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  1. Sean is a coward @JoeFerguson and this post proves it. This is what losers like @seandelevan do, they say everything negative they possibly can because because they are cowards. If things go bad, they can point out that they predicted it and were right. If things go well, they can just say they were surprised and happy for a win.
  2. Harris went 10-38 today and ETN is out for the season but continue to be wring about drafting RB's. Moss had 2 TD's and almost killed a guy today running over him and motor had a TD and went 13-82. Bills scored 35 points so not sure how much help they need on offense.
  3. Losers lose so it is no surprise range coward and resident pussy @seandelevan was wrong again.
  4. Your're a loser because you have a losers attitude and losers lose. I suspect you have been a pussy your whole life. You predict Bills will lose every week. Time for some new material pussy.
  5. There is no bigger loser here than @seandelevan What a full on bleeding pussy.
  6. Because he is rated exactly where he should be.
  7. Chiefs had 1 sack against Chiefs. Bills had 2 sacks against Big Ben. Stop being a pussy and embarrassing yourself.
  8. I see @seandelevan pussy is still beading. Must have needed a transfusion after the game or he would be dead, What is it like going to life being afraid of everything @seandelevan Is this post supposed to mean anything considering how good the Bill defense played?
  9. Stop being a pussy @seandelevan You know JA passed for more yards this game then the game he won last year right?
  10. Do people realize Bills defense was better that Steelers defense? Steelers passed for 188 and ran for 75 which is less than Bills passed for.
  11. Josh said they were too aggressive so this conservative speak is incorrect.
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