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  1. No, actually it tells something quite different about you ...
  2. Where did "the bitch" claim that she has more "low grade depression" than anyone else?
  3. Josh Norman is an old loud-mouth ... lets see if he can back up his talk ... I doubt it ... I would really prefer if he could keep his food trap shut
  4. the patriots, again one step ahead of the whole league ... lol ... is a good qb coming out this year? although college does not play does it?
  5. werent you the high-class guy that was "disgusted" when someone pointed out the other guy that died after attending the Trump rallye and died after bragging that Corona is not dangerous that be basically deserved that fate? You were the high-class disgusted guy, right? But you can call people Obongo and piss on them when they have a low-grade depression. And please note: low-grade can probably diagnosed with anyone who currently sits at home and cannot do anything. Especially if one has to read your posts ...
  6. Sorry, but these idiot fans also drove away Mularkey, IIRC, because his kids were bullied in school. Good riddance, Mularkey, but this behavious is not acceptable. And yes, Tre should have been quite and then only come out with a decision. That would have been the clever move. Nonetheless these guys are so used to post all their thoughts and we like that (partially) because we get updates in insights in their lives. So this will always happen and he is a football player and no communication specialist. So I would prefer if these stupid fans would keep quiet. That is what can drive players away...
  7. Alex Jones ... lol ... in a divorce court trial he explained that all what he says is bullshit and he is only about the ratings. Thats what I remember from some show, probably last week tonight. Of course that is not true because John Oliver is actually a lizardman that sends high frequent radio waves form his ass in order to take over the world. ...
  8. Next to nobody on this board said that Eichel is as good as McDavid. Many just said that if we habe the Second pick in any year it’s Good that it is during the McDavid/Eichel year because Eichel is an awesome pick at #2 and might be #1 during many years. You changed their argument to them saying Eichel is as good as McDavid to stir debate.
  9. Let’s see what he does with a decent team and above average coaching. I think you your post will not age well. Assuming we have a football season this year.
  10. Seriously? I dont know. Are there numbers that back-up your claim? Because it is always said that they get hurt more often. Are there numbers? Well, there is also said: you win a game when you have a 100y rusher ...lol... so much about common knowledge :-)
  11. that being said, I pretty much agree with this one "at this point of time": Below guys like Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, Derick Carr, Garoppolo, Kyler Murray, Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill. But he will soon pass Tannehill when he comes down to earth. And I assume Allen will move up some spots and break the top 15 maybe top 12. But I dont see him becoming a top 10 QB. Edit: and #22 is techincally not bottom 10 if you are counting starting jobs ;D .... yesyes, I know you had initially read 23rd... :D
  12. A poll of 50 BuffaloRange posters and evaluators puts LiterateStylish as a bottom-10 poster
  13. When I read that, I thought the LB is opting out and you using this to scare people ... ok, the LB did not even opt-out ... lol
  14. well all of them are age-wise from the high risk Covid population ... so lets see ;)
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