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  1. Other teams are counting 100y games for their receivers. We are counting 50y games...
  2. beane looks like the guy from matrix. Probably you realized that years ago but that only now crossed my mind 🙂
  3. Lit says fuck too ;D Just kidding man, all fine
  4. damn, i was so happy when they traded Thomas only to also lose Brown. That was great. Now that is pretty much resolved. Sanu is still good...
  5. ehrm, no. The center stepped on Fitz Foot before Star touched him, or at least before Star impacted him... it was his initial reset...
  6. wow, kudos to both ... assuming Lit did not hack both your accounts ;D
  7. ok, dont remember you being such an optimist. I hope you are right...
  8. I am wondering also where all this great relation from the pre season went. In preseason Allen pretty much only looked at Beasley. And now he ignores him ...
  9. You need to send the 5K by mail because you cannot transfer money digitally, remember? also I bet you did not bet ...
  10. You can ask Meathead. He is the technician here ... ;D
  11. @lit: Well you can argue, nobody other than the Patriots deserve the playoffs in the AFC. Pretty much the whole AFC sucks. KC, SD, Pitt, Cle and also Balt. And I would also go with 8-3. I would actually be pretty happy with 8-3. My losses are Philly and one random team that we always loose
  12. Damn, he is a gamer ... will be way more tough than vs Rosen ...
  13. wow, I did not think we make that many yards. Especially since we never break 300 yards passing. However, more accurately is DVOA. And this rates efficiency instead of cumulative ratings and it also adjusts for strength of opponent. If you consider both of that we are 23rd. It also includes TOs obviously. I think that is way more accurate then 10th.
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