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  1. Ian Eagle will be calling the game. He’s always bad luck for the Bills. Typically Bills get upset or barely win when he’s on the call. But more importantly Diana Russini is gonna be in Buffalo and at the game. Whenever she is in Buffalo (faking she loves Bills mafia) they always lose.
  2. Curious to what you guys think? I think the candidates are: Sat 4:30 will be Cincinnati almost 100% Sat 8:30 although unlikely. Think that’s Rams Sunday at 1 I think will be Bills or Chiefs Sunday at 4:25 I would think would be Dallas or Tampa Sunday night could be Tampa or Dallas Monday night will be Bills IF they play Pats 100%…. If not maybe the Rams and Bills get Sun at 1? Thoughts??(
  3. I think Sanders is OUT period. If ya know what I mean… Many reports say he and Allen don’t get along.
  4. They are completely healthy. Whole offense and most of the defense. This hasn’t been the case most of the season.
  5. Wilson almost beat the Bucs. Bills defense was in trouble if Pitts doesn’t get hurt.
  6. So they have their whole offense healthy for first time all year. It seems very strange suddenly all of the players wanna play this week. Typically they are shut down with nagging injuries this time of year. Gonna be a tough one. Shootout. Luckily the jets defense is atrocious. On a side note Bengals are benching Burrow Mixon and Chase. Basically handing the Browns a win.
  7. Agree 100% we would be deadly with this dude. Singletary scares nobody.
  8. Lol and you know there’s no chance this game gets moved
  9. Such a fun way to start the holiday from the NFL letting you know you have basically eliminated from playoffs due to the democrats best friend… Covid.
  10. This season is trash. Too many Covid cases due to the dems hoax of a virus. I for one don’t need to see the bills smashed again. I’ll pass. Season is over anyways.
  11. Lamar Jackson over Josh Allen is one of the biggest pro bowl jokes of all time.
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