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  1. I don't mind Daboll as much as most people. He isn't afraid to throw the ball and I don't want Allen and the rest of the offense to have to learn a new system.
  2. Is Phillips the only one we've lost during the season? Very impressive. I noticed but didn't want to say anything.
  3. The Bills have had a boat load of solid #1 cb's......Nate Odams, Winfield, Clements, Gilmore......White is playing as well as any of them right now.
  4. Beane needs to start contract negotiations as soon as possible. The other pro bowl cb's all are up for new contracts soon and I would rather set the market value than try to match the crazy #'s someone is going to give out. Marcus Peters is up for a new contract this year and White, Ramsey, Lattimore, Humphrey and Slay are all up next year.
  5. I hope Ford's "decent" play doesn't lead Beane to ignore addressing starting RT this offseason.
  6. I hate it too but it's better than the "Bills haven't beaten anyone good this year" we had been hearing for most of the season.
  7. Give him a break Angry Byrds.....Lit's boyfriend is an NFL scout not an NHL scout.
  8. Wow. Impressive jump. 9.5 sacks on the year. Has there ever been a bigger man get 10 sacks in a season? I can't think of one?
  9. Balls: Edmonds, White, Smoke, Jordan Phillips, Shaq Lawson Goats: Hughes.....you got paid but you are being outplayed by Lawson. Dion Dawkins....a couple big, dumb penalties. Can't keep digging a hole for the offense. Taron Johnson....he gets beat too much. Fix yourself.
  10. Josh's major accuracy issues are due to him being too up tight and overanxious. This is especially obvious on his deep balls and the darts he tends to throw too high. If he would calm down a bit and maybe take a little off those passes a lot of his accuracy issues would be fixed.
  11. There is no denying that he has talent but for every highlight catch he has there is one where he drops an easy one. Sure, they are rookie mistakes but every catch is huge for a team fighting for a playoff spot. He should develop into a solid player but until then we have to suffer through as he learns the position.
  12. The Bills drafted a TE, Knox. It looks like it wasn't a mistake that he was underused in the passing game in college and had zero TD's at Old Miss. Yesterday he dropped an incredibly important 3rd down pass that would have given the Bills a 1st down right around the 20. He's dropped a number of important passes this year that were right in his hands. Unfortunately there aren't any other TE's on the roster who can challenge him for playing time.
  13. If both the Browns and Bills are 10-6 won't the Browns get the spot since they beat us.
  14. It's not only about improving our image around the NFL. This game also was about the Bills proving themselves to us, their fans. Now they have to continue to perform at a high level.
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