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  1. Bills by 7-10. Texans make it interesting towards the end but it’s mostly Blo all the way. Similar to the Dallas game IMO
  2. That’s me with the scarf in case anyone gives a shit as to what this Bills fan looks like
  3. Another poor table has met its fate at the hands (??) of a Bills fan FD94FC56-74AD-460E-8A78-A32DB4EBD4F7.MOV
  4. Victor7 reporting for duty from the Bills Mafia tailgate party !
  5. I wouldn't really count the last one in there. But that's still 2 of the last 3. We came close on both of them. Hopefully the tide turns in our favor.
  6. Aren't we like a gazillion dollars under the cap ? ... This shouldn't be a problem. And yes to cutting Kroft. Dude has been a waste of money.
  7. I'm going!! Any rangers going to the game ?? Would love to grab some beers with you all !!
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