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  1. Awesome, good for you. Just don't complain about not going to a Bills game or any other place/establishment/event that won't have you over if you're not vaccinated.
  2. Nah. I do what common sense dictates. Nobody is forcing me to get the vaccine. I want it. I saw the news. 6 cases in 7 million. You literally have a better shot at being hit by lightning or dying while getting a bj. Vaccines are safe. People much smarter than you and me combined get it done. Lose the tin foil hat, stop with the insults. Makes you look childish. Get the shot. I'm very much real. Ask any old timer here. Some of them know me in person.
  3. Nah. Almost everyone here knows me. I'm actually on staff ! Slavery. lol lol lol. What's your address? I'll gladly send you a dictionary. Get the vaccine, drop the tin foil hat
  4. I know. I mean. In that case anytime someone fumbles you can just take it back ! .... "Its obvious he didn't wanna fumble there. He didn't intend to" ball back to the fumbler !! I still can't believe how casually they changed that one and how it wasn't a huge, massive deal in the media. It was ridiculous. Even worse. The head ref Corrente called it correctly as it happened and somehow got over ruled or convinced by some other ref/goon.
  5. Like I wrote in the other thread. We all knew they had fucked up. It wasn't even close to being illegal. Still waiting on them to apologize for the "touchback" garbage from earlier in that game. That one was even worse and essentially wiped off 6-7 points off the board for us. A game decider. Fuck Tony Corrente and fuck all the refs other than 3 or 4 decent ones. They are all an abomination.
  6. Well it took must of us one look at the play, you know, the one when it happened live to know it was the wrong call. But then again when have the refs ever been on par with the superb product on the field ? What's the fucking point of this ? I cant think of one good reason for the league to come out and acknowledge this one full season later. I wonder though if Codey Ford is getting his money back because he got fined for it. Now do the "touchback" from earlier on the game. That one was even more egregious. Fucking refs.
  7. Get the damn vaccine Josh. Imagine missing a game or two because of COVID and then having those games cost us the playoffs or a home game ? Get it. Be smart
  8. 1. Josh owns the fish. Remember he's a Charles Clay drop from being undefeated vs them. 2. Tua blows. Worst arm talent I've seen in years. 3. A lot of picks do not mean a lot of stars. They can very easily blow it. And I'm sure they will 4. Brian Flores .... lol lol lol
  9. Not to disagree because indeed announcers and commentators do treat us like that but ....... we kinda earned it dudes. I mean our playoff drought was legendary. Ralph was an absolute abomination of an owner. We earned our laughing stock status. Even know I'm sure most think we are gonna be a one year wonder. Its up to us to prove them otherwise. Bills need to have another monster season in 2021 and then all of that noise won't matter. Fuck them.
  10. Depth. Shouldn't be considered the solution to our pass rushing issues.
  11. Yup, offense coming back almost completely the same (sans Brown). Its gonna be D or one of the top 2 running backs it they are there (Etienne and Harris)
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