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  1. About what ? Genuinely curious I have an account on Fin Heaven. But haven't been there in a while.
  2. My money is that he doesn't even make the team. He'll be hurt before you can say training camp
  3. Awesome throw. So ? ... it was one. Uno, a single example. There's tons of bad ones. You can say it was the exception and not the rule. Its ok to admit it. Relax. And yes, of course he can improve. Lets hope so.
  4. Last season was soooo weird in regards to the deep throws. I've never in my 25+ years of watching football seen anyone be so incredibly bad at it. Unreal. Like some guy who's never played football before was doing it. .... yet like Sean says. In 2018 he was pretty good at it. WTF ?? I hope he gets it back this year. With Smoke and Diggs ?? ....you better be able to hit on those.
  5. Ok, you are right. They are done, cooked, death, muertos. It was all Brady !! .... they can't draft, trade or sign anyone !!! Go Bills !! We are already 2-0 Woo hoo !!!!
  6. Who said they where ? .... We just said they are still the team to beat. As for the cap space question .... players have gone to play for BB before taking less money have they not ? .... do you know if Cam or Dalton are against that ? ... you don't. A rookie wouldn't make much cash either. Again .... its our best shot in 20 years for sure. But to act like the Pats are done before a down of football has been played is straight up homerism.
  7. You don't know that. And neither do we. Its unlikely, but not impossible. And what if they draft one ?? Have you forgotten the FA quarterbacks still available ? What if the Pats sign Cam ? or Dalton ? or Winston ? .... what if they swing a deal for someone ?? You my friend are as usual letting your blind homer glasses get in the way of common sense. Yes 2020 will be our best shot at the division crown in 2 decades. But until we actually do it, they are the team to beat. No matter what.
  8. And I'm glad he doesn't. Hopefully McD is on the same boat. Brady or not those fuckers are still the team to beat. Until we actually go out on a football field and beat them I still consider them the favorite to win the division. They own our ass.
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