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  1. Round 2 vs the queer sharks. What do you guys think? I realize the Bills never play an easy game but I don't know why I feel like we are gonna have one come sunday. No Fitzmagic for the Fins and that results in a somewhat comfortable win for us. Say something along the lines of 27-13 ish
  2. Man if this is true I can't even imagine how the absolute 360 Lit is gonna have to do will be. I mean we all know he loooooooooooooooves Tyrod. He even said we'd be 6-0 a few weeks back with him. If they are equal then his hatred for Allen has to turn into love right ?? When can we expect the Allen fellating to start ?? .... or can we assume it was all just the usual trolling.
  3. Been watching football for 25+ years and I've never seen anything like that. Garret is a POS that needs to be banned for good. Lucky he didn't really land the hit all that well and it hit him with the bottom of the helmet. If he huts his square and with the crown ?? .... Man that could've been a disaster.
  4. I agree some are making a whole lot more of his misses this week. Blaming him more than it should. But I also think you are making it seem like it was nothing when it as. As usual the truth lies somewhere in the middle. He wasn't' as bad as Lit wants us to think just as he wasn't good like you or Mr. Trapasso think. As for the article. I believe JoeB also wrote one after the All 22 and he wasn't as nice as Trapasso. So ?? ... who do we believe ?
  5. True that. Maybe Lamar is hurt by then ?? ... with his style and all the hits he takes ?
  6. I mean we were gonna lose that game no matter when or where we played it. We all know that right ?? What this does however, is guarantee that we will get totally abused for the delight of the whole world. Because few traditions are as time honored as the Bills getting humiliated on national TV. Prepare for a 40 burger at least.
  7. It depends. If they barely miss them at say 9-7 ? No, he gets to stay. If this becomes a complete and utter failure and we lose almost every game and play like total crap ? Sure, send him packing.
  8. Nah, he's always been like that. Greatest homer this board has ever seen. He was the same with Rex, Marrone, Gailey you name it. I get being positive and wanting the best for your team. But some of his takes are just straight up delusional. And he's a good dude, but man the fanaticism is unreal at times. This thread is an example. I don't know who this Traspasso guy is but to say Allen played a good game is just flat out dumb. Its one thing that he didn't turn the ball over. Great for that. But he missed big time plays all game long with his inability to throw accurate passes. If he had been just a tad more accurate and there's no need for late game drama. We win that game easily.
  9. I'm actually more upset at the inaccuracy of the throw than him "missing" Knox. Watch the whole play, not just the stills Lit posts. When Knox comes open Allen is not looking there. But once he does he throws a bad ball that Knox has to stop and wait for which ends up giving the defender enough time to make a play. If the throw is accurate and towards the sideline Knox makes the catch (I guess, you know, drops) and the defender has no shot at it. And please stop with the Barkley should start nonsense. Dude was unemployed before we called him up. I like him, he's good to have around. But he's not the answer. We ride or die with Allen for better or worse. If he balls then awesome and if he sucks then the sooner OBD finds out and decides to pull the plug the better.
  10. You can't do that whole they beat the Eagles who beat us thing. I just saw a meme doing those flips and it ends up with Miami beating the Jets who in turn beat the Cowboys and so on all the way up to the Pats so then Miami is the best !!! We beat the Titans who just beat the Chiefs too. It just doesn't work that way. Like I said. I expect us to lose that game. But I don't think its a done deal. Only NE and Bmore are IMO.
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