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  1. LOL, you are a joke. You know you are wrong. Don't sign on another name and try to defend yourself, that is just pathetic. And if you are going to sign on as someone else, don't be an idiot one. What a tool you are. I have to take a break from this board, I just can't stop laughing at you right now.
  2. Ma'am, you said you told everyone, you didn't tell everyone.
  3. You said you started it, you didn't start it. "you must have a little dick" Holy shit, you are one pathetic woman.
  4. And if you go through that thread, most guys in the thread were against the move, so I am not sure how you told everyone.
  5. So, thank you Chicago Bills fan for telling everyone they are wrong and that Rob Ryan sucks.
  6. This link is from January, seems like that is before February. http://www.buffalorange.com/hard-core-buffalo-bills-talk/221002-rob-ryan-named-assistant-head-coach-defensive-coordinator.html?highlight=rob+ryan
  7. I will be honest, if this wasn't the only Bills board I could get on without being blocked at work, I would go elsewhere. I have never seen a message board with so much bullying than this one. If you don't have the opinion of someone, you get belittled and called names, like we are all eight years old here.
  8. Actually, I remember Victor7 was the one that said this was a stupid hire first. I also remember not too many people cared for the hiring, so not sure why "nobody wanted to listen".
  9. Holy cow, I was really hoping for another thread about guys that are no longer here. I know we don't get those threads when he has 1 catch for 17 yards, but definitely when he has a good game. Thank you.
  10. Why is Pegula and idiot an a loser? The guy has owned a football team for a few years and has made mistakes. You guys and your name throwing, give me a break. We all want this team to win, nobody wants to follow a team that has not made the playoffs in 17 years, but c'mon. Is getting shredded by local newspaper hacks going to make him try harder? Is it going to make him want to win more? Is he going to automatically walk out of the room in tears and fire Doug Whaley? It is what it is.
  11. Yep, I guess I am the idiot. I don't care what spoon fed info that some billionaire owner of a pro sports franchise reads off what a professional writer spins, telling me he is going to do what it takes to win, that everything will be OK. Yep, that is me, the idiot. I also believe everything the media tells me, I believe everything the the athletes say, heck I even believe everything Doug Whaley said yesterday. Me, the gullible idiot.
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