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  1. Looting will commence , guilty or not guilty. Summer 2021 = Civil War II
  2. The fight for freedom is on - this is the NWO giving freedom a big “ Eff You.” This is Owelian stuff , this is basic communist playbook stuff we’re seeing . Buy guns, buy supplies - get some rural land if you have the means .
  3. We can win the Super Bowl next year by making 1 more move - imagine this offense with a true #1 RB or the defense with a 10+ sack DE.
  4. Brandon Beane needs to make his move. Future draft picks mean nothing this year - he has to take a shot. Some options, IMO. 1- Trade for a DE - we need a true #1 pass rusher 2-Trade for TE- I think we end up using our 3rd this year on a trade for or drafting another one. 3-Trade for a RB1 - imagine this offense with a true #1 back? It would be unstoppable . Beane will move this year’s #1 pick for a veteran player - book it.
  5. Our problem isn’t blocking - Our problem is lack of a feature back. We have a bunch of role RBs - but need a true #1. I think our OL is fine - with Morse being the weak link .
  6. He had some decent production - could be a good fit for this offense - we are going to have to draft a RB high this year though.
  7. This team is going to win a SB soon - these guys are playing for a ring not $$ right now .
  8. Be patient - it’s not lost on McBeane that they need a RB1 and TE1
  9. We still have a big move to make - it’s likely a trade for a TE1 or RB1.
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