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  1. Without pro days and limited travel this has to be a really difficult year to scout players. Beane is going to have to do his homework but I think he has a good eye for talent and a really good staff.
  2. Where are the sweet spots in this draft? It seems like there is a little drop off in talent the late teens. After that there is good talent from picks 20 to the early 2nd round. The Bills pick is right outside that section but someone they like will end up falling in their lap at 54. Agree?
  3. With some many directions they could go (rb, de, ot, wr....) and no drastic needs someone good at one of those positions will fall.
  4. No thanks. I would hate giving up next year's 1st, and I think Beane would too.
  5. Beane ordinarily loves to target players and move up to get them but I just don't see this as the year for it. Sit back and watch a quality rb, de, wr or ot fall to us in the 2nd. Hopefully they like a rb in the 3rd.
  6. Good. If he plays well and wins the starting job he gets paid like a starter. If he's a back up he gets paid like a back up.
  7. The same people that now want to loosen up the restrictions were the ones who were calling it fake news and fighting the restrictions in the first place. Maybe if they weren't so resistant a few weeks ago things wouldn't be at the stage they are now and we would have better control of this situation. Open as soon as possible but you can't throw dates like May 1 out there until we have a better idea what life will be like at that point. Listen to the experts.
  8. It would have been pretty close to 50:50 wasn't injured so much.....didnt Ford take a few snaps at guard too? Hopefully Ty's injuries were because he hurried back to quickly. He's had plenty of time to heal this off season. If he isn't pretty damn close to 100% he has not business being in the running for a starting spot or maybe even a roster spot.
  9. Sounds to me like the starting 5 from last year is coming back, which includes Ford, but Williams, Ty or a draft pick could bump one of the starters out of their spot.
  10. Is Edwards-Helaire too much of a duplicate of what we have in Singletary? He's undersized (5’7” and 205 lbs) and doesn't have break away speed (4.6 forty).
  11. I'd be very happy with a pass rusher but it seems like the good ones will be long gone by the time we pick. I can't imagine a rookie 2nd round pick will get many snaps ahead of Hughes and Addison. RB, on the other hand, you can get a real playmaker who will be a huge piece to this offense. That is just my opinion right now based on positions and the roster depth, not knowing much about the prospects at this point.
  12. It seems like the top rb's will be picked late 1st and early 2nd....just out of our reach. I don't want to give up our 3rd so how many spots will our 4th and 6th slide us up? Probably not more than 5 or 6 spots, right?
  13. You are right that we just don't know what Beane is thinking but even though he says they fill holes in fa so they can take the best player available looking back at his previous drafts he ended up drafting an area of need early every time the past few drafts. Not once has he gone with a position out of left field. Last year our biggest need was 3 technique DT. Oliver, while probably best player available, he perfectly fit our need. The next 3 picks were our 3 next biggest needs....RT, RB, TE. The previous year we needed a QB and MLB and they got them. I see RB as the obvious biggest need and unless they bring a fa in I fully expect one in the 2nd or 3rd. The Other high pick I expect to be a pass rusher, WR or OLB.
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