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  1. Trade doesn't matter. Point is Bills as well as every other team has made bad draft decisions. Teams have passed multiple times on HOF players for various reasons. Live in the past if you want.
  2. Check out this thread which expands upon the players Bills could have had:
  3. Well, defense and running game got 49'ers to bowl and titans for afc championship game so it is a winning strategy. Hopefully it will be CB in 1st (since White wants out according to Sean) DE in 2nd and LB in 3rd. Will probably need DT in 4th if we don't sign Phillips. Maybe Kicker in 5th since House $ is getting older and we will need to win close games 9-7 or something. Then probably punter in 6th since Bohorquez is worst punter in league and we will punt a lot. 7th rounders are crap shots so maybe developmental QB or FB.
  4. Bills could also have drafted Brady, Rodgers, Watt, Thomas, Kamera, Eliott, Hill, Kelsay, Wilson, Kittle, Thielin, Erntz, Lawrence, Schuster, Evans, Ford, Hilton, Diggs, Clarke, Gronk or Eddleman,. Go ahead and keep living in the past if you want.
  5. Sounds like we need to draft CB in 1st. This plus SF going to bowl with running game and defense will have Sean on suicide watch for at least 9 months. Stay away from sharp objects Sean.
  6. Ryan could be right. Just saw he was inactive and how inneffective he has been.
  7. CutOnDimes AKA Shady McCoy inactive for championship game. So much for load management and saving him for playoffs. Great player and was great for us but he is shot. Loved watching him play.
  8. The Pelican is the baddest animal on the planet. Never mess with a Pelican or a Kangaroo for that matter.
  9. No sure thing with the draft. Hopefully scouting is solid and Bills make good pick.
  10. I believe teams skirt this by adding the assistant head coach to the title and then Bills could not block it. Seems like that was not the case here though. Glad Dabol is staying. He is fine and some of the bad play calls people complain about, Allen audibles into. If Allen improves, Dabol will be an even hotter HC candidate next year.
  11. Aggressive and stupid can go hand in hand as it did with the fake punt. Convert it though....
  12. Alex Van Pelt John Kitna Klint Kubiak Joe Lombardi Press Taylor Not necessarily in that order
  13. Spain was a undrafted FA who the Bills signed to only a 1 year deal and the Titans didn't want to keep him probably because they thought they could upgrade. We should to. He was fine but I would think we could do a little better.
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