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  1. We were gonna face Fitzy and Tyrod back to back. Seems like both won't be able to go.
  2. He is pretty bad. I can't believe there isn't anyone out there better.
  3. I think Harbaugh is like 2-5 vs Andy Reid's Chiefs so I'd cool off on the praises. For sure ballsy but the way they play is just not sustainable long term. All they do is have Jackson run the ball. Only a matter of time before he's hurt and its all over. Man I hate offenses like that. Just so lame and rudimentary. Hey Lamar, here, run. That's it.
  4. Maybe its the elite Pitt D and the very talented Miami secondary ? Not excusing Josh by the way. Legitimately trying to find a reason. I'm not super concerned, but I am worried a bit. He looks off. Timing and accuracy aren't there so far. I don't think there's anything wrong with the arm. Didn't he over throw Sanders a week ago ? ... the TD pass to Davis was a bullet too. Its in his head. Whatever it is.
  5. Sean !! Come back buddy ! Anyway. Why bet against us vs Miami son ?? .... we own the teal wearing gay sharks. Even on a day when Allen was once again pedestrian we lit them up with 35 points.
  6. Win so Balls first. Wait what ? Balls Defense. Shutout, turnovers, 4th down stops, 3rd down stops, sacks, pressures, knock out their "top" guy. They did it all. Great game. Honorable mentions to Rousseau with 2 sacks, Epenesa who was a wrecking ball, Milano all over the place and Taron Johnson. Dude has a thing for making plays at the best times. Singletary. Nice run to get the ball rolling. I'm not a fan of his fumbles though, that's 3 now, he's just been lucky they've gone OOB. Moss. Nice bounce back after what could've been a massive turn of events with the fumble. OL. Much better. We ran the ball well and Josh didn't really get pressured all that much. Goats Passing game. Another week they looked pedestrian. I don't know if I wanna panic yet. Pitt's D is elite and Miami has a very stellar secondary as well. Need more info before deciding to panic. But for sure concerned and unhappy about what we've seen so far. Bass. That 53 yarder wasn't even close. I know its not a gimmie but man at least send it in the same area code. Hack. This guy's not very good. Refs. Not precisely in our game although a couple of calls were iffy but in general around the league. The pussification continues with the taunting penalties. Ridiculous. Was there a problem before ? I don't recall hearing ANYONE ever complain about it ? Way to create an issue where there wasn't one. Glass half full is we crushed an inferior team despite the obvious passing struggles. One could think that when (if) they get it together its gonna be a thing to behold. Glass half empty is concerned about the lack of consistency and success passing the ball.
  7. Lol But if you think about it I'm pretty sure she's the one that threw the PI penalty on Wallace which would become the first TD for them. So yeah we kinda lost because of her.
  8. Its usually like this with Wallace. He's decent for most games but when he's bad he's really bad.
  9. Time to visit the gay sharks. Josh owns this bitches. I think the trend continues and we go back to looking cool. Bills 31 Fish 17 A much better overall performance as Allen and the lads recapture last year's offensive magic. What do you guys think ?
  10. Common Lit. You've posted these types of threads the past 2 years. I'm sure you can find missed plays on every game for every QB in the league. Don't nitpick. For all we know Allen wasn't looking at Sanders because his progression had him looking elsewhere by that point. I know he played like hot garbage on sunday but this is more you with your occasional anti Josh tirade than anything else.
  11. Can't agree with a week 2 game being a must win. It is however as close to it as possible. Its not like its a game vs the NFC. You obviously can't fall behind a division rival 2.5 games. But its not like they are gonna steam roll everybody the rest of the year. And we do play them again, at home. Sooooo. They are an improved Miami team. But not a playoff caliber team IMO. That's what makes more noise to me. This is a team we always take care of. Even when Josh wasn't Josh he's had their number. We have to win these games if we really pretend to fly with the big boys. I do agree with Sean that if we lose this pay will burn
  12. Haack takes like two more steps. WTF ?? I know its just a punter, but its already cost us. Groan to the line as well because they blocked nobody. My man nearly got tackled. It wasn't one of those blocks were the guy has to dive 5 yards behind and stretch like a rubber band to barely get the block. No, the Steelers nearly tackled Haack. Just a shit play all around from everyone.
  13. Yup. People act like we annihilated Pitt last year. We didn't. It was a similar game. What happened was that Diggs went OFF in the 2nd half and that saved the day. But it was a struggle as well. We won 26-15. Yesterday was 23-16. Last year we got the game changing play on the Taron Johnson pick six. This year it was them with the blocked punt. Very similar games.
  14. I think it boils down to coaching Sean. And let me be clear that I'm not trying to give those guys a pass. But Pitt seemed ready and aware. They got the ball out quick. Its what Ben does. He's the quickest trigger in the game. They knew and planned accordingly. What did we do ?? .... we tried to fit a square peg in a round hole. Daboll tried to pass into oblivion despite the heavy crowded zones and pressure they were bringing and never adjusted to a more run oriented, shorter approach. Tomlin and Co ate our lunch.
  15. We pretty much lost to 3 dudes. Ingraham, Heyward and Watt. That's all they needed.
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