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  1. I think it is the super bowl. GB will not win it. And I think Tampa is worse than last year …
  2. There was an interesting stat I saw recently. brady had a top 10 defense for 88% of his playoff wins. So he could almost always rely on his defense to help him out. The numbers for other QBs are: rodgers 45% brees 22% peyton 21% Mahomes 0% Brady is the most lucky human being on earth … probably sold his soul … and yes, I do acknowledge that Brady has a lot of playoffs wins so the 12% without a top 10 D is still a high number. But nonetheless he was lucky. and I don’t know which metric was used to calculate top 10 D …
  3. I don’t think so. I think only 9ers will win away from home …
  4. The pats can easily sub in a replacement at cornerback that will do just fine diente their scheme. Holding receivers is not difficult to perform ;)
  5. Sorry Hip. We did not draft a RB or WR in the first round last year. Therefore we cannot be a high octane offense. Please don’t confuse Sean with Facts … 😆 to be fair, according to weighted DVOA we are seventh. I think that is a more adequate measurement. Still top ten but not top 3. i think the issue is not offense or defense. Both are good with some downsides like for all teams. The issue is showing up to play a complete game, especially players that are not named Allen … and most especially the O line …
  6. How is McDermott holding back Allen? One could argue that McDermott has overseen one of the all time greatest developments of a QB. Inaccurate howitzer that most pundits laughed about and now he is considered got the MVP. And that happened under the watch of a defensive minded HC. But I know, that does not fit your narrative.
  7. This year and also last year there is so much talk that they started to play hard after this and that loss. Kind of that some losses wake them up and then they play seriously. At some point of time they have to play hard without needing a wake up call. That to me is on coaching. I also think the „stay humble“ phrase needs to stop. Not because it is wrong. After loosing to the Jags they have no reason to be bragging about anything. But I think it sets the wrong focus. The catch phrase now should be something like „destroy those mofos“ … well maybe a more politically correct wording if they state it to the media …
  8. Rofl, you had to post this twice because the first time nobody bit on your trolling. Maybe you can add that message also to other unrelated threads … rofl … pathetic
  9. I really think Singletary set the tone when he broke two tackles and made a 10y run out of a 2y run when he dragged two guys to the first down on the first drive. I thought then, ok it seems this time they are the ones bullying. O Line scrubs did great. I can’t understand how our O line starters sometimes suck big hairy donkey balls and then our scrubs dominate the number 1 scoring defense … Allen - obviously Pass D without Tre … Doing better than I thought, maybe it’s the appropriate tactic to shut down the pass and let the other teams run … that might work until we meet KC refs … see other thread … I think this time they helped us
  10. This post is obviously tongue in cheek. But after so much complaining about the refs especially vs the pats I thought it’s worthwhile mentioning that they called pretty one sided this time. I would be furious when I were a Pats fan. Serves them well. fuck the pats !!!
  11. They always suck. They completely changed the game. Multiple holds from Bills defenders were not called. Picking up the flag when Highes pushed Jones out of bounds. Even if he holds him back this is a penalty. And then giving offsetting penalties when the Pats O liner jawed back after the personal foul on Milano. I am sorry. But when is this ever called? And on and on it goes. the refs completely decided the game so that their golden boy Allen gets back the AFC East lead. Ridiculous …
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