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  1. Yup. No shot in hell he misses the game. None. I have a better shot of winning the lottery and ass banging Dua Lipa and ScarJo on the same day than Mahomes has at not playing. Don't trouble yourselves with this guys. He's gonna play and I'm sure McD and the guys know it. They are preparing for him and just him.
  2. Oh wow predicting the best team in the league will win ! Such boldness ! What a gambler !
  3. Same here. I thought kneel jackass !! Then when Tre crossed in front of him I thought they might trip. They came eerily close. Then the obvious, quick look for the dreaded penalty flag. All while jumping like a madman screaming at the TV !! Haven't jumped like that since the Bengals TD in 2017
  4. No you don't. It'll be Mahomes. If anyone knows a casino or neighbor or friend who will take a bet on PM not playing by all means go ahead and bet all your worth. He's gonna play. Unless he's basically falling on his ass trying to field a snap he's gonna be out there.
  5. I think GB looks better right now. Not trying to diminish the Chiefs at all but Rodgers is on a mission. The Bucs have fucking Brady owning everyone yet again. All 3 of them present a massive challenge.
  6. Yup. We gonna need at the very least 24-25 points if our D plays like they did vs the Ravens (No matter how good we play you can't hold KC under 20). And over 30+ if they do a Colts redux.
  7. Micah Hyde nearly knocking Johnson out of the game with a concussion there with the hit. My favorite angle is the one from the back. You can see all the Bills players elated and the Ravens just death inside.
  8. Maybe its the timing aspect ? If somehow the Bills pull up the upset they don't get Daboll for at least another 3 weeks. Either way its good for us he's not leaving. I hate when they hire coaches that are still in play. I can't imagine them being 100% focused on their current jobs knowing they are going elsewhere in a few days. And I have zero idea as to why but I think Daboll would be a bad coach. He just strikes me as the classic fantastic coordinator bad coach type.
  9. No better fans than us. Can you begin to imagine what the pick six would've been with a packed house ? I'm thinking earthquake all across the northeast of the US and Canada.
  10. Haven't the Chiefs lost like 2 games over the last 2 years ?? .... Yeah of course we are not favored and look like done. But hey, the Browns nearly took'em. In fact had they not been stupid enough to allow 59 year old Chad Henne to run for 14 yards I think they would've done it. We are already here. Go out swinging. If you wanna be the best you gotta beat the best. If our D can play half as good as they did vs Lamar we might have a shot. Ironically its our offense that needs to wake up now. Chiefs D is not as good as the Ravens' so that could help us. I really do think we have a shot at them.
  11. Brees. Never, ever, not even if he’s playing satan will I root for that fucking POS Brady.
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