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  1. Self reporting myself to old takes exposed. What a dud he has been.
  2. Oliver is listed at 287 and Aaron Donald is listed at 284. Both are listed at 6'1. No guarantee of success but size is not Olivers issue.
  3. Geary is a secondary radio host so he has to drum op business with radical statements. This is just his way to reach that audience. Basically radio click bate.
  4. I saw this and I do agree. I don't mind Dabol as much as some of you do here. There are many complaints about bad play calls when many times it is bad execution. The plays are there but the QB or some other breakdown screws it up.
  5. Top 10 2019 WR drafted out of round 1 or 2 by yards. It's about the same is you use receptions, just some different players. Chris Godwin 2017: Rd 3, Pk 84 (TB) Tyler Lockett 2015: Rd 3, Pk 69 (SEA) Cooper Kupp 2017: Rd 3, Pk 69 (LAR) Stefon Diggs 2015: Rd 5, Pk 146 (MIN) Keenan Allen 2013: Rd 3, Pk 76 (SD) Kenny Golladay 2017: Rd 3, Pk 96 (DET) So 6 out of the top 10 WR leaders were drafted outside the 1st or 2nd round. John Brown is 15th and was drafted in the 3rd round by Arizona. For TE's you have to get to the 5th leading TE which is Zach Ertz who was drafted 2013: Rd 2, Pk 35 (PHI) before you get a top one drafted in rounds 1 or 2. The top 4 are Kelce - round 3, Hooper - round 3, Waller (oak) round 6 by Blt, and Kittle - round 5 by SF. I always love these stats that people throw out without context that get everyone riled up.
  6. I got Phins at +7 when line came out Sunday. I heard it opened as high as 8 for some books and was bought down by heavy public betting. Sharps could get on Bills if line stays low and it could move back up again.
  7. Dabol seems to have changed offense tonshort quick passing game which is not Allen's strength.
  8. Agree with Vic. Allen got them there. Let him finish the job. Bad strategy there IMO.
  9. What I mean is Allen completed that thrown to Smoke to win Jets game so went back to it. It is not as bad a decision as I originally thought. Yes, Beasley was the better play and Allen seemed to originally look there so probably should have stayed with it. I am more upset with Bill's coaches to huddle and play for tie when house $ was 0-4 for his last attempts from 50+ How did they feel safe there? Getting pissed again.
  10. Balls: Smoke - Monster Fort Knox - runs heavy after catch Beasley - always open. Needs more looks Feliciano - solid game and knew we shouldn't huddle on final series Hughes - disruptor Edmounds - I called him out but came on as game went along. Also had safety. Milano - Sack White - gonna cost Gilmore $. OBJ who? Borkhez- beat punting day of season Fergurson- excellent snaps all day Goats: Gore - not good enough Dawkins - let too many free rushers on Allen Ford - average. The rotation needs to stop. Nseki should play whole game Kroft - invisible and non factor Robert's- not his fault as he is not a WE but should be ST only Smith - penalty machine but his meltdown on sideline was epic Wallace - not his beat game. May be time to give Johnson a shot there House $ - he might be shot. Looks almost as bad as Viniteri
  11. I am not as mad at this play as I originally was. Seems dispute coaches playing for tie, Allen went for win which is I think is what we want. Still: What is with huddling and wasting time? Allen got them there with his arm, let him try and win it. Daboll has ruined him with the short quick passing game. It's not who he is so stop trying to change him and just let him lose. Maybe he cant do it but for sure, he is not a quick short throw hit guy in stride QB. That last set of downs sucked after the plays that got them there. Keep foot on gas.
  12. Coach Sal made a good point on WGR this morning which was that this was the same play Allen hit Smoke on against Jets to win game. Said Josh was being aggressive and trying to win game.
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