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  1. Maybe that’s where they kept receipts of missing trillions?
  2. I have 650+ patients in my clinics and have had fewer than 10 cases. We’ve ran tons of symptomatic shifts, but not a lot of positives .
  3. This virus is really crazy - so many asymptomatic cases. I manage dialysis clinics, and none of our positive patients have had any severe symptoms or have been hospitalized for it specifically. Crazy.
  4. Good to see you are in mid season form. There’s certainly no chance for improvement 😂
  5. The Democrat agenda is a non starter - there’s enough patriotic Americans left who resist government control. Harris is a surefire loss proposition. It’s clear they are trotting out Joe as a face to win, them plan to insert Harris. #raceoverlogic
  6. The brown shirts are born - they can enforce “new” laws. This is insane - we’re steering left in governance at 150MPH. The new world order is dominating right now.
  7. The Civil War IS the election. Trump will destroy Biden in the electoral college.
  8. He’s a little PC bitch just like the rest of the liberals .
  9. Sitting on 44% return on Ford - unreal how you can add comma’s so quick.
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