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  1. Usually I'm critical of Allen, but the only reason this game was close was because of him. Am I the only one that think that the throw to Knox in the corner was a good throw where it was supposed to be? I think Knox wasn't where he was supposed to be. Knox shouldn't have been 3 yards deep in the end zone, that was clearly a deep corner route. It's possible Josh threw it before Knox was able to get there, but that can be blamed on being pressured. Our demise was primarily due to gutless coaching. Failure to make adjustments, and predictable playcalling was the kiss of death; Against Bill Belichik no less pfft. The lack of blitzing and not wrapping up on tackles was disgusting. This game was as unimportant as it was important, we should have just gambled and saw what happened. Why not zerg Brady and at least send him to the playoffs with a few bruises? Even if we go 11-5, it's gonna do more harm to this team securing this coaching staff's jobs. They are the what is going to keep a good Buffalo Team from being Great.
  2. To be fair, they have benefited from playing a creampuff schedule. Don't get me wrong, we should have beat them but we are a team that doesn't exactly light up the scoreboard and wouldn't put up big passing numbers anyway. They have a few games against teams that can expose them or validate them. Hopefully they come down to earth soon, I'm tired of the network sycophants fellating them non-stop
  3. He has been about 3ish rows off hitting open receivers this year too. Needs to work on his deep passing accuracy. I've been happy with his play, but he has left about 40 points on the field with over or underthrown deep passes
  4. Playoffs or not, it would be nice to see Buffalo close the season with double digit wins. 10-6 baby!
  5. It would be unwise to look past Oakland, they have been playing tough the last couple of weeks. It would definately suck if we were shocked by the Raiders.
  6. It's a shame that this defense is so good. If we had an NFL caliber offense, we could be the next 2007 NY Giants. If they could get their crap together, I definately would be a Billiever.
  7. Not sure why they didn't use Rogers Center in Toronto. At least there is a contingent of Bills fans there. The point is pretty much moot though, if the Bills can't beat the Jets on any field we don't deserve playoff aspirations.
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