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  1. Could Blaine Gabbert be the next Alex Smith in waiting? Hell, he was the #10 pick 4 years ago, languished on some of the worst Jacksonville teams in recent memory and is still only 25. There is nothing on that list that is even remotely attractive, why not roll the dice on him?
  2. I don't buy any of this. The most logical explanation is that Polian is up for the Hall of Fame and any move he makes before that vote could be viewed as a negative by the voters so he's doing nothing until then. Come February we may see something change.
  3. Not going for the FG with three minutes left made no sense. But to that point, if you know you are going 4 downs on that drive and we have run it down their throats for the better part of the game with three TO's, the two-minute warning, and a first down to be had at the 5, why throw 4 straight times? Isn't 4th and 3 from the 8 a little more manageable than 4th and 10 from the 15?
  4. I know, that line scares me. Vegas is positioning us as a sucker bet this weekend. Casual bettor looking at a 4-3 team getting points against a 1-6 team, too good to be true. They don't build big casinos out there by giving out many too good to be trues. Was really hoping Monday that line would open at a pick, makes me very nervous. Lets go boys.
  5. Those guys absolutely sucked, worst announcers I've heard in years. Had to mute the game for a stretch in the 3rd, couldn't fucking take them anymore. I miss Van.
  6. I don't post much but the emotion of this week is spilling out. Think about Sunday, should be a beautiful day for football, the 1-0 Bills hosting the 1-0 Dolphins, first home game since Mr. Wilson's passing, first home game since the announcment of the new owners, hopefully lead out onto the field by a cancer free Jim Kelly. Holy shit, enjoy this day everyone, I'll be in the stadium and can't wait to hear that place EXPLODE like we haven't heard in decades!!!
  7. First legal drink that day, yes 21st birthday which will haunt me forever. Watched it at the Monies in Dunkirk with about 300 diehards, went into the bathroom after the miss and grabbed the towel dispenser (the old school ones where the towel used to rotate inside the bin), yanking it off the wall. It hit me flush in the chest and knocked me down where I laid for about 10 minutes. Crushing.
  8. Still so many holes on this roster we better be trading back for the next 3 drafts to accumulate workable picks.
  9. Graded out last year 74th out of 81 guards last year. I guess they couldn't convince Jerry Crafts to come out of retirement so they went with Plan B.
  10. Houston, Detroit, Cleveland, Jx and the only 4 that never made it??? Houston, Detroit, Cleveland, Jx and the only 4 that never made it???
  11. Fitting that Jeff Wright was on the cover, he owned the Broncos in the AFC Champ game the next week. Think he had the tip that lead to Bailey's pick 6. One of the best defensive performances that team ever put forth..
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