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  1. Duke out again in favor of Foster. I have no problem with this if they are going to make an effort to use Foster's speed but 1 deep ball a game isn't going to be worth it.
  2. I think they'll back into the playoffs, going 4-4 down the stretch.
  3. Good teams win games like this. I'm not convinced the Bills are a good team yet. They play good football from time to time but for an entire game I wouldn't call them a good team. I could see this game going either way. The Browns have a lot of talent.
  4. I'd be fine with bringing him in for camp next year as veteran depth but that injury is a major concern this late in the year. It'll take time to shake off the rust.
  5. Tre White is going to shadow Odell Sunday. If given the choice between forcing the ball to Odell with White covering him or looking for Landry covered by Levi Wallace I'd be going to Landry.
  6. The Bills aren't good enough to look past an underperforming Browns team. The Browns are loaded with talent, they are at home, they are embarrassed, and their running game is a mismatch against our defense. There are no easy games for Buffalo.
  7. Short yardage run game and first half run defense were my 2 biggest issues.
  8. John Brown ordinarily has great hands but he dropped a perfect pass after Allen escaped the pass rush. He was also interfered with on a very catchable ball down field.
  9. No. The point is to win the game you are playing this week. The Bills are one game closer to the playoffs. A turnover could have turned this game around. Why risk it? An injury to Allen could turn the entire season around. Why risk his health behind our o-line when you have control of a game?
  10. Is the point of football to score more than your opponent or pass for the most yards? We won the game and they were in control the entire time.
  11. When you are leading a game, playing against a rookie qb and you feel confident that the other team can't score a td against your defense the last thing you should do is start heaving the ball down field and risking a game changing turn over.
  12. The Bills don't have to apologise to anyone for being 6-2. They have outscored their opponents 6 times. It hasn't been pretty but they've made the plays when they have had to. They aren't Super Bowl contenders but if they continue to play this way they should make the playoffs, something I wasn't expecting at the beginning of the year.
  13. I don't know if picking up Gordon would have been the answer but it would have been nice to see Beane make a move to acknowledge that the he knows that the offense is unacceptable.
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