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  1. Belichick should get the Pete Rose treatment - he’s a cheater, plain and simple. Makes you wonder what techniques he cheated with to shut us down in SB25.
  2. The Bills are playing playoff games now- these games all have meaning and are against the top teams in the conference. We will be battle tested come the wildcard game - this sets up for success. There’s no good loss, they all suck- yet the Bills learned more lessons yesterday.
  3. He should have stepped up in the pocket- would have given brown time to separate
  4. He has to learn not to bail to the outside and step up in the middle of the pocket. The last throw to Brown, he throws too soon, he could have stepped up and gave Brown time to separate. I know the Oline was bad today, but he head several chances to climb up the middle of the pocket and bailed outside .
  5. I think the Bills have a Pats like game - keep it closer than expected but not being able to pull it out. Ravens 26 Bills 20
  6. He’s gotten so much better - he’s much more decisive now, also the Oline has given him some great pass protection- our routes are slow developing when we pass deep and outside. The offense is finally clicking!
  7. The majority of troops love trump- sorry, that’s the truth.
  8. Impeachment is dead, and Trump will be re-elected. The dems roll out a full clown car thinking they have a chance against Trump, they don’t.
  9. The Bills conference record is awesome at 6-2. Currently 3-1 in the division. This game has huge playoff seeding implications, and we still have a shot at winning the division. This is the real fight for the future of the conference. Wow- awesome to have such a huge game. This team’s best is yet to come, if the Defensive Line continues to play like they are now - watch out, this team might go deep this year.
  10. This is a tight knit team - Brandon Beane and McDermott are legit.
  11. the one weakness all year is putting teams away- gotta crush them - we are the better team .
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