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  1. They are suggesting Warford is looking for something in the neighborhood of $7 mil. That seems cheap for a young, pro bowl lineman.
  2. That's an impressive top 10. Who is better in your mind White or Jamal Adams? They are both stars but in my view lock down #1 cb is more important than safety.
  3. I'm sorry that people have to be inconvenienced and asked to wear a mask but it is a slap in the face to the workers that have to deal with customers all day and worry about going home to their families. Too many businesses bend over backwards to please their customers and not ruffle feathers. Their employees health should be the priority.
  4. These guys look like football players. There might not be any stars in any of our draft picks but they are going to bring attitude to the team. We'll see how that works in a league that moving towards speed over toughness.
  5. If Moss plays at the same level as our previous 3rd round pick Singletary the rb unit should be set for a while. I was hoping for a rb in the 2nd but I am happy Moss fell to us in the 3rd.
  6. Hopefully he had the gun to just goof around and practice shoot while four-wheeling rather than feeling he needs it for protection.
  7. Not allowing Vanek to get claimed by Edmonton was a huge mistake. He was a good player but Edmonton's 4 first round picks would have set the Sabres up for a long time.
  8. I'm rooting for Joseph to have a role on this team and eventually challenge for a starting spot in a year or two. Hopefully he's taken advantage of his year off, can contribute on special teams and becomes a valuable player on a cheap, rookie contract.
  9. He didn't seem like a leader. He definitely wasn't going to put the team on his shoulders to win a big game and his deep ball was embarrassing. He would throw the sideline routes 5 yards out of bounds. You could see where he was going with the ball and he'd loft it up there whether the wr was double covered or not. There were moments that I thought we could win with Josh, Tyrod and Fitz. Edwards had a few games where I was a believer. I never saw anything from EJ or JP, preseason or regular season.
  10. I like this shade of blue but I liked the simpler helmet better.
  11. Drinking, drugs, isolating himself, not rehabbing his injuries, associating with gang members, psychological issues....not the type of player to build a team around.
  12. Ty is a solid swing tackle but it all comes down to whether or not he can stay healthy.
  13. Its more interesting to look at his comparison for draft picks from our past 2 drafts, which are linked in the article.
  14. Epenesa comparisons are a disappointment. I have my fingers crossed for a solid but not flashy, long term player for the Bills.
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