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  1. In this scenario I would trade one of those 4th round picks for John Ross On a decent rookie contract Not used correctly with the Bengals Speed receivers work well with Josh Allen Former 9th overall pick
  2. Cody Ford is the best OL in this draft and can play multiple positions......nasty......strong......perfect for what we need. 9 is high.....but if he ends up being the best OL in this class? Worth it. In a ideal situation you trade down into the teens and select him there picking up a 2nd round pick. I feel like we are in a good situation in this draft to accumulate another solid pick........we give a 4th rounder for John Ross.....maybe use one of our later picks to move up for a player. This is going to be a fun draft.
  3. In all honestly....John Ross is PERFECT for what the bills are trying to do Once the team started using receivers with speed.......plays started happening. Josh Allen can put the ball anywhere on the field John Ross for his lack of receptions scored a decent amount of touchdowns.....which is a good thing You will not find this kind of talent in the 4th round of the draft (I would still draft a WR earlier) and using a 4th rounder here would allow us to use free agency money on offensive linemen, tight end, running back, etc Send them our latter 4th round pick.
  4. Just give me guys that fit the scheme of the blocking...... Last year's offense linemen (minus Dawkins and Teller) could not get out on a screen and block for it to save their lives
  5. Right...I was just gonna say that cutting Clay would put them over 90 million right?
  6. Right about where we should take a DT......leaving the 1st and 2nd rounds to take players for the offense
  7. I thought he was getting better with his short game as the season went on......I realize that it was not his strength coming into the league.
  8. I feel like jumping to 25 would be a big jump....I dont expect Tre White magic every year. Cody Ford would probably be gone by that time.....definately want an instant starter with that 1st pick.
  9. The only reason I am opposed to it as there is other good WR talent that can be had later and we REALLY need OL talent I am in the trade down camp
  10. We are right in front of Denver......who could want a QB and not want someone to trade into our spot.....and could for one slot pick up an additional 3rd......then we could possibly trade down again into the teens. I would take Cody Ford - 1st Deebo Samuel - 2nd Dalton Reisner -2nd Best available TE in the 3rd Best available RB in the 3rd
  11. I would rather trade down.....there is going to be good 2nd round talent in this draft....I would trade down twice and try to get 2nd and 3rd round picks.
  12. The problem is Beasley is a slot and we have a lot of slot recievers on this team. We need OUTSIDE receivers....guys that can either run away with their speed or actually catch a contested pass on the outside. And we need several......
  13. I like him because he likes Buffalo AND he is a good player....... A process guy all the way
  14. Incognito did not provide leadership....he provided nastyness on the line....which was actually replaced by Wyatt Teller when he was inserted Make no mistake....the reason why our OL was bad was Center Right Guard to a degree right tackle When you cant run to the right side of your OL you become VERY predictable
  15. Because we sit in front of Denver....I would like to see TWO trade downs One with Denver One with the team at the 15th pick Picking up a 2 and a 3 I saw a mock that had that......would be stoked.....then Cody Ford in the first.....and a WR and a TE in the second
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