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  1. You should - he’s building a SB contender
  2. I think you’ll be happy with the end result - Moss does everything well - he’s a bit slow, but still a playmaker. What position were you looking at ?
  3. I think it’s the perfect complement - no more excuses for Josh - he’s got all the weapons he needs.
  4. Knox has freakish ability - he needs to improve on the drops, but has immense potential
  5. The Bills are the strongest and most championship worthy since the 90s - and fuck would that suck if football was cancelled.
  6. He can’t stay healthy - otherwise he’d be getting a much bigger offer
  7. In Wichita, KS - all ammunition is sold out. Extremely limited firearm selection. This is unreal.
  8. You COVID-19 sheep. You have now allowed your government unprecedented control. The most booming American Economy was crushed inside a week. Bought out by a juicy little ‘tril from the FED. The dems gave up. They are gonna trot out Joe to put on a show. The super scary virus has whipped everyone into a frenzy and you don’t see what’s going on. When both parties “fight for the best interest of the country” they’ve brokered a deal. This is round 1. While you are worrying about toilet paper, the government has set its trap. They are here to save you! Heck - they’ll give you a few grand - is that what our rights are worth? This is the false flag event. The virus is the attention magnet, while they accomplish a few things. Let me set this up for you. 1- COVID-19 is a false flag event. 2- Trump gets his war to guarantee re-election. What’s the war for? The Economy and the Global Control of the means of production. 3- The DEMS get to test Socialism. This virus is merely a test. They’ve set the rate - a few grand here to absolutely distract the fuck out of you. But don’t worry, they’ll take care of you. Buuttt- one little thing hasn’t happened yet. 4- The Civil Unrest - the masses will be whipped into a frenzy, and of course - Violence /Looting and Social Disorder is on the way! People will be killing other people over basic, expensive goods. This is the setup. 5- For Your Protection! Don’t worry, the government is so close to taking care of everything for you, they just need one little item to keep everyone “safe.” It’s coming-you know it’s coming! The Guns. 6- Hook line and sinker. For 2 trillion and a quick scam, you will have given up every one of your rights. ”Ooh- Big Scary Virus”
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