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  1. Imagine missing a playoff game over that? These guys need to be extra careful this week. No matter what you think of this whole COVID thing and vaccines and masks the protocols are very clear and missing a game over not being careful would be idiotic beyond words.
  2. Bunch of losers. Even more proof that it was mostly Brady and they were all along for the ride.
  3. The nerve from that dumbass to say that AFTER the beatdown they took Lol, lol, lol
  4. Balls Everyone but Bass Yeah. It was that kind of game. Lets get to specifics. Josh MF Allen. Baller, slayer, assassin. What a player. My lord and savior. More tds than incompletions? Are you kidding me? His last incomplete throw came early in the 2nd quarter. Damn Coaches. All of them. What a game plan. Excellent all around. Pats never stood a chance. Micah Hyde. Made the play that changed the entire complexity of the game. And it was an incredible play. Motor. The last month and a half he's been ballin Knox. Mr. touchdowns. Goats Bass. WTF dude? Get it together man. Not all games will be blowouts. We need you on your A game. On to KC. This team was built to beat them. It was made to stop Mahomes. Lets get out there and actually do it. What we did 10+ weeks ago is irrelevant now. It won/t matter if they trash us next sunday. Stay focused and bring it.
  5. For whatever's worth the ref for tomorrow is Brad Allen. One of the 4 decent refs the league has. We should be ok in that regard. Key word should
  6. I thought for sure we would bring him in. Maybe next week if we can get through the Cheats?
  7. I hope you are right man. I'll be the happiest crow eater in the world. Go Bills!
  8. Agreed. But that's exactly what happened the last time they came here, for a night game, on prime time TV, with bad weather. See where I'm going ? I don't like it man.
  9. Game 3 vs the fucking cheaters. I hate them, with every ounce of my body. Fuck them until the end of times. However. I don't feel good about this game man. I can't. Felt bad about it since it became a reality. I think they are gonna slow play us to death. They are going to adjust from last game and we won't. They are gonna find a way to get to Allen and we won't get to Mac. I like our D and think they'll do well. But I'm worried about the offense. I do not trust Daboll to make adjustments. Fuck man we struggled against the fucking Jets. I hope I'm wrong. Waaaaay wrong. I want to eat fresh crow all week long. I want you all to tell me how stupid I am. Please. Homer prediction in case everything clicks. Bills 24 Cheats 13 I don't feel confident prediction Bills 13 Cheats 17
  10. I don't feel confident at all. I see us trying what we did last time when we beat them without much adjusting. What worked last time won't work this time. BB will adjust. They are gonna take away all the short stuff that McKenzie killed them with last time. Will we be able to adjust ? I dont know. I don't trust Daboll. I do feel confident in our D. It will be a low scoring game, what worries me is the offense not scoring enough. Allen needs to be calm, if he comes out all hyped up and crazy he'll make those mistakes that kill you in post season. I'm worried guys, very very worried. Fuck. I hope I'm wrong. I want some crow on sunday.
  11. Fuck man that was a great day. Happy tears galore. Watched that video and many others a million times and proceeded to buy my plane and game tickets for Jax. Freaking Tyrod scored 3 points! lol lol lol
  12. I mean. We should roll these mofos. Like a full and thorough beatdown right ?? .... Hope we really have found our groove and do exactly that. Anything less would be a letdown. Bills 34 Falcons 17
  13. Probably told to do it by Belicheat himself. Business as usual for the most classless, despicable franchise in sports.
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