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  1. Just saw it. Definitely some cake walks there. But I stand by my comment. Minka Fitzpatrick has scored in like 2 of the last 3 games. They are getting tons of turnovers. If that slows down they have an offense comparable to ours. Pathetic. And they will have a hard time winning, just like we do with our inept O.
  2. Agreed. This is it on Sunday. Lose to another 2 win team and the debacle will be on full speed. Get the W and we can talk again. I would also like to comment that Pitt won't be winning that many games with such a bad offense. We should know. They are getting tons and tons of scores off turnovers lately while Mason Rudolph and the O stagger along in mediocrity. So while I'm not telling you that we are gonna win that game I'm not 100% sold we are gonna drop it either. The only 2 certainties are that we will obviously lose to the Pats and Ravens. All the others I firmly believe we can win just as much as we could lose.
  3. Well I didn't say SH was the primary reason. I just said he was part of the why. I did give Allen his fair share. Ditto for Levi Wallace who I believe is the one that shoulders the most blame. I can play the if game too you know. If Levi Wallace plays a half decent game they don't score twice on him. If Hauscka makes either one oft he kicks (or god forbid both) we win the game. If Dawson Knox makes that catch before our failed 4th down early down who's to say we don't go down the field and score? Its dumb to do this. Aside from a few fan boys ala Jungle we all see the Allen issue. You seem to think you are in some alternate message board in which we all drink the Allen kool aid and you are the only voice of dissent. Far from it.
  4. I'm not completely off the band wagon yet. But I'm close. With the Bills there are no easy games. That's just how it is. Not the Jets or the Fish who both suck. I would bet anything that no matter what both will be close games. We might win them. But we won't make it easy. If they lose to the Fish this week then the wheels are def. off and I'll be shocked if they even make it to 8-8. Yes it is that bad. As much as it pissed me to lose to the 2-6 Browns its not like they got abused. We were damn close to getting the W despite the loads of awfulness. Time for a gut check and a win next week to get back on track. Lose to another 2 win team and its over.
  5. I've read far too many comments on line that he's a good corner throughout the season. I never really understood why. I'm not saying he's the worst (even though yesterday he looked like it) but to me he's an average to below average. To me he is the No. 1 reason we lost yesterday. More than Allen, Hauschka, McD or Daboll.
  6. The final drive was going well until they reached field goal range (even if it was a 50+ yard kick). They immediately went into conservative, play not to lose mode. That is aaaaaaall on the coach. The whole sequence over the last 2-3 plays was so cringe worthy.
  7. 50-50 Allen is not progressing and Daboll is apparently allergic to common sense like running the ball vs a shitty run D.
  8. Football is too much a team game to blame just one guy. Lit knows this but you know .... Lit. Allen deserves blame. Of course he does. He left points out there with his inaccuracy. But we still had a shot at it even after that. Guess who also gets a loooot of blame ?? ..... Hauscka. I expect my professional kicker to make a game winner. I realize 53 is not a cheap shot but he gets paid to make those. Don't even get me started on the one before the half. Levi Wallace played a game worthy of considering retirement. He is to me the LVP for the game. Gave up both touchdown passes and a couple of more big plays. If he has even an average game it might've been different. You won't find him in any of Lit's mentions though. Its all Allen. Give his share as well to Daboll who decided that vs the 30 ranked run D it was a great idea to only run 13 times and pass 41. Fucking imbecile. Plenty of blame to go around.
  9. I can't understand why he's on this team. I keep reading he's a great blocker but at what point does it stop mattering if he's just a penalty waiting to happen. And its usually false starts which is insane. You know the mother FUCKING count !!
  10. Another goat to our main man Lit for obliterating the line for the 2nd straight week with a festival of negative threads. He never fails to deliver. Next week's line will be set at 20. Tough to beat but I'm sure he'll find a way. Honorable mention too for pinning about 5 of them to the main page for maximum exposure.
  11. I don't understand why it hasn't been seared on Allen's brain that on 3rd down he needs to look for Beasley first, second and third before going to another read. He should've recognized the off coverage from his pre snap reads and just wait for Beasley to come out of his route. Big play, short kick and maybe even a couple of shots at the end zone. Won't even comment on the long ball miss to McKenzie. I've never seen a QB so bad at the long ball. Its unreal.
  12. Balls White. Baller. Held OBJ in check Goal line stand in the 1st half. That was pretty fucking heroic. I don't think 've ever seen anything like that. 8 plays. Nothing. Bojorquez. Good game Goats. Allen. Continues to be inconsistent and at times flat out terrible. Another fumble. Its a weekly thing now. Bet on it if you can find a prop bet somewhere. If he wasn't a good runner I can't imagine what would be of him. My patience is almost done. Daboll. Moron, stupid. Just flat out dumb. 30th ranked defense in a game that at no point was beyond one score for either team. Lets pass 41 times !! .... Run ? What run ?. 13 carries TOTAL for our backs. Criminal missuse of Singletary. I'm not a fan of scapegoating the OC. It happens a lot here in Buffalo. But this guy is just not getting it done. He needs to be replaced. Time management on the last plays of the last drive. What the fuck was that on the last 2 plays ?? .... They hit motor and then let about 30 seconds run off the clock with a half assed semi huddle only to throw a low percentage long pass ?? ... Use your time out there and get on the right play. A 50+ yard field goal is not a sure bet. They were playing to tie and not to win. Inexcusable. This is on McD and Daboll Hauschka. No need to add on this. Levi Wallace. Toast. I think he just gave up another score ! Kroft. Why did we sign this guy ? Lee Smith. Penalty machine. Another sure bet. Find a sports book that carries that prop and bet your house. What a moron.
  13. Avoiding the question I see I only use it for you. Nobody else.
  14. Isn't that the 2nd time this week you post pretty much the same thing ? At some point do you get tired of being such a troll ? Its gotta be at least a bit tiring.
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