, to be fair there are still allen Moments. You cannot get a coverage sack when in field goal range and the field goal would win the game. And this was not an unexpected blind side sack. but this was basically one play. Last year he had 10 per game. And last year he had a few good plays. Now his good plays are exceptional and his average plays are still very good. I seriously have no idea how a QB can make such a big improvement in one year. On that level. Completely insane ...
  9. I am wondering if this is a hoax. He says he would be infected. Then continues to work as usual. Message being: see this is no big deal. I have it covered ...
  10. Lol ... that would be funny ... but since adherence to bets here is limited this is a dangerous bet ... the guy seems to be a fun guy over there
  11. I listened to the podcast. McAffee was not 100% convinced but took it in the end. And the Rams are the team that should complain the least about PI calls. With regard to the int. Yes it was a stupid call. But honestly, this was a penalty and a long down already before so we would not have converted most probably and a punt would not have been that huge of a difference. So I disagree that this int was such big a swing. It felt like the Off of the Rams was working already before and our O was already struggling prior to the int. But sure, it a was a mental downfall (sorry canot think of a appropriate english word).
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