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  1. I mean I would rather see him out there but its not like we are keeping a unique talent on the leash. Sometimes fans think too much of players that are just not that awesome. Besides Allen has missed long throws to Beasley, Robertson, Isiah and Brown all the same. Not sure how Foster would make a difference.
  2. I'm not sure they will connect to be honest. Its been 6 games of this. They might find a game or two in which it all clicks. But overall I don't think they are gonna be a big time offense at all. We would've seen a few flashes and we really haven't through 1/3 of the season. Its been a do just enough to survive, depend on the D type of offense.
  3. I can tell you a couple of posters who will complain no matter what. That's just what they do. For the rest of us what else is there to say? ... We are 5-1. With a lot of luck and playing an easy schedule. But hey. That's who we had to play and for once the lucky bounces seem to be falling our way. I can remember tons if seasons in which the ifs and whats and would have's had us thinking we deserved a better record. I am enjoying it while also keeping my reservations in regards to the things that we all see should be improved.
  4. Nah bro. I'm just hitting enter once to paragraph. For some reason my spacing is like a word document with 1.5 or 2.0 interlining.
  5. The Dolphins went right at his absence. That Alexander kid wasn't up to the test. We need him back. Now it can't be JUST that. I think the D really had an off game (more like half and a bit more) but for sure he's an important piece.
  6. At best. Probably more like 2-4 or 1-5. Taylor is the biggest coward this team has seen along Trent. His "cool" demeanor was nothing of that and just a big fat "I don't give one single tiny fuck" .... here's a checkdown. Lets jog off the field. I've never seen anyone care so little about winning. Never forget that Taylor is the guy that couldn't win a playoff game in which his defense held the Jags to 10 freaking points. Ten !! On the road
  7. If they play like yesterday forget it. Eagles won't be as forgiving as the fish. Defense needs to go back to the shutdown mode of the previous weeks and for fucks sake can our offense for once play a full game ?? Not bits and pieces here and there. It is winnable. But its one of those who the fuck knows games. Anything could happen. We could annihilate them or get killed just was well. Close game ? Sure. Ugly ass 10-9 game ? sure. Shootout ? Sure. I have no clue what to expect.
  8. I feel great ! Do I have my doubts ? Yeah. There's certainly some stuff out there that needs to be worked on. But we are 5-1. I wonder how many of the board's members predicted that. Lets enjoy that instead of bitching like babies about "not blowing the fish out of the water" .... Fitz played good. Don't ever overlook a winless team. Desperation can work in positive ways. Believe me I would've loved to see a beatdown but it just hasn't been our thing. Not this year, not since the Kelly days. It was dumb to expect it.
  9. This is a concern. He's not even coming close. How on earth can you be so bad at this ?? .... Only other thing comparable I can remember was EJ Manuel trying to throw the fade. It was comical just how bad he missed them. Now unlike Manuel who never hit a single fade in his life Allen was hitting some deep balls lat year .... so what happened ? Needs to work on that.
  10. I knew I had seen that before ..... couldn't remember who it was. Henry Jones !! I only remembered Tasker's vs the Raiders but that one didn't end up a score. Great play by Hyde because that was actually a pretty decent kick.
  11. I actually agree with this. Weeks one and two he looked better than this despite the dumb picks. He looked more accurate and decisive. Right now he looks off. Something happens in the 4th quarter that he turns it on. And that's fucking amazing. But we can't go on forward like that. We need more consistency.
  12. Balls 2nd half Allen. That's how to do it. Why can't he be more consistent ? Its maddening. Tre. Baller. Hyde. Quiet but soo good. Hauschka. Money as usual Brown. Such a complete WR. Fitz. One of my all time favorite players. Had some Fitzmagic going on early. Good luck the rest of the season my man. Goats. 1st half everybody. Aside from money Hauschka that was pathetic. All the people that complain about being 5-1. I get it. You guys want the 07 Pats out there. Beating the hell out of everyone. It won't happen. Believe me I have my reservations too. They've had a lot of things go their way. But they are 5-1. That is a fact. I'm sure they know all the areas that need to improve as to not have to suffer each week. But this team keeps winning one way or the other. How many seasons have we heard the .... "just a couple of bounces here and there and we would be ....." This year for whatever reason those bounces are going our way. Enjoy it.
  13. Hahahahahaha Unless this was a joke I gotta say your trolling has seen better days man.
  14. Impressive. But I bet the national media that loves to hate on him will have you believe the throw was intercepted by a Miami fan.
  15. Ok boys and girls give me your predictions ... I'm going with Bills 27 Gay sharks 10 Defense dominates as usual. Allen and the offense look better but not dominant. Singletary has a triunfant return to the lineup to the tune of 100+ and Kroft catches a td pass. No Fitzmagic this time. He probably throws a couple of ints.
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