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  1. If we end up with like 12-4 or better record he'll get consideration. But just that. No Bills coach is gonna win that.
  2. It was fine as far as the players that made it. I just think Tre should've been higher.
  3. I mean, he's not wrong you know. If we are not the best we are damn close to. Yeah I know he's a loud mouth idiot but this time he might actually have a point.
  4. Oh noes !! What will we ever do without his 3 games a season ? Good riddance. Dude is made of glass
  5. Ford to RG and Ty Nsheke or whatever to play tackle probably. Definitely not good news. Feliciano is a valuable player on that OL. Hopefully he recovers quick.
  6. So you're telling me Allen needs to work on his accuracy ?? Oh my now that is new to me ! .... Nobody ever said that before! End sarcasm We get it, he's not the most accurate. There isn't a soul on earth that will disagree on that. But the guy makes plays when needed. Yes, he needs to be more consistent to take the jump into the next level. But this isn't aaaaaanything new.
  7. I'm more worried about the impact it could have on others. It could be like the starter to a chain reaction. As for his play. I'm somewhere in the middle between the Lit hatewagon that says Star is the worst player to ever don the Bills uni and the fan boys who think he's a monster. I can't imagine it'd a good thing for a starter not to play. But its far from the end of the world. Much more important players still going strong (so far).
  8. Just like it they got hurt if its Allen or Tre its a season killer. Others who would hurt terribly but not as bad would be either safety, Edmunds, Milano, OL or Diggs.
  9. My man! Some things he does just don't show up on the stat sheet and his peers are starting to notice. Now that doesn't mean we don't more improvement. But this is a very good sign for Allen.
  10. Allen should be above 80 IMO. Like around 83-84 White under 90 is idiotic to say the least. Gilmore a full 10 points better ? ... Stop it son. Sit down. Having said that. Its a stupid video game.
  11. As much as I like Allen he's not gonna be one of those guys. He's too inconsistent to ever merit that kind of coin. Not to say he can't be successful or land a very lucrative deal. But not a massive all time high like Mahomes just did.
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