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  1. McKenzie had a really nice block, leading Singletary to one of his TD's.
  2. Both Gabriel Davis and Beasley are unvaccinated. People hate on Beasley but not Davis.....if Beasley would just keep his big mouth shut he wouldn't be getting all of this hate.
  3. Phillips has been playing really well. His ACL tear really set him back, and he also had a PCL tear in the preseason, that he's been playing through.
  4. Lamar making the pro bowl only makes his contract negotiations more difficult. Same with Herbert and eventually Burrow. I hope they enjoy it, and when teams approach them about a new contract I hope they take as much of their team's cap as possible.
  5. One thing I wish the Bills would do is practice drawing pass interference penalties. For as much as they throw the ball they should get more.
  6. Daboll's history with Tua makes some sense for him going to Miami but he would have to change his pass happy play call offense if he was to go there.
  7. So what type of rb do you want, or rather what type would Beane want for this offense? Singletary is on the smaller side but he has been running tough lately and had some success with that. His lack of high end speed will always keep him from being a real threat. Ideally I want a fast rb who us dangerous as a pass catcher. I also want a quick wr who can take over the role of McKenzie, but with a little more playmaking ability. This offense would be much more dangerous with some additional speed.
  8. The pass interference/lack of pass interference calls cost Buffalo the Tampa game. Early in the Jacksonville game there was a personal foul on White that extended a drive and resulted in points. Any other big, game changing penalties?
  9. I just don't get where you think Allen has no help. They have the NFL's #3 scoring offense. Obviously Diggs is his #1 weapon but there are a number of players to support him and make this a dangerous offense that teams are afraid to face. Knox (49 catches, 9 td's) took a huge step forward this season. He'll be getting a big contract soon. You never know who is going to step up at wr. Beasley (82 catches) , Sanders (45) and Davis (35, 6). McKenzie has had his moments when called upon. Singletary is not a star but his 4.6 yards per carry is 12th for rb's.
  10. While I prefer having Gabe Davis in there the healthier the team the better.
  11. I like that the Sabres aren’t putting all their young goalie hopes on one guy. Between UPL, Levi and Portillo one of them has to pan out.
  12. The draft's top wr, Alabama’s Jameson Williams, tore his ACL Monday in the National Championship Game. This has to affect his draft stock. Next season will be basically a recovery year but year 2 he should have his full speed back. Should the Bills pull a Willis McGahee and draft an injured player once again?
  13. According to Sal: I've been told there is no agreement in place between Shaq Lawson and the Bills at this time. Credit to @KevinMassare and @TrainwreckSprts if Lawson does indeed sign with the Bills eventually. So this is not about them. Just doing my own diligence to let you know.
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