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  1. Agreed. The Siran Neal injury was huge too. At that point they should've stopped kicking short and just let it fly through the end zone. Don't go at it without your best player !
  2. We better pray he's back for sunday. Ford going vs Von Miller is the stuff of nightmares. Sing me up for the team that thinks Ford should be a guard all day long.
  3. hahaha How did I miss this thread! Love it Sean. If there's a cunt out there that deserves it its Brady. Whinny ass cheating little bitch. Fuck him until kingdom come.
  4. This I agree with. Which is why I think an international team won't happen. But a game or two a year ?? ... that's gonna keep going. Even in a "shit hole" like this.
  5. Breaking news! NFL in Mexico series cancelled after Roger Goodell finds out Thebowflexbody never plans to step foot in Mexico again. In related news Mexico's tourism industry suffers massive losses as tourists flock out of the country after comments made online by an angry poster on a football board!
  6. I doubt a franchise will ever be given. But the international games are a total hit. Doubt those go away. Don't know about London in particular but here in Mexico fans love it. And unlike London we are on the same time zone as many places in the US or only and hour or so in difference so it doesn't really disrupt anyone's time. Yesterday's game started at the same time as all Monday Night games. Also unlike London where it seems people don't really have a preference for a certain team and just go for the experience folks over here do love their teams. If they ever bring the Cowboys or Steelers its gonna be insanity. The 2 most popular franchises here. And if they bring the Bills yours truly might just die.
  7. Did anyone see this coming ? I know I didn't. I mean I remember liking the hire. But I never thought he'd look this good. I thought he was just a deep ball threat. Wrong! ... he's the whole package. What a great signing by Beane.
  8. Absolutely. In many games not just yesterday. Color me among those that was sure the Poyer fumble was going to be ruled an incomplete. But hey, no apologies from me. We've been on the other side of that equation 100 times over. Its our time.
  9. Is this sarcasm daryl ? Lol. I can't tell. .... Crossman is no longer our special teams coach. I know it seemed like that on Sunday but he's actually the Dolphins ST coach now.
  10. That was cringy. We got lucky that both were recovered. I wonder if its happened a lot in practice too. I mean I wanna say it was just a bad day in that regard. IIRC he hadn't fumbled at all during the year.
  11. Well the Bills don't really get much love. Its not just Allen. Tre White is having a year for the ages and he gets talked about very rarely. Poyer and Hyde should be up there as the best (or close) to the best safety tandem in the game and I don't think they even get mentioned. That's just how it is. It has nothing to do with being black, white or whatever. Its just like how the city gets a bad rap for no reason. As for Jackson well ...... he's killing it out there. Looks unstoppable and the man is just a highlight reel on his own. We can debate whether it'll last or if its a flash in the pan thing. But to deny the awesomeness of it would be dumb. Its amazing.
  12. Love being 7-3. I don't care if its been against a less than stellar schedule. Playoffs look close fellas. Not there yet, we could certainly screw up, but so far so good. Please stop with the beating the Pats nonesense. We are not beating them. When will you guys learn that it just doesn't happen.
  13. Balls Allen. One of his best performances. Safe with the ball, ran when he had too, threw it well. Please for the love of god. More of that. Be consistent kid Brown. Baller. What a great free agent get. Hauschka. Nice bounce back game. Run D. Fins had nothing. Edmunds. Beast. Goats Special Teams. Was Danny Crossman on our sidelines ? or theirs ? That was pathetic. How big is Siran Neal for them ? ... he got hurt and it all went down the pooper. Singletary fumbles. Man did we get lucky on those or what? ... I assume it was a one game thing since he had none before that. Or at least I hope so.
  14. Round 2 vs the queer sharks. What do you guys think? I realize the Bills never play an easy game but I don't know why I feel like we are gonna have one come sunday. No Fitzmagic for the Fins and that results in a somewhat comfortable win for us. Say something along the lines of 27-13 ish
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