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  1. Yeldon is a good fit for this offense. He'll be fine.
  2. No. He helped the Bills out last year reworking his deal with the agreement that he would get a year's guaranteed salary and $2.5 million in the year after. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/star-lotulelei-12294/
  3. Tua is just a rookie but I was not impressed at all with his play. He has a lot of talent but I just don't see the attacking, down field, gun slinger mentality that you want in your qb. I'd love to see Miami get stuck with a game manager for the next 8 years.
  4. I had my doubts when we drafted him but his clutch game winning, diving td catch to beat Miami in game 2 got him started and he hasnt slowed down since. You don't see rookies this clutch very often. I worry how he handles himself when he is asked to step up as #2 wr but there is no question he has earned a shot.
  5. Without a 1st round pick or play makers Watson was one of the only things that made the Texans job appealing. They better get their shit in order.
  6. Too bad to see Moss' season end like this but Yeldon should be able to step in without the Bills missing a beat.
  7. Glad we are the Saturday game. I don't want to be looking forward to the next round opponent until we win this round.
  8. The Bills reworked Star's contract in February, guaranteeing his contract for the year but saving us a little towards the cap. It looked like a good idea when we did it but then Covid hit and he opted to not play, sliding is guaranteed year to 2021.
  9. I've been watching Leslie Frazier's interviews regularly this year and I honestly think he would be a great head coach if given the chance again. From the interviews I like him more than Daboll, but Daboll is the hot name around the league right now and the NFL is an offensive league.
  10. It sucks seeing all the good rb's that we were looking at in the draft doing so well on other teams like KC, the Colts, the Rams and Washington. I'm not overly concerned about the rb position in our offense though. We have prioties and a top notch rb wouldnt be used enough in our offense, unless a new offensive coordinator screws with things, which he better not do.
  11. The days of fixing our problems through free agency are gone. With Allen's contract around the corner the Bills have to fill holes through the draft.
  12. Definitely the Tennessee Titans game. That Bills team was good. The last two Bills playoff teams werent going anywhere.
  13. The Dolphins have to be kicking themselves for selecting Tua over Herbert. I hate the Dolphins. Today felt great.
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