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  1. Better goaltending and some goal scoring. What a difference a new coach makes.
  2. Diggs, Beasley, Sanders, Davis, Mckenzie, Kemerow, Hodgins, Duke.......deep position. Next year Beane will have to add a few wr's but I don't expect to see one drafted in the first 3 rounds.
  3. I'd love to add some speed to the wr's but they are going to have trouble getting on the field. With Diggs, Beasley, Sanders, Davis and McKenzie wr is the deepest position on the team.
  4. So how should Beane build this team? Try to build the defense to hopefully slow down the other team's offense or add another playmaker on offense and try to outscore them? All of the top young qb's are in the AFC (Mahones, Watson, Jackson, Mayfield, Herburt, Burrow......and now Lawrence and Wilson). We have our guy in Allen. Traditionally McDermott and Beane have tended to lean defense but everything changes when you find a franchise qb.
  5. The 6-foot-5, 257-pound Oweh wowed scouts at Penn State’s March 25 Pro Day, running the 40-yard dash in 4.36 seconds. He uncorked a 39.5-inch vertical, broad-jumped 11-2 and ran the NFL Shuttle in 4.21 seconds. I can see where all the hype is coming from but drafting a pass rusher who didn't have any sacks last year is too risky for me. Maybe Beane has seem things on tape that lead him to explain this lack of production but I don't think I could do it at 30.
  6. Owen scares the hell out of me. He is way too raw and inexperienced to risk a 1st round pick on him in my mind.
  7. If Beane is considering using our 3rd to move up I would prefer to use it to trade way up in the 2nd rather than to only move up a few spots in the 1st.
  8. Obviously CB and DE are the favorites. RB could take the offense to another level. I'd be surprised by any other position.
  9. Of all the players reasonably in the discussion at 30 this is the guy I want, assuming he checks out medically. I don't want a #2 cb. I want 1A and 1B.
  10. I find it amazing when guys like this walk away from the best pay check that they will ever see.
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