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  1. Which is interesting since we don't have the classic red zone target. Our wr's should specialize in the open field.
  2. I certainly didn't see an interception from the camera views we got. The only explanation i could imagine is if there is a camera which showed Kroft losing possession as he was falling to the turf and the Rams db grabbing it as he hit the ground. I'm looking forward to an explanation.
  3. Josh is far from a finished product but he has progressed this year much more than I expected. Yes, he still misses wr's and has plays he wants to take back but it seems like he is a hard worker and that he wants to improve. I expect he goes into the film room and is just as tough on himself as we are.
  4. This is what I'm starting to think. He's a really good player but Beane is going to have to make some tough decisions over the next few years. Someone will be the odd man out and it might have to be Milano.
  5. Josh Allen has been throwing with a lot more touch this year. He's had some much better loft on his passes and it seems like he is much more patient and reading the field better. We'll see if this continues against the top defenses but he's looked much more comfortable in the pocket. Not every pass has to be a dart, especially when the wr has some seperation.
  6. The defense certainly missed Edmonds and Milano but Dodson made some nice plays as their replacement.
  7. The Bills certainly aren't a finished product and left a lot of points on the field but they dominated the Jets, have made improvements in key areas and look like a playoff threat. This is the best Bills team we have seen in a while.
  8. Ball: o-line pass protection Goat: o-line run blocking
  9. With established players like Murphy, Hughes and Addison snaps at DE are going to be tough to come by. Eventually I am hoping Epenesa leap frogs Johnson at DE and maybe gets some snaps at DT on passing downs but I don't expect much of an impact this year.
  10. Darnold certainly looked like dog shit today. I thought Darnold was progressing faster than Allen. Today wasn't even close.
  11. Im really looking forward to seeing how they use Singletary and Moss. Singletary might not be a star but he and Moss are an exciting pair of young rb's and the Bills are set with them for a long time.
  12. I still have trouble believing Moss is listed as only 222 pounds.
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