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  1. He's definitely not looking too shabby this year. He's not a bust though. Willing to give him the rest of the year to improve though. He's not 100%, Milano hasn't been out there and our DLine has been mostly garbage. In a game where you play with 10 more dudes you need help.
  2. A bit skewed because of the Titans game but still something to keep an eye on. Jets also scored a garbage time TD week 1. But for sure we need to start beating teams by larger margins.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Did anyone not know that play was coming ? Honestly why call a time out then. A 5 year old could've guessed that play. I you are gonna run Allen then just run him straight up. No option BS. I though that was a bad call by Daboll and then a bad read by Allen. And I wanna add that if McD wasn't taking the time outs Lit would be complaining about the exact opposite. Why isn't he taking a time out there !! .... Big play. Burn a TO and make sure everyone's on the same page. You can't save time outs for another game, McD is such a moron !!
  4. He looked like freaking Usain Bolt last night. Amazing play.
  5. Time to exorcise the demons. Pats are prime for the taking. Cam looks like garbage. Their D isn't stellar by means. We should. And let me say that again. Should win this one. Then again. We are the Bills, they are the Pats. Brady or not. They own us. As bad anyone has ever owned anyone before. Tell me if this sounds like something that you could see happening next week. Cam is shit. Enter the Bills defense. Cam goes nuts, reverts time and throws for 300+ with 3 scores. Pats D is garbage, our O is good so of course they shut us down and make Josh look like EJ Manuel. Pats win by 10+ Until proven otherwise. Pats over Bills. Easiest bet in sports. Prove me wrong Bills. I fucking want you too. I hate those pricks.
  6. The leg is there. He just doesn't seem to have a routine nailed down IMO. He looks different on each kick. Yesterday was the 1st time I actually thought he had started to get into a rhythm and then he missed the 37 yarder. I'm getting tired of this shit. Luckily we haven't needed him to hit a game winner. But is anyone here honestly confident he could go out there and nail say a 46 yard kick in the final seconds ?
  7. Not like a loss but I certainly wasn't as happy as usual after a win. At the end we notched up the W which is all that matters But it still left a lot of questions. Specially since we played a shit team. I honestly have no idea what to expect vs NE. This is the best shot we've ever gotten at them and I just don't know what the fuck is gonna happen.
  8. Balls. 2nd Half D. Completely shut down the Jets. 4 total yards I believe. Honorable mention to Jerry Hughes who was all over the place Allen. Effective day. Close to 70%, over 300 yards. Too bad he (along with everyone else) decided to take the day off once in the red zone. Beasley. Always open. So reliable. Roberts. Back to his usual ways. A weapon in the return game. Moss. Ran with effort DK Metcalf. Not Bills related but well deserving. Did you guys see him go Usain Bolt on that int ? .... Wow! Bass. You make 6 kicks you get a ball but ... Goats Bass. When you miss kicks from 45 and specially 37 yards you get a goat. I don't care what else you did First half D. Pathetic. In synch with the previous weeks. Red zone offense. Usually a strength yesterday it was awful. Just some bad play calling and execution Refs. BS pass interference call on Hyde that led to a touchdown for them. Has anyone seen the flag that nullified the Davis TD grab ? They showed nothing on the broadcast. And I know the Hyde hit late in the game was hard and looked strong. But it was 100% legit. He turned his head away, he hit with the shoulder and into the chest. What the fuck is he supposed to do ? Allow the grab ? Penalties. BS flags or not we still got called for I think 11 no nos. That's just terrible. Needs to be cleaned up
  9. Fuck. Might change my prediction with these news. Still think we win, but feel less confident now. Imagine if come Sunday White and Milano can't go. Who the fuck will play corner??
  10. The good luck we've had with injuries the last couple of years seems to have run out. Norman hurt, Tre hurt, Wallace on IR, Cam Lewis played about 2 snaps and got hurt too. Milano, Edmunds, Ford, Brown. Long list. And most of them starters. The good things is none of the injuries have been the long term, season enders. But they have been many of them and lingering all the time. Cross your fingers dudes. We need a luck reversal.
  11. Week 7. Jets coming to town. We need this. And we need to win convincingly. What do you guys have ? I think we win. I think we don't get a beat down take no prisoners beat down. But we do get a some what comfortable win. Bills 31 Jets 13 Allen gets back on the right side of history and throws for 3 scores. Roberts takes one to the house and a field goal from our "kicker"
  12. Dallas ? Yeah. That was awesome. But that's it. Clearly the exception, not the rule. Pitt ? Nah man. Remember we played their 3rd string QB. Some dude called "Duck". And despite picking him off 4 times we still needed 10 4th quarter points. 10 out of our grand total of 17. That my dear friend is not "convincingly". That's barely
  13. And even then that's no reason to just flat out release him. Ford is hurt. Feliciano is as of today still on IR. Why let him go ? .... Talk to the man, get him in line and play on. At worst try to trade him.
  14. Throw was late although that might've been due to the fact that Allen was escaping some pressure. Not really sure if he had a chance to unload before. That's a tough catch but one that Diggs needs to make.
  15. Anyone see the interview Fitz gave today ? Genuinely felt bad for him. And GTFO with the classic .... "why ? he's millionaire playing sports you should feel sorry for ..... bla bla bla" Dude really cares, he was playing very well and this seems unfair. Hopefully the football gods will karma the shit out of Flores and the fish.
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