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  1. Here are a few others: The Jets had 4 yards of offense in the 2nd half. The Jets had the ball for just 6:33 in the 2nd half.
  2. Honestly, It went like I expected. I didnt think it would be a blowout. Jets games seem to always be close for some reason. I don't know what happened at halftime but the O and D adjustments were perfect.
  3. Nobody probably did but he has Poyer on a list "proven commodities" which Poyer was anything but.
  4. It's the fake news that gets to me. It's like he has selective memory when making points. He would be a good politician.
  5. Well, McDermott doesnt call plays and if anything, the Bills have been too aggressive and gone 3 and out passing and not running clock which gave the other teams time to get back in the game. The reason for blowouts is teams are able to run the ball, run clock and not let the other team back in the game. Bills don't/can't do that. Also, I am in favor of passing, Never run except for Allen so I like their aggressive approach even if they go 3 and out and don't run clock.
  6. Hughes was a 1st round pick that Whaley traded Kelvin Sheppard for since Indy gave up on him. Poyer was the 69th rated safety and missed 10 games the season before the Bills signed him as a FA. You probably lost you mind when they signed Poyer thinking he was injury prone and wouldn't male final roster.
  7. More fake news from Sean. "Plus when was the last time a McDermott led Bills team destroyed a team they were suppose to destroy? Kyle Williams last game vs Miami? Man fuck this shit." = Well no, it was last season vs Dolphins 31-21, Washington 24-9 Dolphins 37-20 or Broncos 20-3 . Take your pick. How soon he forgets these things happen. "So far the Bills are showing everyone the mental midgets they are." - Sean conveniently forgets how they came back to beat Rams after giving up lead. I am sure there will be some excuse like the Rams are not good. McVay is not good. Bills got lucky. It will be anything to deflect from what actually happened.
  8. This is what Sean wanted. Bean focused on offense and defense suffered.
  9. Could be. Over the cap doesnt have him added yet. Sporadic does and shows Ravens at - 6mil in cap space. I would think the cap hit would only the the salary that was left to be paid. I honesty don't know how it works with trades. Still - 2 teams gave up on the guy so something doesn't seem right. A 3rd and a 5th is a good haul for the Vikings so I don't blame them for making the deal.
  10. Over the cap shows the Ravens with 4.9 mil in cap space without Ngakoue's contract so the probably could have found 200k somewhere to take on the 5.1 mil but the Bills would have had to find between 1 and 1.4 mil so doable but bot quite as easy. Also, tough to say what this would do down the road for resigning players or if any player would actually renegotiate to give the Bills space. If you can find the money and want to give up a 3rd and a 5th for a rental, maybe. There has to be a reason 2 teams got rid of this guy though. Just seems odd. I wonder if they could get Watt out of Houston. He has term left so I think you could extend him. There h
  11. Bills only have 3.6 - 4 mil in cap space depending on which site you use. Ngakoue's cap hit is 5.1 Mil at Sporatic and 12mil at over the cap so I don't think they could have afforded him.
  12. If they just can't run, they could just dink and dunk down the field. 4 yard pass or run - no real difference. Pats lived of this type of offense for years.
  13. Well, you have to be able to run the ball a bit or Allen will see 2 high safeties all the time and have to throw underneath all the time. Lets see more Yeldon.
  14. I just think you get yourself worked up over things that ae really not there. I don't like to lose either but I don't go into the game expecting it. Sure it could happen but hey, lets get better. The McDermott sucks, Bean sucks, 3 and out coming up, here comes a disaster thinking probably makes you feel even worse.
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