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  1. I would take the Dolphins +3.5 I can tell ya that!
  2. Or it’s gets hidden cause fans won’t admit the truth. Hard to come to terms with season being done after week 1
  3. I’d bet a lot on Miami. Just sold my bills winning SB ticket to a guy for $30. He would win $600 if they do win SB.
  4. This team isn’t great. No chance at SB. I mean even convincing me playoffs is gonna be hard. Truth is; 1. Wasted draft picks. Rosseau is a project. Maybe he works out. Maybe. Our second round pick the last two years has been DE. One was inactive and other I didn’t know if he played cause he didn’t make a difference. 2. RB. How we did not trade up for Harris is still mind boggling. 4 teams in a row have now shown the league. Stack secondary cause they can’t run. What’s crazy is even with a defense playing that package they know Singletary can’t beat them! Yet we have 3 DEs who were drafted instead and none make a difference or even close to it. 3. O-line has regressed terribly. Needs a massive make over this off season to add to list of other major needs. Anytime we face a decent front four/pass rush… we are screwed. 4. CB. Huge problem since we have 1 capable NFL starter in White and personally I think he’s overrated. This might be the first round pick next year. It’s that bad. Bills better be checking free agent market for corners cause what we have now ain’t gonna cut it. 5. Josh Allen. Hasn’t looked good since week 17 vs Miami. Let’s be honest. Last year IMO was his ceiling. I mean with that crazy contract we are stuck with him but man he is terrible in big games. Overthrowing is a massive problem. If he hits Sanders which most nfl qbs would have… bills prob win that game. 6. Sorry guys but this team is flawed and better to accept a long season now then watching with false hope. They will lose to Miami 100% this weekend. Hope I’m wrong.
  5. Worst Bills draft I can remember in many years.
  6. Could have Bills made a worse pick? They absolutely needed to trade up to get one of those RBs or DBs and they whiffed big time. Meanwhile AFC East is 10x better now.
  7. Disaster of a pick. AFC East got sooo much better and we draft a project
  8. I think they trade Singletary during the draft to move up. Or just flat out trade him for picks. First two rounds is 100% RB and CB. You can’t pass on either running back IF they are there at 30. Then trade up in second and grab a good corner to play opposite White. Include Singletary in deal and Moss Brieda are back ups.
  9. The problem with everyone saying “the draft”.... everyone else gets better there too.
  10. I get we resigned some guys. Really average guys. We signed an OLD WR. A garage punter. No upgrades anywhere accept backup QB who I think is pretty close to Barkley. Most importantly I think we lost the best three RFAs. Robert’s McKenzie and Bojo. There’s a reason we lost them. They will cost most. Unless Beane makes Ertz trade, gets Hunt, or signs a really good corner.... this team is not better then last year. Not even close.
  11. Is it crazy to say I’m not impressed? Other then the Raven LB what am I looking at other then them fking their cap???
  12. Assuming they don’t get Kareem Hunt it’s gotta be one of those stud RBs and a corner in the second. Guard in the 3rd. if they do get Kareem Hunt, it’s CB, Edge, G
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