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  1. Gotta make the playoffs and 10 wins might not be a lock this year
  2. Bills are not even making playoffs at this point. They are half a game out of 9th!
  3. This Bills team is not wining division. Miami will be up 2-3 games by week 17. Bills will miss playoffs. They are very similar to Bears last year.
  4. I’m fairly confident season is over. You think we feel like shit this Monday morning wait till next week when Pats Browns and Miami win.
  5. Worst loss in the last 5 years. Killed our chances of winning division and likely playoffs. Had to win that game.
  6. There’s no way the Bills are coming out of this next stretch better then 3-3. Dolphins will go 4-2. The other issue is Ravens Raiders and Browns have cake walk schedules and will also win 10-11 games. Bills only shot at playoffs is to win division and hope for Miami let down. Also Pats are quietly making a surge. Only games Bills might win are SD, Den, SF and none are a lock. They aren’t beating NE, PITT, and Miami seems like better team at moment. The loss yesterday was crushing. Absolutely crushing.
  7. SO many needs. I’d say RB/CB/LB/DE/TE all possibilities. Maybe punter late.
  8. I know its one game and I'm not an Allen hater but 3 weeks into season Id rather have both Jackson and Jones. The thing with Allen is he just never passes eye test. When I watched Jones in preseason he looked like he was already on his way! Allen seems to kinda just barely get away and make a hold ur breath throw. So Im curious who you guys would take Allen Jones or Jackson? Again Im not bashing Allen just don't love him. Also that whole QB class from 2018 other then Jackson (early I know) looks to be very very average. Allen looks like a Jay Cutler at best. Darnold reminds me of Stafford. Mayfield looks lost lost this season. Rosen...... maybe a career backup???
  9. Welp when games are on the line and you need a 49 yard clutch FG lets talk to jets front office after game. And.... did you watch our special teams last year? Cost us at least 2 games. I love Roberts signing and Myers leaving AFC is good for us. Stud kicker.
  10. I have to unfollow, he has to be trolling ay this point its so outrageous! Look at his Bell tweets!!!
  11. Does anyone see this dudes tweets and articles? He's a Jets beat reporter. Ive never seen a bigger homer cover a team in my life. Like this dude must be paid by Jets or something. Anything and everything Jets do he loves. It's sickening. He also loves sh!!tting on the Bills. Now he's claiming the special team guys the Jets let walk weren't truly talented etc. If they resigned with Jets there would have been an article saying how great it was having them back. Look I don't love all Bills beat reporters but at least they aren't all sunshine and rainbows like this jackass. The Jets could sign Tyrod Taylor and he would spin it like they signed Joe Montana.
  12. Look I don't think Allen is perfect by any means. In fact Im not 100% sold But... Im taking Allen any day of the week over Tyrod and Bortles. Its not close. Will Allen be a franchise guy? Not sure. But I feel better about the QB situation then I have in long time. I get not everyone loves Allen but Geoffs just a douche from his comments to looking at his picture.
  13. All season Ive seen this A$$hole kill the Bills and Allen. He looks like some football dad who hates the coach for not playing his kid. Im assaying he's just trying to get attention by trolling but today he's saying Tyrod is better the Allen and is the better QB. Not sure where Bills Allen hate comes from. Did he play for an AFC east team? Dont remember a thing about him to be honest. Just a scumbag.
  14. Nah Darnold is a way better passer. Even though I agree jets had short fields that throw to Anderson is what i wanted to see from Allen. Not many guys can make that throw. Darnold his way ahead in passing game. I hate jets but being honest. I always judge QBS on last minute drives wether tied or leading. Thats where it counts. Darnold did what Allen couldn't. Also Tre White had a miserable game yesterday.
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