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  1. Im really looking forward to seeing how they use Singletary and Moss. Singletary might not be a star but he and Moss are an exciting pair of young rb's and the Bills are set with them for a long time.
  2. I still have trouble believing Moss is listed as only 222 pounds.
  3. Im surprised how close the stat for McCoy and Jackson are. McCoy had a really shitty year his last one in Buffalo.
  4. I don't see Moss getting enough carries to be in the conversation of OROY. McDermott and Beane believe in keeping his rb's fresh and splitting the carries pretty evenly. They did it successfully in Carolina with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart and they'll do the same here.
  5. I don't blame McDermott for overpaying for Star. Buffalo wasnt attractive to free agents at the time as far as roster, coaching staff or the city. They couldn't be picky with their free agents and needed to set the tone by building a locker room with players who fit the "process" even if they had to overpay.
  6. I was so disappointed by this game. The Eagles ran all day against our defense and Allen had one if his worst games of the year.
  7. I'm fine with Star being part of a rotation at DT but he is never going to produce up to his price tag. Im happy he'll be gone after this year.
  8. If forced to choose I'd vote for Fitz. Allen certainly has the potential but Fitz was our best qb of the decade.
  9. I was excited about Epenesa when we drafted him because of he was projected as a 1st round pick but the more I read the more I see him as a role player who's lack of athletic ability will keep him average at best. I hope I'm wrong but Defensive Rookie of the Year is a huge accomplishment and to even be in the discussion is impressive. I don't Epenesa in the running. Kiko had one of the best rookie years I have ever seen and he couldn't win it. Byrd had 9 Int's and couldn't win it.
  10. I actually agree with these qb ratings. They all have a ton to prove but Allen's flaws are huge and until he shows he can fix them he is still an average at best qb. His work ethic leaves me optimistic that he will take the next step but until he does I rank him 3rd in the AFC East.
  11. They are suggesting Warford is looking for something in the neighborhood of $7 mil. That seems cheap for a young, pro bowl lineman.
  12. That's an impressive top 10. Who is better in your mind White or Jamal Adams? They are both stars but in my view lock down #1 cb is more important than safety.
  13. I'm sorry that people have to be inconvenienced and asked to wear a mask but it is a slap in the face to the workers that have to deal with customers all day and worry about going home to their families. Too many businesses bend over backwards to please their customers and not ruffle feathers. Their employees health should be the priority.
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