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  1. He’s going to play , plain and simple - we need to play them like the Giants played us in SB 25 - hit the fuck out of them .
  2. I keep think about Beane / McD talking about Bills DNA- starting to realize what they mean.
  3. Maybe Parler was a Trojan horse / it’s dead now. Big Tech is King.
  4. You have zero concerns about increased government control ?
  5. I’m not active on any of the platforms Again, task at hand - what freedom do you treasure the most ?
  6. Let’s start here - what freedom do you treasure the most?
  7. Because that’s the truth & why you are so upset - you don’t want to believe the truth.
  8. You won’t call it a conspiracy theory when it happens . I hope I’m wrong - but it’s laid out too obvious.
  9. What action am I taking ? I work & have a life. Don’t worry - “your side” will be fully involved and implicit as well.
  10. I’m just prepping people for the truth - you think I’m talking about differing ideologies. You don’t realize what’s coming .
  11. We are very close to having a hot civil war. This is a fight for freedom, prepare yourselves for civil unrest like you’ve never seen. The NWO is trying to kill shot America, blame it on Trump supporters and then take everyone’s rights away. You better wake up.
  12. Welcome to having a winning team. This happens to good teams every year
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