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  1. Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports Earlier this offseason, the Buffalo Bills extended safety Jordan Poyer and gave a new contract to free agent Quinton Spain. They like to be known as people that take care of their guys, but they have several looming questions with soon-to-be free agents. “You’d love to sign all your guys back, you really would. We know that doesn’t work in this business sometimes, you only get so many dollars and things like that,” said general manager Brandon Beane in his press conference last week. Over the course of the next year, franchise stalwarts CB Tre’Davious White, LT Dion Dawkins, and LB Matt Milano are set to hit free agency. White can be kept around in 2021 if Buffalo exercises their fifth-year option as a former first-round pick, a move that’s sure to come unless they reach a longer deal. The Bills don’t have that option with Dawkins or Milano. “In my perfect world, guys like Matt and Dion, I would love to get them extended here long term on what I call is a win-win. A win for the Bills and a win for those guys’ person, said Beane. “We’ve obviously invested a lot [in them]. They were drafted here in ‘17. And again, the guys that fit like they do; fit the DNA, show the physical skill sets, and bring what they bring, you’d love to [give them new contracts].” Beane didn’t mention if he had begun contract negotiations with either player, but his next line could give an indication. “At the same time, these guys have representatives, they have values that they put on themselves so when we get to that point of talking to extension with these guys,” said Beane. It won’t be cheap for either of them. Even if Milano doesn’t set the market at linebacker, he is still in line for a potential payday in the $12 million-per-year range. Dawkins will also be in the eight figures, and could sign for $14 million per year or more. And that doesn’t even mention the market-setting deal White is sure to sign topping $15 million per season. The Bills need to start working on these extensions now and use some of that salary cap space fans are salivating over for 2021. View the full article
  2. Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Brandon Beane loves trading up the board. In 2019, Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane traded up out of the fourth round and into the third to select tight end Dawson Knox. Could he do the same thing again in 2020, moving up from his fourth-round selection to get another player with a high ceiling who is falling? The Bills are pretty far down in round 4—pick 128—so they won’t be able to make it up into the third round using just picks from 2020 unless they trade everything. Trading into the top of the fourth round, though, is very doable and with a day to reset following the conclusion of the third round, there could be a player sticking out on their board enough to make the move. Pick 128 (fourth), 188 (sixth), and 201 (sixth) would get Buffalo approximately to pick 111, the fifth pick of the fourth round. Pick 128 (fourth) and pick 167 (fifth) would move Buffalo approximately to pick 112/113, the sixth or seventh pick of the fourth round. Pick 128 (fourth) and pick 188 (sixth) would move Buffalo approximately to pick 117/118, the 11th and 12th picks of the fourth round. Pick 128 (fourth) and pick 201 (sixth) would move Buffalo approximately to pick 120, the 14th pick of the fourth round. Pick 128 (fourth) and pick 239 (seventh) would move Buffalo approximately to pick 125, the 19th pick of the fourth round. Any of these trades could make sense with the right partner and player. Buffalo isn’t likely to have room to keep all these late-round picks on their roster in the fall, so instead of “throwing away” a pick on a guy who is only going to be on your roster for a few months, use it to move up to get a player you really love. View the full article
  3. Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images Buffalo has plenty of fiery competitors on the roster The Buffalo Bills under general manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott have systematically and fundamentally shifted the culture of the team. This is obvious to anyone who was even a casual observer of the team during the Rex Ryan era, and the Doug Marrone era, and the Chan Gailey era, and the Dick Jauron era, and... well, you understand the point. With this emphasis on character and culture, often dubbed “The Process,” some fans and pundits have taken to thinking that the Bills prioritize men of high character over all others when shaping the football roster. While that is certainly part of the equation, Beane took exception to that assertion in last week’s conference call with select members of the media. Beane was asked about Buffalo’s newest wide receiver, veteran Stefon Diggs, who was openly dissatisfied with quarterback Kirk Cousins while with the Minnesota Vikings. On a team that seems to prioritize character as much as the Bills do, Diggs seems like a player who wouldn’t fit the culture, given his willingness to share his negative thoughts about his former club openly. Rather than referring to Diggs as a “diva,” a notion that Beane rejected, he focused instead on setting the record straight about the kinds of players Buffalo wants on the roster. “You know, I think one of the misnomers out there is that we’re looking for all choir boys and that’s not accurate,” Beane said. “We’re looking for professionals. I would say this about him; he’s a very competitive guy.... This guy’s a super competitive guy and brings an edge to that position. I know diva gets put into that position a lot, I would not call this guy a diva. I would call him more of I think what he was referring to Josh Allen is, as a dog.” While plenty of Bills players are upstanding, charitable players, there are quite a few who are both upstanding people and fiery competitors. I’d be willing to wager that, as professional athletes, all of Buffalo’s players fit in the “fiery competitor” column, but I digress. That particular quote led us to think about who the fieriest competitors on Buffalo’s current roster are. We narrowed it down to the following players. Jerry Hughes “Gary” has always played on the borderline between fiery and reckless, as his numerous “major penalties” (unnecessary roughness, personal fouls, roughing the passer, and unsportsmanlike conduct) would indicate. Since joining the Bills in 2014, Hughes has had eleven such penalties accepted against him. He also went after a game official in 2018 after Roy Ellison, the official, called Hughes a “bitch” during Buffalo’s 21-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Hughes chased Ellison in the tunnel after the game, telling the official “I’ll catch you.” Hughes is the prime example of a Bills’ player who not only fits the team’s culture, but who plays with a definitive edge on Sundays. Cody Ford The rookie right tackle’s most common descriptor coming out of college? Nasty. The big fella was one of two offensive linemen who always seemed to play to the whistle - and then through it - and then give a little extra when warranted. If there was a scrum on the field, chances are good that number 70 was in the middle of it. Ford showed promise in an up-and-down rookie year, but the area where he stood out most was that nasty streak draft pundits noted before Buffalo selected him No. 38 overall. Jon Feliciano The other offensive lineman who was always looking for some extra was Feliciano. This should have been obvious, as chances are good that anyone whose nickname is “Mongo” is going to love hitting people. Every time a defensive player looked to take an extra shot at quarterback Josh Allen, Feliciano was the first guy over to shut things down. He’s another guy who played all the way through the whistle last year. Stefon Diggs While his fire has yet to be seen in a Bills uniform, the “dog” mentality that Beane mentions is exactly what Diggs showed during his time with the Minnesota Vikings. Fighting his way up from a fifth-round draft choice to one of the two top targets (along with Adam Thielen) in Minnesota’s prolific passing attack was no fluke. Diggs is a prime example of the old adage: it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Diggs has plenty of fight in him. Josh Norman Speaking of fights, Norman is perhaps most remembered for his literal fisticuffs with All-Pro wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. while playing with the Carolina Panthers. He also got into it during practice with Cam Newton, a story Beane mentioned during his press conference. Never one to shy away from controversy, Norman is a veteran who doesn’t quite fit the traditional “leadership” mold of the veterans Buffalo has sought previously. As the elder statesman in the defensive back room, he will serve as a de facto leader given his veteran status. Another former fifth-round draft pick, Norman’s chip on his shoulder has fueled him throughout his career. Josh Allen Allen plays the part of humble farm boy quite well, but when you watch him on the field, particularly when he’s lowering his shoulder to forge ahead for extra yards, that’s when you see the dog come out. There have been multiple occasions over his young career where Allen has shown that fire—the Jalen Ramsey-inspired celebration when scoring the go-ahead touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2018 and his reaction after picking up an impossible fourth down against the Dallas Cowboys last Thanksgiving chief among them. Allen’s leadership style may best embody what McDermott and Beane’s culture truly is. He’s cool, calm, and professional while with the media, but when the game begins, he is ready to run through a brick wall to make sure the team wins. Ed Oliver I almost left him off the list, but I just can’t. Oliver plays with a motor that runs as hot as an Arizona summer, and while he may not find trouble as a result like Hughes does, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t feisty. Even when Oliver speaks, he does so with the unbridled enthusiasm of someone who’s just ready to give his entire effort into whatever he’s talking about. Oliver’s fire led to some trouble when he was in college—the video of him going after Houston coach Major Applewhite over a jacket on the sidelines had people talking about Oliver’s character and Applewhite’s coaching ability—but that was an isolated incident that was blown out of proportion. Oliver is a perfect fit, both defensively and culturally, in Buffalo. View the full article
  4. Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images Will Brandon Beane be active during the 2020 NFL Draft? In the latest episode of Breaking Buffalo Rumblings, I take a deeper look at the 2020 NFL Draft, and some of the trade up scenarios for the Buffalo Bills. This was inspired by the recent article from Matt Warren, as he took a look at the possibilities for Brandon Beane. Fans of the Bills are well aware of Beane’s penchant for draft day trades, as he has moved up in years past to select Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds, Cody Ford, and Dawson Knox. Share your thoughts in the comments section regarding what you think the Bills should do, and listen to the latest episode below. Editor’s note: If you’re viewing this article on Apple News, the embedded audio will be removed. Click through to the site in your browser or listen on iTunes. Subscribe to the Buffalo Rumblings podcast channel featuring Billieve, Blitzed Bills, Buffalo Rumblings Q&A, Breaking Buffalo Rumblings, Circling the Wagons, and the Nick and Nolan Show: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify | Podbean | iHeartRadio | TuneIn | Megaphone View the full article
  5. Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images Also which potential RBs and LBs are draft targets, and how close did Buffalo come to drafting Cam Newton in 2011? There’s plenty of Buffalo Bills news for you in today’s edition of the Buffalo Bills daily links. We take a look at how quarterback Josh Allen’s development could be affected by a shortened offseason program due to the current coronavirus pandemic. We also address how, with a small tweak and thanks to the talented offseason additions to the defense, Buffalo’s pass rush can take a major step forward in 2020, whether the Bills will add a complimentary running back to Devin Singletary in the NFL Draft, which linebackers could be draft targets for Buffalo, and more! How lack of offseason program could impact Josh Allen’s development – The Buffalo News There are several areas that NFL quarterbacks such as Allen should be focusing on to develop themselves in the midst of the uncertainty, Jim Kubiak says. How the Bills’ new pieces and a slight change can boost their pass rush in 2020 – The Athletic The Bills’ moves so far this offseason and film studies suggest a mix-up on the defense that could make the unit even more formidable. (Subscription required). Will Bills target RB to complement Devin Singletary early in NFL draft? - Buffalo Bills Blog- ESPN Buffalo found its lead running back in the third round in 2019 and could look to add a speedster like Jonathan Taylor to pair with him this season. NFL draft preview: Jeffrey Okudah, C.J. Henderson top deep class of cornerbacks – The Buffalo News There looks to be some good depth at the position. It isn’t at the level of wide receiver, but that’s true for all other positions in the draft. Best small-college studs ever for all 32 NFL teams - Payton, Rice, Reed and more - ESPN.com NFL stars — legends like Jerry Rice and Walter Payton — can be found anywhere, not just at traditional college football powers. Here’s one for every team. NFL Network analysts identify these two prospects for the Bills - BuffaloBills.com NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks and Dan Jeremiah predict a linebacker and running back with Buffalo’s first two picks. Cam Newton to the Bills is unlikely to happen | WGR 550 SportsRadio Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane indicated that it's unlikely for the team to pursue free agent quarterback Cam Newton. Newton won't join the Bills, but nearly did in 2011 | WGR 550 SportsRadio A look back at how close Cam Newton came to becoming the face of the Buffalo Bills. Bills Today | Peter King says Bills "time to win is now” BuffaloBills.com NBC's King on the Bills window to win: "Right now, the Bills can beat anybody in that division. It is their time to go for it." Bills CB Josh Norman pledges $50,000 to COVID-19 relief fund – The Buffalo News Josh Norman is doing his part to give back, donating to help children and their families. As Karlos Williams prepares to return to football, he’s holding nothing back – The Athletic Williams harbors ill feelings toward Doug Whaley after the Bills cut him following his breakout rookie year, and he’s ready for a comeback. Lots of NSFW content. (Subscription required). Jalen Ramsey suggests Tre’Davious White needs to leave Bills. What White said about Bills Mafia - newyorkupstate.com Ramsey held an Instagram Live video with various defensive backs including Buffalo Bills All-Pro Tre’Davious White. Featured on Buffalo Rumblings BBR: How far could the Buffalo Bills trade up in the second round? - Buffalo Rumblings Will Brandon Beane be active during the 2020 NFL Draft? 2020 NFL Draft: Could the fourth round be where Buffalo Bills strike a trade? - Buffalo Rumblings Brandon Beane loves trading up the board. Buffalo Bills not looking for “choir boys,” per Brandon Beane, so who plays with an edge? - Buffalo Rumblings Buffalo has plenty of fiery competitors on the roster. Buffalo Bills’ roster has nice stable of “homegrown” vets - Buffalo Rumblings We’ve come a long way in three seasons. Buffalo Bills’ offseason moves allow for “Best Player Available” NFL Draft in 2020 - Buffalo Rumblings Every positional need got at least some attention. View the full article
  6. Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images Can the Bills QB handle the heightened expectations? Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has risen to every occastion in the NFL. He’s going to have to continue growing in Year 3 to meet the expectations heaped on him by general manager Brandon Beane with the moves he made this offseason. By adding wide receiver Stefon Diggs and further solidifying the offensive line, Beane has removed any layers of excuses you might be able to make for Allen in his third season. Other QBs from the Class of 2018 have had inconsistent line play, lacked weapons, and rotated coaching staffs while Allen has had each of those hurdles removed. Now Allen has a solid offensive line with a highly-paid center and they’re returning all their starters from a year ago plus new players. Now Allen has three top wide receiving options plus a well-compensated free-agent and an emerging young player at the tight end position. Now Allen has his third year with the same offensive coordinator and second year with the same quarterbacks coach and veteran QB mentor. I’ve doubted Allen several times, most notably before the Thanksgiving game where I wondered if he would be up to the challenge of the biggest game of his life. He responded with the highest completion percentage and passer rating of his NFL career and a gut-check moment that was added to his highlight reel, mustering a converted fourth down from a mishandled snap. If he was gripping the ball any tighter, it didn’t hurt his ability to deliver. While his numbers weren’t great in the playoff game against the Houston Texans and he made some boneheaded decisions, he also showed up time and time again to make plays at key moments. Moral victories are hollow, but he was able to put his team in a position to win in overtime. The Bills have set themselves up to make a run over the next few seasons but it will all come down to whether or not Allen takes the next step in his development. General manager Brandon Beane isn’t worried. “I’m very confident in Josh,” said Beane during his free agency press conference last week. “He reached out to Diggs and some of these guys we signed and he’s working, you know he’s out on the West Coast. He did a little bit of travel I think after the season just to kind of burn off some steam and stress, but I’m just confident in Josh and who he is and he is not going to leave a stone unturned. He’s his own worst critic. I know he has many critics out there. Some which I just think are way off base, but I am confident. Sean’s confident. Our team is confident. And I think our fans and everyone else should be confident in Josh Allen.” “I have no doubt, just like he took a big step from year one to year two, that he will continue to grow. Again, he’ll have to, you know, ideally, I wish he and Stefon were able to throw right now. That’s not available, but I know he will figure it out. You know, how to make improvements to some of the things that didn’t go, perfect for him last year but again I thought he took some great strides and he’s looking forward to taking that next step and proving any of the doubters and naysayers wrong.” He’s done it before. Hopefully he can do it again. View the full article
  7. Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports Brandon Beane loves to move. Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane has been known to trade up the draft board. He hasn’t moved with his third-round picks, though, instead opting to stay put and selecting RB Devin Singletary (2019) and DT Harrison Phillips (2018). (He did use another 2018 third-round pick in the trade for WR Kelvin Benjamin, but that was before the draft.) It may be that players tend to cluster in the third round for Beane, and he’s happy adding a solid player at a number of positions and doesn’t feel the need to move up for a falling player at a position of need. That’s his M.O. in the first and second rounds, and even in the back end of the third round where he traded up for TE Dawson Knox a year ago. This year could be different. With ammunition at the back end of the 2020 NFL Draft and not many open roster slots, the players he might pick there are less valuable than landing a guy who has a major chance to contribute. If you spend a sixth-round pick on a guy you’re going to cut at the end of August, wouldn’t it make more sense to use it to move up and get the third-rounder you really want? Here’s how the Bills could maneuver up in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft by adding one of their current picks: Pick 86 (third) plus pick 128 (fourth) would get Buffalo approximately to pick 71. Pick 86 (third) plus pick 167 (fifth) would get Buffalo approximately to pick 79. Pick 86 (third) plus pick 188 (sixth) would get Buffalo approximately to pick 82. Pick 86 (third) plus pick 201 (sixth) would get Buffalo approximately to pick 83. If they instead choose to package a few late-round picks, Buffalo could swing up a little bit further: Pick 86 (third) plus both sixth rounders would get Buffalo approximately to pick 78/79. Pick 86 (third) plus 167 (fifth) and 201 (sixth) would get Buffalo approximately to pick 76/77. Pick 86 (third) plus 167 (fifth) and 188 (sixth) would get Buffalo approximately to pick 75/76. Pick 86 (third) plus 128 (fourth) plus 167 (fifth) would get Buffalo approximately to pick 66. That last trade seems a bit too high, as it lessens their ability to move up in the fourth round for a player who can still contribute almost immediately and develop into a long-term answer somewhere. You’re gutting the best chance of landing a young contributor. I’d anticipate Buffalo holding onto the fourth-round pick, which puts pick 75 as the highest they could likely get. That makes a lot of sense in a realistic trade-up scenario for a player with a second-round grade falling into the middle of the third. If a player at a position of need (wide receiver, cornerback, edge rusher, or guard) has a second-round grade and is falling, it’s a move Beane is likely to make. Next read: A trade into the first round doesn’t make sense for the Bills Here is the sweet spot for a second round trade for Buffalo View the full article
  8. Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports Every positional need got at least some attention When the Buffalo Bills lost Shaq Lawson, Jordan Phillips, and Kevin Johnson in free agency, it left significant holes on the defense. Add in the potential loss of Quinton Spain, the retirement of Lorenzo Alexander, the need for firepower on offense, and the concerns over Cody Ford’s ability at tackle and it seemed as though general manager Brandon Beane certainly had his work cut out for them. Every single area of concern outlined above has been addressed, in some way, shape, or form, since the offseason began. The defensive line has been bolstered by the signings of Mario Addison, Vernon Butler, and Quinton Jefferson. The offensive line was solidified by the re-signing of Quinton Spain and the addition of Darryl Williams as a formidable option on the right side of the line. The linebacking corp steadied the ship with the signing of A.J. Klein as well as Tyler Matakevich in an expected special teams role. The CB2 spot added potential answers in Josh Norman and E.J. Gaines. Last but not least, the Bills added one of the absolutely highest-caliber playmakers possible with the trade for Stefon Diggs. Now, with the virtual NFL draft around the corner, what do the Bills have to address? The answer is not that much. Maybe fans aren’t satisfied with the options of Norman, Gaines, or Levi Wallace across from Tre’Davious White. Maybe the departure of Frank Gore and the assumed promotion of T.J. Yeldon to a prominent RB2 role isn’t so savory to fans. Outside of that, the conversation among most seems to be fans displaying some level of satisfaction with how the team has addressed their needs, at least for 2020. It stands to reason that Brandon Beane and his staff feel at least as pleased with the offseason this far. As the Bills enter the 2020 NFL Draft with seven picks, arguably the biggest “immediate needs” are additional competition at CB2 and RB2. Are either of those needs so big that it necessitates reaching to address them? Not in the opinion of most fans, and almost certainly not in the opinion of Brandon Beane. That positions the Bills’ front office squarely in “best player available” territory. You can follow me on Twitter @NickBat and look for episodes of “The Nick & Nolan Show” podcast on the Buffalo Rumblings podcast network. View the full article
  9. Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images They are using FaceTime to meet with trainers right now. Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Harrison Phillips tore his ACL early in the 2019 season and the hope was that he would be available for training camp following surgery. In this new era of self-isolation, the Bills are using telemedicine to track and follow his progress. “He’s doing as well as could be expected, he’s very positive,” said team general manager Brandon Beane last week. “He texted me some this weekend saying he had reached out to all the new guys and he’s excited.” Beane also discussed how Phillips and the rest of the players recovering from early offseason surgery are rehabbing with the training staff using digital means. “With everything going on in our state in the area, there are some rules where they could come in and rehab, but we just wanted to be extra cautious and make sure it wasn’t in our building,” said Beane. “So what our guys are doing is, they’re doing some FaceTimes with him and Levi Wallace and some of these guys that you saw had surgeries. But trying to find different ways to make sure these guys are getting the rehab and Harrison falls in that category.” Phillips was playing very well prior to his injury, pushing highly-priced veteran Star Lotulelei for the starting job. In Week 2, they played the same number of snaps and in Week 3, Phillips eclipsed Lotulelei. It’s enough to make you wonder if the Bills would have restructured Lotulelei to keep him around in 2020 or just cut him outright if they were more confident on the rehab of Phillips. Beane, for one, is pretty pumped for one of his first draft picks to return to the field. “You guys know, this kid teared up last year, when he got hurt. And there’s nobody that’s gonna be more excited to run out of that tunnel this year than Harrison Phillips and I think I’ll be just as excited for him,” said Beane. “He’s worked so hard. But he’s doing as well as can be expected. He’s still got a ways to go. He’ll be a guy that we hope will be ready for training camp, but we’ll have to see. I don’t know how much testing we’re going to be able to do with him and depending on how long this coronavirus lasts.” View the full article
  10. Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images The Bills added a solid depth option for a low cost. The Buffalo Bills re-signed veteran cornerback E.J. Gaines last month. After being released by the team in August, Gaines never latched on with anyone else so it’s not surprising that his contract in 2020 is for the veteran minimum. Spotrac was the first place we saw the numbers reported. A year ago, Gaines signed with the Bills for $2.1 million but only earned $350,000 in signing bonus and offseason workout bonuses before being released from injured reserve. The season before, he made $4 million with the Cleveland Browns, so nabbing him at under $1 million for 2020 is a good deal for his talent. His price has dropped due to availaility concerns. (Gaines has played in only six combined games over the last two years.) Gaines receives $25,000 in a signing bonus that’s the only guaranteed money on the contract. He will earn $910,000 in salary but only count $775,000 against the salary cap due to the veteran minimum benefit designed to keep veteran players competitive in the marketplace. Because of the altered cap number, there is little benefit to cutting him for salary cap reasons alone. It’s a no-brainer for the Bills to add Gaines, who could potentially play starter reps, at that price. 2020 Signing bonus: $25,000 Base salary: $910,000 Cap hit: $775,000 Dead cap if cut: $25,000 View the full article
  11. Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images In today’s edition of the Buffalo Bills links, we explore the impact that a virtual NFL Draft would have on teams trading draft picks, revisit all 20 trades general manager Brandon Beane has made involving draft picks, discuss whether expectations might be too high entering year three for quarterback Josh Allen, and much more! Brandon Beane on Bills’ Draft approach: “We’re going to trade just like we normally would” - BuffaloNews.com Having the league’s annual NFL Draft be virtual isn’t going to affect how GM Brandon Beane conducts trading. Buffalo Bills GM details challenges of virtual NFL Draft: ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if there were less trades’ - newyorkupstate.com Beane on sitting out round one: “If there was ever a year to trade out of the first round, maybe this was the year.” Bills Today | GM Brandon Beane’s initial thoughts on a virtual draft - BuffaloBills.com Here are three things to know about the Bills for Wednesday, April 8. A historic look at NFL players selected 54th overall | WGR 550 SportsRadio Taking a look at some of the best players selected with the 54th overall pick in the history of the NFL Draft. Bills draft mailbag | WGR 550 SportsRadio Taking your questions on the Buffalo Bills' plans for the upcoming NFL Draft starting April 23. Buffalo Bills NFL Mock Draft: Kyle Dugger joins secondary, Josh Allen gets weapons in 7-round mock - newyorkupstate.com The Bills make a trade to add a complement for Devin Singletary. Updated Buffalo Bills 2020 NFL Draft trade value chart - newyorkupstate.com Want to play the role of Brandon Beane and pitch some trades? Here's the chart you'll need to get the job done. Brandon Beane accounts for variables in preparation for the 2020 NFL Draft - BuffaloBills.com The Bills’ personnel staff is preparing for all scenarios when it comes to the 2020 NFL Draft. Bills GM Brandon Beane’s 20 trades involving draft picks – The Buffalo News Beane has made 20 trades that involve draft picks. That includes four that he made during the NFL draft. Here is the rundown of his deals. NFL Draft preview: Trend of first-round linebackers looks likely to continue - BuffaloNews.com Analyzing the linebacker talent available in this year’s NFL Draft. Stefon Diggs trade to Buffalo among worst moves, CBS says - Democrat & Chronicle There's speculation nationally in regard to the Buffalo Bills' decision to trade for wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Featured on Buffalo Rumblings Buffalo Bills are “confident” in Josh Allen heading into year three, but expectations are very high - Buffalo Rumblings Can the Bills QB handle the heightened expectations? 2020 NFL Draft: Projecting a third-round trade up for the Buffalo Bills - Buffalo Rumblings Brandon Beane loves to move. Buffalo Bills’ offseason moves allow for “Best Player Available” NFL Draft in 2020 - Buffalo Rumblings Every positional need got at least some attention. Harrison Phillips, Buffalo Bills recovering from surgery not rehabbing at team facility - Buffalo Rumblings They are using FaceTime to meet with trainers right now. E.J. Gaines will make veteran minimum with Buffalo Bills in 2020 - Buffalo Rumblings The Bills added a solid depth option for a low cost. Buffalo Bills’ roster has nice stable of “homegrown” vets - Buffalo Rumblings We’ve come a long way in three seasons. View the full article
  12. Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports We’ve come a long way in three seasons A common talking point among play-by-play crews during Buffalo Bills games in 2019 was how few players brought in prior to head coach Sean McDermott’s tenure beginning in 2017 remained with the team. In three short seasons, the roster had been turned over so the only remaining vets playing in 2019 who had also been with the team during the Rex Ryan/Anthony Lynn season was limited to three players: Jerry Hughes, Lorenzo Alexander, and Shaq Lawson. Now with Alexander’s retirement and Lawson’s free-agency exit to Miami, literally only Jerry Hughes remains on the roster from before Sean McDermott was the head coach. Despite the lack of carry over from the previous regime, the Bills have slowly and quietly amassed veteran leadership from within and built through the draft. Although a sometimes trite and canned description of a general manager’s desire, Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott have significantly moved the needle in the right direction for the Bills’ roster through drafting and developing their own. In three drafts, McBeane have managed to bring in 11 starters or heavy contributors: Tre’Davious White, Dion Dawkins, Matt Milano, Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds, Harrison Phillips, Taron Johnson, Ed Oliver, Cody Ford, Devin Singletary, and Dawson Knox. Not to mention depth contributors like Siran Neal, and the entire remainder of the 2019 draft class who remain affiliated with the team. In free agency, you will almost always overpay for talent. It’s the name of the game. And the more premier the talent the more you will have to overpay. With the state of the Bills’ roster being praised by places such as PFF (insert James Franco confused “what?” gif here) it stands to reason the organization must have had some significant success through the draft. Building through free agency only works for the very short term (look at the Los Angeles Rams for god’s sake) because the salary cap Babadook eventually comes for his bowl of worms. The Bills have shifted from having to buy their middle-aged leadership in players like Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, Star Lotulelei, Patrick DiMarco, and Trent Murphy to slowly bringing up their own and positioning the team for long-term locker-room continuity. Will the team be able to re-sign all their own guys? No. But it seems as though many key Bills for the foreseeable future are going to be guys the current regime brought in straight from their Alma mater. View the full article
  13. Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports General manager Brandon Beane has not been shy about getting his guy. The Buffalo Bills don’t have a selection in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft and it’s highly unlikely they will trade up to get one, given the cost. Given general manager Brandon Beane’s track record, it’s still pretty likely he’s going to trade up. In 2019, he traded up in the second round to select offensive tackle Cody Ford then traded back into the end of the third round to select tight end Dawson Knox. In 2018, he traded up twice in the first round to select quarterback Josh Allen and linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. When Beane sees a guy he wants, he doesn’t usually wait for him to fall. In 2020, the Bills hold picks 54, 86, 128, and 167 in the first five rounds. How he uses those assets to maneuver the board is going to be the most intriguing part of the second night of the 2020 NFL Draft. Packaging picks 54 and 167 will move the Bills up roughly three spots to pick 51. Sending picks 54 and 128 would get Buffalo up into the 47/48 range. Trading picks 54 and 86 would mean a move up to pick 39. That last trade seems too rich for me, but parting with a fourth-round pick to get your man is exactly the type of move Beane has made in the past. It cost a fourth-round pick to move up for Knox. They used a fifth rounder to move up for Ford. With Buffalo unlikely to have space to add seven rookies onto what appears to be a stacked roster, using some of those mid-to-late draft picks to ensure you’re able to select the player you really want instead of a consolation prize makes sense. The sweet spot probably starts around pick 45, which would cost fourth- and fifth-round picks in addition to the second-round selection. View the full article
  14. Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports Unless the team managed to move “way up,” it sounds like Beane didn’t love the wide receiver class Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane’s Zoom press conference with the Buffalo media was just as informative as it was unconventional. While social distancing from one another, Beane discussed the Stefon Diggs trade in terms of the draft class. “I think it became ever present with what’s going on around us, that we don’t know what kind of offseason we’ll have,” said Beane in his answer about the move. “And I just felt like it was going to be really hard, unless I trade it up really high to find a guy that I know could walk in, day one. Let’s just say it’s August before we get back to things. You know, I just felt a proven commodity was worth this. The trade value of this move probably moved us up three to four slots from 22, might of got us to 18 or 19, not as high as I thought we had to get to get one of those premier guys that I knew would walk in the door, even August 1, and be ready to roll.” His comments legitimized a specific four-step logical sequence many fans and commentators have been championing since the move took place: The draft capital Beane used would have moved the Buffalo Bills from 22 to approximately 18. Stefon Diggs is a (damn good) known commodity. Beane would have been comfortable trading up four spots to guarantee he’d be getting a known commodity at wide receiver. In the 2020 draft Beane believes he would have had to trade “way up” up to get a wide receiver he felt could contribute the way he expects to see from Diggs. When viewed through this lens, Diggs can almost be considered a bargain taking into account what the Bills would have netted in the draft for a similar price (contract notwithstanding, of course). As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and keeps work being done differently than in all previous NFL seasons, the Diggs trade continues to seem prudent. The Bills brought in a bona fide young playmaker at receiver with no question marks about his ability to play at the NFL level, from terminology to technique. Beane made it clear that the same level of certainty and confidence would have been hard to come by had he selected a player in the back half of the 2020 draft. View the full article
  15. Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images The team has reportedly met with three more prospects Restrictions on NFL prospect visits due to the COVID-19 outbreak continue to force teams to find alternate ways of talking with their potential draft picks. For the Buffalo Bills, that has meant turning to FaceTime to conduct their necessary player interviews. It seems that the team has had a constant string of meetings for the past two weeks. Most recently, the team has reportedly conducted three new meetings with guard John Simpson (Clemson), linebacker Chris Orr (Wisconsin), and safety Jeremy Chinn (Southern Illinois). All three players are projected to be selected during the draft’s second or third day. In a class that lacks true first-round talent at the position, former Clemson guard John Simpson might be the best of the bunch. He brings a solid combination of power and ability to move in space that would allow him to be a fit for either zone or man-blocking schemes. Perhaps the only weakness in his game is some limited hip tightness that only reveals itself when Simpson is facing speed rushers along the inside. A potential plug-and-play prospect at guard. A former Wisconsin Badger, Chris Orr served as a versatile outside linebacker in Jim Leonard’s hybrid 3-4 scheme. Serving in that type of scheme, on any given play the senior was asked to rush the passer, drop into coverage, and serve as a quarterback spy. Additionally, Orr is a “process” guy through and through, as both a leader and due to his willingness to play special teams. Having said that, at 6’ 0” and 225 lbs he lacks the size most teams want in their ‘backers and doesn’t necessarily have the speed to compensate. He’ll likely be a late-round selection. An intriguing safety prospect, Jeremy Chinn has the immense athletic talent and size to pique the interest of most teams in the second or early part of day three of the draft. A physical player on the back end combined with 4.45 speed and a chiseled frame, Chinn has the versatility to play multiple safety positions, including as a ‘Big Nickel.’ Coming from a small school like Southern Illinois likely means that teams will need to be patient in teaching him the nuances of the position and the instincts necessary to start in the NFL. View the full article
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