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  1. Honestly Im down for anything. How do we make it happen for us to all get together?
  2. The sports lounge is open at the casino. Who is down to have a Buffalo Range watch party?
  3. Whatever. Don’t come to the hotel party, cranky pants. I’ll be drinking champagne and banging Bills fan slave bitches all week the while you are stuck at home waiting to watch it on your TV. Look out for me on the screen, I’ll be the guy wearing a Bills Zubaz hazmat suit.
  4. You wouldn’t like to spend a week taking over a hotel with fellow Bills fans, all tested and safe getting pumped up for the game? They should offer it as a vacation package!
  5. The Jags have the 3rd worst rushing defense in the NFL and the worst total defense.
  6. Any chance you looked at his pass protection at all? I wasn’t paying attention to that.
  7. I hopped onto Craigslist to see if there were possibly playoff tickets and found this gem: https://buffalo.craigslist.org/wan/d/buffalo-non-vital-organs-for-trade-in/7254643103.html
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