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  1. Star had a sack but Horrible Harry has been playing lights out lately.
  2. Dont trust Dabol? Bills have the #3 offense in the NFL. Whats not to trust?
  3. LOL - grind it out.... You guys have no idea how the modern NFL works.
  4. LOL @seandelevan pussy is WIDE OPEN - Imagine being that guy...
  5. Imagine being this stupid and still posting how dumb your are - Gentleman - Let me introduce you to @seandelevan
  6. Sean hates games where Bills win. He can't be miserable and quote all his shit threads.
  7. Sean wants to take the ball out of Josh Allens hands. Doesnt understand modern football. Also, Steelers missed playoffs but hey Harris? How are Barkley and CMC doing? Also 2 great pass catchers. Learn modern football.
  8. LOL - Guy doesnt even make a prediction and thinks he was close.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH - @seandelevan just continues to be wrong
  10. LOL = @seandelevan is on tilt. He has no idea how NFL works.
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