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  1. Bills have so many holes they really can’t screw up the 30th pick. RB DT G LB CB C Edge LOL... this is why I roll my eyes when people say future is bright. Is it?????
  2. I know most bills fans are Allen fan boys but it is what it is. Losing Brown and having no cap space is gonna set us back. This was the year. Next year everyone will play us as KC did and Allen reverts back to 2018 form. Beane will be questioned. This was the year.
  3. Totally agree about debatable QB. Allen was pretty bad in playoffs. Colts was his best game. Ravens shut him down and chiefs made look like 2018 scared Josh Allen. I’m not sold on Allen. And I think Bills at best 9-7 next year.
  4. That presser didn’t leave me too optimistic. We have no money. No big free agent signings. Milano, he all but said is leaving. We have lots of holes. AFC East all has a ton of money. Not to mention we will have new holes to fill. The idea that Dane Jackson is being considered a corner 2 is frightening. I think he’s OK but not a starter. So unless he gets a massive discount we are in trouble. Sounded more like a we had a good run.... then we are gonna be better next year. That is just my first thoughts after hearing Beane.
  5. Killed momentum we had when he dropped the screen pass. That play was when it went down hill fast. He’s been brutal and needs to be the backup maybe the 3rd stringer. Moss is better but I don’t think he’s a 1A.
  6. He can’t be out the door fast enough. Other then Balt he had a horrible year as DC. Vs bad offensive teams he was decent.
  7. So I assume the loser of the AFC championship also loses the head coaching job to Houston.
  8. Stills should be activated for this game. 3 weeks now on PS he has to know offense by now.
  9. Take a read. Sounds like the players aren’t in love with Tua. If he does come back and he sucks Flores could lose this team. Maybe he already has. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/armando-salguero/article248464745.html
  10. Thoughts? Better then anyone we have against Ravens defense IMO
  11. Running Back. Moss can be a decent number 2 maybe pass blocker. But they need a consistent threat. Bills RBs aren’t good. Pass Rusher/Edge. This is what holds this defense back. Nobody can get a consistent pass rush. This is all assuming Star is back next year at DT. The defense misses him. Very underrated.
  12. Beasley is out. This is really bad news about the other two WRs. This game is gonna be very difficult.
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