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  1. Wallace can fill the CB role but there is definitely room for improvement. I'm glad Beane isn't settling for what we have.
  2. I noticed Klein making more plays than Edmonds when he was filling in. I've been an Edmonds supporter but at this point I can’t see them paying him what he’ll be asking for when he becomes a fa.
  3. Just curious…….the Bills stopped Miami 3 times on 4th down yesterday, clearly turning the tide of the game. How many of those 3 4th down calls were correct for them?
  4. McDermott would have gone for it there……but Daboll would have called a slow developing lateral that would would have been blown up 5 yards in the backfield.
  5. In the past Miami has played a lot of man defense and Josh has carved them up. Josh seems to have issues with teams playing zone and giving him short dump offs while cutting off the big play. If Miami wants to play man again I don’t care about the run….this isn’t a run team and if we can beat them through the air I don’t care if they pass every down.
  6. I thought that too. That was no the play for him to try and loft it in there. Gun it Josh.
  7. Amazing throws but Allen has had his amazing ones that match those…..the Diggs TD against the Cardinals and some of the Gabe Davis sideline passes while scrambling are just a few. It was only a year ago people were claiming that you can’t improve accuracy to me. Josh proved them wrong.
  8. Phillips had a reputation for having a bad attitude. I'm not going to blame Beane for not wanting to give a big contract to him since Beane obviously knows how he is in the locker room than you or I. The same is true for Shaq. He had a few good games in Miami and people were about how we should have signed him to a big deal. Now he has been traded twice. Fans will never know the entire story.
  9. Injuries crushed his career so far. Certainly worth a shot on the tactics squad.
  10. Stevenson goes on IR. He made some plays in the preseason but I thought they were keeping him because McKenzie is hurt and they needed a return man. Hopefully McKenzie heels up before opening day.
  11. He would be better off waiting for a starter to get injured rather than sit behind someone all year and likely never getting a snap,
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