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  1. Kroft, Singletary,Foster are all practicing and will play this week - wow - Josh will explode versus the Dolphins
  2. We’re 4-1 with a SB caliber defense. The offense hasn’t quite meshed yet, glimpses here and there so far. However, this offense is about to explode. When Singletary and Foster come back, it’s gonna be wide open. Duke is going to be a factor as well. I just sense it, Allen needs to loosen up and play more instinctually- he’s holding back, and being indecisive. And we’re 4-1. With Allen continuing to improve, and getting all our weapons back, hell- we have no idea what Kroft could bring to the table! This offense is still meshing - it’s an entirely new unit, so imagine what improvement looks like. We are legit, ready to compete now! This year is going to be a lot of fun!
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