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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.




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  1. Is this a girlfriend he had before the draft or Golddigger after the draft?
  2. I think Hyde was one of the players Rodgers complained about letting him leave …
  3. Good thing the Packers FO are idiots other than recognizing that you need to stick up on premier QB prospects in time …
  4. If the CB is already dropping of because he recognizes it, then it makes a difference. not saying that was the case in all instances. But saying it was in some and often there is more needed to assess a play than a screenshot.
  5. Sorry Lit, I am not used to your positivity. Please post a pic where there is a receiver open down field after Allen has started the throwing motion to an underneath receiver … otherwise I am afraid that Armageddon is coming soon …
  6. Ok. So you are fine with decisions of players that do not concern football as long as you agree with their decisions. That makes a lot of sense … lol Fact of the matter is that you are fine with people expressing their opinion as long as it is the same as your opinion …
  7. Rofl. You are cheering bills players no matter their decisions? So you would cheer for Kapernick if he would have been signed by the Bills? Lol … hypocrit
  8. how can he get a concussion if they are wearing these extra padded helmets?
  9. Where is this available. If I understood he made a documentary about his life. Where can I watch this?
  10. Zimmer? Flores? I don’t think so. Both teams are competitive. And you can’t fire Flores when he has to play the backup QB
  11. The Adam Gase hiring was the one thing that really baffled me. Everybody knew je sucked and he ruined the Fins. I was thinking he would be out of the NFL. Not even getting a coordinator job or anything. Then the Jets hire him as fuck1ng head coach … inexcusable … good for us
  12. Rofl … so everybody has to keep politics out of this section except you
  13. Clever screenshot. Josh has begun his throwing motion already and the safety is peeling off. From this distance he can cover the receiver when running with him. But he peels of the deep zone. Note: the safety does not be next to him, when the ball has to travel 30 + yards.
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