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  1. 26 Predictions for the Buffalo Bills in 2014 (Good, Bad & Ugly) | WNYorker - Robert Woods will lead the team in catches. (and punches!) - CJ Spiller will stay healthy and surpass 1,000 yards for the 2nd time in his career. - EJ Manuel will throw more than 15 Interceptions. - The Bills will get swept by the Jets and Patriots. - The Bills defense will be top 3 in sacks and points against (not yards). - The Bills will punt more than any other team. pegula - Terry Pegula will buy the team for just over 1.3 Billion. - Russ Brandon will keep his job after the ownership change. - Doug Marrone and Doug Whaley both will also keep their jobs. (for 2015) - Marcel Darius will make the pro bowl. - No other Buffalo Bills will. - Johnny Manziel will start for the Browns vs. Bills. The Bills will INT him 3 times. - Nigel Bradham will be the new fan favorite on defense (#TheLedgendofKiko will be back in 2015). - The Bills will not will back-2-back games this season. - Their longest losing streak will be 3 games. - Kyle Orton will not throw a pass all season. (You can hate me now) - Stephon Gilmore will have a bad year. - The Bills will suffer a loss to the Patriots on a last second field goal. - Aaron Williams will be fined for illegal hit to the head at least once. - Nickell Robey will score a touchdown at some point this season. - There will be an Overtime game this season. (I’m thinking the Packers game. And they’ll lose.) - Michael Vick will throw/run for 3 touchdown vs. The Bills this season. (Geno on Bench) - Mario Williams will again lead the team in sacks. - The Bills will not have any TV Blackouts. - It will be a fun year will a familiar ending. - 6-10
  2. Just put a link to the thread in your reply. Maybe tell why it deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.
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