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  1. Bernie thinks government can solve all problems. That’s the root of his issue.
  2. I thought again.. Bernie has zero chance. Trump will dominate the electoral college.
  3. Pussy football - I’ve been saying it all year . This is bullshit
  4. You can’t win in this league by playing like a pussy - MCD IS a pussy - playing not to lose will never win!
  5. The sooner you realize Trump will win in 2020, the better your mental health will be Hip. He’s going to dominate !
  6. The key to the 2nd half is giving Devin the ball - forget Gore, he’s really done . Devin is the impact player - feed him.
  7. It’s baffling that he hasn’t been active - unless they’ve been playing possum til the playoffs ?? He’s a playmaker.
  8. Dallas’ point differential this year was on par with the best teams- they have waaay to much talent to not be a playoff team- he needs to go
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